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    Believe it or not....I got into a duel on the streets of Tombstone Arizona just this past week. (about football) So, I am walking down the streets of Tombstone about a week ago, metaphorically jangling my spurs, and wearing my Browns cap.....when behind me I hear this guy behind me say "Hey, you, buddy I am calling you out". So, I turn around, and I see actually 2 guys. There is a big guy with cowboy boots on, and a Harley-Davidson bandana around his head, obviously drunk because we were right in front of Big Nose Kate's, and a little guy with a Chicago Bears sweatshirt on. They had clearly just sauntered out of the swinging doors to that saloon when they saw me in my cap. Mr. Harley says to me: "My Chicago Bears have more championships than your Browns do". And I says, "yes, I know in fact that they do, no argument". And he says "They got 9 NFL Championships, and a Super Bowl". And I say, "they got 9 Championships, but that includes their one Super Bowl win". He says "no, no, no, no, no. They got 10 total including one Super Bowl". And I said, " no, they got 8 with one Super Bowl, total of 9". He says "You're going down! I got 1000 dollars that says they got 10 titles". He opens up his wallet, and indeed he had at least $1000 in hundreds in there, if not quite a bit more. I said, "well, I'm your Huckleberry. I should take that bet, but I don't want to take all your money, so if I win, you can buy me a drink here in Big Nose Kates, and if I lose I will buy you a drink". He says, "Oh no, 1000 bucks"...I said, I am almost certain I am right, but just on the off chance I could be wrong, I could not afford to lose that bet". Well, he never even shook on the drink....but just drunkenly kept rattling on about the Bears 10 titles. So I said, let's prove it...so I got my phone out, and googled the Chicago Bears titles. And, of course, right there it was: Chicago Bears 8 9 1921, 1932, 1933, 1940, 1941, 1943, 1946, 1963 Super Bowl victory 1986 8 pre Super Bowl titles, 1 Super Bowl 9 total So, I said "there it is, just like I said" 9 titles, not 10. So, what does he do? Big tough guy with Harley clothes and cowboy boots? He turns around and walks back into the bar without saying a word.....and naturally he doesn't give me the 1K....nor even buy me the drink. I mean, the guy was a daisy. He walked off with his tail between his legs. And that is how I won a Shootout on the streets of Tombstone, Arizona And this is absolutely a true story.
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    That sucks. I like Fells and what he brought to this team just beyond whistle to whistle.
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    Stan's wife, Kathy, who owns the Board now, whacked him. I just helped her bury the body. Zombo
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    I knew that you and he both would be so happy together. I travel surface highways for oil and gas and have also been to Cleveland via family. Cool natural scenery and development. Heck even a business owner in a decent sized town NE of Cleveland knew about Oklahoma Football and instantly called me an ''Okie'' ๐Ÿ˜Ž even though I don't only identify as ''Okie'..lol. We just love our underDawg CFB Tradition/Status same as Cleveland Football Tradition: (OU: Accountable for 7 natty's and 7 Heisman Winners plus the longest winning streak in all College Football History at 47 wins (nearly 5 years) without a single loss or tie, that's all..๐Ÿ˜‰ Go Browns-Go Baker! Ahh, there is indeed some fun to God's given life.
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    Mark Slaughterโ€ @mslaughter63 8h8 hours ago More True: #Browns GM John Dorsey was in Canton for a meal @benders_tavern Came across a table of Browns fans and 1 Steeler fan. He chatted with them for a few minutes then stepped away. He returned with a round of drinks for the Browns fans & a bowl of onions for the Steeler fan
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    One thing we know for sure is there will never be a thread saying where is Alkid3. Zombo
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    Preferred to of kept Fells over DeValve
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    What? FOX doesn't report a story because it hasn't been corroborated? No Shit?...so go with CNN ? Makes sense. You keep digging yourself a deeper hole there kiddo. You started a thread using fake news to accuse FOX of dishonest journalism, and you got punked. Time to own it.
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    Ah..................................................................no. He's really that bad.
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    John Dorsey right now:
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    I've got no ill-will on Jamie Collins.Jamie's contract is what happens when a desperate GM needs to overpay to make a splash. Hell, Jamie had the guts to show up with no foundation,studs nor pool hole even dug..Gave the Pats a 3rd,which they later traded. Who in their right or left mind? turns down 4yrs. 50M with a 5M signing bonus? Dorsey did the right thing, getting out at the big money part of Jamie's contract. G๐Ÿ‘€d Luck, JC!!
