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    I will be 73 years old the 30th of this month. I love my Browns...Always have & always will. In good times & bad, it's much like my marriage (50 years in 2020 with my Bride, Colleen). If you truly love something or someone, that love & loyalty (AND hopes, wishes, & dreams) never die.....no matter how bad things may currently seem. I'm in this for the long haul & we'll weather this current storm. GO BROWNS!!......There's a light at the end of this tunnel & I think it looks BRIGHT! Mike ps: I enjoyed the '64 Champs & I hope (and plan) to see you younger folks enjoy the next one!
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    Why..... The Pats haven't played anyone as yet. Not that we have exactly shown ourselves to be "someone", but we are the most talented "nobody" they've had to face. The talent we have is exactly the positions we need it to be to beat them. (see "How") We get our starting CBs back. There's a hint of distraction in Camelot. Two weeks to prepare. How.... on Defense: Pressure up the middle to move TB off his spot... every passing down either go double-A gap blitz or with 3 DL head up on NE's LG-C-RG. Stunt their asses off... Put our speed rushers inside... Edge pressure is a waste of time as Brady simply steps up. Use MG, OV or both inside early and often. Play Cover 3/2/1 over man... no need to worry about DBs turning their backs to the QB. Double Edelman... he's TB's security blanket... take him away. Use Ward here... especially when numbers will not allow double. Match Greedy on Sanu everywhere. Match Joe to whatever RB is in the game... punish PA... How... on Offense: Bring back the Baker RPO... get him hit.... get him fired up... get him pissed... get him in space. Unleash our WR speed... yes, Gilmore may shutdown OBJ, but OBJ neutralizes him. And, of course, give them a heavy dose of Chubb...
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    With all the bullshit calls, the clear reviews not being correct, the constant badgering of Baker. It’s finally broke the team just what the nfl wanted. It’s clear very clear there is a all out war being waged against the browns. No energy on the team now it’s not fun now just what the nfl wanted. Here comes another coaching change. Just what the nfl wanted the punching bag of the nfl it started game one right where they left off last year. Fuck the nfl, fuck Rodger.
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    I wish you’d get close enough to hug me so I could punch you in the nuts.
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    OTOH, he was talking to Tony Grossi, who's almost as stupid as Mary Kay Cabot. So that kinda explains his attitude.
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    Half way through the season OBJ and Jabrill have the same amount of TDs (and that's spotting OBJ a game)
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    CONGRATS!! My daughter (my avatar thingie) is now 24 and is at Grad school 8,000 miles away in Melbourne Australia.... enjoy every single second of it because it goes by faster than you can imagine and then a different phase begins. You are about to feel for another human like you never thought possible, and one of the greatest unintentional side effects is that things like the Browns being losers year in and year out doesn't bother you like it used to..... priorities are instantly rearranged once you see that little face for the first time. Very happy for you!
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    Me too! Especially 1 day after drinking depressants while watching the depressants. I know I know I'm such a bad fan wanting more than 0 playoff wins since the 94 season... This is the equivalent of someone watching the 1st Rocky Movie 16 times a year from 1977 through 2002 thinking there might be a different outcome. I never saw the different outcome btw. Gipper's cell phone lost and found - Can I help you? Can I help you?
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    Hate to admit it but l saw flashes of Weeden with that shuffle pass interception.
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    Did you watch that game? Did you see Wilson lop a pick six to Peters like he was playing slow pitch softball? The Seattle WR drop a ball out of his hands in the open field with nobody around him, Ravens pick it up for 6... Jackson completed 9 passes for 143 yards with no Touchdowns. not sure I’d call that Whooping up on the Seahawks. More like Seattle shitting down their own legs. figured that Seattle would play elite against the browns and do that against Baltimore. I’m not buying a ticket for the Ravens train.
