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    http://www.cleveland.com/pluto/index.ssf/2017/10/cleveland_browns_in_london_lea.html Looks like somebody is going to have to step up and drop a few extra passes to make up for Tour's buddy. WSS
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    Great time at The Admiralty Pub tonite.... JB was there. As was Cribbs. Also no less than Jimmah and DeeDee was tending bar upstairs. Place was absolutely packed... And warm as hell, but the beer was cold. Go Browns...
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    if only we had a FO that didn't overpay for lazy bums...like Brittlehands
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    Ghoolie-line projection............Browns 27 Vikings 17 You guys think not having a couple key players along with playing a 5 - 2 team spell another fine mess for us. I just don't see it or feel it that way. Please, don't get me wrong, I am not predicting a win based on some "on any given Sunday" scenario. However, I am betting on the human side of this game. I believe adversity and neccessity is the Mother of invention. Despite my whip cracking, I think the team has some decent talent, certainly not the skill players that we should have, but none the less, we do have some talent. I for one believe the talent is nowhere near as bad as many believe. I believe a lot of the stench comes from a lack of discipline, self-respect and from a FO who sends a message that " this year is not about winning". My believe is that without Joe Thomas, Kizer is a like a raw nipple popping around in a frying pan. I think he is mentally lazy. I think Hue treated him too softly and I think his lackadaisical performance has been far more psychological than it has been physical. Without JT, and I am sure he is reading all the comments across the media, I believe his pimple brain is has been snapped into focus. I honestly believe the kid is going to have a huge day. The Browns are going to win this game. If they do, yeah, you're gonna have to hear my take on how hey are better off without Joe. Of course they are not better off without Joe. That isn't the point I am making. I believe sometimes however, that the loss of a key individual causes ordinary people to stand up, take personal responsibility. Let's see what happens. Go Browns.
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    Josh Allen just threw a strike that goes for a long touchdown on the first play of the game.... that got called back on a penalty. He's got inconsistent mechanics, but man when he steps into a throw, it's impressive. Pretty mobile for a big guy.
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    Certainly, absolutely, you bet. But first, go find us a good one. One that doesn't make me want to puke with dumbass decisions during a football game. Until then.....This is the season, turn, turn, turn...
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    You know what War, you're totally right. This Barkley dude blows, look at the effort against Ohio state!
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    I understand that I'm a slapdick who posts on two message boards about the Browns and Indians. I have no clue how the salary cap works, who the LG on Eastern Kentucky is, or what a 3 gap DTackle is. All than being said, I am 100% confident I could have drafted better in the first two drafts of the "new" Browns (1999/2000) with my Sporting News Draft Guides as my only tool. Those were atrocious.
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    It's simple, the Browns just need to do the Costanza
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    Not a bad idea boo..Hope to see this Britt getting what he deserves. INACTIVE** put in bubble-wrap icing up for trade deadline or We will all face his music of booing in songs every-time his mouth hits the field..What a boner move to put this Bowing on a plane. Sitting at the London hotel with his wife ends this bonehead in the land..#sit'em
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    If you can't tell by watching that this D is vastly improved over last year's, then you have no business analyzing football in any capacity... even on a fan message board...
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    When I saw Hue decline 3rd and 15 , I muttered to myself.. "This A$$ hole deserves to lose'.. And to think I liked the initial hire.. "Facepalms"
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    You’ve never heard of the sophomore slump? Happens all the time.
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    After 2 years of screaming about collusion this is all you have? What an idiot. WSS
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    Joe Namath is still looking good. WSS the
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    Offense has regressed because of poor QB play and terrible coaching choices...Defense has dramatically improved though hmm i wonder what the cause of that was???? lets sit and think.... oh yea we FIRED THE ENTIRE DEFENSIVE COACHING STAFF...
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    Tom, I wouldn't let him get on the plane either.... Our odds of winning will go way up.....
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    A first rounder and yes, 3 4th round picks. All in the same draft. All misses. No one expects them to hit on every pick. But missing that badly all at the same position in the same draft has to be some sort of statistical anomaly or they could benefit from bringing in someone with football smarts. The coaches salary doesn't count against the cap. I could give a hot Sheet about whether or not Hue gets paid. Jimmy is already stealing money from the fans. As for patience, you are talking about a fan base that isn't asking for the world. The team went from 1-15 and is looking like it is going 0-16. I think a reasonable expectation of 3-4 wins in year two of a rebuild would be feasible. It shows progress in the win column. Not with Hue running the show.
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    "Sheet bag line"... going to let that soak in a while... Long enough... Brady's quick delivery behind our OL with a recovered Joe T? Fagedaboutit... but he wouldn't come alone...
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    Vikings 17- Browns 15 Game comes down to a field goal and Sashi runs on the field to block it.
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