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    So I was sitting there watching the game yesterday yelling at the TV for Hue to bench our rookie wonderboy and my 5 year old walks up to me. Conversation goes... Maz: Why the Cleveland Browns don't win? Me: Why they don't win? Because they are not very good. Maz: Why don't they win anytime? I then started laughing hysterically that he even noticed that the Browns were horrible. I had no clue he even paid attention. My laugh started to slowly turn into a cry as I realized he even knew this. Last week I was watching the game and somewhat confident they were going to pull off the win while up with a couple minutes left. My wife walks by and I say.."the Browns might finally win!", somewhat confident they could pull it off. She simply replied "No they won't". I became a Browns fan because I was a fullback in high school and looked up to Tommy Vardell. They became my team. I'm not even from or live in Ohio. I'm not sure why I do this to myself but oh well. I love the Browns. It can't be this way forever can it? It will swing around. Has to. We will still be here when it does and it will feel oh so good!
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    If anyone associated with the Browns either in the FO or coaching staff thinks 2018 isn't the year to draft a QB with the #1 overall, they should be fired immediately. FWIW, no one is saying trade down again yet.
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    Hue's nuts roasting on an open fire Has to douse them in the lake.
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    Ghoolie loves the Steelers 365 times a year. The rest of his rambling is just filler.
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    The internet in Ohio will change whenever Google Fiber or 5G cellular makes a debut. I'm thinking 5G will be here first.
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    Actually that's a pretty bad plan to stick to...
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    Not only do I still endorse the Process, I still love it.... or at least its memory. No reservations... not even a twinge of embarrassment. My Accord had 245k on the odometer when I sold it. Good, regular maintenance was a key part of the longevity process...
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    That may be the first Norm Van Brocklin reference in the history of this forum...
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    I came here with JFF and stuck around because there are a lot of football smart contributors to this board. Now I am content that eventually we will all share in the turnaround that will be there some day. Kind of a nice feeling to maintain hope when all seems so dark and dreary. It's a true measure of character and God knows there are a bunch of us characters still hanging in.
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    He is enough of a force that he has been switching to multiple positions throughout the game. And every QB is paying close attention to exactly where he is in the line. Flacco was clearly eyeing him and aware of where he was on the field throughout every play, which led to several forced throws just before arrival time. Go back and watch the game closely and you will see what I mean on both accounts. EDIT: And I've been very clear about this all along. What makes Von Miller so effective is having a near equal force coming from the other side. When he had Ware is when they won the Superbowl. There has been a dropoff in his effectiveness after Ware retired and far more double teams/chips since that time as well. Is Garrett up to Miller's level yet? Of course not. But neither was Miller his first couple of years as he was leaning new ways to make himself the force that he is. Bosa is lucky he has one of those equal force players with him now. Get one for Garrett and everything changes. Anyone who truly understands defense understands exactly what I'm talking about. One man can effectively be neutralized by a good OC with a very good QB, but it is far more difficult trying to do that against two at the same time. Ask any OC who had to gameplan Miller/Ware.
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    Plus, and I know it's possibly a fantasy, but if the Steelers have something to win on the last game of the season and the Browns have the opportunity to rise up and steal one it would be a lot sweeter then beating a team with nothing to gain. WSS
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    Still don't get it do you, Numbnuts? This Steeler team does not have the heart of a champion. The Patriots do. They came back on the road, stole the ball from Ben, injured Brown and took a shit on the Steeler logo ... Again. Zombo
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    Maybe McKay will take the dive for Hue. I hear he's partying like it's 1999 now that he's no longer the worst in history.
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    “If I’m a coach worth my salt I’ll get the best out of Kizer” Hue Jackson, August 2017
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    Game manager Tyrod Taylor? The same QB that has the Bills averaging just over 15ppg in the second half of the season...? Same QB that has beaten...one? I think one team with a .500 or above record? To be clear - THAT is what you want for your #1 overall pick and THAT is the shining example you're using?
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    Who even cares? Zero of them have a chance at being successful nfl starters. Look at SF. Addressed the qb issue, and now they're on a win streak. I hate this team. The thorough incompetence at every level is astounding
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    He was around flacco quite a bit actually. And he played very well at the edge. Nassib played well at the edge too but he just gets no pressure whatsoever.
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    Notes from happier days.... From the 2017 draft thread: Are you disappointed and why? And on the 2016 draft in the thread: Random musings on The Draft, Our Draft and Who Knows What Else...
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    Brady forced himself on Pittsburgh like Ben in a restroom
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    If u told me the #1 pick was on the defense somewhere and the first game i watched was garrets first game against the jets....it would have taken me all of one play. But if i had to sit back and watch a series of games and decipher who the #1 pick was..........i would still pen garrett after collins, obviously. When ur someone who has an eye for o line/ d line dynamics....u know that garrett, while not absolutely dominating games....is prob the 2nd or 3rd best player on the defense alongside kirksey. Thats not based on just stats...thats wayching a player " do his job" which sometimes means camping the edge instead of just blindly rushing the qb. EVERYONE here that knows football is mildly encouraged by garretts play even while injured.
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    Did they catch up to that offense? Tyrod Taylor disagrees
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    If his interest in Cincy is the reason he keeps trying to make us gag on Kizer - Jimmy should fire Hue Jmistake today. I highly doubt Hue is just learning of his buddy's desire to step down but I've been wrong before...
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    You and rich4eagle can both go Thelma and Louise if you want the Steelers to win. You act like a couple of lesbians anyway at times.
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    Bob's right. Even though we are not pure communists we share that with them as we probably do with any other powerful governments no matter what style they take. Control the media you control the country. WSS
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