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    Kizer seems to have no clock, therefore, no timing. Leading the receiver too much, throwing behind the receiver, throwing too high, throwing into the dirt ... holding onto the ball too long, cannonballing on short throws.... talented kid, yep. Not ready for the NFL...yep. Not calling him RGIII...but also not calling him ready to play.
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    What a bunch of wussies. I go to events all the time with no fear whatsoever. If your number is up, it's up. Quit fearing fear!
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    Hi, Browns fans. Tom Petty, best know for songs like 'Here Comes My Girl.' "Refugee,' ' Stop Dragging My Heart Around,' and Stevie Nicks, and 'Breakdown,' died tonight of both cardiac arrest and heart attack from his home in Santa Monica, CA at age 66. Rest In Peace TP.
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    When you defense starts out playing well in the first couple series or so and all they get back are quick 3 and outs from an offense lef by Helen Keller with a strong arm - the wind out of sails moment is inevitable. I keep reading Kizer earned the job but what QB has led us to the most points per series combing pre-season and early regular season? What one played in a pro style offense at Stanford? and what one came out of ND's offense with a coach saying his QB wasn't at all ready for the NFL? I understand Andy Reid cut Hogan just like GB cut Kurt Warner when Andy Reid was either the QB Coach or the OC. Sometimes guys emerge at different rates. YES, Kizer has that Kyle Boller/Jamarcus Russell/Brandon Weeden/Derek Anderson bazooka but he also is just as piss poor at seeing the field and reading his progressions. He's late on way too many throws. I gotta at least see hints of touch when necessary - or merely leading guys to the extent there's an ability of throwing guys open. When guys are breaking inside or doing a slant and he throws behind them but they get a hand on it - I don't look at them like they're drops. Their horrible throws that are gotta make at this level. Other times, I see ankle high throws or bounce passes. As I've said, it reminds me of a baseball team around a pitcher that can't and won't find the strike zone all game long. Teammates get out of synch and easily lose focus especially when the ball surprisingly comes in play. It's what we're seeing. The wind out of sails moment was the turnover we got and the offense didn't move the ball a yard before we missed a 48 yard FG. NOTHING-ZIP forecasting the type of time of possession Cincy was about to dominate on us. Ogbah almost got us another turnover but after Cincy recovered it - they put it in gear and never looked back. If we prioritized 3 guys ahead of Kizer in a draft that was often labelled a weak QB draft by draft analysts/experts - I'm not buying he's our franchise QB and we need to treat this like he's Troy Aikman worth every growing pain. And then I see a guy with completion percentages in the 40s each of the last 3 weeks. He needs to watch games from the sidelines like Goff had to for about half a year and Tom Brady had to for all of his first 16 games or Steve McNair had to for 1-2 years. Just frustrated. If you made it this far - thanks for reading folks.
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    You''re a lot more patient than I am coming off 1-15 football. In fact, this franchise is only 4-37 in its last 41 games. I think it's about time to make winning a little more urgent around here than sentencing us to the growing pains of a guy that may only be the next Brandon Weeden.
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    Thanks for so many kick a$$ guitar riffs put into words Tom Petty..From your concert friends with the Traveling Wilburys "Your headed for the Lights"..Far to Soon our Friend ..RIP Tom Petty (or just play'em some Wilbury Twist)
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    Would the Browns want a short term fix though? Watched a touch of that game. Chiefs and Redskins are playing a brand of football I'm not familiar with after getting fed Browns crap. Passes on target. Recievers that actually catch passes....
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    Cool... look forward to actually meeting. I'll be in the new, orange Joe T jersey. Wife will be in the JJ Watt #99... that ought to narrow it down for you...
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    But PO is right about one thing- the Hogan train is picking up steam- even among us long time season ticket holder fans. Right now I'd even take a booze free Manziel over Kizer.
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    Last one easy, Kenny Britt.
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    Do you know what is more Shmucking annoying? I'll give you one guess and a hint- It's not winning. Just take the poll and zip it. Maybe we'll put the names up on the poll next week just to see who's getting it. I think I know where your name will be.
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    I hope Hue is realizing that starting Kizer is NOT WORKING. The defense seems to be frustrated now, the receivers seem to be frustrated. Even a rookie qb should know better than to cannonball the football to a back or wr on a five yard pass. I honestly believe that the Browns would have won the Pittspuke game if Hogan had started. I gave it four games to know where we're at...and we are in deep crap. The defense is getting frustrated, Kizer is not wiser, seems that the simple fundaments for him break down the instant he has to survey the field.I haven't even watched the cincy game yet - we went camping. But I heard enough on the radio coming home, to wonder why the (&)(*& he doesn't get throwing the ball away, looking off receivers, and how hard is it to throw the ball away and not get an intentional grounding penality. Did I hear that right? that is what was called? Every defense knows Hue will protect Kizer with the running game. So, he keeps running on first and/or second down, and they keep stomping the running game into the dirt. Seems like the Browns defense changed coverages to screw with cincy - except the Browns secondary confused themselves. Would have been better off keeping Haden to play vs A.J. Green. Kizer won't start getting it, if he ever does, by playing more now. Start Hogan next week. Name him the starter now. and, tell Hue to get an offensive coordinator. His play calling isn't fooling very many defensive players. Looks to me like the offense is flat outdemoralizing the defense, and the entire Browns fans collective watching the games. Personally, I would tell the players to win a game before trying to protest during the National Anthem, or better yet, do your protests BEFORE or not at all.. But Hue is too nice, too much a players coach.
