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    Stuart Oh shut the f u c k up Cleve. Right, compare him to Donald because Bill Clinton never entered your mind. Asked if Bills sexual harassment escapades were on par with Weinsteins, Hillary replied "close but no cigar" Get it cleve? "no cigar". lol
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    I don't think the W/L situation matters during Hogan's reign. The question is How does he perform? Is he doing HIS job well? The QB will not be able to control receivers running incorrect routes or dropping well placed passes. Or RB's fumbling balls, or kickers shanking FG's, or the defense playing poorly. Hogan needs to be judged on his own performance(s).
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    Here is what I'm going to say then I'm going to leave it. You know more what you have in year 2 than year one. Because of that I'll admit we Shmucked up with Wentz, who looks lime he will be at worst an above average starting AN. However if your going to second guess a team for not taking a mobile QB working on a simplified offensive game plan with 4 starts, I'm going to say look at RGIII. We saw this song and dance. He had an amazing rookie season, but as soon as they started to try and turn him into an actual NFL starter he crumbled. Like with Wentz, I'll wait till year two to say whether or not we screwed up.
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    Or just not recent enough (today) ? NASA confirms – Sea levels FALLING across the planet https://www.iceagenow.info/nasa-confirms-sea-levels-falling-across-planet/
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    ok, go ahead and nitpick. who is that good out of these 2 drafts that another GM would drop his hot cup of coffee and be calling the browns right this second if said player was being shopped for trade.....? i see a lot of bums and some guys that may be good. no jaw droppers (unless you like DEs with glass legs). yep sashi's a genious!!!!
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    Not at all. You're a hypocrite. Cleve is a hypocrite and an idiot. You don't want Columbus honored because you think he was a bad guy. You have no problem with Lake Mohawk. Or Cherokee Red soda pop. So Columbus actually was a great Navigator whether or not he discovered America. And I understand some of you people want to sanitize the history books of anybody that wasn't politically correct four or five hundred years ago. Fair enough if that's what you decide though then we shouldn't change those things to honor tribes who are equally barbaric. Whether or not you saw a movie where they were cool. WSS
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    Thanks for the input SukDik_Tom WSS
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    1 The Browns defense is ranked 3rd vs the run per Football Outsiders. They held the Jets to 34 rushing yards. It does not get much better than that. The passing defense has been hurt by the QB play. In 3 games thus far, the Browns defense has been on the field 8 minutes, 8 minutes and 10 minutes longer than the opponent. 2 Collins and Garret have been missing so I would expect the passing defense to improve. 3 The Browns offense led in almost every category in the Jets game. 419 in total offense and Hogan passed for 84% completion percentage. I would have loved to see what would have happened if the Browns had taken the 3 and tied it up at 10 - 10. 4 I did not know who was going to win vs Pittsburgh and I will bet you did not either. Only after the Antonio Brown circus catch in triple coverage did things start looking bleak. 3 games that were lost by a FG. A couple of plays go the Browns way vs Pittsburgh, Indy and NYJ and youre looking at 3 - 2. 5 Sashi Brown is good GM. Smart. 3 payers are keepers from the 2017 draft - Garret, Peppers and Njoku. The more that I think about it, the more I am convinced that he will take a QB high in this coming draft. The reason why he took Kizer in the 2nd round is because the Browns are going to pay a 1st round QB contract this 2018 draft. The old Browns would have taken a QB in a weak QB draft like last year and paid him like a 1st rounder and then been stuck with him for a few years. They will keep Kizer and let him compete next season, but if they have to let him go its less painful for what the Browns have invested. The Browns are a QB and HC away from being a serious contender to challenge the division.
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    The epitome of the Browns FO is the current qb rankings on espn. The guy at #1 qbr is watson.... The guy who is dead last by a large margin? Kizer. 85.5 to 15.8 respectively. Watson, Prescott and Wentz are the top three.... But "these are not top 20 projected players"
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    My goofy opinion - They started Kizer, but after 4 1/2 games, he needs to build on what he's learned so far, and now that he has started some games, he can go back and sit and watch...and can effectively learn by cross-referencing what he knows, with what he's seeing on the field...from the different perspective. Before that, he wouldn't have learned from watching - didn't know enough to start with. Hogan had more pro-type experience right out of Stanford that Kizer has had in four NFL games. So, I'm good with it - I believe.../hope...that Kizer will eventually "get it" hugelyin time...Troy Aikman said he was 0-11 his rookie year - said it was really tough on a new qb in the NFL. So, here's to hoping Kizer doesn't hit a D.A. or Weeden mental wall and stops developing. Those two never were very smart....Kizer is way too smart to hit a wall... I think.
