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    We'll continue to call him Labia Bell for ya coach
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    Well I just completed my fantasy football draft and took Antonio Brown as my first choice. Near the end I was trying to pick the Browns for my 2nd defensive team and came across the article on Myles getting an MRI. All I can say is after watching JM go down in alcoholic flames, the Aggies blowing a 34 point lead in less than 20 minutes on the clock and now Myles going down............................................................................I'm home! I'm home! I found a team as snake bit as A&M to root for in the pros!!
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    I don't know about you, but I'm still pissed off about how we lost our last football game. We had the ball at the Steeler end zone...in OT...and our stupid coach and stupid QB threw a bubble screen that lost us a bunch of yards. We let a victory against the Steelers turn into a loss. I don't give a rats ass that the Steelers were resting starters. ANY time we can beat the Steelers it's a big deal. Honest to God we true Browns fans freakin' LIVE for a victory against them. As I type, my fuckin' blood is starting boil about not trying to pound that ball into their end zone and putting a W into our all-time Browns - Steelers W/L column. Well, it's time to play them again. They're heavy favorites against us. They won't be resting their starters. We'll be starting yet another new QB...and a rookie 2nd round pick no less. We don't stand a snowball's chance in hell to win right? - Fuck That! Send Joe Haden home with yet another loss! Go Browns! - Beat the Goddamn Steelers!
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    http://www.cnn.com/2017/09/06/politics/trump-meeting-with-democrats-deal/index.html As for myself I despise the fact that we raise the debt ceiling everytime we overspend. I despise the fact that the liberal media has the deadbeats of the country up in arms over the suggestion of shutting down the government. But it's unfortunately inevitable. Everybody in Washington knows they are going to raise it so I think in this instant president Trump is wise to get out ahead of it. I've said all along that this fucking hurricane provides the perfect cover for wasting money. His options are actually pretty Limited. He could fight the debt ceiling but as we all know a small number of scumbag turncoat Republicans would be pleased to fuck him and the country over just to get their mugs on CNN. So it's a lose-lose situation to begin with. Still you can bet the dirt balls on the left won't give him credit for this and the Republicans will cry that they've been blindsided even though they fully realize they wouldn't follow through anyway. WSS
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    http://www.theblaze.com/news/2017/09/06/obamacare-is-not-sustainable-lawmakers-say-as-premiums-skyrocket/ which lends credence to the idea that the left wanted to crash our hc system, to go to gov single payer all along. asswholes.
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    Isn't it funny how each and every year all these fucking analytical experts tell me how off base I am, and then reality hits and one-by-one people pop in here and say, " "Ghoolie was Right", or they just cuss at me, and stop posting? So how is it that all this outlandish shit I predict, year-after-year comes to fruition? First of all, my predictions are only outlandish to YOU guys. That doesn't mean they are outlandish, they are just above your level of understanding, is all. Look, I don't care what discipline of life one is looking at, common sense always, always, rules out over shit like analytics and sportscasters who are told by the NFL what to say, who to pimp, and who to slam. Every year, the media crows about how the Browns finally got it right..........only to gasp in disbelief when all these supposedly great moves turn into shit. Common sense wold tell anyone that Myles Garrett was a bust of a pick, a waste of a pick. 1) You don't draft a fucking guy who makes a video begging for another team to take him. WTF is wrong with you people? Have you no self respect? 2) Against Alabama, Garrett looked like a homosexual, kind of how he did in preseason. That was a harbinger of things to come. They guy is simply too lanky, not fast enough off the snap, not strong enough to hold his own. 3) There is nothing Earth Shattering about a top player getting dinged. but Garrett is damaged goods. He will never be more healthy in his life than he is in his rookie season. 3 times now, ankle problems. Two was enough, given his rush to the QB, you have to admit, had been fucking pathetic. C mon people, #1 #1, this fucking guy isn't an animal, he is along for the ride, going through the motions. We went through this shit before. People blasting me when I said WInSLOW would never be much after his injuries. But you guys knew best, you posted shit about how terriffic microfracture surgery was................... yeah, I said.................. for you and me...................... but for someone to play at the level of the NFL? So now, you can come back at me with your horseshit............... ITS NOT THE SAME ANKLE GHOOLIE.......... Yeah, you guys are right, this is the third time Garrett is fucked up and again it is ankle related. And you think this is "good news? Now the guy has left practice and will miss time because of his OTHER ankle. Makes sense to me, it's just a coinkidink. When he returns, he will favor the newly injured ankle, making way for an injury on the other one again. It's not like this fucking kid was going to pressure anyone, any time soon. Seriously, stick a fork in him.
