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    I could see us going 1-15 again this year and it wouldn’t bother me as long as we see signs of life in certain aspects. Right now, we are seeing those signs - we have a young, fiesty defense that’s been missing quality starters and has still made plays we haven’t seen in a while here. That’s a definite improvement. My benchmark is this part of next season. Say a year from today. By that time, I’d expect us to have: - A QB we are at least mediocre on. If it’s Kizer, he better look a hell of a lot better than he has so far. If it’s not Kizer, I’d expect it to be a top guy in next year’s draft, whoever that may be. - A WR1 that can catch the ball at a baseline 60% clip, get separation and make solid to great plays from time to time. I would also love to nab a mid level, young veteran with reliable hands via FA or trade. - A true FS, allowing Peppers to move back to SS like he did for a lot of Sunday’s game. - A nice, explosive RB with good vision. There’s about three or four eligible for this draft that fit that bill. Doesn’t necessarily have to be a workout warrior or a physical freak, but should be well-rounded enough to perform admirably in both power and zone blocking schemes. Plus vision, plus hands. Doesn’t have to be Barkley, but I wouldn’t be opposed to that today. With five picks in the first two rounds, that list is not outside the realm of reason at all. I would expect us to have new faces at most, if not all of those positions, and that gives Garrett, Peppers, Njoku, our DT’s and our OL a full year of experience. Plus it seasons Treggs, Williams, Higgins and Louis enough to where one or two will be able to hang on be low-level contributors. IF we land talent like that, I’ll be happy with the FO. Then, from there... IF we’re 0-5 or 1-4 next season with that talent, that’s a major concern. That’s when we start looking at coaching replacements. EDIT TO ADD: I have absolutely no problem admitting I’m wrong about Kizer, if it comes to that. I was wrong about Bortles. But I’m damn sure not going to do it 5 games into the season.
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    Hogan starts. http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/article-5/Kevin-Hogan-named-Browns-starting-quarterback/717ab4f8-884f-418e-96f8-e55c1ae97e9b Kevin Hogan will make his first career NFL start Sunday when the Browns face the Texans, Cleveland head coach Hue Jackson announced Wednesday. “I’ve made the decision to start Kevin this week," Jackson said in a statement. "We’ve liked what Kevin has been able to do within our offense when he’s been in there and he will ‪start on Sunday because that’s what we feel is best for our team at this point in time. This does not change the way we feel about DeShone going forward. He has worked extremely hard and still very much has a bright future. Right now, it’s better for him and his development to back up Kevin.”
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    Addiction rarely leaves room for principles and honor. I say that from experience. I've experienced addiction personally with my own addictions (clean 27 years) , those of many friends and with my first long term live in girlfriend (when I was already sober). Gordon has sounded serious about this in the past but wasn't. They say sometimes you can tell when an active addict is lying by watching for their mouth to move I heard a different Josh in this clip, a guy who seemed to own up to the long term addiction and personal responsibility. I wish him the best for sure.
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    I don't start alot of threads here, but you guys are expecting some great team in year 2 and that's stupid. And if the fans get restless again, then we're just going to start the whole thing. The headline of 2017 is WE HAVE A DEFENSE. This thing is fixed. We are 11th in total defense and I think we can all agree that that number would be even better if our three best defenders hadn't both missed multiple games (Shelton, Collins, Garrett) and our offense didn't suck. IN JUST TWO YEARS WE HAVE BUILT OURSELVES A TOP 10 DEFENSE. Do you care about winning 3 games this year or winning 10 next year? Have some longterm vision. You idiots probably play the lottery and live paycheck to paycheck too. The Browns are the kid from a good home who fell on hard time who works his butt off and is going to pull himself up from his minimum wage job, even though he knows he's on a 4 year plan. He's working two jobs, riding the bus, living in some couple's back shed with no AC where rent's only $275/month, saving $100/week knowing it's eventually going to pay off. You guys are the pizza delivery boys with $425 car payments because you have no patience for anything in life. I fully believe that our franchise QB is currently on the roster. But even if he's not, we're going to have a top 3 pick this year. Our OL is solid. We have a top notch 3rd down back. Our defense is a hair away from being elite. We need a halfway decent RB and a couple receivers and this thing can hum. We have 5 picks in the top 2 rounds next year to make this thing work. IT WILL WORK. Maybe we have to replace the coach after next year if Hue still underperforms WHEN HE HAS TALENT. But we need to give him 2018 for two reasons. A. to get a true evaluation on him and B. to show replacement candidates that he actually deserved his firing and Jimmy no longer has a hair trigger. So please guys, sell your stupid Camaro, move out of the $900 downtown condo, stop being whiny titty babies that must have your wins NOW, and embrace the process we have going on that will actually lead to long term success, stability, and roster health.
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    I'd say it matters. Most important positon on the field and we are playing the guy that moves the team better and gets into the end zone more often. If you are into those kinds of things. Our depth chart, with the defense healthy, looks as strong as it has all year. http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/article-5/Cleveland-Browns-unofficial-depth-chart-vs-Texans---1010/62fcbb7e-3003-4b53-8cb4-8b988ee54c32 Total trap Game for the Texans. Zombo
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    As we keep talking about freedoms, Cleve you are perfectly free to pack your shjt and leave whatever godforsaken wilderness you live on and give it back to the natives. WSS
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    In honor of the Indians, I am changing my avatar. Go Tribe! MAGA!
