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    I have several issues with Hue as the OC; 1) Why does it take so long to get the play to the huddle? 2) When the play finally makes it to the QB, they're already short on clock, but Hue has them sidestepping & square dancing before the snap. 3) Why does Hue give up on the running game so quickly? 4) When the Browns have the ball 1st & goal inside the 5, he always tries one of those cute little WR bubble screens (that NEVER work). My patience with Hue is wearing thin as it is, but he REALLY needs to hire an OC...cause basically he really sucks at it.
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    I'll put it as simply as it gets. You invested over 100 million dollars long-term to make a team that should be able to run the ball. You have a rookie QB who needs to settle into the game. As such, running the ball 21 times is baffling to me. Further, not running the ball with nearly 13 minutes in the 4th quarter with your RB on the two yard line is inexcusable. Despite how god awful the game was going, we had an excellent chance to get within a TD just by running the fucking ball with someone who didn't leave with a migraine and Hue scoffed. Have to admit, the patience is beginning to wain based on coaches decision-making. I can't even get into how poorly he managed the last possession before half-time without clinching my fist.
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    Well everyone, I wanted to humbly apologize for my behavior in the Ravens game thread, and that's not the fan I want to be now or ever. The entire game unfolded EXACTLY as I predicted the entire damn week, yet here I am like a petulant little child during the game spouting off like an immature brat. That's unacceptable and I'm sorry. Anybody that reads my posts know that I TRY to be optimistic and insightful, if not redundant and long-winded. Something happened during the game that just made me "snap", and it's no excuse, but that's what happened. All of the losing seasons, all of people making fun of me, all of the ridiculous losses and things you just can't make up...somehow came together and made me temporarily insane. I watch every game, every year, and have done so for quite some time now, despite living in Florida since I was 4. I've spent untold thousands flying to games, driving to others, and of course the money needed to purchase the damn Sunday Ticket and watching at bars. All week long I told anybody who would listen that the Ravens game would be an unmitigated disaster. I think I predicted 27-13 Ravens, with Kizer throwing 2 picks and fumbling once. I was pretty close. Yet despite knowing this information in my heart, I still went ballistic. Say what you will about Andy Dalton, but the guy has a shit load of wins in the NFL, and you don't get those by accident. Everyone saw what the Ravens did to HIM, so why in the world would it be ANY different with a rookie? I think what completely crushed me is despite all of the turnovers, WE ACTUALLY HAD A CHANCE THAT GAME. I mean, think about it. What happens if Kevin Hogan just takes the sack instead of throwing that absurd pick? Christ, the game is 14-7 going into half, right? When we made the decision to start a rookie QB with a history of not being so accurate, we HAD TO KNOW it would be like this, yet for some reason, that doesn't make it any easier. I'm not sure I have the required patience needed to make it through another season like this, and while it's only been two games against stiff competition, there are still things I need to see on a weekly basis. I need to see people catching the ball. I need to see touchdowns in the red zone. I MUST see better clock management and play-calling. I MUST see a team that doesn't turn it over ALL of the time. My biggest concern is that Kizer doesn't have what it takes. At this point, I consider him to be "our QB of the future", and I really think he can be the guy we've needed for 20 years. I remind myself that Peyton Manning had a hundred INT's his rookie year, and I remember he said he learned the most about football when he was down 30 points as a rookie. Kizer faced two VERY tough teams that are both 2-0, and he finally gets an easier match up this week. Of course, he won't have Corey Coleman who broke his hand again, but hey, what else is new? Even though it's only week 3, it's safe to say that Kizer needs a better game or things will start to come apart. Hue Jackson can only say "We'll learn from this" so many weeks in a row before shit turns ugly inside the locker room. I still believe in Kizer, and I fully believe he and our team will have a better performance come next weekend. In fact, I'm close to predicting a Browns victory, but I want to study the Colts a bit more. So in typical Jiggins fashion, I made a very long post with a very short message, and that's to say, "I'm sorry". Being a childish asshole isn't my style, and it won't happen again. We're going to look better this week against the Colts, and it wouldn't surprise me if the running game busted loose, and Kizer has the kind of day where he only throws about 18 times. My unofficial score is 17-13, Browns, with Kizer going 9-18 for 140 yards, with 1 pick and 1 TD.
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    , A couple thoughts on Kizer- first the migraine. My Doc pal and former boss get them. You're very sensitive to light. Did the Med Staff have that miracle migraine drug on hand? When Kizer came back in, he played like he still had one. Regarding his play I hope I'm wrong about "he is who I thought he was." If you remember I was very vocal that I thought he was a horrible pick. What concerned me then was on full display yesterday. BAD accuracy issues. How many of his passes were exactly on target? Damn few. Blew another sideline bomb that could have been a TD. Prone to make a big mistake at the worst time. The int in the end zone was a killer. Oh, he's got a great arm alright, won't do much good if it's inaccurate. Those delay of game penalties were maddening, you're thinking too much. All you have to do is look up, the play clock is right in front of you. Part of that falls on Hue. PS Ghoolie, the OL was giving Kizer a nice pocket to throw out of on plenty of occasions, yup- taking too long to get rid of the ball. Regressed from last week, looked befuddled many times.