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    lol All kidding aside, I DID write Jimmuh a letter. (honest to God) I complained about the uniforms and asked him to ditch them just as soon as the league would allow. Here's pretty much how I finished the letter: The team is lousy, that’s understandably hard to fix. But the uniforms were fine. Classics actually. Why on earth did we have to mess with them? To ‘modernize’ them?! Ya know what? I bet the Yankees don’t swap their pinstripes for polka dots any time soon. You’ve taken the team to all-time lows in performance and appearance. When the league allows, please change the uniforms back to what the people of Cleveland fought to preserve. (I’m not going to finish with a Thank You…because I can’t think of anything to thank you for). --------- .......I'm not proud that I wrote that. Even though I'm posting it here. I'll probably get bashed. But I sent it because that's part of how I felt. - By the way. I DO like the name BROWNS on the pants leg......but I'm the one that thought that up (and I told him that too). The proof is on another message board. My idea for the lettering down the pants went like this however: B R O W N S enclosed inside a stripe down the pants. So they modified my idea somewhat.
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    Sweet Jesus, another Hogan poll again?
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    What we need is EVERYONE to have a gun on them. Right? That way we'll ALL be safe. Can you imagine if everyone had a gun at the concert? People would've been shooting willy nilly in all directions thinking that EVERYONE else was the shooter. Or better yet, someone yells, "It's coming from that hotel!". And then everyone's firing willy nilly at the hotel. ANYWHERE at the hotel.
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    I'm really starting to view Kizer as DA v2. Throws the long ball but NO touch on the short stuff. Also seems that the same guys dropping balls thrown by Kizer haven't had that same issue with passes thrown by Hogan or Kessler. I'm all for starting Hogan & letting Kizer learn without killing our games. Besides, I'm taking my Grandson to the Jets game & won't be able to walk out! Mike
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    He should've sat till the end of the season and then maybe played a game or two. Again, we needed a QB to put us in shape to WIN GAMES. Not spend years and years searching for second or third round talents to let them have a year to see if they can be a "franchise QB"
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    I was ok with Kizer being the starter, but yeah, you're spot on on his accuracy and touch. No need to hurl a Jose Mesa fastball on a simple TE safety valve. I do't think a 21 year old can get ruined by sitting a bit. Hue should have never put him back in vs the Ratbirds, it's been all downhill since the migraine. Start Kizer vs the Jets. He struggles again, yank him.
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    LOL, like a couple season ticket holders? Message to Hue, start holding guys responsible for bad play. If Britt is the best we got at WR, God help the Browns. You'd have to be blind to not see in limited action Hogan played better than Kizer. What you waiting for Hue? To get fired? I recommend this for the next game... We can bring one guy out of retirement, and suit the other guy up....
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    wow. I was fully expecting, "screw off, Soju! This board is for REAL fans! But, I AM a real fan. Just down trodden and left in despair. I'm sort of comforted in a way knowing that even BIGGER Browns fans are feeling like me.
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    i'm old enough to remember the Kosar days and still hold out hope that the Browns will someday have a winning record. I still think Kizer is the best rookie QB we've had in a while, not sure what happened between the first game and now but hopefully he shakes off these losses and gets back to form. I know it's hard to remember but Kizer did have a decent game against the Steelers and looked good during preseason, the potential is there it's just a mix of shitty play calling and shitty receivers that are wrecking his mind. Hopefully he doesn't go the way so many rookies have in the past, having their careers ruined by the Browns' trademark ineptitude. i've moved around quite a bit and have attempted rooting for other teams but i always come back to the Browns for some unknown reason. I used to get mad every Sunday but it was too much, now I just accept the fate that this is the Browns and I'm in for some comedy on Sundays. I was hoping my kids would grow up Browns fans, but now it feels like child abuse to dress them in Browns gear. The first ever Browns game in my son's life was when the Browns played the Ravens and lost on a kick 6, comedy gold! I think I"ll start buying them some Bengals gear, I don't want them spending their Sundays like I do; sighing at a TV watching the Browns get worse and worse as the season progresses. Seriously, I miss having players like Joshua Cribbs who would lay it all out for the Browns and play his guts out every Sunday, too many players on this current team are half-assing it and don't seem to care that they're embarrassing themselves.
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    I really think we're going to know Gordon's future very soon. He's out of rehab, his application for reinstatement is probably submitted, right? He completed a 90 freaking day inpatient treatment plan, and that's pretty serious guys. That's a quarter of a year, living in a clinical setting, receiving treatment, working on issues, striving to be better. How is that NOT what the NFL wants? To say we need him is the understatement of the year, and the NFL knows this. They don't WANT our Browns to completely suck because it actually hurts their product. I fully believe the NFL will reinstate Gordon IF (biggest if ever btw) IF Gordon really did everything they asked.
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    ...and now it seems that Tom Petty is probably going to join him.
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