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    I don't start alot of threads here, but you guys are expecting some great team in year 2 and that's stupid. And if the fans get restless again, then we're just going to start the whole thing. The headline of 2017 is WE HAVE A DEFENSE. This thing is fixed. We are 11th in total defense and I think we can all agree that that number would be even better if our three best defenders hadn't both missed multiple games (Shelton, Collins, Garrett) and our offense didn't suck. IN JUST TWO YEARS WE HAVE BUILT OURSELVES A TOP 10 DEFENSE. Do you care about winning 3 games this year or winning 10 next year? Have some longterm vision. You idiots probably play the lottery and live paycheck to paycheck too. The Browns are the kid from a good home who fell on hard time who works his butt off and is going to pull himself up from his minimum wage job, even though he knows he's on a 4 year plan. He's working two jobs, riding the bus, living in some couple's back shed with no AC where rent's only $275/month, saving $100/week knowing it's eventually going to pay off. You guys are the pizza delivery boys with $425 car payments because you have no patience for anything in life. I fully believe that our franchise QB is currently on the roster. But even if he's not, we're going to have a top 3 pick this year. Our OL is solid. We have a top notch 3rd down back. Our defense is a hair away from being elite. We need a halfway decent RB and a couple receivers and this thing can hum. We have 5 picks in the top 2 rounds next year to make this thing work. IT WILL WORK. Maybe we have to replace the coach after next year if Hue still underperforms WHEN HE HAS TALENT. But we need to give him 2018 for two reasons. A. to get a true evaluation on him and B. to show replacement candidates that he actually deserved his firing and Jimmy no longer has a hair trigger. So please guys, sell your stupid Camaro, move out of the $900 downtown condo, stop being whiny titty babies that must have your wins NOW, and embrace the process we have going on that will actually lead to long term success, stability, and roster health.
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    ghoolie is right a lot of the time. people don't like his smarmy way of communicating is all. i said it would take 4 games until all you pro sashi/jackson moth foamers would turn on them and call for their heads. well in the tavern yesterday it was every other comment. so i was off a week. and no, i love this team. i want them to win. too bad the owner don't know jack. i guess he's just used to hiring toothless meth heads for flyin J.
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    Kizer needs to sit and Hogan needs to start as the true #1 QB. The concern over Kizer's psyche is irrelevant. It's obvious that Hogan gives the Browns a much better chance to score points. At this point I'm worried a lot more about the psyche of the team if Kizer continues to play. Players play to win - and the current history of losing needs to be stopped. Otherwise many of the most talented Browns players will walk when they hit free agency and sign with teams that they perceive will actually be competitive - leaving the Browns to plug the holes with rookie draft picks and waiver wire acquisitions. Rinse, repeat.
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    If I'm gathering everything correctly, the kneejerk reactions that seems to be prevalent at this current point in time is that: 1. We suck 2. Kizer sucks 3. Hue sucks 4. The playcalling sucks 5. This FO sucks One thing that continually gets overlooked by the "everything sucks" crowd is that we are a young team with young, inexperienced players. For the most part, these are 21-25 year olds with little to no experience. 4 of our offensive starters yesterday had never started an NFL game before this year (Williams, Njoku, Kizer, Coleman). The rest of our WR corps has a total of 3 NFL starts to their name... and all three belong to Ricardo Louis. On the defensive side, we had three starters with 0 starts before this year (Coley, Burgess, Peppers) and Nassib, Kindred and Schobert were spot starters with less than 5 starts to their name. Some of you will say youth isn't an excuse...and you're flat out just wrong. This is more than just normal youth, this is a completely fresh team of legitimate children. And it's not even really close, the next youngest team in the NFL is nearly a full year older than us on average, that means there is a 53 year difference in total ages between our roster and the second youngest team. Some of you will say its the coaches fault that these guys aren't ready... and you're right in the sense that it is the coaches job to progress talent, but its also extremely unfair to expect a team of what is more or less rookies to be polished five games into this season. Drive Killing Penalties It's mid second quarter and we're tied. The offense finally starts rolling and we rattle off three big plays in a row - a 10 yard rush from Crowell, followed by a 21 yard pass from Kizer, followed by another 16 yard rush from Crowell. Now we're sitting at 1st and 10 from the NYJ 32 after we covered half the field in 2 minutes. Then, on the very next play: Holding - David Njoku (10 yard penalty) A rookie bumps us back 10 