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    Using the Astros as example, though, while they were rebuilding the team they spent NOTHING on payroll. The Browns are following that exact approach. Not saying it will work, but the parallel is there.
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    He sucks at play calling. He sucks at clock management. He is supposed to be a Qb guy, and the 2 he has had both are not good.
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    I'd just like to see more competent drafts and less "we know something the other 31 teams don't"
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    Ready? The ONLY QB not drafted by this regime is Hogan. Consequently, they don't want him outperforming Kizer and Kessler as consistently as he's done it. They won't let us see it again...
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    Interesting concept.... I wonder if Paul Depodesta was pissed overweight Jonah Hill played him. It was a good script, and I can definitely see how it translates to baseball. It made me think hard if maybe Jimmy watched the movie or read the book and then decided we need to try and do it with football. I have a few questions about it though. It seems as though statistics are way more relevant in baseball then they are in football. Things like an on base percentage can't be compared to completion percentage. There's many variables in football players such as how much they love the game and what their off the field personalities are like. For example, In the movie, Jeremy Giambi was a bit of a wildcard, and somewhat toxic to the locker room. Johnny Manziel ended being like Jeremy Giambi (even though this was before we hired Depo). As I think more about this, I can understand some of the moves more, but I'm also baffled by some. Like for example, the A's owner simply didn't have the money to spend as much as the Yankees. Jimmy has 60mil under the cap, and has Sashi and Depo trying to find undervalued guys, but it seems like the majority of the guys can't compete with the rest of the league. Players like Calhoun have been amazing, and made me proud, but it makes me wonder if Kessler or Kizer were really Hue's picks, or the F.O.'s analytics picks. Remember how Philip Seymour Hoffman as the manager won't start Scott Hattiberg, So Billy Beane trades the guy he is starting ahead of him to force him to play him. He keeps telling the manager it's a process and this is the way we're doing things. Ultimately, i think we're looking for undervalued talent so we can save money and still make the playoffs, but what I don't understand is JIMMY HAS PLENTY OF MONEY. We could get more young free agents, but we'd have to pay them more, which is the opposite of moneyball. The Second thing I don't understand about it, is that the A's signed David Justice, who was a veteran, and many people undervalued. The Browns continue to let go of almost every veteran we come across, and stock up with young kids and draft picks. Baseball draft picks differ immensely from Football picks. My problem is why don't we get more veterans on the team for leadership (like Justice did during the Moneyball movie). Is Jamie Collins our David Justice for now? Is Jason McCourty our only other free agent veteran leader or do we have more? I think some players, such as Tashaun Gipson were hurt, because Depo and Sashi cared more about saving the money then keeping them on the roster for veteran leadership. Sure, Haden was on the downside, but he was well respected and would of been huge for young'ins trying to learn how to play the position. To me, this approach makes our team feel like they are too expendable, and that separates them instead of bringing them together. Enter Hue Jackson. He had the opportunity with the Giants and us, and he chose us. He's in over his head as OC, but he is literally been given a cheap Oakland A's team, just like in Moneyball. The problem is, is that it might be impossible to make a statistical calculation to find a football winner like you can in baseball. Maybe everything in life is quantifiable, but is football? I guess we're finding out now. I think Hue agreed as was stoked about a new approach to help save the Browns, but is being told to be a "Yes guy" now. If Hue really did like Watson and others, and was ignored or told to stay quiet, then this is becoming a tough situation. This current front office needs more of a "yes man" since Hue now wants more control. Because of this, Hue seems to be putting Jimmy in a spot where he should either choose Moneyball or Hue. Moneyball has its uncertainties, but also its upside as well. Unfortunately we haven't seen any of the upside yet. Either we will in a couple of years, and Depo will be hailed a genius again, or it'll all blowup and we'll have to start over again. I think we can succeed if we A ) Spend the draft capital and don't trade down B ) Sign quality free agents, and spend that cap room. Because if Jimmy stays 30-60 million under the cap room in 2018 and 2019 both, then he's unfortunately just being a cheap bastard, and trying to win being a cheap bastard. Hopefully Depo's smarts help us get some quality talent this draft and we hit on it, because everything depends on it, and without a decent signal caller, we're f#$%ed.
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    Yes we do things different. We trade down and avoid drafting good QBs. Other team trade up to get good QBs
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    That's to be expected from a third or fourth round pick. WSS
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    Agreed but in every relief opportunity - Hogan outplayed Kizer drastically. Look at their passer ratings heading into Hogan's only start. When the field shrinks to the congestion of a red zone - it calls for an accurate QB that Kizer is not. It is what it is.
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    well, seeing as how you are a troll I could see how ideas like a different approach and actually drafting good players who add value(instead of grabbing at shiny garbage like Peppers in the first round) would offend you.
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    Did Kevin Hogan rape Hue Jackson's mother or something? Because Cody Kessler SSSSSUUUUUUCCCCKKKKSSSSSS!!!!!
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    Funny, aside from a couple nice returns and some prime positioning - that was essentially what he did in college as well. If only there had been people with the foresight to see these things... Brilliant. Let's get a ton of draft capital then waste it again. Out of the previous QB's you listed this is literally the most butt backwards. Again, when you cut out the athletic ability - do you see an NFL QB? Because opposing defensive minds WILL take away his legs. The only time that doesn't happen is if you're Vick and run a 4.3 coupled with incredibly lateral agility. Jackson isn't that compact, I'm afraid. ...then you found a way to come up with a worse idea after suggesting Jackson @ #1. Not really. You'll have a handful of people that will recycle the same trash over and over about QB's like him. A few will see through the nonsense. We went through this process 4 years ago. Might as well just re-sign Weeden.
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    If they want to win next year, they need to add FAs, at least on offense. Adding more rookies on offense will NOT make this a winning team next year.
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    Who the hell is this Bo Callahan that you keep comparing Rosen to stillmotion?
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    Just ask Dutch I used to be wicked good on this NFL stuff, really....honest....no kidding.
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    I've said it once elsewhere, I will only eat turkey under great duress, and it has to be smothered under cranberry sauce. Thanksgiving was a terrific prime NY strip on the grill with baked potato, and sauteed mushrooms on the side. .
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    I have given this reply a depth of thought commensurate with the OP...
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    First of all, I thought the same when I found out which frame really has DePodesta and how fat Jonah Hill is in the movie, lol. Second, I don't think that moneyball itself can translate into football, and I haven't been around the team enough time to know if it was referenced by Jimmy or Sashi or anyone. It woudn't surprise me a bit if the media directly assumed that as DePodesta was the strategy chief they would be trying using Moneyball in football. Third, I want to believe that part of the plan was to use free agency just once a team was bond together, and to have not just more cap space, but also more maneuverability when the decisive signings will come in play. If you sign veterans, they will want at least two or three year contracts, and may Shmuck up your salary cap with dead cap and all when you're trying to sign a playmaker in a future. I want to believe this because the use they are doing of the cap actually is a bit disappointing, thinking how many good players we could have signed with it.
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