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    You don't cut future hall of gamers in their prime. The only person I worry will cut Josh is Josh.
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    The one thing I can say about most of you guys here is that if your were bosses, or entrepreneurs, you would be failures. Nice guys, honest, decent, and maybe even fair, but driven to excellence? No. Case in point, almost 40% here believe Hue Jackson should remain HC. Hmmm? Now, let me ask you this, just how many NFL teams to you imagine would like to snap up Hue are their next head coach? Of course, NOBODY would want him, yet here 40% of you are, believing that we should keep him. Only a softy of a fool believes that Hue Jackson is ever going to amount to anything in the NFL. It amazes me that people here can claim to love the Browns, and yet be willing to let the brand be dragged through the schidt..........all because you idolize Hue, more than you do Paul Brown, Jim Brown, etc. So here, here is how to judge, assess and analyze this Dorsey guy. If he does not immediately stir rumblings about bringing in hie own HC, then he is a jackoff, a coffee fetcher, another Phil Sewage. Why do I say that? I say it because no successful man ever took the easy path. If Dorsey is content to obey Hasalami without contest and keep Hue, it means that we have another Wolford Brimley, ah, er...Mike Holmgren. If Dorsey does not fight Hasalami tooth and nail to oust Hue, then the Browns are exactly stuck in the same place going nowhere, and Dorsey will go the way of Sackashitski, Sewage and Holmgren. Dorsey was brought here to fix this schidtpile. If he keeps Hue, it means that he is taking the easy way out. If we go 1 - 15 in 2018, Dorsey has the out, a 1 year pass you see? He can say, "Hey, I went along with Jimmy, but now I am going to get my own guy. THEN.............. if his guy sucks in 2019, he can compare his year to 2018, 2017 and say.......... hey, you gotta give this rebuild time. I am telling you jackoffs, and I say that with nothing but love, if Dorsey does nto bring his own HC in, If he is not forced from DAY #1 to stand on his own, and own it all, then we the same revolving door of............."This is what a rebuild looks like". You mark my words, if Hue stays, 2018 looks like 2017, and in 2019 you will be saying " How did we fall for this bag of crap. HUE MUST GO. HUE MUST GO HUE MUST GO. ENough pampering these fuggas already.
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    I can't stress how much I do not give a flying Shmuck what Ghoolie thinks or says. I'm going to have to do a little more research on James.
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    I'm not the kinda fan that supports having a new coach and new QB every season, but this Williams guy has had mostly average defenses his whole life and guys like him and Vontaze Burfict who have been involved in intentionally hurting players should not be in the game at all.
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    Drew Brees is an exception to a rule. Russel Wilson is an exception to a rule. Know why? They're are so Shmucking few exceptions. Meanwhile I can go back as far as my memory will take me with football to talking about John Randle saying it was his job to sack Brett Favre, even when he wasn't playing the Pack. There is a LONG history of undersized interior lineman using their quicks, strength and balance to terrorize offensive lineman. Meanwhile there are plenty "great athletes" that don't pan out at a ton of positions. You have next to nothing to back up your argument. Meanwhile I can still toss out names like Atkins, Bosa, Bennett, Williams on a second round of thought just to further prove mine. Next.
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    Thank you. I don't know if Kizer will ever be a decent starting QB in the NFL. I do know that he was drafted by most likely the WORST team he could have been drafted by. He had no business leaving school early, and he gets drafted by a team that, of course, decides to pair him with no veteran QB on a team where the HC is also the OC (denying him time on the sideline to talk with his OC because his OC is also bumbling his way through being a HC) and start him from Day 1 with an abysmal collection of WRs to throw to. The Browns set Kizer up to fail. The Process completely ignored the most important position on the roster for two seasons.
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    1. Basically a road game at first energy so doubt anyone could hear any browns fans. 2. You keep talking about a shovel pass but the only one I seen was the 2nd of 3 TD strikes. 3. Funny I'm gonna wake up tomorrow and not only is Kiser not gonna be cut but he's 100% starting Sunday. 4. If u honestly think the INT was worse than the Njoku dropped pass to seal the browns first victory this year than there is no hope for u. And honestly have blown any credibility u ever had. I don't know why u hate the kid so much? Maybe he plowed your girl? Maybe it's cause he's black? But it's funny when people woulda given their right arm to keep Manziel around but this kid gets absolutely no respect for his progression
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    And has progressed alot from the first 3 weeks of the season. And it seems like he's self tutored. No Offense coordinator, head coach, or veteran qb to bounch Sheet off of when the defense is on the field. TBO I was expecting Johnny Manziel vs Cincy every week out but he's been a nice surprise and more durable than any browns qb in recent memory. How easily he could have started every game this year but Hue is the "qb whisperer". Honestly at this point if hue says he's not the guy I'm locking the kid in to the future of this team. That's how much I don't trust Jackson anymore. I have no doubt in my mind Jackson manipulates and tanks players, plays, and games till he gets what he wants.
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    Steelers are tough. I would like to see them win another one. Dynasties in pro sports are great stories to tell.