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    Doing this again. I broke down the first half of the Seahawks game, primarily the Oline performance and other players who blocked. There is a key and a half assed grading system. I worked right to left on all plays. The key is the key: H = Hubbard, K = Kush, T = Tretter, B = Bitonio, R = Robinson. Other players show up with numbers. 86 = Brown, 88 = Harris, 25 = Hilliard, 24 = Chubb, 67 = McCray, 80 - Landry, OBJ = himself. Grading system - means l felt the player did ok that play. They did what they were asked to do on the play and were effective. + means l felt the player did above and beyond just good on the play. Maybe blocked a couple dudes, maybe laid an exceptional block. Maybe made an athletic move to pick up a delayed blitzer. Things like that. £ means the player did a poor job at doing what was expected during the play and they were a weight on the team. Plays will be noted much like Tour used to. S = series, P = plays. So S1P3 is series one play 3. Notes and side bars are included. S1P1: defense offsides: H -, K -, T -, B -, R - his man jumped offsides and he did what he could with that. S1P2: Chubb run: 80 -, H -, K - pulled left, T -, B - also pulled left with a mucho effective block, R - good stonewall, 88 - bent but didn’t break, 86 + decent point of attack block to his side where the run went. In the play he passed a guy off to Kush and executed a good upfield block. S1P3: complete to 86: H -, K -, T -, B -, R - S1P4: Chubb TD run: 80 -, H - both he and Landry sorta crossed each other up going for the same guy but luckily the play went away from their side, K - pulled left and key block, T -, B - he spends the play doubling guys with Robinson and then Tretter, and then a push assist on Robinson to get him to the second level, R - does ok here but missed his man at the second level, 86 - Pharoah can block a bit, OBJ - had the other key hockey check block to allow Chubb to coast into the EZ. S2P1: Chubb run: H - for some reason Baker felt inclined to lay a block on H’s guy, K -, T -, B - Chubb is being conditioned to see 75’s back and go that way, R - got knocked down by the guy Bitonio was blocking. S2P2: Calloway 1st down reception: H -, K -, T -, B -, R - S2P3: Chubb catch: H £ he got power rushed and bent and finally broke and his guy got pressure, K - got power rushed too but held up well enough, T -, B - I feel like every time l see Bitonio and Tretter double team the same guy that it’s wasted fire power, R - S2P4: OBJ 1st down reception: H £ got beat and looks like he got away with a hold, K -, T -, B -, R -. Note: thank goodness it was a quick pass play. S2P5: Landry reception: TE -, H -, K £ he got swim moved past. Luckily it was another quick pass play, T + flung his guy aside like a doll, B - had a Bito assist with Tretter’s fling, R - S2P6: Incomplete to Callaway: H - nice timing on the kick step, K -, T -, B + with the bailout block on Robinson’s guy, R - barely, his guy got inside of him even with Chubb outside to help. Another thank goodness it was a quick pass play. S2P7: OBJ drop: H - barely, if not a quick pass play would have gotten beat outside, K - had his hands full, T - notable because he recognizes where the pressure is coming from early and does a wingspan move to direct traffic around him and gets sucked under the pressure as a result, but did his part to keep Baker clean, B -, R -, 24 - picked up the guy between Robinson and Bito. S2P8: Landry reception: H -, K - both he and Hubbard pin-balled a guy, chucking him 3 times a piece, T -, B -, R £ he just sorta decided for himself that he had blocked long enough during the play, so he just stopped blocking and let his guy go for a chuck on Baker. He pushed that guy back 2 times and didn’t bother trying a third, and that guy got to hit our QB. This is exactly the kind of play l would point to and say fuck Greg Robinson. S2P9: Chubb run: 83 - fine block,H -, K - pushed back but recovered, T -, B + chip and next level block and ate that guy alive, R £ blew it, got quickly shed and his man made the tackle. At least he tried to catch Chubb as he was falling to the ground. S2P10: Baker TD run: H -, K -, T -, B - a man-handler among men, ended up making the key block