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    Oh man, this sucks. Gip and I rarely saw eye-to-eye but he was genuinely a nice guy and a god-tier Browns fan. This board, and this world, are a little darker without him. RIP to a Browns Board legend and a man who impacted all of our lives in ways he’ll never know.
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    Found this one posted by Nickers in the Barber Shop... Sadly, It's to awesome not to post it here^^ Thanks Nickers!
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    Despite your baseless name calling (a useless non-argument) Joe Biden is every bit the "slimeball" you imagine trump to be. He has earned his millions not from political office but from selling influence through his obviously crooked son. After your unfounded accusations of Trump strong arming Ukraine Joe did it and bragged it on television. As far as lying? Your only defense is that Joe probably doesn't even know what hes reading off a telepropter. And his policies are absolutely more destructive to the United States than any of Trump's. WSS
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    Baker is fucking cool as shit. He lives on a lake with his hot wife, he took us from 0-16 to 12-6 and he can wear any fucking shirt he wants. Think of all the soulless fucks we've had at the position between Bernie and him ... Z
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    God https://www.ksdk.com/article/news/local/george-floyd-mural-collapse/512-c55a220d-affc-48aa-85aa-536ca6b0fdab
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    Yes I know Woodrow you want everybody to think that you are a fair and balanced even minded and completely neutral thinker.. even though your defences are almost always for the left and your attacks against the right. And it's always a good idea just to step away if you can't defend your position or make any real point. If you can't see the truth then really who cares? WSS
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    There is so much video out there being stifled it's not even funny. BLAntifa was entering the Capital Building while Trump was still speaking (he was late, but they didn't know that and kept on their schedule).
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    That's a man that does not give af what you think. Love him. Z
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    A bunch of blather and you failed to answer one single question. You should be a politician the way you circumvent questions.
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    I didn’t know trespassing carried the death penalty. I guess most of the looters during the BLM riots deserved to be shot as well. Also, if that gunslinger would’ve missed and shot one of the cops standing behind her, you would be ok with that?
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    https://www.nationalreview.com/2020/12/why-trumps-election-fraud-lawsuits-flopped/ "The Trump lawsuits may have had merit. In Georgia alone, Trump lawyers alleged, in addition to mail-in signature problems: 92 mail-in ballots cast before voters requested them 217 voters whose mail-in ballots were “applied for, issued, and received all on the same day” 395 out-of-state voters 1,043 people who claimed to live at post-office boxes 2,560 ineligible felons 10,315 dead people 66,247 voters under the age of 18 305,701 voters who requested absentee ballots after the deadline In Georgia, Joe Biden won by fewer than 12,000 votes."
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