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    Using the Astros as example, though, while they were rebuilding the team they spent NOTHING on payroll. The Browns are following that exact approach. Not saying it will work, but the parallel is there.
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    I'd just like to see more competent drafts and less "we know something the other 31 teams don't"
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    Ready? The ONLY QB not drafted by this regime is Hogan. Consequently, they don't want him outperforming Kizer and Kessler as consistently as he's done it. They won't let us see it again...
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    Interesting concept.... I wonder if Paul Depodesta was pissed overweight Jonah Hill played him. It was a good script, and I can definitely see how it translates to baseball. It made me think hard if maybe Jimmy watched the movie or read the book and then decided we need to try and do it with football. I have a few questions about it though. It seems as though statistics are way more relevant in baseball then they are in football. Things like an on base percentage can't be compared to completion percentage. There's many variables in football players such as how much they love the game and what their off the field personalities are like. For example, In the movie, Jeremy Giambi was a bit of a wildcard, and somewhat toxic to the locker room. Johnny Manziel ended being like Jeremy Giambi (even though this was before we hired Depo). As I think more about this, I can understand some of the moves more, but I'm also baffled by some. Like for example, the A's owner simply didn't have the money to spend as much as the Yankees. Jimmy has 60mil under the cap, and has Sashi and Depo trying to find undervalued guys, but it seems like the majority of the guys can't compete with the rest of the league. Players like Calhoun have been amazing, and made me proud, but it makes me wonder if Kessler or Kizer were really Hue's picks, or the F.O.'s analytics picks. Remember how Philip Seymour Hoffman as the manager won't start Scott Hattiberg, So Billy Beane trades the guy he is starting ahead of him to force him to play him. He keeps telling the manager it's a process and this is the way we're doing things. Ultimately, i think we're looking for undervalued talent so we can save money and still make the playoffs, but what I don't understand is JIMMY HAS PLENTY OF MONEY. We could get more young free agents, but we'd have to pay them more, which is the opposite of moneyball. The Second thing I don't understand about it, is that the A's signed David Justice, who was a veteran, and many people undervalued. The Browns continue to let go of almost every veteran we come across, and stock up with young kids and draft picks. Baseball draft picks differ immensely from Football picks. My problem is why don't we get more veterans on the team for leadership (like Justice did during the Moneyball movie). Is Jamie Collins our David Justice for now? Is Jason McCourty our only other free agent veteran leader or do we have more? I think some players, such as Tashaun Gipson were hurt, because Depo and Sashi cared more about saving the money then keeping them on the roster for veteran leadership. Sure, Haden was on the downside, but he was well respected and would of been huge for young'ins trying to learn how to play the position. To me, this approach makes our team feel like they are too expendable, and that separates them instead of bringing them together. Enter Hue Jackson. He had the opportunity with the Giants and us, and he chose us. He's in over his head as OC, but he is literally been given a cheap Oakland A's team, just like in Moneyball. The problem is, is that it might be impossible to make a statistical calculation to find a football winner like you can in baseball. Maybe everything in life is quantifiable, but is football? I guess we're finding out now. I think Hue agreed as was stoked about a new approach to help save the Browns, but is being told to be a "Yes guy" now. If Hue really did like Watson and others, and was ignored or told to stay quiet, then this is becoming a tough situation. This current front office needs more of a "yes man" since Hue now wants more control. Because of this, Hue seems to be putting Jimmy in a spot where he should either choose Moneyball or Hue. Moneyball has its uncertainties, but also its upside as well. Unfortunately we haven't seen any of the upside yet. Either we will in a couple of years, and Depo will be hailed a genius again, or it'll all blowup and we'll have to start over again. I think we can succeed if we A ) Spend the draft capital and don't trade down B ) Sign quality free agents, and spend that cap room. Because if Jimmy stays 30-60 million under the cap room in 2018 and 2019 both, then he's unfortunately just being a cheap bastard, and trying to win being a cheap bastard. Hopefully Depo's smarts help us get some quality talent this draft and we hit on it, because everything depends on it, and without a decent signal caller, we're f#$%ed.
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    well, seeing as how you are a troll I could see how ideas like a different approach and actually drafting good players who add value(instead of grabbing at shiny garbage like Peppers in the first round) would offend you.
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    ND was 4-8 last year and Kizer's HC said he wasn't ready for the NFL at all. Kessler sucks. Hogan wasn't drafted by this FO so he won't get any snaps. Where we agree is none of these Rent-a-reck QBs will be here next year. While we're still in 2017, I'd prefer to see an alternative to Sashi's chosen ones. Kizer never throws more than 1 TD while he continues to lead the NFL in turnoversby a couple country miles - what more do we need to evaluate?
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    Most of which were ID'd in our handy AAA "TripTik"...
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    If they want to win next year, they need to add FAs, at least on offense. Adding more rookies on offense will NOT make this a winning team next year.
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    Who the hell is this Bo Callahan that you keep comparing Rosen to stillmotion?
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    Just ask Dutch I used to be wicked good on this NFL stuff, really....honest....no kidding.