for Baker’s run, R - judo blocked well, using the rushers’ momentum against him. S3P1: OBJ reception: 86 - almost got rag dolled but righted himself before the Chubb assist, H -, K -, T -, B -, R - barely, would like to see Robinson dictate the tone of the play instead of just react all the time. S3P2: long Chubb run: TE (86 or 88?) + did a helluva job squirming his way to block one guy and obscuring view of another, key block, H - made the other key block, K - solid drive block, T - pulled left, B -, R - it looked like the play design had him ignoring the guy he probably shoulda blocked. Something was messed up with that play, 83 - well done SJ S3P3: SJ TD reception: H -, K -, T - l think l see Tretter handling the bullrush a bit better this year, B -, R -, 86 - stout enough S4P1: Chubb run: 83 -, H -, K £ got driven back and disrupted the play, T -, B -, R £ I think he blocked the wrong guy here as the guy he chose not to block was all over Chubb. If it’s an inside run then block the guys coming from the inside and not the guy outside from him. S4P2: Incomplete to Callaway: H -, K -, T - steamrolled into but held up, B -, R - S4P3: Incomplete to OBJ: H - good first step, K - he kinda got picked into the guy Hubbard was blocking, T -, B - more double teaming with Tretter, R -. Punt... S5P1: SJ reception: H -, K -, T -, B -, R -. S5P2: OBJ reception: H -, K -, T £ a rare misplay, his man beat him and he borderline had to hold him to keep Baker clean, B - he started the play with no one to block but moved to help Tretter when he saw him break down, but l woulda liked to see him pick up the guy Robinson whiffed on, R £ he got one moved aside, pitiful, 24 - showing Robinson how to properly block. S5P3: Incomplete to OBJ: 83 - well done SJ, H £ kinda sucked this play and didn’t get to his man in time, K -, T -, B - pulled with nowhere to go, R -. S5P4: Int: H - he did ok here but l woulda liked to have seen him pick up the guy coming off the edge instead of Kush, K - got sandwiched on the play trying to get to his guy, almost looked like he was supposed to pull on the play but forgot, T -, B -, R -. S6P1: OBJ reception: H -, K -, T -, B -, R -. Note: misdirection PAP play looked good. S6P2: Chubb run: H - tried a chip and release play but looked bad on his next level block, but no effect on the play, K £ even with Hubbard’s chip help he got off balance against his guy and that guy made the tackle, T -barely, a stumbling Kush basically fell into Tretter’s guy and took him out of the play, B -, R -, 86 - Pharoah dabbling as a fullback, would have liked to see Chubb follow him here but he didn’t. Note: l think in general our tackles are not so good executing second level blocks. S6P3: Chubb run: 86 + he basically blocked 3 guys during the play, 88 £ I think he flubbed his initial block and was supposed to maintain it longer than he did, H - did ok but would have liked to see him give up less ground here, K - pulled right, T -, B - pulled right and picked up the guy 88 didn’t block long enough, R - barely, his guy recognized the play going away from his side so dodged Robinson’s block attempt, but Rob stuck with him and did have sn impact walling off a lane for Chubb, 80 - respectable block. Note: helluva strong run by Chubb. S6P4: QB sneak: the camera view came in late from a replay so tough to break down who did what, but Baker got the first down so l assume they did well enough. S6P5: Incomplete to OBJ: H -, K -, T -, B -, R - barely, he started breaking down but thankfully Bito got in the way and thankfully a quick pass play - a refrain this game. S6P6: Chubb run: H -, K -, T -, B + blocked 2 dudes, held off his first guy long enough and then released to provide a key block against another dude, R - l guess he did ok here, he chucked one guy and then spent the rest of the play looking for someone else to block to no avail, 88 -. S6P7: Callaway reception: H + chucked his guy to the ground and then chucked him 2 more times when he got back up, no quit, K -, T -, B -, R - did ok here steering a shoulder dipping pass rusher. S6P8: Chubb run: 88 £ acted like a pulling lineman going left but whiffed on a key block opportunity, 67 - McCray did well here, H -, K - locked horns until tripping over Robinson who