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    The argument is, and it is pretty obvious, that if you need to be morally pure and cleanse the history books of Christopher Columbus you should not have monuments all across the United States to barbaric and savage Indian tribes that enslaved and raped each other and participated in torture and cannjbalism. That's the argument. WSS
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    He'll find the franchise QB as GM. Actually as much as he has been involved in the Manning training camp, we should at least hire him as a consultant in a QB search. He knows all the best ones up close and personal from that. https://manningpassingacademy.com/
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    Hogan to Gordon has a ring to it. Flashamaniacs? LOL- I don't know. Gordon reinstated. Hogan starting. Getting Coleman back healthy. After the BYE week we could have a completely different team... ... and what if it was good?
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    Tour- you're about the only one left in Kamp Kizer. Even Zombo who was big on Deshone has backed off. The PD poll was 92% in favor of starting Hogan this week. Even Hue is thinking about it after he reviewed the tape. Physical tools don't mean squat if you can't utilize them when the lights come on. How many combine workout warriors turned into flat out busts in the NFL? I hope I'm wrong about this, but I'm seeing another Brandon Weeden\Derek Anderson in Deshone. Granted, he's more mobile than either. Can he improve? I sure hope so- but I have extreme doubts. & yeah, I know it's a small sample size in the pros. If you think I'm throwing him under the bus prematurely, go ahead. Even TCPO said he's probably never going to have top end accuracy- and that's a glaring, fatal flaw in my book. Almost all the top qbs are in the 65% completion category. Guess who checks in @ #10 this year so far? Hogan- with the same crappy receivers Kizer's been throwing to. Winning in the long term with Deshone at the wheel will help us win in the long term- when we go 2-14, and draft Darnold, Allen, or Rosen in 2018.
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    If there's no apparent growth in the form of wins in the first month of the 2018 season. I do hope Hue gets an OC at some point. I agree he seems to be a bit of a dopey football coach, but the players love him and he's a motivator. That's worth alot, especially when you have a DC that allows your HC to be totally hands off from an actual coaching standpoint.
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    Old man Mike in his rocking chair.
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    If your a true Yankee fan (can name their entire bullpen) I can handle it. It's the dumbasses that buy a Yankee hat at the gas station, keep the stickers on it, never bend the brim and wanna tell me how awesome they are but can't name 3 players that I just can't handle. And there are way to many of them....
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    Poor baby. People in the 15th century were pretty facking brutal. I know you saw a movie or something that had a fictitious character called the American Indian and you believe it's real. For the same reason I assume you believe a giant robot named Klaatu came to Earth to help out the human race. But because we can't honor any people that were cruel especially the slave owning torture enthusiastic cannibalistic American Indians I guess you should get to work changing the names of all the towns and rivers and crap we named after them. WSS
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    Cleve you called dikk. If anybody called anything it's Cal who correctly points out that we don't have an equal system of justice here. But those of us with brains have always known that. Your personal hypocrisy is a given but that's not a big deal to predict. WSS
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    Ummmm... yeah... started a thread here on it months ago... You still have my address? or do I need to send it again? Also... if you ship it first class this week, it'll arrive before I depart. And if sending one to London Brown, I'll tote his to him and save you the international shipping.
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    I'm an old guy & like an aging veteran NFL player, on my downside. I like these young players (like my Grandchildren)...They're on their upside & they have nowhere to look but up & forward. We, as Fans, need to be looking WITH them & supporting them in that upward journey. The plan is right...TO the future, not IN the past. Better days are ahead. Mike
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    Man give the kid another chance at least. Its not like he murdered or raped someone. He had/has an addiction problem like millions of other people. If he can still play great. If he lost it cut him. At least give him another shot.
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    I think Gordon finally came to the realization this is absolutely his last chance to play in the NFL. That he did piss away millions of dollars on drugs and having a good time. One more screw up and he can look up Justin Blackmon and smoke weed with him until he dies. Looks like he's broke too. (though it wouldn't surprise me if LeBron is helping him out- $100K is chump change to James) That could be a motivating factor. I hope Goodell will reinstate him without imposing any further penalties, he's been punished plenty enough already. It will take him weeks to get into playing shape and learn the playbook regardless, and that's already over 1\2 the season. At least he's still alive and has one final chance to fly right, unlike the laundry list of famous people who ODed. Which shows addiction doesn't care how smart, famous, or rich you are.
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    Your game analysis of garetts performance shows how little you know of actual football technique and field dynamics. He could have broken the single game sack record and you'd find some way to fit ur narrative. U said garrett sucked in the 2nd half yet ur not acknowledging he was barely in there. Ogbah and nassib started the majority of the game. Garrett wasnt in there much in the first half either. Instead of just waiting to see how things wirk out you're making basesless claims about a kids future. Even if they turn out to be right ur essentially just guessing, hoping and praying.
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    I figure maybe once and for all, Gordon should get one more chance. He's lost years, millions of bucks, and it's all his fault. His Baylor coach was scum. But Gordon didn't have any kind of principles/honor about himself. Seems like only now Gordon realizes what could have been. Seems that it's surprising he didn't use anything as excuses, but just as facts of his life, and his being al loser was still his fault. Goodhell will probably re-instate him right after the Browns cut him, and arrange for him to play for the steelers or patriots.
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    LOL Coaching Does not Matter its all talent... Remember? Talent>Scheme,Coaching,Personnel... I remember this arguement.... and now we see that gregg williams comes in and takes a HISTORICALLY BAD browns defense makes them downright DOMINANT in stopping the run...like one of the best in 5 years... so please go ahead tell me that hue jackson just needs more talent and then he can be a good coach :). One day you'll realize the nfl is designed for parity and one of the biggest determining factors in a game is coaching...but you probably still believe the talent hype meant for kids and to sell player merchandise.
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