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    No, but close to it. These new L/Ss are pretty expensive. Then the hours figuring out a design that peeps will like. Then fucking up shirts u then have to rebuy. 5 color front, 4 color back, then ship. This is my world....but I love it. I think we'll all be happy with the 'LONDON BROIL' periwinkled shirts. just paying it forward.
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    No, I forgot more than you will ever know about politics and world affairs. You cannot help it because youre stupid. I dont give a rats ass about the origins of wahhabism nummy.
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    Actually Harvey was a 4 when it hit Texas and degraded slowly as it sat and spun there. Irma has the possibility of hitting as a very strong 4 which blows away all mobile homes and similar structures like they aren't even there. And if it hits Miami directly will bring a lot of drowning storm surge. It has potential to be like the Galveston 1900 hurricane, the worst killer storm in US history. Let's just hope it stays east and blows itself out some before coming ashore further north.
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    Jesus youre a dim bulb. Does your empty head even understand what ISIS means? No, because youre ignorant. Let me educate you. Islamic State of Iraq and Syria there by declaring Iraq and Syria as a caliphate. How the fuck could ISIS declare that Iraq was a caliphate when the US military was there in control? When Obama pulled out - like your pappy should have - then only then was ISIS born. They later adopted the name ISIL to include the levant declaring a broader area of the caliphate.
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    Oh boo fucking hoo its football, ya fucks
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    Never been in that pub but the location is tourist central well obviously looking at the address Yep London is an absolute joke when it comes to drinking hours, pubs shut at 11 bars at 2, some clubs go on to 4-6 but they're hardly welcoming. Casinos are the best bet after 2.
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    I am a little Englander and naive I'm sure but there are people who choose to live in a place called "Tornado alley", why dont they just move? Baffles me
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    It was a concern when he missed gamesint Texas with ankle problems. And then again when he missed OTAs. Now this. Yes....the "Glass" concern about him is real. Hopefully not CB2....but he is starting out that way.
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    Correct-a-mun-doe 806!! Which Road Grater whats to smack the 1st Hog Mollie First..We have a 2nd ranked OL..Pittsburgh a 3rd OL per PFF..nobody has seen jack..The later this thing goes close late? Gregg Williams (dare I say)may have the freshest & deepest defense depth on the field..Go Browns!!
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    Aren't you like in your sixties? Why don't you grow the fuck up. You sound like a jack off. Just saying.
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    If it hits south FLorida it will be a Cat 4, or 3. Hopefully it dips south, goes through the Panama Canal, heads North and hits LA.
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    To be fair probably because people with those names cause enough damage already. ( yeah sorry I know it was in poor taste, squeal away kids) WSS
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    Stuart Forget about the destruction and potential loss of life, whats most troubling is that hurricanes are racists. We continue to give them lily white names. Fucking democrat imbeciles.
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    You said " The steelers dont really miss on wr's. " therefore, you are completely in error, and caked with three rivers swamp water scum.
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    The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports the Browns "fear" Myles Garrett's ankle injury is serious. The Browns are still awaiting an MRI, but the early signs are this is a multi-week injury. Garrett is in doubt for the season opener and could miss over a month. It's a disappointing start to Garrett's career, but the Browns have good defensive line depth in Nate Orchard and Carl Nassib. Garrett's concerning history of foot/ankle issues date back to college.
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