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    Yup, he's so average he only has 10.1 ypc career, a 70% catch rate (compared to hands of stone Coleman who's around 42%) , and has made the pro bowl the last three years. Longest receptions in the last three years of 50, 71, and 49 yards respectively. Can turn those dink passes into long gains. Played in every game in his career, as opposed to Mr. Brittlehands Corey. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/players/L/LandJa00.htm
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    Not at all I completely understand. But you aren't honest enough to discuss it with grown ups. Unfortunately the one group responsible for the most crime per capita and the lowest performance in society has been turned into a protected species. That makes the members of that group who are not scumbags look bad. If saying someone who looks like an ape actually does look like an ape will get your career destroyed but cork soakers like you defend cork soakers like Peter Fonda... Well you get the idea. Maybe it's cuz you actually agree that pedophiles are okay because they don't choose to be pedophiles. But your outraged over the idea that Fonda face any kind of consequences is noted. Now if somebody called Logics wife an insulting name I would expect him to knock them on their butt. But I would expect the same from Cal or Cysko or Die Hard whether or not the insult had any reference to a simian heritage. We are already at the point where it's forbidden to show The Dukes of Hazzard, have a statue of a war hero from a couple centuries ago, speak any ill whatsoever of black people and shield them from any hint of criticism treated 2 generation after generation of welfare and have gone as far as giving them extra points to try and get them to continue their education or enter the workforce. One would think that because of that protection you would see gang violence drug use single teenage parentage and general under performance begin to improve. But it's getting worse. There comes a point, or should, when the leaders of that community oh, and I use that term loosely, should start encouraging their people to enter Society like everybody else. Unfortunately there's a lot of votes and profit to be made from taking the other side and fake outrage from morons like... WSS
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    https://brownswire.usatoday.com/2018/06/26/brownie-the-elf-resurfaces-as-browns-training-camp-logo/ I always liked the elf. The gay looking dressed up on the field needs work .
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    Suspended three games for groping Uber driver two years ago. https://www.yahoo.com/sports/jameis-winston-burns-bucs-leaving-little-reason-team-trust-013522907.html Bucs can't seem to get it together, looking forward to that W in person this year... Zombo
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    Nope.. Y'know, cracking on members here is one thing.. But wives?? Kids?? I can guaranF U C kingtee you that if you were stupid enough to say that in person, you'd be picking your punk butt up off the ground after you woke up.
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    Trump won me over but In my lifetime I don't think I will see a president I liked better than Reagan.
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    When I was a child, China was considered a 3rd world country.
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    Here's the result of MY 'study'. The teams that are winning year in and year out will have good fan bases. The teams that are perennial losers each and every year will have a lousy fan base. Whew! That was really difficult. I had to conserate really haaaard. When I was young, a few of us would decide on a Saturday night that we would go to a Patriots game the next day. We'd drive up to Foxborough, buy tickets, and sit just about anywhere we wanted. (How good is the Patriots fan base again?) How about the Aint's? A few hundred people with bags on their heads. Anyone remember the Dolts? (Colts)
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    You are either a goddam dumb liar or just goddam dumb. Landry averaged a first down every time he touched the ball from the slot position. That is is job, to be the guy that catches the short passes and who moves the chains. He was not and was never brought in here to be the downfield breakaway receiver. That is what we have Gordon, Coleman, and now Calloway here for now. The Browns FO knows this, their coaches know it, the QBs know it, the rest of the team knows it, all the other teams know it, I know it, everyone else on this board knows it. The only one that does not have a fuycking clue is you. But now, maybe you do have a clue since I just educated you on his role. Let it sink in before you cause yourself to look any more foolish than you already have.
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    It's pizza hut so I can't dog you for that. But if queers owned say... Angelos in Lakewood and you still wouldn't eat there. Then you're just flat out Shmucked in the head. Still... pizza hut sucks.
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    A Fox employee said something uninformed and anger-producing? Let's discuss this rare event for many more pages.
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    Cleveland Browns wisely piling up options at left tackle -- Terry Pluto https://www.cleveland.com/pluto/index.ssf/2018/06/cleveland_browns_wisely_piling.html Shared from my Google feed
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    FBI agents are a trained a lot more than a CC class. No excuse for this.
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    Every time I breeze by it I watch long enough to see one of those fake rollovers holding a knee in fake agony and just change the channel. FIFY!😂
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    Baker WON that interview. 👍 Mike
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    Baker faces off with Cow-Patsie https://thebiglead.com/2018/06/21/baker-mayfield-colin-cowherd/
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    I don't know about that, last week I sold my softball Jugs machine for just over $400...... Nah, you're right.
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    I hate to tell ya, but if we haven't jumped yet ... We ain't jumping. Zombo Browns 2018: It's OK to be a fan again.
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    Very familiar with every single loss. Yep, Deshone Kize was the QB, Crow was the RB, Corey Coleman and Kenny Britt were the wideouts. Randall Telfer started at TE. Garrett and Ogbah both missed half the season, Jamar taylor and 33 year old Jason McCourty were our shut down corners, and Peppers played 35 yards off the ball. Sashi was in charge, Hugh called the plays and Todd Haley was winning the division in Pittsburgh. Meet Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mayfield, Carlos Hyde, Nick Chubb,Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, starting David Nojoku, Healthy Garrett, Healthy Ogbah, Denzel Ward, EJ Gaines, Travis Carrie, Damarius Randall, Peppers in the box, and Mychal Kendricks. Care to compare? Zombo
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    If Danny would've hit the weight room as hard as he does meal time, he could've been special...... Yet another swing and a miss 1st rounder, but at least they got something for him.
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    Its a little known fact, but Ghoolie is a big Kordell fan. Like you, he saw the potential. They first met at Frick park in Pittsburgh when Ghoolie was in town for a Browns game.
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