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    Well...apparently, the plan was to let Mitchell Schwartz walk because of their BIG egos...while we KNEW we were losing Alex Mack. Thus, our OL went straight into the $hitter, we broke all of our QB's and even broke Clipboard Jesus. - That was brilliance right there. And their plan was also to evaluate Wentz as NOT being a top 20 QB in this league...and giving Houston THEIR QB. All the while WE were / are a team floundering without a franchise QB. - That's EVALUATING brilliance being demonstrated. ...and we should want to CONTINUE with these people making decisions? It was an interesting concept. I don't blame Haslam for thinking outside of the box. But apparently we need people that can evaluate FOOTBALL players and not baseball players and district attorneys. Let's face it...these guys took a 3 or 4 win team and made them such that they can't win 2 games in two years. Try as you might, you cannot make an excuse that a rational person would accept for that.
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    This was in the 1960s, Remember, the likes of i-75 and I-77 were not completed...or perhaps even started then. They had to drive through the hills and mountains of Georgia/Tennesse/Kentucky/Virginia/West Virg. on back highways like US 21. And those were some nasty roads through there in those days. I know that I-77 anyway was not complete through WVa. until about the late 80s.
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    Yes, it is almost the season.....but since we are WAY too early on things like Christmas, etc.....I guess I decided why not get into the season's spirit a bit early...with this: What to my wondering eyes should appear But a miniature blocking sled and 8 tiny competiteers. With a little old college scout so lively and hyper, I knew in a moment it must be Mel Kiper. More rapid than Eagles and Seahawks they came and Mel whistled and shouted them out by name: NOW Darnold NOW Rosen NOW Allen and Jackson ON Browning ON Baker ON Barrett and Litton To the Top of the heap, to the Top of the Draft Now 40 yard dash away Now vertical leap away Now 3 cone drill away all........ And they all shouted out with glee: Rudolph the Okie Cowboy You'll go down in history.
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    Ain't that the truth! The parade at 9 am.....football. .....eat......more football. .......snacks........more football. ........ZZZZZzzzzzzoooooo. Just wish they had better Thursday and Friday games this year, oh well I'll still watch! HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY all you birds!
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    HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all!! Headed (as always) to Columbus for Thanksgiving. I made a double batch of my peanut butter fudge & also taking a 20 lb turkey to deep fry. That's some good stuff, liberally seasoned with my home made dry rub then swimming in hot oil for 70 minutes while I drink some Old Leghumpers & Shiner Bocks. Just hope my Nieces made plenty of stuffing & gravy. Niece also roasts a large bird, but my Nephews (also the younger nieces) & I eat most of the fried turkey & skin while I'm carving. The more civilized members of our family actually eat at the table.......how BORING!! Then it's football, beer, & ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Mike
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    I agree. I'm a beer purist- don't put any of that extra crap in my beer, like cinnamon, blueberries, or pumpkin... Blackout Stout instead...
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    I went to McDonalds today. They fukced up my order. I am going back tomorrow. This is what a rebuild looks like.
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    I may have to ask the Boss to autocorrect Hogan to Schmogan.
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    Kids are told not to say the F-word. Are we going to have to give you the same treatment with the H-word?
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    Hungry and wishing I was American after reading this
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    You have some serious mental problems dude.
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    I remember having this for many meals while a grunt. Canned dog food would be better. My favorite as beans and meatballs.
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    A limerick? There once was a whore named Alice Who used a dynamite stick for a phallus. They found her vagina in North Carolina And her pooper in Buckingham palace. Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry, it's not Alice's restaurant..lol
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    Main Stream Media. You know, where you get actual news and information.... People that don't like MSM are like the three monkeys, hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil. They don't like reality.....like the monkeys they hide their senses from it, and prefer getting horseshite shoved up their arses as their only method of absorbing information.
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    Wow, nice work. Glad we got to see perfection and didn't have to go "two picks a week" to break a tie. Your trophy has been ordered... Zombo
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    Get a small pizza from them. Put a 3/4 inch hole in the center of it and let it sit in the box for 48 hours. Then you can attach it to a bench grinder to cut or grind the hardest of steel alloys.
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    And don't forget one of the best Cedar Point! Allow some time for that one, Glad you had a great time. mjp
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    Lets be real, no free agent quarterback that will make a difference will even consider coming here. Ive been saying it for years, we have to take the best quarterback available to us with our first pick. Over thinking this has been the #1 problem with this team since Couch. If you dont have a quarterback, you pick the best one, every damn year if you have to. Hell draft 5 of em.
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    I wanted to follow up on our first time in Cleveland. WE WILL BE BACK! We've been all over the country and numerous Caribbean islands, this was one of our best trips. The hospitality of the Clevelanders was second to none. Everybody was extremely nice and helpful. We really enjoyed downtown, 4th street was a lot of fun. Westside market had some of the best produce we've every seen, and a portion of the cost. The Cavs games was amazing and our hotel couldn't be beat. The Jags stayed there and we joked about pulling fire alarms all night to possibly help the Browns. We didn't get around early enough to tailgate on sunday due to early checkout, but the Dawg Pound was awesome and even my 12 year old daughter is now a Browns fan. Fans mentioned coming back in the summer and visiting the islands on Lake Erie and we are going to check it out and for sure be to at least 1 Browns game each year going forward. You are all very fortunate for what you have, look out once the Browns turn the corner! As a side note, being a big 12 fan, I'm hoping they stay away from Mayfield. Reminds me a lot of Johhny... Kizer may come around, but the 4 turnovers really killed them.
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    Interesting I've been thinking along the same lines of 1st overall and a 2nd rounder. It's a deeper class than anyone we have now in that position. EDITL: However if Allen is there to pick in the 2nd, please use it on a WR, FS or some other position of greater need.
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    I think we should skip a QB for awhile. Sashi will have the team ready for a QB in 2048.
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    I give you Walter Football's take for your amusement. Tour isn't going to like it much. "Cleveland's M.O. in the last two drafts was passing on Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson to trade down. Considering the current regime also passed on Dak Prescott, the evaluation skills of Sashi Brown, Paul DePodesta, Andrew Berry and Hue Jackson are damning. I have been hearing chatter from scouts around the league that the Browns are going to clean house again. A new regime would definitely look to take its own quarterback. Even if the franchise doesn't clean house, DeShone Kizer hasn't done enough to convince the team he's the future. If Cleveland takes a rookie quarterback in the 2018 NFL Draft and he has some success next season, that might be enough to buy the current regime some more time Read more at http://walterfootball.com/mocks/nfl/2018/Quarterback#koMPFwkDFzZj4xyc.99"
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    I predict Manning will save the Browns, take us to the Superbowl, AND.............. be the GQ person of the year.
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    Him and Singletary were BBQ'ing Kielbasa today.
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