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    Big, big mistake to dis this kid, bigger to let him go. Zomblow called him a gamer, and he is a gamer. He played a very intelligent game today, and did a hell of a lot of polished veteran-style things. I like this kid. No need to draft a QB next year. If this kid had the tools on the field and on the sidelines that Goff, Wentz, et al had, he would be a world beater.
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    Yes they will....if you're a top assistant coach in the league, you're going to jump at the chance to be a Head Coach in the NFL. There are only 32 of these jobs available. And again...firing the coach doesn't mean flushing the entire thing down the toilet. You can't have a coach who goes 1-31 over 2 years or 2-30 over two seasons as an NFL coach. It's unprecendented levels of suckage from Hue. The FO can stay and find another coach. Go find some young hungry dude who wants a chance to prove he's the next young NFL genius. The young Cowher...the young Gruden, the young Belichick. The next Sean Payton...that's the guy the team needs to go find. Williams can stay or go....I don't care either way. I'd prefer to keep him so that our new young offensive minded coach can focus on coaching the offense.
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    Just gave my son-in-law his 40th birthday card this weekend. It was all black with white lettering which on the outside read "Everyone gets to be young just once in their life". Inside it read, "Your turn is over". LOL!
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    I believe the head coach is holding this team back from being better. At least a couple of wins to this point in the season better. He's just not a good Head Coach. The sooner the FO realizes this, the sooner the team can start to actually progress forward.
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    I don't know if I can interpret the answer....but I think I can interpret the consequences:
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    The Jags defense is for real and Fournette is really good as well. They may be a decent QB away from being one of the best in the AFC. Cousins, Alex Smith or sure maybe Eli would all be in play for the Jags.
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    Passing: 21/37 passes 56.8 %comp, 232 yards, 6.3 yards per attempt 1 TD 1 INT (on last play, these are made by every QB) 1 sack 73.3 QB rating Rushing: 7 attempts, 57 yards 8.1 yards per attempt 1 TD. He rushed for more yards than Duke Johnson (54), who in my opinion had a good game. I don't know how QB rating works, and I guess it doesn't count the rushing game, but for me a QB which gets 279 yards and scores a touchdown while only getting a sack (thanks to an unblocked rusher) and makes and INT when the team is losing by two scores, tells me more about him than 73.3QBr. I say that because we tend to look at statistics and if you only looked to the QB rating you wouldn't say he played such a good game.
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    I'll write more later (I'm sure you all are so excited) but I don't have time right now. There's a part of me that is somewhat encouraged today, but honestly, there's a bigger part that is so completely aggrevated by our continued red zone buttfukkery. That series of events before the half just sent me into a tailspin. Now, I DO love how we responded, and that can't be understated, but we are a team that can NEVER leave points on the field, and I honestly don't know why we called our final timeout with just over a minute to go. I don't get it....
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    "Dear God. Please let it be Kubiac. He's our only hope"-Princess Leia
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    So he IS the responsible guy in charge after all! And just when folks had almost convinced me that consensus meant no one is responsible.
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    You didn't get Po's memo. We have the next Joe Montana on our roster, but Hue doesn't realize it yet.
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    Maybe the fact that they couldn’t get the trade done for a 4th backup qb could read as disfunctionality, but apart from that I feel that this team has been doing everything they’ve set out to do. They said it would be a few years before they’d be able to compete, and that they were more focused on building a team that is easier to play QB for. This defense has been improving, the team is solid in the trenches on both sides due to the moves this FO Has made. Mid round guys like Coleman and Drango are holding their own. acquiring Tretter and Zeitler has also worked out. Ogbah is the highest rated DE for stopping the run, Garrett is a legit star even though , God forbid, he’s had to deal with a minor injury (still some are drowning in dreadful snotty tears that the Browns didn’t draft the guy who blew his leg up by running on grass). Ogunjobi, Collins, Calhoun, Mccourty, Njoku etc. while there are certainly the growing pains that everyone expected, this team is still a far better environment for the QB, it just isn’t showing yet because literally every team on the browns schedule this season has a shitload more experience than the Browns. I know we all want these 21-22 year old kids to come into the league and outplay second-third contract players who know what it takes to win in the NFL, but that’s the equivalent of playing the lottery in lieu of a retirement fund. The latest presser the FO said that they would be aggressive in solving the QB situation, and now it’s time. If they can deliver the QB everything will be fine and no one will admit to crying for a house cleaning. The truth is the great Belicheck stumbled butt first into a franchise QB and then drafted a shitload of guys who don’t belong in the league, that’s how it goes. This team is doing things the same way as belicheck except they haven’t lucked into a 6th round HOF QB. That really is the line in the sand that separates belicheck getting his salad tossed by ESPN 24/7 and a bunch of entitled children complaining because they miss rooting for a 3 win team. If the FO can’t make good in their goal to bring in a QB, then we can go back to the tried and true method of bringing in janitors and coffee fetchers to restore the luster of 4-12 seasons as far as the eye can see. BTW, while I turned 32 last Monday, I still probably only have about 8-9 years left in the tank, so I’m in the same boat as a lot of you old heads.
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    Thanks! I needed that.
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    Kizer did okay today... but Hogan>Kizer - and it isn't close.
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    Holy Hell dude!! I literally snorted on that one.
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    No...we have to give him more time because 32 games isn't enough. Not until he's 3-45 will we know that he's a shitty coach.
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    Run game looked very good today. That was a top level rush D too I believe if I heard the announcers correctly. Both defense's lost containment on the run.
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    ^^^^^ Take a bow Tom, you saw what Hueless was from the get-go. Then why did Johnson violently spike his helmet? To fix this doo-doo. FIFY.
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    If it's his call then he needs to go, pathetic decisions game after game after game. Time to fire up the fire hue machine.
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    Yes, we know that now. At the time people were like wtf is belichick doing dumping one of the best qb's in the league for a 6th rounder?
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    4,6 and 7 get us a lot of postseason play, don’t they? Remember that awesome 4 win season where we made it to the AFC Championship? How about that 5 win season where we almost won the Super Bowl? Clamoring for a “football guy” because he can get us to 4 wins is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.
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    I’m just guessing because I’m 6’10 and have spent most of my life burning my candle at both ends. There’s probably a heart attack or stroke waiting around the corner. Furthermore, if I suffer a serious injury or disease I’ll probably just run the car in the garage and cut class early, but I’ll be hoping the browns can turn it around until that happens.
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