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    "Should win", sure. "Will win" is an entirely different story. Colts, bengals, jets fans are all looking at their schedule and they're saying "any reason we should not beat the browns?" Would love to see a 3 game winning streak of course, but I'm tempering my expectations.
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    Those penalties had me screaming. Delay of games, false starts, illegal formations...goddamn it's the most frustrating thing in the world.
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    Our team is improving. And yes our record will improve. Sorry it hasn't shone through yet while playing against two of our toughest opponents.
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    Catching nothing. Is more like it
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    It seems the talent might have improved. But the coaching and execution on the offense has not. They have done the same stupid play calling and the same stupid penalties since Hue got here
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    I watched. Now I have a headache.
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    If Higgins is the solution, I don't want to know what the problem is..
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    Yup... seemed to short-arm that throw. I thought his intent was to go a level deeper into the D where the endzone replay seemed to show that there was another receiver who was single covered (Hope to see the all-22 to check this out). But in any case nothing in his other throws suggested that his field vision was anywhere near bad enough to throw that ball into a cluster of three Ravens. As for Hogan's release... slow? He takes it back lower and further than Kizer does (likely an arm-strength compensation), but there's no loop I can see. Path looks straight back. If he takes an extra tenth or two to release, it is more than made up for by his processing speed. Clearly his ball doesn't have Kizer's zip, but not all successful QBs do. QBs with limited gifts have to learn Quarterbacking if they are to be successful in college let alone the Pros. Whereas "gifted" QBs do not. Not sure how many times we've seen those that don't... Russell, Pryor, George... but there's long list. A gifted QB that does learn? Priceless... Hogan is ahead of Kizer in QBing right now, but the experiment has to continue. We have to see if Kizer's QB-switch flips...
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    That's what I was wondering. If Kizer is so bad and will be so bad, then the Browns won't win very many games which puts us in line with a top 5 pick at worst and another 1st to use to move up if needed.
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    I do not accept your apology. - I wasn't involved in the game thread so I missed all of your ranting...thus you don't owe me an apology -
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    We're going to find out a lot about Kizer this weekend. Let's see how the kid responds after a terrible game and the migraine craziness. I have a feeling we're going to be happy.
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    I agree and I'm sure Hue the OC would too but Hue the HC seems a bit lost. For obvious reasons he's loathe to give up the play calling but he's going to hang himself if he doesn't get some help, he's trying to do too much.
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    He needs to RUN THE BALL. We have an expensive, veteran line and a rookie QB. But we run the Rbs 14 times and throw 42 passes with a rookie and a 2nd stringer/practice squad QB. That's HORRIBLE coaching.
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    I dont think Kizer is ready either and I doubt the FO does, is Hue giving him the best chance to succeed? He is barely running the football and I dont buy his defense it was because of the score either, not even running it at the goal line.
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    I don't think Kizer has any business starting NFL games at QB at this time. He can't get the plays off on time. He is going to get himself killed by holding onto the ball way too long, when he isn't throwing interceptions that either: 1) Wasn't close to his target, or 2) Late in the play, against his body, to the middle of the field. Front offices worth their salt put their players in a position to succeed. IMO, this isn't happening right now with Kizer. I'm not saying he's a bust already, not at all. I just didn't like the idea of Kizer starting so soon, and nothing I've seen has changed my mind.
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    The Wentz trade has yielded a lot of players that are starting plus still got a 1st round pick to come out of it. I know we arent winning but the roster needed overhauling, that trade had to be done
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    if it was actually a migraine he'd have had shades on during his post game interview and not returned to the game not even a wince during camera flashes. Got a Feeling Cody will be active next week
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    Britt has been somewhere over dawaynebow, sing it with me
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    This I didn't know . . . If he is susceptible to Migraines then essentially you can't really depend on him as they can occur any time. The fact that they even put him back out there in the 2nd Half surprised me - that's not something you just get over in a short period of time. And if he was out there after being medicated for it . . . I am seriously questioning the Medical Staff for this Team, as well as the Coaches. Not being down on Kizer here, but with this coming to light, I think we're still looking for a FQB.
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    Decent arm, that's where it ends
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    Yoa,Yoa Mr. Admin..Just ordered that XL that I figure the wife will shrink my week 17 . Verified address # of 2544, but after payment confirmed it showed a delivery address of 2704? Please ship to 2544//..NOT 2704..Thanks & PM me if needed
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