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    Lol ... Baker is the man. He had a poor game! Accuracy is probably off due to left shoulder injury. But he didn't turn it over, and we won! In fact, he has won 10 of his last 14 starts, with two close losses to the Chiefs, the game where his entire wide receiver corps was out due to covid protocols, and a loss to the Ravens in which he put up 42 on them. We all saw what he did last year down the stretch, and how accurate he was this year before the injury. He'll be back to his old self soon, we'll keep winning, and he'll get paid. Z
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    Two weeks ago the mob wanted to throw a noose around Joe Woods neck. Now they're turning on our franchise qb. All during a 3 game winning streak. I think you'll be in love with Bake again in two weeks. In the meantime I'm over here enjoying a Victory Monday the old-fashioned way ... Relishing it. Z
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    And this is why they call it "Over reaction Monday."
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    $.02 won't get it done
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    Has any player more apply filled a gigantic pair of shoes?
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    Baker is playing with a torn labrum and a shoulder harness, you dicks. He was brought here to WIN and we are WINNING. I love our gutsy, talented bad-ass winning QB and he's THE GUY moving forward. Z
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    Not flying back with the team showed arrogance, cluelessness and lack of committment. He's out of his element because he can't recruit. Saying it's like playing Alabama every week was the understatement of the year, these are are grown ass men who would destroy Alabama with coaching staffs that waited their whole lives to get to this point and are hungry and fully committed. He's got a bad, but young, team that needs a leader, not a CEO. As for the thing with the chick, none of my business but he just humiliated his family. Holidays should be fun. Other than that, things seem to be going smoothly in Jax. Zombo
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    Build back better? With mask and vax mandates ?????? Laying off and or firing workers for not agreeing to his bullshit . FUCKJOE BIDEN
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    And tell me, exactly, how that is any different than what Baker did last year? Hell, we had so many guys out with COVID issues in the playoffs Mayfield met a key offensive lineman AT the game. Yet somehow we won and were very close to being in the AFC championship game. Relax, bud. Who knows, in 4 or so Mayfield may end up being our Andy Dalton. But you know what Andy Dalton at least did? Won some fucking football games and made the team fun to watch. Mayfield is the best QB the Browns have had in 20 years, and barring 12+ weeks of play like last week he's getting an extension to be the Browns QB for the next 4-5 years. Mayfield and the Browns aren't dumb-he's not, barring winning a SB ring, going to get a Mahomes contract. Tannehill for example is a great bar for him, although I expect Mayfield to get more (4 years, $118 million). And look, I get it. We all want the next Aaron Rodgers or Mahomes who walks on water out there. But this team can win for years with the formula in place, and that's a damn welcome change to 20+ years of sucking absolute ass. Our peak can EASILY be a 49ers team that went to the Super Bowl two years ago. Who the hell knows if we get that good, but the potential is there for the first time in my nearly 32 years of being on this planet.
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    Hi Debbie Downer. He had a horrible day. We won on the road anyway. I have never been prouder. Z
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    I know the following statement can be filed under under "No Fucking Shit Sherlock", but man, isn't it great to wake up and be excited immediately about the day's Browns game, and knowing there is a good chance the Browns can win regardless of who they are playing? It's been a long time, boys.... We deserve it.
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    Ignoring the masses of people who have recovered from COVID-19 is a major mistake. So I kindly tell you to go to hell when telling me I need a vaccine for something I successfully recovered from and have over 13 times better immunity that someone with the jab who by the way has zero immunity. Just won’t get as sick…. I’ll hold out till the end. I’m not telling folks not to get the shot though, that’s there choice. (it’s sound like there is a demographic that could benefit from it, but it’s got to be a choice.) NOBODY TRUSTS THE CDC, WHO or FAUCI.
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    Trump will be 78 years old in 2024. I'd rather not trade one septuagenarian for another when it comes to the Presidency. DeSantis by himself could be a more viable option, because he's younger. He could be a proponent of ideas that Trump had right, minus the baggage that comes with Trump's character defects.
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    At least jafb provides various tooics. You and tex just keep screaming the same old unsubstantiated talking points. (At least the woodpecker seems to think Joe has fallen short by not passing out enough free s*** for example he thinks there should be even more in the way of free education, and climate activism, but who can tell because he's such a contrarian.) The old Maxim about if you repeating a lie enough times.... Of course it doesn't become the truth I don't think it even becomes the truth in your fevered minds. But people do post varied issues about the short fallings the by the administration just in the first year. Agree or disagree those are all valid concerns. Your only response? Scream liar or traitor or cult or dictator or racist or Cheetos or spew your completely unsubstantiated conspiracy theory about the "insurrection." You've been proved wrong over and over and can't find a single solitary complete soundbyte to support it. You just don't care. Echo chamber? Yes indeed. I might even consider that you had a point if every post about Joe Biden from the conservatives concerned his hair plugs child molesting name-calling infidelity or dementia. But they aren't. Because, and I guess I can only speak for myself but I think my attitude is shared by others, my dislike of Biden and his administration is based on the things he's done which I think are harmful to the country. And certainly not based on personal attacks against other members of the board. WSS
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    And you’re a moron.
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    When the wrong person tells the story, you'll always be the bad guy
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    Just to make myself clear, I believe everyone should get the jab. The sticking point (no pun intended} is whether people should be forced.
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    Might have been, in all seriousness, the most dominant Browns defensive game in their history. But I totally get what you are saying. With the amount of new guys on defense, along with the injuries the defense has suffered, I think we won't really get a bead on this defense until closer to midseason. I will say this - the defense in general was flying to the ball all day. The defense looked as athletic as I've ever seen from a Browns defense today.
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    Joe Biden is the single most embarrassing president I've seen in my lifetime and I've seen some doozies.
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