yards. Fine, next play: False Start - Shon Coleman (5 yard penalty) Just as quickly, we went backwards 15 yards in back-to-back plays. Now we're facing a 1st and 25 from midfield instead of a 1st and 10 from the NYJ 32 and its directly because of the mistakes of two rookies (or one rookie and one basically a rookie). We did not score on this drive. Not only did we not score, NYJ took the ball and drove down the field to get their first-half field goal. So this was a net loss of 6 points because of two stupid as hell penalties from two young as hell rookies. Missed Kicks Gonzalez missed two kicks yesterday. We lost by three points. I am admittedly not the best at math, but I believe that if Gonzalez made even 50% of the kicks he missed yesterday, we'd have sent this game into overtime. Oh, and Gonzalez is also a rookie. Weird how that happens, huh? Stupid Decisions Here's the part where Hoorta gets a boner. Kizer's goal line INT - This was an all around poor effort from Kizer. Bad read coupled with a bad throw. The margin of error is so thin in the redzone that you almost never even want to suggest throwing an out breaking route for this very reason. All of the pieces were there for a goal line pick - rookie QB, questionable accuracy, poor read, late throw. Luckily, our defense got the stop on the ensuing drive, however, that's at least three points off the board that we should have had. At the very least, I'd say this is a loss of 3 points. We should have converted a field goal from this distance. Kizer's goal line fumble - Bad pitch, plain and simple. Crowell COULD have corralled it, but most of the blame lies on Kizer for not putting it in the right spot. A lot of people want to Sheet talk the playcall - well, one...it was a kill call by Kizer so he audibled INTO it. Two, it was the correct call by Kizer. It's a minus-1 look- there's one unaccounted for defensive hat playside of the center (4 defenders, 3 blockers), making it an easy run look. You leave the last hat on the line as your free rusher and pitch key - he can't cover both Kizer and Crowell so Kizer reads his angle and makes the appropriate call. This is an easy call and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. Execution on the pitch is what killed the play. For those who still want to talk out of their butt and question that call - at the moment of the pitch, there's nothing but open grass for Crowell. This is a loss of 6 points, as its clearly going to be a touchdown. Take away one of these plays....any one of them... and this is a different game. Our inexperience is what led to our demise in this game. Not playcalling, not awful defense, not a bad HC. Youth. And it will happen again, because you can't feign experience.
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    I’m surprised half of these guys were able to take Ghoolie’s Sock out of their hand long enough to type a response.
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    Yep-they hit the FG so by Dr. G's logic this makes 2 turnover Trubisky a shitty pick and a bust.
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    Dude's first TD is a dead to rights INT dropped by the DB and tipped backwards. Beyond that he's looked pretty rookie. Go on... you were saying?
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    And Dr. G's big rookie pick just threw a pick against Minn with 2:20 to go. Shall we call him 2 turnover Trubiski?
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    No no, i know exactly what i saw...u dont. Ill give you that you know some stuff about some other things, but you have "zero" eye for front 7 mechanics. On a bad ankle garrett ghosted undrneath the guard and center and steamrolled mccown, made them look silly..like they didnt oniw the ball gad been hiked yet. Ob the 2nd sack garett ripped around the corner but because of that ankle he couldnt lean in like he was during preseason..tried to go around the corner more or less completely vertical. So his initial rush didnt go anywhere but when mccown tried to step up and spill out garrett immediately spun back to the inside and lunged at mccown from behind. Its not the most imoressive sack ever but mccown didnt run into him and for a guy with a clearly bum ankle its a heck of a hustle play. Dont argue with me about how the sacks transpired. The latger point id like to make to u is why cant u just say man, that kid showed some heart. He showed more heart in ~10 snaps then our other DE's gave in 4-5 games. Im not calling this kid the answer to our prayers, he may have a decent game here or there but flame out...time will tell. i just cant understand why you cant just say "meh, not bad kid". All the things you claimed about this kids heart and work ethic, which we are all dubious on in the first place....at least for one game has been proven null. So just own it for one game, just say "maybe i was wrong about the kid but we'll see, time will tell". Thats a fair statement. I stead ur trying to make Sheet up because it appears you want garrett to be a failure, and that i cant understand even if u are just trolling. Good trolling needs to have competent foundation from which to launch trolls. If the kid keeps playing alright and figuring out ways to be productive even while not at 100%.....than ur trolls come off as something else.
