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    Well at least u witnessed a reception. 😚
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    Here's where I stand on this. I hate when they kneel. I disagree not only with the approach but also the existence of the purported systemic injustice they are protesting. I am a mostly Republican and a definite conservative AND I BELIEVE IN OUR CONSTITUTION. You know, that piece of parchment that gives us FREEDOM of speech and expression. If you are a vet firstly thank you. Secondly whether you are a vet or support our vets you have to support freedom. We cannot only support freedom when it aligns with our own opinion. The second we do we are no longer a free nation we are on the path to those we fight. Now often I hear people try to refute this based on the fact the players are working. I again have to disagree. If I were at work and they played an anthem I disagree with I'd sit and I would not be fired. That is a lot different than if you were on the clock giving speeches. Now relative to the Presidents tweets I'm sorry but many of them are inappropriate. Hell I often agree with things he says and might expect myself to tweet it but not the leader of America!! He needs to grow the fuck up and act like a professional and president. I respect the office, agree with many of his policies but his approach leaves a lot to be desired.
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    Lol. Of course if I had his job we would have Mitch trubisky learning from Josh McCown with Malik Hooker and OJ Howard. WSS
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    I should have done the same... I won't bang on Peppers- he's doing what he's coached to do... There were other guys in the Brows secondary that played far worse... A lot of those punts were moon shots that had no reasonable chance of a return. I counted ONE that Peppers could have not fair caught.
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    I hear you. His rhetoric is exactly what got him in. I think it has less to do with his intelligence and more with the immense hate and fear in most of rural America. he's great at feeding off people's fears and hate. He's a master at it like all great con-men and salesmen. He'll say anything and promise anything to get the deal. I think the players are just trying to bring enough attention so the issues get addressed by people who can actually do something. Other than donating $$$ (which many did, esp CK. he donated $1 million I think) they can't do anything. Now they're just doing it to spite him. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Trump's just using this as a distraction from the other bigger issues in the country. He always finds a way to get people riled up.
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    Now be nice Tom. It was a tale of two halfs. Yes the Browns did get whipped in the FIRST half. But unlike in previous years, they DID make some halftime adjustments. You can say, if you like the Colts screwed around with the Browns in the second half because they knew they had it in the bag. Um, their fans didn't think so though. One observation- Hue can't be ass kissing his anointed savior Deshone. If he's having a crappy game, sit him and play Hogan. Kevin was warming up after Kizer's errant, and crappy interception that cost the Browns at least a field goal, but Hueless the Clueless never put the relief pitcher in.
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    While you're away I do hope you'll gain the ability to distinguish between 'there, they're and their'.
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    I agree 100%. Coach him up right then and there....and impart your wisdom on/with him. - Williams can run the D right? Brings me back to my question; who dubbed Hue a QB guru back when he was signing on with us?
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    Didn't those mighty Squealers lose to the lowly Bears? He is what I thought he was.... Sorry Tour- he pretty much sucked.... ^^^^ Preaching to the Choir here BH. One circus catch does not equal 10 errant ducks Tour. That one wasn't particularly a good pass. Like a bunch not remotely catchable. He had several guys open on patterns that he missed badly on. Right now, Kizer has a slight edge on the Infamous Akilli "Worm Burner" Smith of Bungle disrepute.
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    Is it possible you are right but, just, like, nobody likes you?
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    I can see why viewershiip in the NFL is down and I think the trend is only going to continue. As for me I would take the NFL football I grew up with in the 60's and 70's any day over the NFL football today.
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    I couldn't imagine what it would be like playing the position when your guys drop 8 footballs. To put the ball in the bread basket just to have the ball dropped is a joke. On top of that, 4 offensive PI calls (two of which would have resulted in 1st downs) and what the fuck do you expect. Kizer made some bad throws, I'm not gonna defend those. But 8 drops? who the fuck is supposed to excel with EIGHT drops?
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    If it was all about drops we would be in agreement but Kizer is inaccurate and takes to long to read the field. These were knocks on him in college and typically those things don’t get corrected. Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, Manziel and Colt McCoy all had issues in college but the Browns so desperate to draft the next QB took them and they all had the same flaws as they did in college
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    Taylor cannot cover Hilton at all. They better cover him with three guys from here out
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    Suddenly mowing the grass seems a lot more fun than watching this crap...
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    In the latter days of her Alzheimers my mother would often ask me if she was losing her mind and I would patiently explain that no, she was just losing her memory and her ability to remember things happening now more than a few minutes. Fortunately she had the money to stay in the Lamborghini of memory units in Ft. Collins only 3 blocks from my youngest sister. She was not aware she was locked in and other than being bothered by her struggles with memory, fairly happy until she went into a coma at the end. And all of us were happy when she was finally released from that mental cage at age 87. It was hard to watch someone who had earned an accounting degree at age 20 from a very top notch eastern college, to a person who could not even remember she had an account that made her rich enough to afford the very best of care for several years. Hopefully there will be a cure some day. Since she had two siblings who also died of it at about the same time, I had myself tested and it was ruled out through a series of tests given by a neuropsychologist. I just have the usual screw loose is all. EDIT: We were very lucky that in earlier years she had told us all that if she ever needed to be in a nursing home then that is what she preferred. She let us know she was not going to be a burden on any of her children and that we were to spend her money to take care of her the best we knew how. We honored both of those decisions which were made well before the first overt signs of Alzheimers when she clearly knew what she wanted.
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    You know nothing of what I've been through. My mother passed in '15. She had dementia for years. It was horrible visiting her in the nursing home. Horrible. But I did it anyway. And I was happy for HER when God finally called her away from such misery.
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    We've tried the fire everybody approach how many times? So we should try it again? You have to start winning sometime, and against the Colts would be a good start. Will they? In the famous words of Chris Berman "that's why they play the game." Hue gets canned- Williams is taking over. Sorry about that Tom. If you're only counting wins and losses, this years edition of the Browns is no different than last years. Williams defense is an improvement over Hortons- YOU may not think so, but it's way different too. Finally, I'm getting up around three hours early to make the 110 mile drive to Indy- to watch what I hope will be the Browns first win of the year. I'm a happy camper in this regard- I got a 40 yard line Club Seat for 1\2 off. Hehehe. Now about the Colt's dime a dozen o-line, which was worth about 2 cents, and now their starting center is out on top of it. Should be another long day for Brissett.
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    What was it: 5 turnovers against Baltimore? No defense can hardly stand up against that.
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    Nice to have a President who doesn't mince his words. Rocket man best listen up.
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