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    Umm...bringing up Bill or Obama isn't about justifying Trumps actions, it's about reminding you leftist fucks of your blatant hypocrisy and double standards. ...and you will continue to be reminded of it . So we gave up the moral high ground did we? Surprising to hear a lib admit we even had it. Your "bombshell" story is a pile of garbage btw.
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    I follow politics but sometimes I have to get away from it as it is depressing and it is frustrating to see politics in sports and entertainment where most of the time it should not be. I thought SNL was better when it was not dominated by politics.
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    I was expecting Murray to weigh in at less than 200. He obviously bulked up. Will he run the 40 at that weight? But Baker is 3" taller. OK, he's Russell Wilson sized- but he sure doesn't have Wilson's build. Just glad we don't have to worry about drafting him. If we were in the QB market this year, I'd be wanting Dwayne Haskins instead, and it wouldn't even be close.
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    We dont need you guys coming in here acting like he belongs to you or something or trying to start some homo fan club. Take your Surface highway back to the poor underdog Sooners Board, we've got men discussing football here. Z
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    Just as they wouldn't have cared about "Russian collusion" had the Hildebeest won.
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    Man, I miss Dwayne Bowe !!!
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    This makes me almost forget 0-16. remember Sashi died for this.
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    https://www.cleveland.com/expo/sports/g66l-2019/03/cdd355f5fa3274/duke-johnson-drawing-trade-interest-from-multiple-teams-breshad-perriman-and-browns-not-close-and-more-browns-insider.html Duke Johnson drawing trade interest from multiple teams, Breshad Perriman and Browns not close, and more: Browns Insider CLEVELAND, Ohio - Browns GM John Dorsey did a lot more at the NFL Combine than watch big defensive linemen such as Montez Sweat and big receivers such as D.K. Metcalf make history with their blazing 40 times. He also met with the plenty of agents and general managers to help shape his 2019 roster, with the "legal tampering' period starting next Monday and the league year opening on March 13. Among other meetings, Dorsey huddled with the agent for Jamie Collins about his immediate future, and with the agent for pending free agent Breshad Perriman about an extension. Dorsey also jokingly held up his phone during his combine podium interview when asked if he'd pursue big-name receivers such as Odell Beckham Jr. and Antonio Brown, telling Steelers GM Kevin Colbert and Giants GM Dave Gettleman to call him. Here are updates on some of those players: 1. Duke Johnson drawing trade interest After signing Kareem Hunt on Feb. 11, Dorsey put it out there in a press conference that it doesn't make Johnson expendable "yet.'' That perked up the ears of the some teams in the NFL, who would love to get their hands on the versatile pass-catching back. At least three NFL teams are currently believed to be interested in trading for Johnson, but more will likely surface if they believe the Browns are serious about it. For their part, the Browns are in no rush to deal Johnson in part because they don't know yet how many games Hunt will be suspended by the NFL for the incident with the woman in the hallway of his downtown apartment and in part because he has a cash payout of only $2.3 million in 2019, including bonuses of $25,000 per game. But if the right offer comes along for Johnson, they'll move him. Johnson spent much of last season privately frustrated by his lack of touches, but never went public with his beef except to say a few times that he was embracing his primary role as a blocker. Johnson thought his touches would increase after offensive coordinator Todd Haley was fired, but they didn't. He did have nine catches in Freddie Kitchens' first game as coordinator against the Chiefs, but he averaged only 2.5 the rest of the way. All told, Johnson's touches were drastically reduced from 156 (82 rushing, 74 receiving) in 2017 to only 87 last season (40 rushing, 47 receiving). Dorsey said at the NFL Combine that he's "absolutely'' committed to Johnson moving forward despite Hunt's signing, but if they get a nice offer for the 2015 third-rounder, they'll strongly consider it. As for the Hunt suspension, league spokesman Brian McCarthy said there's no timeline for when it will be announced. But the Browns are likely hoping it's before the start of the league year to help them make roster roster decisions. 