fell down during the play, T -, B + did well here, squeezed through the scrum to find a next level block and thoroughly blocked that guy, R - fell down against the guy Bito shot past but at least took the guy down with him. S6P9: Int: 67 -, H £ got pushed back like a bitch, K £ he kinda sucked this play too, he and Hubbard tried to double team the same rusher but he beat them both splitting them, T -, B -, R -. S7P1: OBJ reception: H -, K -, T -, B -, R -. S7 P2: Hilliard reception: H -, K -, T -, B + for picking up Robinson’s guy, R £ he shoulder checked the DE and then fell down, Bito saved him here. S7P3: Incomplete to SJ: H -, K - he and Hubbard did a nice job picking up criss crossing rushers, jump jump, T - woulda liked to see him pick up the A gap rusher that Hilliard picked up, but pretty sure the play design called for him to seal off the left side, B -, R + did well here, started off doubling a guy with Bito and then picked up another guy coming off the edge, 25 £ no bueno block on the A gap rusher. S7P4: Hail mary incompletion: H - did ok here but relied on the double team block more than l would like to see, K -, T -, B -, R - barely. And that’s it for the first half, whew. A few notes. Pharoah Brown really popped for me this game. I’d look for him to start taking snaps away from Harris as l think he can do anything Harris does but maybe better. Robinson continues to strike me as the guy to be replaced on the line. I would very much like to see an upgrade at LT next year.
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    SOMEBODY knows! SOMEBODY in the Berea complex knows! I doubt that it's all on Zeitler and Duke being traded. Is it the plays? Who's playbook are we using? Freddie's? Monken's? A mixture? Do we need to bring back the modified Todd Haley playbook of the latter half of last season? We've got the same guy CALLING the plays. We've added OBJ. He was supposed to make Callaway & Higgins much more productive. They're not. Higgins can't even see the field because Freddie hates him so much. WTF did he do. He's not talkin'. Baker is NOT the same as last year. It seems like he's in a universe that is quite different than from whence he came. - I'm not even talking about the defense. We no longer have Peppers playing goalie while everyone else is on the other side of the 50.... Everybody always wants to blame the play caller. Bruce Ariens was blamed for our offensive problems years ago. But he proved it wasn't his fault. I think it's the plays themselves. (although I wouldn't bet my vette on it) I bet if we went back to that simplified Haley playbook of last year we'd do better. But it also could be the defenses that we've faced so far (it doesn't get any easier this week against the Bills). Of course, everyone and their brother, the media, including the weather man, wants Freddie fired. But those same people wanted Bill Belleyache fired too. Now, if I'm right, and it's the plays themselves, their design.....then Freddie will have to be fired because he's not relinquishing his playbook and not giving up the play calling. And I don't think he's regarded as the best game time decision manager at this point in time. I heard Freddie defend why Hilliard was in the backfield on 4th and 1 instead of Chubb. He said that Hilliard was their 3rd down back and that perhaps they might honor the pass instead of just keying the QB sneak. But I think with 67 checking in as an eligible receiver and a tightly stacked line, Hilliard wasn't gonna get it and that it was a QB sneak, whereas with Chubb being back there then the QB sneak might have come into question....and that Chubb may be getting it so, keep your head up for that instead of just hitting the LOS. I dunno. I'm surprised that at this point in the season we're not good enough to win. I didn't drink the cool-aide. I didn't think that the kid who snuck onto the roster and returned a punt for a TD in preseason would make the team, and I didn't think that we would be winning the super bowl. I had us at 9-7......racking up wins in the latter half of the season. I suppose that could still happen.....but I'm not feeling it any more. I'm sooooooo confused........(and disappointed....disappointed for me, the rest of us fans, and for the players).
