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    I understand it is time to replace him, contract-wise and performance-wise (due to injuries) ... But don't let the door hit you on the way out?? This guy has bled brown and orange for us. One of the few good players that had to struggle through 1-31 and gave everything he had. A leader, a fighter, and a guy who outplayed his draft status (rare during this Browns era). He goes down as one of my favorite players. Good luck to him, Browns forever! Zombo --Where has fan loyalty gone?
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    Andrew Berry has had one HELL of a day!!! Kudos to him & his staff........Hooper, Conklin & Keenum...WOW!!! I know the acquisitions aren't official until Wednesday, but the "bashers" look like shit after all their 1-31 BS. As many of us have said, Berry came into a totally different circumstance now than before & we had no idea what might happen, but today should show you that judging him on the past was wrong. He has certainly been aggressive in free agency. Mike
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    Man, I'm so weary of people in our society spouting total bullshit and when rightly called out only doubling down on their stupidity. Way, way, too much of that in the world today.
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    Whoever the replacement might be I just don't want to spend the same money on a new guy as it would have cost us to keep Joe. Lack of continuity is going to kill us again. WSS
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    Leroy Hoard for me....... loved the way he ran.
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    A book. They made a movie about too. It’s about a creepy clown.
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    If everyone would just buy the normal amount they usually do this wouldn't happen. They are restricting it whrere I live to 1 6 pack per person, which they should have done a couple of weeks ago. Seeing women with 4 shopping cars crammed with it. I should have just grabbed it from her cart.
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    Greg Pruitt the king of the tear away jersey
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    Shit... that's right there with what Bloomberg spent on votes...
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    This isn't going well...
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    Maybe on super Thursday?😄
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    You're a racist. You may as well be because you have no more proof that Trump is a racist than I have of you being one. You're also an idiot, but in this case the evidence is glaring. Only a half wit would derive at the conclusion that because "racists" voted for Trump makes Trump a racist. "Racists" voted for Romney too, and Bush as well. You're extremely naïve. You will see a surge of minority voters vote for a Republican this go around, unlike anything you've seen before. The evidence is there. Are you also forgetting the lowest unemployment rate for minorities in 50 yrs, has happened under Trump? And do you know why Obama sucked at foreign affairs? Starting his first term he would make a priority to embark in a "Apology for America" tour bowing before every leader and apologizing for the worlds problems. To knock us down a few pegs. It is people like that asshole who believed America is why third world countries exist....those were his core beliefs, which became the blueprint for an abysmal foreign affairs record.
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    all stupid arguing aside, I truly hope and pray everybody here, and all their friends and families, are going to be fine. but it had all better be over by the time we go camping with friends in tenn. in may. lol
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    Good luck , Schobert.. You're one helluva great kid.. I gonna miss ya!!...
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    Joe is a glutton for punishment.
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    Because he's a winner and you were envious that the Browns couldn't find just 1/3 his equal for even a single season. It doesn't matter how he finishes his career. He'll always be remembered as the greatest to play the position and those that "forget" that fact, simply don't understand the game.
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    If you think he can't talk anymore, why do you want him to be nominated? He better get his shit together before the general election, he won't find mercy there.
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    Tretter is taking care of his long term future beyond football. This was a good decision by him to utilize his other talents.
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    Right....we talk about the need to find gems in the lower rounds and develop them into players.....yet, seem to dump them as soon as or before they reach that goal of being difference makers..... Then you look at our depth at LB, right now, which is non existent.......and wonder where we land w/o Schob & Kirksey. They can sign 2 FA backers and still end up with less depth than a year ago. I know we cant pay too much to keep them, but feel more effort should have been made to retain these players that we drafted and then developed...... Schobert may not be a run stopping-hole plugging beast......but he is a solid tackler and great coverage guy......and it is a passing league....I look forward to us overpaying a pittbull to plug those holes, only to watch us get picked apart over the middle and in the short passing game......
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    I'll just say that Schobert is better than the rest of the LBs we have at the moment and we don't have an amazing group. He has all the traits I want in a defensive leader though he's not an explosive player and neither a difference maker. Anyway, he has made a difference being a key player in our defense in some games with INTs, fumble recoveries etc. One thought that goes through my mind just to stay optimistic is that they want him to check the market, then come back and match the best bidder. I just hope so.
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    I’ll be bummed to see Schobert go. Good guy, good worker. Can’t fault him for maximizing funds at this juncture in his life. He’s earned it. Good luck Joe.
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