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    If you are serious, then you better close that loophole... pronto. If you do not, then excuse one will be: Hue put Kevin in the gun too much... My name is Tour and I am here to help... In other words... just like Kizer has been judged...
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    i'm not here for analysis. i'm here as a fan. name one thing i said that isn't true Mr. X and Os? god knows our rookies are tearing up the league.....
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    Hue even sees the writing on the wall. He is starting hogan trying to scramble and save his job. Anyone can see that...of course anyone can see he needs to hire an OC and should have started Hogan all along. Hey..Remember when we were 4-0 in preseason? Proof it doesnt mean Sheet! Meaningless games
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    Pretty smart for a guy in Japan... must be the seaweed in the diet.
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    I'm with you on this, PoG...I think Hogan is going to make the most of his chance. This will be similar to the run that Hoyer had. He could save Hue's job.
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    I'm sorry if I roll my eyes at the thought that Kevin Hogan is Steve Young, the face of the Browns franchise, a future Hall of Famer, and whatever nonsense PoG has described Hogan as. And I'll tell you what, I don't want to see excuse after excuse for why the Browns lose this Sunday vs Houston (if that happens) with Hogan under center. PoG said that wins and losses are all that matter, and with Hogan the Browns will be a winning team. We'll see.
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    I'm not sure that the guy that happened to fall to them at their second pick in the second round qualifies as 'their hand-picked quarterback'. My guess is Hogan is in until the break, then it's Kizer for the rest of the season no matter what he does. All that goes out the window if Hogan shines though.
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    I would warily bet, but solidly hope that coach Jackson gets a third-year. Though I hear and understand the griping if I blame anyone it would be Sashi Brown for dealing the cards the coach is forced to play. Discarding tens and Jacks hoping to draw Kings and Aces. WSS
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    In answer to your question, Po... not a single thing. You can't judge physical tools using stats. But if you look, then you'll note the person I was responding to was trying to use stats for that. OK? Now about the stats... they're comparable. That's all that can be said. The outlier in the entire set is Hogna's Sr. season... a season Kizer never posted. Scan Kizer's 2 years and Hogan's first three and there's not much to choose from. Completion percentages... TD/INT ratios... YPA... all essentially the same.
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    I can't believe we are giving an nfl start to kevin fauckin hogan. He has a 3 second windup and his release point looks like something out of a ukranian shotput competiton. I watched this guy look like hot garbage playing for stanford for most of his career. I'd watch those games and think "huh, if only stanford had a decent qb they would be pretty good". And we're giving him an nfl start? jesus christ. Kizer blows and has no business starting games in the nfl, but at least he has a few qualities that could pass for an nfl qb. Still terrible though, but at least him throwing the ball resembles an actual qb...even if we have no idea where its going. Kevin Hogan's mechanics makes Tim Tebow look like Tom Brady.
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    You want me to lie and say, "I don't think that Hogan's going to light the world on fire". I think that he's going to make some mistakes but he's going to blossom in front of our eyes. Hope is a beautiful thing! I have hope. Hue Jackson said, "Kevin Hogan just keeps getting better and better". That implies to me that he hasn't even come close to his ceiling yet. Who made a rule that there HAS TO BE a ceiling at all? What if he doesn't have one? Let's rally to him and show him that Dawgpound love. Believeland.
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    What I like about Hogan is his perseverance. He's done it the right way. NOTHING has been given to him, he's worked his way up from Practice Squad to Face of the Franchise. There would not be a better story in all of Pro Football if Hogan is who I think he is.
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    You are not going to be seeing the 0-5 Browns team this weekend. You are going to see that 4-0 Preseason team that was looking outstanding. Hogan changes this team, the QB is the Trigger Man. He's a PG (point guard) on the Gridiron. We seen Kizer go 0-5 and Hogan kept it close a couple games. He also saved us from getting skunked. What happens is Hogan goes 3-0 going into the BYE week? What happens then? Better yet, what happens when Hollywood Hogan goes 5-0 over that stretch, will you still be clamoring for Kizer?
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    Black ghetto people of course.