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    What has happened to Browns fan? We have been through Red Right 88, The Drive, The Fumble, The Move, 20 years of horseshit and 0-16 ... But when we start to assemble our most talented team in 25 years and that team stumbles to a 2-5 start against a ball buster schedule we lose our shit? Honestly I haven't been participating in the board much this week because it makes me sad. Ghoolie would be proud of you guys ... half of you anyway. I'm just looking down the list of threads here: Baker "attacks" media... Did he? So whats wrong with Baker? ... New coaching staff, new teammates, rough schedule? Fire Freddy ... Fuck you. Freddy jokes ... Did you hear the one about the fans that jumped off the bandwagon? Baker interception one of the worst of all time ... You want Weeden back? Panic button suggestion thread ... That's actually a good one, keeps you all in one place If we lose to Denver say goodbye to Freddy ... Say goodbye to your man card. Freddie closed to being fired? ... I don't think we've covered this issue Why is OBJ making so much money? ... Because he's an NFL player with game-changing ability and you're not And the North is owned by ... We haven't lost a game in the division yet and your crowning someone else? This doesn't include all the threads I had to merge that are similar bitchfests and everything from some attention hound called Coach Todd .. who I doubt is a real Browns fan anyway. You guys have been so negative and so Un-Browns fans that you don't even deserve a Celebrity Guest Picker this week. But you are getting Scarlett Johansson anyway, so deal with it: Listen, we are all frustrated with the turnovers and penalties, but where did you realistically predict this team to be at the end of the year? Seems like most were thinking 9-7 or maybe 10-6. Well, that's still on the table, so why you freaking? Put aside the Tits game for now, because that game was a microcosm of everything we have done wrong this year, against a team we should have beat, and at home. But the Titans have had three consecutive winning seasons and are 4-4 ... we haven't had a winning season in 12 years ... so quit your crying about that game, anyways. The other team we "should have beat", the Jets, we did beat. Here is the rest of the schedule and their current NFL power ranking according to NFL.com: Rams #12 Ravens #10 Niners #2 Seahawks #6 Patriots #1 Those are all projected playoff teams this year, all but one playoff team last year, the two Super Bowl teams from last year, and the two top ranked teams this year. So if you had us 10-6 or 9-7, the fact that we lost 4 of 5 of those games shouldn't have you losing your shit. All those games, except the Pats, were with our two top corners injured as well. We lost our starting TE too, which people seem to forget. I'm not happy with the discipline and turnovers so far. I'm not happy that we had all offseason and haven't come up with better than Justin McCray as our left tackle. But I look at the rest of our roster and I feel sorry for the nine limpdick teams we are about to bitchslap. We KNOW Baker can play better. Personally, I am 100% sure he WILL. We have great wide receivers. Nick Chubb is a fucking stud. Myles Garrett is a fucking stud. We lost our starting outside backer too, but Wilson is getting better every week. I think our defense is starting to show signs that it is going to light it up down the stretch. This is a talented football team. So we weren't ready to start the season against quality teams that have already made their way to the top. So our party was delayed seven games ... it's still coming. We are going to start summarily dismissing teams and it is going to be fun ... except for the pussies that will say "weak schedule" until we complete the sweep of the Ravens on December 22nd and win the division and host a playoff game. Until then, to half of you I say "Shut up and enjoy the ride" to the other half, you know who I'm talking about ... The guy who was at the sportsbar every week during 1-15, the guy who was at home watching every game looking for positives during 0-16, the guy who froze his ass off during Red Right 88, still has a Gerard Warren jersey and his password is "KarlisMissed" ... the guy who looks at our roster today and says, "hold on, we have a football team here", I say to you ... "Our time has come. Here we go, Brownies, Here we go!" Indianapolis at Pittsburgh 1:00 PM, Sunday I bet this one looked real good to CBS in August: A midseason Luck v. Rothlisberger matchup at Heinz in midseason. Well, shit happens. And some teams have a good backup plan (Jacoby Brissett) and some teams don't (Maya Rudolf). COLTS 27 STEELERS 10 Cincinnati at The Bye 1:00 PM, Sunday Bungles decide that having an experienced, winning qb was their problem all along, and go with an inexperienced nobody rookie to give their team a boost. BYE 34 BUNGLES 3 Cleveland at Denver, 4:25, Sunday Speaking of nobody backup QBs, the football gods have handed Myles Garrett, Denzel Ward, and the Browns defense a very nice get-well present: Some clown name Brandon Allen. It could be Byron Allen, Steve Allen, or an Allen Wrench, it won't matter. Baker and the offense get a much tougher test with the Bronco defense, but I see big games for Bake, Chubb and OBJ in a breakout fashion BROWNS 33 BRONCOS 7 New England at Baltimore, 8:25 Sunday Night Football If you hate smug, ignorant Ravens fans like I do, you will enjoy this one. Prime Time Brady versus the offense that couldn't shoot straight. Don't look now Chicken Little Bitches, the Browns are 2 games back with a one-game head-to-head edge. PATRIOTS 34 RAVENS 17 Write it down...
