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    BLT 20 CIN 0 JAX 29 HOU 7 LAR 46 IND 9 MN 29 NO 19 DAL 19 NYG 3 honorable mention SEA... Their OLs suck... biggly... Just saying...
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    Understandably Steeler fans thought it was an illegal hit for not leading with the crown of his helmet...
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    Maybe Paxton Lynch will sign with Cleveland in 2018 after the Broncos kick his ass to the road.
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    Black Weeden doesn't get trapped under the flag, black Weeden kneels under the flag.
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    Let's be honest, that throw to Williams was pretty terrible, BUT like many have said, it could've been caught. Williams' lack of awareness removed any chance at catching that ball, and if he keeps straight and in bounds, he definitely has a chance to plant his feet and swivel to the inside. I watched the play a dozen times, and it was totally possible. Was the throw awful? Yeah, pretty much. The safety took a terrible angle on the play, and if Kizer actually throws it correctly, Williams walks in for a crucial touchdown. You remember "big plays", right? Yeah, me neither. Aside from Kizer's first preseason game, he hasn't completed a deep pass. Let's be honest here, opportunities for big touchdown plays are EXTREMELY rare in the NFL. Defenses are simply too good, and rarely let the ball get behind them. Counting the preseason and the Orange and Brown scrimmage, how many times has Kizer missed HUGE throws down the field? The wide open Njoku whiff in preseason? How BADLY did Njoku need that opportunity for his confidence? Hell, Kizer missed two deep tosses to Duke Johnson Sunday alone! He missed Kasen Williams for a TD. He threw a high pass to Seth Devalve, and yes it hit Seth in the hands, but because it was so high, the defender had all day to punch the ball out...which of course he did. Kizer literally missed EVERY SINGLE deep throw in a one score game. Think about that for a minute. Oh, and Kizer apparently missed Ricardo Louis for an easy touchdown, but I didn't see the play. The one I know for sure he missed an open receiver was on 3rd and goal on our last scoring drive. Kizer ended up throwing it away, but he had a receiver flash open in the end zone for a split second, and he didn't see him at the bottom of the screen. He separated from the defender, and Kizer could've easily thrown a laser to the inside of the field for a TD. We ended up getting the TD on that incredible Coleman catch, but that's the difference between someone like Ben and any QB we've ever had. Ben will complete that 3rd and goal almost every time, and basically completes 99.9% of the time against us. Any realistic Browns fan knew we couldn't patch EVERY single hole on our young team during the offseason. It just wasn't going to be possible, and that's ok. The difference in the entire game comes down to ONE player, and one position. It wasn't Big Ben, it wasn't Leveon Bell, and it wasn't the terrific performance of rookie Watt. The only difference in the effing game was the Steelers had a playmaking WR and we didn't. My point was encapsulated on the Steelers' last drive, where Ben threw the ball up in the air to Antonio Brown on basically a "Hail Mary", and Brown made the catch in triple freaking coverage. Who on our team is making that catch? Oh yeah, nobody. We can argue whether or not Brown actually made the catch, but that doesn't matter now. They called it complete, and there wasn't enough to overturn it. How many "normal passes" did Antonio Brown catch, and then turn into something special? I'd say 80% of his yards came on YAC. You ever see our WR's get YAC? No, no you don't. They all catch the ball and fall down. Now, not all of that is their fault, as Kizer NEVER throws it to people where they can run, but our guys seem content to catch the ball and go down. The ONE throw over 2 yards that Kizer made where a WR could actually keep running, was the laser to Kenny Britt. Britt could very well of cost us the game on that play, and Hue Jackson knows it. It's the reason why Hue is talking about benching Britt today. Britt didn't come down in bounds on that preseason Osweiler pass (in the end zone btw), he dropped that preseason slant against the Bucs in the damn red zone (on 3rd down btw), and here again he drops the most crucial play. A play on 2nd and 19 where Kizer makes his BEST PASS OF THE DAMN DAY, and it would've continued our momentum. Don't forget that drop came immediately after our defense's ONLY FREAKING TURNOVER. The Steelers were about to salt the game away with a score, our defense gets us the ball back, and Britt crushes our chances right then and there on the worst drop I've seen in a long while. I don't want to get TOO negative on Kizer, I really don't. In many ways, I was extremely pleased with his play. Now, his accuracy scares me. On that one long-developing, play-action pass that Coleman caught over the middle, I was really irritated with that throw. I know Kizer was knocked off balance, but he regained his stature, and he stepped up and fired an AWFUL pass to Coleman, who somehow bailed him out. Coleman had 4 yards on Haden, and we all know Haden can't run like he used to. Kizer hits Coleman in stride (remember "in stride"? Me neither), and I don't know where Coleman stops. He either gets to the Steeler's 15, or he makes a move and scores. Go back and watch the highlights from the weekend. How many touchdowns do you see where a guy catches the ball in stride, or catches the ball and makes a couple of moves and scores? You see it ALL OF THE TIME, yet you will NEVER see it in a Browns' uniform. I know people are upset about our offensive line, and I get it. Tretter had a tough time all game, and he gave up probably the only "true sack" of the day on a bull rush. The other sacks, or most of them, were all on Kizer. Kizer missed checkdown receivers several times, and had he just fired the ball quickly to them, we could've avoided several sacks. Even if the pass nets 4 yards, it's still a huge gain compared to a sack. Hell, how many times were you yelling for Kizer to just throw it out of bounds?! Look, I know we couldn't run the ball, and that's extremely upsetting, but that wasn't ALL on the offensive