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    Great stuff! Loved that movie. The key thing to remember in that movie was Billy Bean was told by the owner of Oakland he had to trim salary significantly; so he was challenged to think differently than he was conditioned to do. Ironically, Billy Bean found his guy (Depo) in Cleveland who attended Yale (or Princeton?) as opposed to Harvard. Warning, the rest will be long and full of frustration... The problem with Hue being more of a yes sir is that it would be toward very inexperienced football FO people rendering his years of experience useless. I thought I've read and heard it's all supposed to be a democracy/team inclusive of the Head Coach's input. When I watched the game vrs Houston and heard the commentator say that Watson told him Hue texted him asking him if he's excited and to get ready - I got a flash back to the Civil War sinking ship between Farmer and Pettine (w/ Shanny wanting out). What a way to decimate a promising 7-4 start in spite of numerous injuries that had everyone thinking what a great story Cleveland was. Then we went 3-18 the rest of the way which also lost a considerable volume of veteran buy in to the staff (and Jimmy O'Neil in particular). Parcels always said if you want me to cook the meal then I should also be able to do the grocery shopping (he will ultimately be evaluated by). Saying no thanks to Watson and sentencing anybody to the next Brandon Weeden/Jamarcus Russell could be the passive aggressive reason we're watching Hue cram Kizer down Sashi's esophagus. Unfortunately, that would mean the fan-base is being asked to be patient with the 2nd consecutive Civil War. The fault is with Jimmy if true. This FO needs an experienced football guy just like our younger players need experienced football players to learn from in the film/meeting rooms. If Jimmy doesn't know that yet - Heaven help us man! And, as much as I like bigger draft volumes - it seems like more of our energies are spent on all the trading than what value will be in those spots (to determine what the better investment is). I understand Watson got hurt exactly like Teddy B got hurt in practice; but if anyone watched him throw at the combines or vrs Ohio State and Alabama (who stockpiled the NFL draft) -you see this wasn't RG3 vrs the defense-less Big 12 conference. Watson and Trubisky threw the best out-routes to complete strangers at the combine and it wasn't even close. He threw well all day IMO. And when he came in to start with much of the same personnel Brock Os struggled with last year and Savage struggled with earlier this year - guess who's scoring offense soared to #1? He threw 3-5 TD passes a game in the process while his defense was missing essentials like Watts-his-name, Mercilus, Cushing and others. Not bad for a rookie learning curve. I still think Watson and Trubisky are the best 2 QBs in a draft that we had the 1st and 12th slots overall as well as the draft volume to move up if need be. As fans, we made sense of Njoku and Peppers and a 1st round pick added to next year BUT now that defers an inexperienced passer's growing pains and learning curve s out another 2 years. Meanwhile, we're being told Kizer has EARNED the right to start while he leads the NFL in turnovers while his accuracy, depth perception and pocket presence leaves a lot to be desired. Why would his college coach, that saw him practice every day for 2 years, be totally dismissed for saying he is not ready at all for the NFL game? On the other hand, Watson's National Championship HC said whoever drafts Watson is going to get the great leader that made us National Champs. The problem with trading back to the future all the time - is all the CURRENT players under contract suffering here without a QB are beginning to dream about playing somewhere else asap. Has anyone ever played in the outfield on a day their pitcher couldn't find the strike zone - it's a forfeit that gets everyone out of synch on the rare occasions he does put the ball in play. You better believe his teammates start thinking - "when is this poor squid starting again?" We're on park with this today. We're going through the growing pains of the next Brandon Weeden - who keeps hearing he EARNED the right to start. Let's get real here. He didn't earn the right to start - our FO just didn't think it was any big deal put our passing game in handicapped parking. After all, it's only after 17-18 years after we re-entered the league with 5-27 football. There comes a time when needing to be more patient requires better than 1-25 football and the reality that the weakest spots on our active roster are at the QB and WR positions in a passing era. We clearly don't have the FO/Scouting Dept that is capable of knowing what Wentz and Watson are capable of so there's a lot more to it than we just need to be patient. Rip Van Winkle must have been a Browns fan; and if he's just waking up from his nap in 1999 - he has to think it's still 1999 (even if it's 18 years later)...
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    Bryce Love is the best RB in college ball. He's incredible. Might be too small for pros, but he's awfully fast and hard to tackle for his size. And as mentioned in other threads, can't sleep on rashaad penny. He's got over 2k yds this year. JK Dobbins is a better back. He's a true freshman and is getting 2 more yds per carry than barkley. http://www.espn.com/college-football/statistics/player/_/stat/rushing/sort/rushingYards
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    I've said it once elsewhere, I will only eat turkey under great duress, and it has to be smothered under cranberry sauce. Thanksgiving was a terrific prime NY strip on the grill with baked potato, and sauteed mushrooms on the side. .
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    I can't do this. Not now. The season is all but over and we are talking about the Shmucking draft? Are you kidding me? So yes let's draft a qb, let him sit on the bench for 2 years to learn, then release him and draft another one and let him sit on the bench...........This is a sure as fuk Sheet show. I don't mean to disrespect another Browns fan but I am over this looking forward to the draft. How many draft picks have we had that are ever worth a pint of piss? Until they start playing better and WINNING, I wont give a Sheet about any draft. I don't care if Manning comes here to tickle Haslam's balls. Shut up and win. just WIN them maybe I will care who the coach or president of football opp is (I still think that is a pointless job, ) So spare me we are a young team and the players are learning. I been hearing that since we came back in 1999. The FO we have now couldn't even get us a freaking KICKER! That is how bad this FO is.
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    I have given this reply a depth of thought commensurate with the OP...
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    First of all, I thought the same when I found out which frame really has DePodesta and how fat Jonah Hill is in the movie, lol. Second, I don't think that moneyball itself can translate into football, and I haven't been around the team enough time to know if it was referenced by Jimmy or Sashi or anyone. It woudn't surprise me a bit if the media directly assumed that as DePodesta was the strategy chief they would be trying using Moneyball in football. Third, I want to believe that part of the plan was to use free agency just once a team was bond together, and to have not just more cap space, but also more maneuverability when the decisive signings will come in play. If you sign veterans, they will want at least two or three year contracts, and may Shmuck up your salary cap with dead cap and all when you're trying to sign a playmaker in a future. I want to believe this because the use they are doing of the cap actually is a bit disappointing, thinking how many good players we could have signed with it.
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    The answer to the poll is very simple. The dumb crook Jimmy H is most to blame.
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