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    Glad we don't have a pansy like JJ Watt either. He's a waste of a roster spot.... always injured. What a pussy
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    More cowpoop excuses... Call us when you pen something of note or interest...
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    Don't forget, a homeless guy drafted Manziel.
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    Camp Watson was about 2 guys deep all offseason and now everyone is his biggest fan. Lol.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but after Hogan lead the Browns to their first touchdown, the score was 7-3 Browns, right? They still lost... with Hogan in for the rest of the game. Now perhaps he gets more points in the first half, and that's a valid point, but the fact remains Hogan got the lead, played the rest of the game, and still lost. He also threw yet another stupid interception right after his initial touchdown drive that resulted in unbelievable field position for the Jets, like he did vs the Ravens. Both resulted in touchdowns for the other team, negating his touchdown drives. I have no doubt that Hogan gives the Browns a better chance to win, but let's cool it with the "HE'S THE BROWNS SAVIOR" talk just yet.
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    Well...if we arent gonna try to win.....then play Peppers in a role that he can develop and/or succeed......get Njoku on the field and start throwing him the ball.....work on developing a run attack and stop trying to force Kizer to be Tom Brady or the comeback kid......cause they are stunting these kids development by forcing them into bad bad situations....every week.....its obvious they dont even know what their objectives are right now......
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    not sure this will load T, NOPE.. but, Your totally correct on the taping T. And that's the real problem with the High sprain. I preferred the tape to be somewhat snug for support but when swelling continues the pain to nerve tissue is ridiculous.So to answer your question. Your right on the icing it.. till ya play on it..as you said. High or low the pain & swelling is no differences but the length of time of healing High is weeks longer. Could be 2, Could be extra 4. Myles 2nd sack came in 2qrt. was his last play till 4th qrt. which I can only assume Myles was re-taped at halftime? or not & done..The correct Myles plan imo would have been 1st half only knowing not to risk it after Half due to swelling tightness. Telling that to a -4 game loss Myles (with 2 sacks smelling the trifecta) might have been a different story in a winnable game when Naz went down? EDIT-- Clev. your way off base on your hater Ogbah..The Kat has stayed pretty much injury free every down in 20 NFL Games leading us in OL tackles..That's not a guy you bundle in a trade anywhere..It's Naz & Orchard job to beat Ogbah off his position..The competition level at team DE position is what will make this team better.Push equals close the gap for your playing time at position. And right now that same problem is all over on both sides of the ball in key positions..
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    Wait, you mean football is a team sport and that individual performances are almost equally as reliant on the teammates surrounding you? Get this new age analytic phooey out of here
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    Im not adverse to giving hogan a shotbut can we please not act as if he's some hidden gem?
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    He's having the struggles a rookie QB, with no vet presence, is going to have. As long as we don't "break" him, we should continue to get him experience. We aren't playing for anything this year anyway. Unless they truly believe Hogan is the future, Kizer should continue to start.
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    I don’t think he has it right in terms of Hogan being a franchise guy but he’s certainly shown that he knows this offense enough to move the chains. Its no different than starting a guy like McCown.
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    Yeah unfortunately I don’t know if the Browns know what to do with those high value picks. It is like they go on a date with a 10, get scared, and by the end of the night they just got to hold a door open for her. Squandered.
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    Started to form a witty, defensive comeback, but couldn't come up with a damn thing.
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    Uhm, TD that's not true. Hogan put up the only 10 points that we scored on the Ravens. Actually Hogan scored ALL of the points that we got in both game 2 and game 4.
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    same thing as you liberals mocking Jesus just to get Christians po'd. Just an asswhole move. but mock Mohammed? hell no, per you liberals.
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