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    Well gentleman, here we are, once again feeling that 0-13 record. Let's try to remember that we're all in this together; let's not turn on each other. Other teams in this league can cheap shot and cheat their way to victory, but winning like that is not acceptable (unless it's on the Steelers, we owe them one... or two) because this is more than just a game to us. To us Football has a certain degree of dignity about it, it's owed a certain respect. Maybe it's because we're the descendants of Champions... of 'World Champions'- back when men worked two jobs and played because they loved it. I'm honored to be part of the dawgpound. We never give up and we never say die. The Browns could be down 19 points with 6 minutes remaining in the game, 2 timeouts... we got this, right? Look, nobody said it would be easy but this is our burden, we'll turn this around. I really believe that when we just love it the same as the Old Browns used to play because they loved it, then we'll be good. There is a lesson to learn here, there is a reason for everything. Let's be the best fans in the NFL regardless of what a record says we are. As a player, you play as if every play could be your last. As fans, let's root and bark like it may be the last time. Let's show the NFL who we are. We don't know what fair weather is in Cleveland. Win - lose - or draw, rain, sleet or snow, we're always ready to go. Let's win one for the Gipper!
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    I stumbled upon this pic while surfing the inter web. On the incomplete pass to David Njoku that forced the Browns to punt and gave the Packers another chance to tie, Seth DeValve didn't have a defender within 10 yards.
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    Mayock is pretty damn good at his analysis as a draft guy as well. But that is also something that can be learned I would think. He should never have been starting this year but he's the best of the guys we have and besides that, he has, by far, the highest ceiling of the 3 we have. So he got thrust into a shitty situation and he's worked hard and gotten better.
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    I think many who love Mr. Heroes subs idolize him
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    I never said you said he's amazing. You just put the guy on a pedestal. I was saying he Isn't amazing. You're on his nuts because any slight criticism of anything he does you go ballistic.
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    Not true, but thanks anyway for the recognition. First... How dare you besmirch Wheezy's legacy! Kizer's pass was nowhere near Wheezy worthy. Wheezy did not need assists from Defenders to make a throw like that. Second... of course Jimmah's impatience played a role. It is his shtick... but it was fed by others this time. Hue got Jimmah's ear. We know that from the McCarron gambit, which you and other Sashi detractors laud him for scuttling. I think that was the opening that led to Sashi's downfall. That opened Jimmah to more "input" from Hue on where the responsibility for the record lay. Add in the culmination of the "Football Guy Search" (which undoubtedly included dinners with Dorsey and likely included more "it did not have to be this bad" whimsy) and top that with Sashi's reluctance to accept Dorsey in a process-destroying role. Third... remember "the approach" (not to be confused with the process), which included picking up draft picks via the loss of veterans thru FA, was agreed to by Jimmah.
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    I like him a lot better than Sammy...... not even close.
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    Well, this is just ignorance.....except for the part about the skill players. Bell, Brown, BR do make all the difference with Pitt. With the other positions...they could all be interchangeable with the Browns players. Because...you Ghoolie, forgot one of the most important positions: the coach. How good do you think the Steeelrs would be with Hue Jackson as HC?
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    I couldn't watch properly the game, but a couple of thoughts after wathing the highlight reel: - Kizer played well. The first half INT is out of field goal range in third down, with less than half a minute left for halftime, he has to try something. Maybe it wasn't the best of options, but I would focus on the 3 TD passes. He made 3. He had 6 in total coming to this game? Great shovel play to Johnson, but the best for me is the one to Gordon: good anticipation, good accuracy. The stupid pass in OT is an obvious mistake that didn't need to happen... Because we shouldn't have gone to OT. - We have problems in 3rd downs. Earlier in the year we could say that it was because we were many times in 3rd and long situations, but we need to get better even in 3rd and shorts. We don't run the ball well enough to get the first down in those plays that for other teams look like routine convertions. That puts the game on Kizer and our suspectful receivers' hands, and we don't wanna do that. Njoku should have catched that ball. - Josh Gordon. I couldn't follow him throughout the game, but it would be FANTASTIC if we could make plays with him during all the game. He's a playmaker. I don't know if he's not in shape for all 4 quaters, or if they outplayed him later in the game or what. I would love to hear from your insight on this, guys. - Defense. I wasn't expecting anything looking at this week's injury report. We lack depth. We need our starters in the field to be decent. They made a great turnover on downs I believe in 3rd Qtr, but it's desperating to lose after a 4th Qtr 14 point lead. Only thing I can assure when evaluating this D: boy we suck on screen plays. - Special teams. I don't know why always when a return "breaks" and the returner looks like its going to get tackled, teams can fail miserably in the freaking contain. You just need 1 or 2 guys to tackle down a guy, not 7-8 guys. It happened in the worst possible moment yesterday.
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    I will say that if Njoku catches that ball, then the Browns probably have their annual '1st and only' win of the season....... Games always seem to come down to 1 or 2 plays.
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    I want to know if Hue is good or bad but these players just seem so bad. Mccourty looked like a rookie. We were playing a rookie Nacua who cost a drive. One TD there wasn't a Brown within 15 yards of the Packer. These guys can't tackle. Kizer looks like a Pro Bowler one play and an undrafted rookie invite the next. Gordon looked like the Gordon of old taking plays off and the sunglass thing is so fcking stupid for an 0-13 team. Ugh, can we just get some depth and talent.
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    This is brandon weedon all over again
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    Just one of the crappy things about our legal system. One fake accusation can destroy someone. On the other hand if someone is guilty, uncovering one fake accusation can derail the entire process. The truth is not nor has it ever been the aim of the legal system. WSS
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