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    rosen? the kid from toledo? sin't no n. dakota st. unbeaten champs while wentz directed team. and if anyone mentions anything out of the big 12 i'll drive 3 days, wait for you to walk out your door and kick you in the nuts.
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    Ah the method that every other dumpster team has used to get out of the dump. Yes, total failure for sure. Those other 31 franchises that use normal methods just don’t have the knowledge of Sashi. Get the Shmuck out. We already determined that you think of the NFL within the time frame of 10 years. Do you think this fan base has only liked Joe Thomas? There are players in between the dog turds and a hall of famer. Yes, mocking a baby learning to walk = being critical of an adult millionaire being bad at their job. Apparently it is an internet thing because you were trying to get people to modify how they post because they were saying meanie words about the FO of a 1-23 operation. Sashi the Great and Powerful should be able to hack it. Unless part of the process fails due to negativity on The Browns Board. We are in uncharted territory with record and FO so it may be a metric. Beginning to think you and London might be Sashi and Paul.
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    All should make a return and get this pussy nation back on it's feet. MAGA!
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    That's just not how a professional does it. You don't throw anyone under the bus on tv. And ya don't throw a subordinate under a bus in front of his peers in the workplace either.
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    Nothing. You can't predict people's actions, and even less and addict's ones. In these type of stories you just can hope the best for the man, there's no solid proof, as the battle has to be fought in his mind, and nobody can't know what's inside there.
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    Not using Dayes is one of those Hue flaws IMO. He has better vision and breaks more tackles because of that vision than Mr. RunuptheOLbutts.
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    Winner winner, chicken dinner! Sounds good. Now I'm thinking breakfast..
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    again i said Sashi needs to be demoted, not fired, yet you put words in my mouth and create false narratives in order to try and make your weak argument stronger. "The Process" is far from perfect and Sashi needs to let someone who knows how to draft, draft instead of him and Mr. Baseball.
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    I wasn't aware he's been on the defensive side of the ball? I thought Williams had him standing next to the security guys in front of the the endzone walls.
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    Or at least he thinks he knows what he's doing. The drunk guy at 3am thinks he's NASCAR worthy but that isn't necessarily true.
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    The quarterbacks haven't been hurt at all this season. The running backs (Crowell in particuliar) aren't very good. And considering you have Thomas at LT and then brought in 2 of the most highly sought after free agents for the offensive line in this pas offseason, I'd say the team did everything in their power to try and "fix" the offensive line. I dont' think it's a line problem. How many sacks has Kizer taken because he holds the ball too long? About every single one of the sacks are because of this reason. It's the one thing that both Kessler and Ben Hogan do better than Kizer, they get rid of the ball faster. Hogan throws it to the other team a lot when he starts but he doesn't get sacked. Offensive line is the least of our problems on a team with no stars. There isn't one player starting a game for this offense that scares the other team. Gordon if he makes it back will certainly help that out but not if Kizer is still throwing everything 10 feel over his head.
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    In my opinion it has more to do with the offensive possibilities overall and the playcalling. If your pass attack sucks, and your offense is previsible, which is our case, defensibe backs can sit on the routes they know you are going to run and LBs have more time to get to the QB. And when the call is a run, well, they can guess it pretty easily and get tackles for loss. To put it simple: if a corp sucks as bad as Brown's receivers and Qb currently do, it affects other corps in the offense and overall everyone looks worse.
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    maybe our QB's suck, we have no receivers, don't use duke johnson enough, and crowell is overrated
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    I never liked Kizer or thought he was more than a project. I root for him because he's a Cleveland Brown. You just continue to not use statistics or facts to back up your arguments. Wentz in a whole is better than Kizer and would make us better. Also, turn on ESPN or FSN. Every sports announcer in the nation is saying that Depodesta doesn't know what he's doing with football, and that Sashi is a classy guy, he's good at acquiring assets, but we keep making all of the wrong moves with the draft picks we're selecting and they're in over the heads. We need a football guy in charge of making those picks, not a baseball guy and a lawyer. Sashi needs a boss. The name of the game is winning bro, and we're not just abysmal, we're approaching the one of the worst two year records ever. As Herm Edwards says, you play to win. I get that you believe in the FO and trust that Sashi will be the genius savior that changes us into a winning football team, but you better believe he Shmucked up by not taking Wentz or Watson, and needs to produce a team that can compete next year, otherwise, he's gone..... then he won't be so confident giving pressers.
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    I was on the Dak bandwagon in 2016 and Watson this year. Still deciding on 2018. I'm leaning to Rosen if off the field issues turn out to be non-issues. Darnold might be in the running if he comes out. Definitely not "no accuracy'" Wyoming Cowboy. Backup written all over that one (if he's lucky enough to find a non-backup team).
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    Yes that is definitely what I said. All players must be Joe Thomas caliber. Or....maybe I gave an example of a good player that people don't bag on. If a player's fragile self esteem can't handle scrutiny then they weren't going to make it anyway. I am seriously seeing a generation gap or some sort of disconnect with how you grew up in how you perceive life compared to everyone else. Internet back patting to a scrub is not going to make them all of a sudden not a scrub. Likewise, someone being critical of a good player will not make them fail. If so, they are made of Charmin. It appears that the majority of folks here grew up in "no bull sheit" environments where failure wasn't rewarded with "aww you did your best" . Being critical of failure should inform those in charge that the consumers aren't happy with the product. Constantly telling a bad restaurant that their food is good does not compel them to make a better tasting product. But I guess you would just give them positive yelp reviews in the hopes that it would raise their self esteem instead of being better at their jobs.
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    Nah- I'm with Jiggins- Jerry Rice in his prime wouldn't turn Kizer into a decent QB.
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    Highlighted above....this is absolutely what it is. Sashi just wants to make deals. He wants to play Monopoly. He wants to acquire assets. But, he forgets that he has to actually use those assets to better the team. He completely ignores what talent is actually on the board to be picked.
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    Nothing like a bag of longneck clams, some fresh melted butter and bbq chicken with a sweet tater this time of year. Nobody around here is very familiar with the Clambake thing so we need to do it ourselves.
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    She gives me a boner. I like her. Why does it matter what she writes? You guys are homos.
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    It isn't even that. I am only saying that if a Browns player did something I objected to....It would not put me off being a Browns fan. And, I mean....what is so bad about what Kaepernick did in comparison to what a lot of other players have done? Should I not be a Browns fan because some player commits domestic abuse? Commits other violence? Is a drunkard or a druggie? We certainly know that Steeler fans are not put off on their loyalty to their team because they have a potential rapist in their midst. Should I disavow my loyalty to my team because the owner's other business was subject to an FBI criminal investigation? We know that Ravens fan are not put off of their loyalty even when one of their players is accused of being involved in a double homicide. If I don't get put off by all this crapola, why should a mild protest put me off? Should I be put off my loyalty because some player expresses homophobia (which likely 75% of them have done)...If I were an atheist (I'm not)....should I be put off my loyalty because some players express some religious point of view? You know, like crossing himself and pointing to heaven after he scores a TD? (I have no problem with such personal expressions of faith) I guess we could go on and on and give all kinds of examples of where something some player does could find some people to find objectionable. WTF ever they do is not going to put me off my feelings toward my sports team.
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    "......... Ryan Watson - Long Snapper - Humboldt State University"
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