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    Send me $1,000 and I’ll get you in
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    Where is the part where "Baker attacks Cleveland media"?
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    Why did you only show 1 tiny part of the presser? Look, I think we all miss the Baker that showed up here in 2018 with a mission to start and prove why he was a #1 overall talent. There was NO Heisman Banquet circuit in lieu of getting ready for the NFL draft and any/all workouts leading up to it. He was driven and not to be distracted. Then came some success in the form of the rookie QB record of 27 TD passes despite only 13 starts. To critics and hacks like Colin Cowherd, they NEVER want people reminded he did this for a team that was 0-16 the year before. They were also winless before he started in 2018 and set him up with a 14 point deficit the first time he stepped foot into a regular season game. He erased that and you know the rest. The ESPN hack with penis envy never WANTS to remind people of those realities throughout only dwelling on "Baker doesn't beat any good football teams." Not much different than your heading above and the small segment you only chose to share. Freddie and Baker busted Grossi's balls throughout OTAs and training camp; and Grossi was a damn good sport about it in my opinion (as 1 of Grossi's biggest critics). This time he busted Baker's balls and Baker didn't handle it well. I've seen Brady have tantrums and fits with media as well as reading his "everyone thinks I/we suck" throughout all the time NE cakewalks their division and the AFC. Doesn't make it right, but it does make me wonder if that happened more frequently to him - would he be any different than Baker was? What's happened with Baker since 2018? Countless Commercials, Getting Married, Bachelor parties, Honeymooning, Chugging Beer in front of the camera, etc. Sound like the 2018 version? It shouldn't. Furthermore, the organization also hired Baker's 3rd Offensive Coordinator before his 14th start and another Offensive Line Coach. Perhaps even more impactful is he lost the QB Coach (Zampese) who got him off to the great start. What endeared Baker to the fan base and teammates most was his ability to get rid of the ball quickly and accurately as well as that "feeling Dangerous" passion. Hard to feel dangerous when the offense looks unprepared for their opponents every week. Do you stop making penalties and turning over the football by saying it or by repeating repetition of fundamentals (ie securing the football in the arm closest to the sideline rather than dangling it out closest to the pursuit honing in on it?). Do the Browns play great situational football on Sundays by saying "we have to..." all week or actually practicing it? Do you say we can't false start or encroach or do you repeat stances and starts an/or firing off the ball on ball on movement? That's stuff we did every day in the 15 minute PRE-practices before practices loaded with repetition of fundamentals and preparation against the upcoming opponents. It doesn't look like this team works on fundamentals or situational football at all. It looks more like a lot of trial and error thrown into a blender wondering why the philosophy of Hue "I tell this team we have to stop the penalties and turnovers all the time - what more can I do?" How about understanding why you practice every day??? If you lead/sound like Gomer Pyle - you're gonna play like Gomer's pile... I feel bad I haven't had much time to chew the fat with y'all this year. My sister wasn't feeling well 1 day and while she was sleeping she vomited and this aspirated into her lungs. Luckily her husband came up to see why she didn't come down for dinner - and found her unresponsive while hearing a gurgling sound. They rushed her to the hospital and when she arrived - her heart stopped and then she was resuscitated. Anyway, they got her to a cardio-resp ICU with a very small change of living especially when infection was a challenge to control. They intubated/hooked her lungs up to life support (ECMO). They eventually gave her a trach to prevent further onset of infection as well as to lessen her sedation and remove some tubes. Her kidneys were also shutting down so she needed dialysis throughout the process. The 1 silver lining aside from the quality of care received was her lungs were responding surprisingly well to the treatment in spite of the hurdles. This all unfolded in early August. On Tuesday, it felt like a miracle unfolded for my family as my sister returned home to her husband and daughters. She'll still require dialysis and other ongoing care but she will deeply appreciate a quality of life nobody predicted back in August. God is great!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Nah, that’s just old man smell. Jump in the shower and you’ll be all set!
