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    This topic should not exist. With all those draft picks the Browns have the opportunity to get Darnold or Rosen. Why even bother with Luck, whose future is uncertain to say the least?
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    The Harvard Think Tank design isn't far enough outside the box for ya? Perhaps we need someone that knows what goes on 'inside the box' too.
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    Thread turned out just like Thanksgiving... including the family spat. Oldest sacred cow in the wine herd... and the least true. Or... Tastes great! Less Dilly!
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    My uncle who lived in Euclid used to have great Clam bakes. Nets of clams with butter, barbeque porterhouse steaks, etc. We'd come over from Cleveland and feel like we were visiting the good side of town. Now Euclid is a dump.
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    So anyone watching "The Game"? And regardless of records or anything else it's a big deal.
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    I bet you can fit at least 5 lb of kielbasa on that thing
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    And at the time Coors had cult status here, you couldn't get it, Genny had the same kind of popularity out west. Local Brewers that hit it big. Now it's all the microbrews. Quality beer for the masses.. Cheers!
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    I was going to insult a couple of our members but I will not. WSS
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    The other day we wanted something different to eat and my wife was at the deli department of our local Giant Eagle and they had fresh clam chowder it was amazing good....for Ohio not on the shore somewhere but way better than out of a can. Clams weren't rubbery or gritty and the stock was nice and thick. We were pleasantly surprised and will try it again.
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    another ridiculous change the main subject post from one of the sunshine pumpers.... we didn't 'pass' on Prescott any more than we passed on tom brady. he was a 3rd round pick. the guy we actually DID pass on in a simple up/down vote is the guy about to win an mvp maybe in his second year.... nobody blames the front office for passing on Dak. You know this if you werent trollin. The blame goes to the front office for the guy they missed on at #2 in 2016.....
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    Never been there. I do love La Dolce Vita in Little Italy. WSS
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    Well, if you watched the game, for me Dak Prescott was the least of Cowboys' problems. Without Shaun Lee and Zeke, their defense and running game gets exposed. And the Ingram-Bosa tandem is deadly. Finally, many in this board don't complain about "passing" on Prescott, but on drafting Kessler before him, when Kessler was ranked as a 5th round pick. Kessler would have ended in IR in this game against the Chargers.
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    Cleve, the old political board "moderator" was much worse
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    1. They offered Gipson more money, but he left and took less to get out of CLE. 2. The Browns are NOT doing "moneyball" the way the A's did it. They are trying to develop a philosophy that has worked for other teams. Build through the draft (more picks=more oppirtunities to add a quality player... and we need a lot of them). Wait to use FA "when it matters", meaning once you have a team with enough talent to compete then you add the 2-3 big pieces. If you dont have the "core" of young players, then you are just wasting money and taking away reps and development from your younger players. 3. The way it is now, we have spent 2 years developing a TON of young players. Now that we have an idea of who is going to stick as a starter, and who can provide decent depth, now we can "go crazy" and add the talent we need to compete in the short term. 4. Here's what I see on offense... We dont have a starting QB so we need to use FA if we want to start competing next year. We also need to invest in a young "franchise QB" via the draft... early. We have Duke, Coleman, Njoku, Gordon (big maybe), Btitt (we're stuck with him but might perform better as a #3), and a good O-Line. That means we need 1-2 "playmakers" at skill positions. Bring in a young WR via the draft, a proven "possession WR" via FA, and replace Crowell. The concern is Coleman & Gordon being available. Without them, the O will struggle again. 5. Here's what I see on D... We have Kirksey, Garrett, Shelton, Collins, BBC and McCourty who all can play. The rest of the D has talent, but we could really improve the D by adding a pass rusher in the draft, a MLB to compete with Schobert... maybe a vet to be the "captain" on D, and help in the secondary. A high-rated CB and a true FS would be nice. Priorities- 1. QB, 2. O weapons, 3. Secondary help, 4. Pass rush
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    If they were correct, why did they try to swing a deal to get him back last month?
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    The have called a delay of game by the defense against the Lions today. How ironic.
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    Getting the grill ready to go. Notice I have the beer cooler built into the grill. Who said people from Parma were stupid?
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    Unfortunately, every time Cincy sees Kizer awaiting the snap they're thinking: "Here comes Santa Claus - here comes Santa Claus right on freakin cue he'll aim to please that we'll defend with ease thanks to the man named Hue Kizer has tenure - Cleveland has forfeits; but there's always next year..." And then there's BB King lyrics describing what happened to many of the remaining game faces and rose colored glasses left in Cleveland: "The thrill is gone..." Last week our defense played extremely well while our offense had countless 3 and outs in between Kizer's 4 backbreaking turnovers (1 for a TD). The last time I saw this many football follies from our QB position Brandon Weeden showed us what a bionic arm looks like with blindfolds on... Drafting his clone in round 2 makes us everybody's BINGO FREE SPACE on our schedule. Wentz isn't the first QB Philly drafted we dismissed in round 1. Donovan McNabb was drafted at #2 overall by the NFL team that finished with the worst NFL record in 1998 for anyone pretending Tim Couch was the only QB going to a bad team. Our brain-trust at the time deemed SU's Veer Option offense as too unconventional to trust (very similar offense to the one Favre played in at So Miss btw). As fate would have it, Philly made the playoffs as early as 2000 and remained there all throughout the tenure of McNabb. That consisted of 5 NFC Championship appearances and 1 Superbowl Sunday with about 3 or 4 Conference/League MVP honors for their franchise QB. The FO in Cleveland is partying like it's 1999 totally celebrating every time they hear Jimmy shouldn't touch the continuity of 1-24 or 1-25 football by firing anyone perpetuating this farce. Yeah, we'd really hate to see anyone disturb weekly forfeits at our QB and WR positions in the passing era this FO has blessed us with. Hue was hired to be a Head Coach but instead he chose to be an OC in over his head. The owner needs to step up and tell Hue he hired him to be the Head Coach but will be happy to fire him if he prefers to remain in a state of chaos as our OC. I'm hoping Jimmy at least understands what parts of his organization don't understand the offensive side of the football they've been FUBARing to the extent it never matters how hard or good our D plays.... I'm thankful we have a great forum and fan base I can share my frustration with. All that comes from a blowhard that has always been positive and optimistic heading into every season...
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    Once Grossi established the false dichotomy at the beginning of his article, the entire rest of it was a monumental waste of time. Yes we want to win, no we don’t care about scraping out 3 wins a year at the expense of the roster construction we’re trying to accomplish. If you’re going to be against this FO, at least argue against what they’re trying to do, not some straw man you made up.
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    And it has occurred to me that if, in fact, one man sleeps while the other man drives, that it should be a relatively easy task to get some orange juice from Florida to Ohio in less than 40 hours. WSS
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    Lets be real, no free agent quarterback that will make a difference will even consider coming here. Ive been saying it for years, we have to take the best quarterback available to us with our first pick. Over thinking this has been the #1 problem with this team since Couch. If you dont have a quarterback, you pick the best one, every damn year if you have to. Hell draft 5 of em.
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    Alex Smith via trade has been an option I've favored exploring. KC is heading towards a cap crisis that will make Alex very affordable in trade terms. ANd his $20mm+ 2018 contract is not a cap problem for us. That said... in answer to your titled question... Hell, yes we should draft a QB #1 overall... and his name is Rosen.
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    I think it might be chili for us next weekend, like winter has come early this year! Osso buco, haven’t had that in a long time.
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    Nothing like a bag of longneck clams, some fresh melted butter and bbq chicken with a sweet tater this time of year. Nobody around here is very familiar with the Clambake thing so we need to do it ourselves.
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