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    If this is Superfluous because of other protest threads (but this one is specifically about our own guys) free to delete but here's my thoughts. I don't really begrudge anybody his right to protest even though I truly believe that if the protests were not politically correct there would be hell to pay but still for me it makes it much harder as a fan to sit there and cheer and wish well for a group of people who so obviously hate me. Aside from that if these players are truly offended by the way "their people" are being treated in this world it seems to me they should go out among the community and encourage those same people to get an education to strive to better themselves and to eschew the drugs and violence and poverty their allowed those communities to devolve into. There's celebrity certainly affords than that ability to some extent. I'm more disappointed than angry that it's my team and I really don't want us, the Cleveland Browns, to become the poster boys for racial hatred. WSS
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    No problem with it whatsoever. I guess I'm not easily offended. Love my Country. I'll stand. If you feel you need to kneel in light of an issue that is important to you, or you support a teammate who kneels, God bless ya. Let's play some football. Z
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    Thanks for bearing with us on the upgrade in software on the site. Each time there is an update, the theme (colors) get reset back to default (blue). We are still becoming familiar with a new Admin control panel as well as the forum itself, so we aren't over the hump yet. One thing I did notice is that between my Admin account and my personal account is that the sites colors were different. To turn the site to a Browns theme, at the bottom of the page select THEME > Browns and it rids the pages of that ugly Blue Dental theme. There are some new emoticons to get gay with and some "like" or "vote" options crap. This was a COMPLETE UPGRADE that we have been prompted to make for some time now (2012). It's taken us to a Cloud-based platform and there will be plenty to get use to. First order of business this morning was to try to counter a small influx of spam that made it through the new security system, we apologize for that. Same settings as we always had, just a loop-hole in the new system that we hope we have already fixed. If anyone has any suggestions or discovered a better means of navigating the site, please share with others. Thanks again for weathering the construction dust.
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    Those sacrifices were made so people could retain their freedom and the right to express themselves when they are disappointed in their country. You can have your fill of blind servitude and rah-rah-siss-boom-bah nationalist dogma in North Korea. Kneeling during a theme song isn't disrespecting the troops, sending troops to fight and die for corporate profits is disrespect. A militarized police force murdering citizens at the drop of a hat is disrespectful to those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. Do you stand every time you watch the national anthem on tv? Or do you sit there with a beer in your hand?
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    Nice to see you back Stan.
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    Well didn't Maurice Smith point out that there will be a walk by 2019.....not because of some players kneeling national but because of money. Go ahead support the players that turn their back on our national heritage. Remember the soldiers that died for their right to do so. Most people who say what you said never even picked up a rock to do anything to defend this country let alone a uniform and a gun. The Browns locker room is now a 'safe space'.
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    Yea, no players have done that....but those guys marching with their swastikas and stars and bars together in Charlottesville did exacty that, imo.
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    Jesus Christ.. They took a knee.. It's not like they pulled down their pants and took a shit on the American flag.. Who cares?
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    Yeah, conservatives are the ones that get offended about everything. Okie dokie. Meanwhile the left gets mad if you call someone with a penis a man. Makes sense.
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    yea I will stand with those who believe and will say that these events are the result of poor readiness - Brought on from 8 years of military stagnation from the ultimate failure as commnder in chief Barry Soetoro so congrats commandant! job well done in allowing the military to be exiled into being less than prepared as is necessary. Obama blames Bush for what he inherited, well then turnabout is fair play
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    Fuck them too. civil/race war within a year. Hope ur packin. MLK statue taken down by right? Lol.
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    Team came down to Earth this week. So now we need to support a bunch of overpaid, misinformed, disrespectful, Political Activist Athletes? Seriously? This Team isn't that good or interesting enough to put up with more Political BS, if I want that I'll just turn on the News. Got news for ya - I don't watch MSM anymore - they've shown their true colors, and now this. Too many sacrifices made by too many to enable these folks to even be where they are . . . Seems we didn't Draft the high Character Players everyone thought - really have to wonder why even waste my time with this anymore, it's certainly not as much as it used to be.
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    Nice game by Kessler last night! I was really impressed with the zip he had on those passes. Looks like his arm strength has really improved. I would like to see him start he season with Kizer as backup. I just don't see Osweiler ever amounting to anything more in the league so why waste the time. Both Kizer and Kessler have upside and since our receivers look pretty bad we are going to need a qb who doesn't turn the ball over in order to help the defense and keep us in games.
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    I'd rather see no protests while I'm trying to watch football. Keep your politics out of the NFL please. Do it on your own time. I think this is a large part in why ESPN and Hollywood are taking some massive hits lately. They keep interjecting their politics into their entertainment.
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    I see a bunch of assholes kneeling and being disrespectful to the flag. Fuck them.
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    New mobile site is AWESOME.
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    I know people will laugh, but I miss Josh McCown. I have my doubts that Kizer will be ready enough to start out of the gate, and the idea of Osweiler playing vs the Steelers in the opener makes me want to stab my eyes out with a screwdriver as a precautionary measure. McCown would get injured by the 3rd or 4th week, but at least he'd give us at least mediocre QB play for a while.
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    Kizer looks like a typical rookie that ain't ready. Stop blowing him, he is nothing so far. The first down girations was assinine ... Johnny football like.
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    To be fair to Beckham, his labia are probably inflamed after that hit.
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    I hate to say it (Michigan hater) but Peppers is gonna be a huge fan favorite.
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