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    Stop this topic already its embarrassing.
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    well, i like the confidence but by now it's probably been beaten out of him. Stick with Kizer but switch to Hogan in the red zone. Kizer gets to develop, Browns get to score points, everyone wins!
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    THAT is one of the biggest OUTRIGHT LIES that is Constantly Pushed by kizer fans and media but its just not Shmucking true. He tested as ONE OF THE LOWEST RATED QBS AT THE COMBINE... Just because he is black does not make him a top athlete QB. Kevin Hogan Tested better in every catagory and even Cody Kessler Tested Better in MOST.| Kevin Hogan even had a better Rushing average in College. Another thing that pisses me off even the announcers were like he's a game manager and unathletic and only after halftime did they realise this kid had a 100yd rushing game in the nfl. how about these lines • Set Stanford record for career rushing yards by a quarterback • First Cardinal quarterback ever with over 1,000 career rushing yards • Second-most single-game rushing yards ever by a Stanford quarterback
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    War, with all due respect didn't you state that you didn't even watch the game today? Hue definitely had some questionable play calling and clock management decisions. He needs an offensive coordinator at the least. We definitely should've won that game, and in many people's opinion, Hue is the reason we lost the game because of his incompetence. Watch the game first, and then you can debate us with a fresh set of eyes. Waiting until 2018 is over will do nothing. What if Hue and the browns don't win any games this year and next year? Will Haslam keep them till 2020, or you think he might question some of the decisions. They said 4-5 year plan but what gets me is we haven't seen progress. We just got rid of everyone and brought in a bunch of youngins. gave the fat contract to britt instead of pryor. got rid of haden for nothing. And who will replace haden? what if some of our young draft picks turn out to be practice squad material? Maybe at this rate, we'll have two diamonds in the rough by year 4 or 5, but what if they're so sick of losing that they leave? Haslam will probably fire Hue wouldn't it be better to fire Hue now and put someone with some energy and fire in? Someone with some common sense and clock management skills?
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    No excuse for the loss today. Holy hell....... keep that kind of s hit to yourself!
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    Today, I saw a head coach / offensive coordinator get the ball on the 6ish yard line for 1st and goal. Then I saw that coach not put his best offensive player (Duke) on the field for any of the upcoming 3 plays, and rather than try to slam the thing in with his 2nd best RB (Crow), he elected to go with an oh-so-tricky, high school like QB option which of course turned into a fumble. So instead of putting your team's chances on your best players' backs ("elite" Oline <LMAO> and Duke), you instead put it on a 21yr old QB (who has played like whoreshit all year) and a half blind RB who needs a hole the size of an elephant to be productive. Then repeat the above a couple of more times..... today the HC/OC snatched defeat from the jaws of victory............ in over his head.
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    I don't need any more games..... Maybe if he hired a real OC and simply focused on being a Tomlinlike raw-raw team organizer, then maybe he could be successful, but right now he is in over his head and is a dead man crawling. He's a good dude, but a horrible game day coach.
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    Hue is done. He is the worst game day head coach the Browns have had..... and that's saying a mouth full. If you're a dude who has lost 20 of his last 21 under Hue, you honestly can't tell me that you'd still be buying in..... He's done, and today was painfully obvious of that.
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    Trust the 13yr process..... this team needs time to gel.
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    Global warming is about taxation and if you are a company that must pollute - you can buy carbon credits - lol what a crock of sh*t - Money , power , passing of more freedom robbing legislation and the advancement of a One World Order , Govern by the UN By the way why are our skies continually sprayed - ie Chem Trails ?
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    You’re wasting your time JAFBF, the global warming lemmings will say that your data was sponsored by someone from the “Big Oil Companies”.
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    Are you kidding, Panthers wouldnt even consider that.
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    Not saying "bad", h... likely it'll be better than the show Kizer would have put on. But also expect it just won't be good enough. And thanks to the effin Yankees, I'll be booking it out of Houston ASAP after the game... I have a three hour drive from the bro-in-law's to home and it'll take an hour to clear the stadium parking and get to his house.. Hope it's celebratory drive... but I doubt it.
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    What it is Cal is Satan. Satan has more power now then ever. He has influence over media, education and government. Keep the faith.
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    If he goes 3-29 he will have won 3 more games than the talent level of this team would dictate.
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    Please don't watch games if you can't come away from them not wanting to complete destroy the entire organization.
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