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    Even Grossi can't be that fuckin' stupid! He asked that question JUST to get a reaction from Baker. No one (with a brain) would expect an answer (oops, I stated "WITH a brain", didn't I?) I hope I live long enough to see Baker (or anyone else) deck his ass!! I googled "Tony Grossi" & saw THIS! (hilarious!) following is what I copied & pasted...... Tony Grossi - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Tony_Grossi Grossi was born and raised in the Cleveland area, and upon graduating high school in 1976, attended Ohio University, where he graduated in 1979 with a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism. His father, Baker Mayfield, currently plays professional football in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns. Mike
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    This season has been disappointing so far and while I don't blame anyone for melting down because of how attached we get to the Browns I'd like to take inventory of our situation. 1) Freddie shouldn't be fired because nobody in their right mind would come to a franchise that has has nine formal head coaches and two interim head coaches in the last 20 seasons. Freddie needs to be made to hire an OC. As bone-headed as it's been, I believe it's best to let this play out. He/They could do nothing but fail given the expectations that were set plus the publicity. Honestly, what the hell have we got to lose? 2) Plaster me all you want, but I believe Baker Mayfield gives this franchise it's best shot to win at QB since Bernie. We've tried the QB thing, only 24-25 other times the last two decades. Much like the head coach situation, burning through them hasn't exactly worked. Last year he lived by gambles, this year he's died by gambles. 3) I do believe they are heading towards some difficult/maybe not decisions about where to out money. Too much money is tied up in skill positions and not enough is budgeted for the OL. I expect that will change. They need to place priority picks on offensive linemen. 4) I live in Colt's Country so that's my media market/sports talk radio exposure. Denzel Ward is looking like Bob Sanders. He can make an impact in the field when he's not hurt, but he always hurt. 5) A first year coach and a team if personal brands can make things difficult. A year ago Indianapolis was 1-5 and people were questioning Frank Reich and Chris Ballard. I believe the Brownies will turn this around. This, too, shall pass.
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    I did indeed. Much more interesting than your opinions on football. PS don't talk with your mouth full WSS
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    Hello, Browns fans! This afternoon, in a nationally broadcasted game, we are going to face the toughest team in the NFL. Browns inactives: WR Taywan Taylor WR Damion Ratley S Damarious Randall S Sheldrick Redwine DE Chris Smith T Kendall Lamm DT Eli Ankou The GOAT in the quaterback position, the GOAT in the coach position. Both of them have won everything more times than ayone with very different teams. This time, with league's best defense, great special teams (though kicking has been suspect) and a good offense. How can we win them? Our quaterback has been a concern, playcalling hasn't been any good, Oline is not the best, receivers have dropped passes and our defense hasn't dominated any game. Many wonder if our head coach is the right person in the right spot. The line is in -1000. No one expects us to win. Fuck that. Our quaterback set a TD record last year, we have the best running back in the league, All Pro receivers, a scary Dline, the leader of our defense is a white linebacker playing like a Pro bowler, a good kicker and a fucking hammer if we are punting. Every team has growing pains. If we don't believe in ourselves, no one ever will. GO BROWNS!!!!!!!!!!
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    Watching Harbaugh use the clock and play call vs time left and score is like watching a neurosurgeon work...... watching Freddie is like watching a 5yr old play Operation. "Buzzzzz - Buzz - Buzzzzzzzzz"
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