2. Browns and Breshard Perriman not close Dorsey met with Breshad Perriman's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, at the NFL Combine, but nothing is imminent in terms of his extension, a league source told cleveland.com. Rosenhaus might want to let the market set the price for the 2015 first-rounder, especially in this thin free agent receiver class. With Baker Mayfield throwing him the ball, Perriman made big plays for the Browns down the stretch, and hurt defenses with his blazing speed โ€” 4.25 when he came out in 2015. Speaking in general teams, Dorsey stressed his need for speed. "The more team speed you have, the better,'' he said. "If you can get more team speed, I'm all for it." He also noted how much he'd like Perriman back, knowing it's hard to find a big receiver (6-2, 211) with that kind of speed. "We've had numerous conversations with his agent," Dorsey said in his podium interview. "I've spoken to (Perriman) directly and he's expressed a willingness to be here in Cleveland. So I think you wait for that process to unfold. I'd love to have that player here." As for the franchise or transition tags, which would pay Perriman more than $16 million or $14 million a year, respectively, the Browns are not expected to use either on him by Tuesday's deadline. 3. Jamie Collins will likely either be traded, released or re-structured soon. Dorsey met with Jamie Collins' agent Bus Cook on Saturday, and we should know soon if he'll be traded, released or if he'll consider a paycut from his $10.5 million base salary in 2019. If the Browns trade Collins, a team will most likely want to re-work his contract, which includes a $12.5 million base salary for 2020. But he received all of his guaranteed money from his current extension -- $26.4 million -- from the Browns, so that's not an issue for a new team. Dorsey acknowledged during his combine podium interview that Collins, who will be 30 in October, wasn't the player they needed him to be in 2018, especially considering his $12.5 million average salary. "There were some inconsistencies,'' he said. "You don't know what leads to it. He may have been nicked. All I know is he's a very talented football player and you can't have enough of those guys on your team." By cutting or trading Collins now, the Browns will have $2.5 million in dead cap money and realize a $9.25 million cap savings, which they can put towards unrestricted free agents. In his 30 starts with the Browns since he was acquired in a trade with New England midway through the 2016 season, Collins has registered 204 tackles, seven sacks, two interceptions, three forced fumbles and one recovery. 4. RFA Rashard Higgins will get tendered, Brian Boddy-Calhoun will not. Dorsey said he'll tender restricted free agent Rashard Higgins, but fourth-year defensive back Briean Boddy-Calhoun will not be tendered, a league source told cleveland.com. It means Boddy-Calhoun will be free to sign with any team once the league year opens next week. Dorsey wouldn't reveal if he'll give Higgins the first- or second-round tender, which determines what pick a team would have to give the Browns if they sign him. The first-round tender in 2019 is worth $4.407 million and the second-round tender is worth $3.095 million. Those are the amounts Higgins would receive from the Browns in 2019 unless they decline to match an offer. In that case, they'd receive the corresponding pick. If Higgins signs the tender, the Browns can still negotiate a multi-year deal with him if they so choose, and he's a favorite target of Baker Mayfield. Teams must tender their RFAs by March 13 at 4 p.m. 5. Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr. Dorsey joked at the NFL Combine about telling Colbert to call him about Brown, and Gettleman to call him about Beckham, but neither of those trades is likely to happen. Even though Colbert stated at the Combine that he'd trade Brown to anybody, he made it clear that the AFC North teams would have to pay a premium for the seven-time Pro Bowler. Teams that appear most intrigued by Brown are the Raiders, Broncos and Cardinals, according to NFL Network. And although Browns receiver Jarvis Landry has openly campaigned for both Brown and his good friend Beckham, the latter is not likely to happen either. Gettleman, the Giants' GM, emphatically stated at the combine that he didn't sign Beckham to an extension in August - five years, up to $95 million โ€” to trade him. So even though Landry and Baker Mayfield would love to have him, and even though Fox Sports' Jay Glazer predicted Beckham will be dealt, it's probably not in the cards for the Browns.
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    It was hard enough watching Corbett get toasted on the ST's line imo.Dorsey's seeing something I just don't see here, if were shipping Zeitler? Corbett was not good at LG when tried Bitonio at LT, so In fact I hate the idea of trading Kevin period.. Dorsey's best ammo is drafting personal,not trading it..Baker never needed a Odel to be a MVP.. so it just makes no sense to pull his protection too..
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    Silly season now in full swing.... Not going to be cut Didi- did you look at over the cap before you started babbling? Zeitler scheduled to make $12 million this year- with a $10 million cap hit if he gets cut. Plus Dorsey commenting on line continuity would make it mighty unlikely. The out in his contract is in 2020.
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    Say, that brings back music memories. They sing the same songs all the time, to this day: "Wake Up, Hate Trump, Little Suzie" "Obamao's Clown" "I Dissed You" "When Will I Be Shoved" "Peck Right Back" "Devoted to You (Pelosi Love Song)" "All I Have to Do is Scream" "I'm a Commie Bird Hog" "If Someone is a Fascist, Let it be me" "Poor Lenin"
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    We have eyes everywhere. Watch your ass. Consider this a warning. ๐Ÿ˜Ž WSS
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