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    And to those no longer with us to receive those thanks. Never forgotten.
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    Just PoG weekly...hey look at me and how much I love our third string QB thread.
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    He is going to be at Barnes and Noble in Boardman for a book signing on Sunday the 12th, from 2-4. He has been on local news a few times lately. He looks and sounds good. I know I would be fine with him helping the Browns FO pick talent.
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    I retired a year before this video was made, lol. Spent the majority of my time attached to Amphib/Marine units. Although I did do a tour on the USS MIDWAY and USS OLDENDORF and Desron 15.
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    It can't be the fans fault. There aren't hardly any left. Look at the home games. More visiting fans than homers. Look around the area. Nothing with brown and orange is visible. Lots of Tribe and Cavs gear tho. You do see stool gear out that you never would have saw in the past. The media? Try NYC, Boston or Dallas sports media for awhile and you will think Cleveland sports media wears kid gloves. Happy no football season from northeast Ohio!
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    That is true and he's still a freak. .....The 26-year-old wideout has created a brand around being Flash, even using a lightning bolt as a logo in homage to the sci-fi comic hero. If he did indeed run the reported 4.3, he’s shaved two-tenths of a second off his time since his pro day workout back in 2012: Browns fans can’t help but get excited about the potential Gordon brings to the underwhelming passing offense once he returns in two weeks......
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    Sashi was instructed to have a statue of Hogan erected outside the stadium to give the QB confidence if he is to start any future games this season .....typical front office they screwed it up
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    Wasn't it Hillary Clinton who bullied, shamed, and intimidated these women - who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault - into silence? Yup, but the MSM kept it quiet. . .
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    Well everyone gets a chance tomorrow night @ 10:15 pm eastern on ESPNU. They are @ a not very good defensively Air Force team. You can also watch Texas A&M-N.M. the game before (7pm). We only have freshman QB's, but you can watch WR Christian Kirk though.
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    I really don't care and tbh unless we start playing better we are going to look dumb no matter what color or jersey. #IhatePittsnurgh
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    They looked like they were Montgomery Burn's nuclear power station's team.
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    Jimmy couldn't even get the simple redesign of the unis right....
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    The more I watch Wilson the more I pray we find a receiver like Baldwin to win those type of balls that shouldn't be completed.
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    Campbell was not released. He is still with the team. He was "waived/injured". If he clears waivers, he will revert to the Browns injured reserve list.
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    Again with this continued nonsense that the players and coaches are performing worse because of 'the fans'. Where is the data or any evidence base to suggest such nonsense? Every single post you make is nothing but one cliched thought after another. My favorite one of yours is that fans are going to 'run a qb out of town'. Never mind the fact that this is completely impossible and although kizer, hogan, and kessler continue to perform at historically bad levels they haven't been 'run out of town' yet. But go ahead....spout some other meaningless cliche without any evidence base.
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    OK...on paper there seems to be a lot of talent. But they ain't playing on paper. The talent they have is playing like shite for the most part....0-8 being evidence of that. Even 1st and 2d year players should not be expected to play like shite. So....why is that happening? Are they really not that talented? (Perhaps) Are they being coached horribly? (I believe there is a lot of truth to this) Are they just "inexperienced? (A bit, yea) Or what?
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    Or he acts like Wentz would make the Browns better, which he would That's an incredibly lazy way to generalize Herm Edwards' take on the Browns. He was a former NFL coach and knows his Sheet. If everyone in the NFL circle, Shannon Sharpe, and other former NFL players recognize there's some major flaws in the Browns "process", they're probably not making it up and being lazy. 1-23 and missing on Wentz and Watson isn't lazy, it's incompetent. Doesn't mean we can't change things in the future, but things here are far from perfect.
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