line. I went back and watched the game again, and there were AT LEAST four different times where Crowell simply ran the wrong effing direction. I mean he had a GIANT HOLE on four runs, but instead he just put his head down and barreled into the teeth of the defense. If Crow's vision lead him to the actual hole, he EASILY has 50 more yards. I'm serious. It could've been more...some of those holes were THAT huge. Realistically, nobody hits the right hole "every time", but you'd like to see your RB choose the right one....AT LEAST ONCE. Guys, these are the differences in winning and losing in the NFL. The margin is THAT small. Completing that one open bomb, choosing that open running lane, making that easy catch on 2nd and 19 (Jesus I'm still pissed off), hitting that WR in stride, our 3rd string rookie RB not missing the punt block, or any of the other "almost had it" plays of the day. Guys, that's literally the difference in many games during the NFL season. The problem is, this same shit has HAUNTED us for the better part of 17 years. As BAD as we were last year, how many games could we have won with just that "one play"? That one FG, that one stupid pass play against the Steelers last year where Hawkins lost 9 yards at the goal line, that one fumble in the red zone by our rookie FB on his first career carry, that one dropped pass...WHATEVER. We have been absolutely haunted by the simple fact that we DO NOT make enough plays, and here we are in week 1 of the 2017 season, and we had a very good chance of beating the division favorites, and we didn't make those big plays...AGAIN. I'm just about physically sick about Myles Garrett's injury. I really am. We had only 3 pressures on like 36 drop backs, and that's not going to get it done. Yes, the Steelers were using the quick passing game, and yes, we actually were playing coverage, BUT SOMEONE has to make a play and get through the line. SOMEONE has to win that matchup ONCE, right? Shelton has to win on a bull rush, Ogbah has to power through a double team, Okunjobi needs to slice through, or anybody else on the team MUST win that damn match up. I know Nassib got a sack, and that was nice, but it was kind of a coverage sack. I'm not complaining, trust me, but SOMEBODY on our team HAS to knife through and wreak havoc a few times a game, and we didn't see that. Am I proud of the defense? You bet your ass I am. What am I upset about? I'm upset Jamar Taylor couldn't come down with that tipped interception. I know it was a difficult play, but that's EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I'm upset that we gave up two 3rd and goal touchdowns. We stop them on JUST ONE of those, and the game is different. I realize it's unfair for me to put anything on our defense because they played lights out, but truly great defenses force FG's, and they get off the field on 3rd down...especially 3rd down in the red zone. I wasn't going to mention this, but I will. Aside from Myles Garrett, the one player we were missing (STILL missing btw) was none other than....Josh Gordon. Listen, I don't expect to ever get him back, and it doesn't have to be specifically "Josh Gordon", but we're missing the "playmaking WR". The guy that can turn the normal into spectacular. The guy that can catch a 10 yard pass, make a move, and score. We had essentially ZERO plays like that last year, and we'll probably have zero again. In fairness, Crowell had that long run against the Ravens, but we still found a way to choke. Who on our team can make a spectacular play? Do you see anybody that can catch a pass and break free? I sure don't. And don't tell me Corey Coleman, because I've NEVER seen him break a tackle. Ever. Never ever. Corey catches the ball and falls down, like everyone else. As previously mentioned, usually it's because the pass is very high or too low, but even on the quality passes, Corey doesn't shake free and get YAC. The only two guys that SOMETIMES break free for a few yards are Duke and Crow. Both of them had very nice plays, but Duke isn't going to ever "break one", and I don't see Crow having another big play either. Not with his limited vision. If I sound more negative than usual it's because we actually had a chance. After that blocked punt TD (when the ball was shooting out of the end zone, but the spin made the ball come back into play?! WTF MAN?! Has that EVER gone OUR WAY?), I thought we were for SURE getting smoked. I forget my "official prediction", but I think I had it around 27-13 Steelers. So I had it pretty close, except for our rookie QB drove us down the field for a beautiful touchdown drive. He threw a laser to Ricardo (who actually caught it, effing miracle), and Crow had that gorgeous play to get us close. We had a chance to win a season opener, a HOME opener, and a Steeler game. It hurts, and hurts badly. We're now going on the road to face a Ravens team who basically OWNED our other division rival. Not to mention they had at least 3 INT's, and THAT makes me nervous as hell. Myles Garrett won't be playing, and don't be surprised if we take a little step backwards. I don't think we're quite as solid as we looked against the Steelers. Kizer is a rookie, and a young one at that, so he's going to have "those games" where he completely sucks. There's a good chance his first road game is such a game, but we'll see. I also believe Kizer has the talent to have the OPPOSITE "those games", and light people up. Shit, all the kid has to do is freaking connect with those long balls, and his numbers are bonkers. Are we better? Yes, we're better. But I will tell you this: We need to win ALL of the close games now, because when the injuries start settling in (they always do), we will start to lose by more and more points. We aren't at the step in development where we have true depth, so as the injuries pile up, it'll get ugly. But there's no denying we're a better team, and once this group learns to WIN close games, as opposed to losing them, happy times will finally arrive in Cleveland. After one game, nobody in their right mind would "anoint" Kizer as the future of the Browns, but I gotta tell ya...he's got the best chance of ANYONE I've seen in years. He HAS to stay healthy, and we HAVE to keep our coaching staff for a few years to truly see what we have in this kid. I'm guardedly optimisitc...I just wish we had a "game breaker" for him to throw to.
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    DBN does snap count analysis of all position groups after each game and includes PFF analysis.. game 1 defense game 1 offense Brantley got zero snaps.. Ogunjobi was #1 in the league in run D.. Nassib got a 44.0 and ogbah was 42.4
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    I'm only 34 so drinking myself blind for 40 years would be impossible
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    " running back Isaiah Crowell showing a lack of vision, they couldn't get anything going." Still my complaint about the Crow. We need an elite RB if we want things to open up for our QB. Either Guice of LSU or Barkley PSt. From CBS Sports both in the top 10 overall. 7. Derrius Guice | RB | LSU | Junior Guice was more impressive than Leonard Fournette in 2016. It was obvious. Even in 2015, when Fournette was 100 percent healthy, Guice, then a freshman, had his fair share of eye-popping runs when he averaged 8.5 yards per carry on 51 rushes. At 5-foot-11 and 222 pounds, Guice packs plenty of power yet has sudden agility, elite vision, and deceptive breakaway speed to round out his complete game. 8. Saquon Barkley | RB | Penn State | Junior Guice and Barkley will have a tremendous battle to take the crown as the nation's top running back in 2017. Barkley has averaged 5.7 yards per carry on his 454 rushes in his two season at Penn State, and he's scored 25 touchdowns on the ground. He's 5-foot-11 and 223 pounds and runs with a balance, low center of gravity, and the ability to make a cut on a dime. In the open field, he's dangerously elusive with keen vision, and he possesses good long speed. Barkley has "NFL feature back" written all over him.
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    Dont forget to add "and contemplate retirement"
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    i am personally so glad to have 'internet' friends like PoG that are as passionate as me about this suck ass organization as i am. he might be blinded by loyalty but it's not from drinking urself blind for 40+ years and still putting up with the same old SHIT from this franchise year to year. my friends here ask me all the time why i'm still such a fan of THE BROWNS and i say it's all about loyalty. high school (sandusky blue streaks), college (i can name 5 in OH), then CLEVE browns cuz i can remember when they were all good until money, politics and bad decision making have made most irrelevant. fucking greedy liberal commies.
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    To those who have the game on tape? Go to 1:27 left in first half (2nd Qrt)..Enjoy several rewinds Of Cal-HOON Knocking Labia Bell into next week with a clean shoulder pad hit with a right hand Follow Thru...W O O F!! Bell!!
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    We're going to burn the Ravens so bad they'll look like beer can chickens 🐔
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    Try 11ish games Mud. Ten of those were last year, so now it's time to move on to 2017 & hope the kid has a better & healthier year. He had an OK start yesterday. It's obvious you don't like him, but you ARE still a Browns' Fan, right? Your negativity toward Coleman & Sashi are starting to wear thin. Mike
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    Me and a fellow London Browns fan will be there, look for a short blonde chap with a beer belly
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    Nah we got this shit. We going to win this one.
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    Yeah...Ive had those since the day we signed him.....
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    And you've been wrong all along. We no longer have to have Cam Erving playing on our OL. Therefore the OL is better.
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    You saw that last preseason game where Hogan LIT EM UP? That is called hitting your receivers in stride, throwing them open... it's something that Kizer can launch a ball down the field, it's just too bad he can't keep it in bounds... or within 10 feet of an eligible receiver.
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    Kizer needs to go back to the bench and learn a little longer. He needs time to develop. He threw a couple of passes that got our WR killed, he threw ball at the ground that required coleman to dig up to receive, he holds the ball too long, he takes sacks that cost us yardage, he doesn't protect himself while running... ect. I wish Kizer nothing but the best but IT IS WHAT IT IS, Hogan should be our starting QB, but seems as how Kizer has been GIFTED the starter role and Hue is "together at the hip" with him and unwilling to go with the better QB, I hope they sink together so we can get a real head coach.
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    Kizer won't be the Browns QB in 2018.
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    If you've been around here long enough you would know that yes it can be both. Whatever fits the bullshit narrative that the blowhard wants to spew on a particuliar day. The sooner everyone ignores him or stops responding to him, the better off the board will be.
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    Saying Jesus was a liberal is making a simpleton observation. Him resembling a sandal wearing long haired hippie doesn't count.
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