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    After a couple of days to digest Baker being picked #1 overall, and I'm now totally on the Baker Bandwagon. There's a lot to like about the kid and since he's now a Brown, I'm going to focus on all of the good things he brings to the team, and I'll let some of you mope about on the questionable ones he brings. What got me aboard the BB? It's simple..... Who am I going to put more trust in at this point in time, all of those kool, self appointed Draft Gurus that have only seen the tip of the iceberg (but like to pretend they've seen the whole thing), or the group of people that have spent well over a thousand man hours on seeing the whole iceberg? So, it's just that phuckin' simple, and as long as the kid doesn't do anything stupid on - or especially off the field, I'll be the official Captain of the SS BB.................. All Aboard.
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    Baker Mayfield will settle our QB problem. How does it feel knowing we have a guy that will lock down this spot for the long term. No more QB talk- now we can focus our attention on the next thing... finding the next Barkley!
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    Week 1, 2019 I think Tyrod is better than some of your are giving him credit for
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    Cool pic of Mayfield looking out at the place where he’s going to spend Sunday afternoons in the fall. . .
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    The throws were there. Go watch the games. If anything, his arm was more than strong enough, and he wasn’t technically sound - threw with way too much arm and wrist. That tells you all you need to know. When he actually drives the ball, it’s still accurate, and velocity is above average. The fact he can complete passes at a high level from multiple release points is a huge bonus. he also has a great grasp of “the plan” and knows how to find open players after his primary reads are gone. throws at an elite level while moving. Finally, he has what Bill Walsh called his single greatest and most significant QB trait: Spontaneous Genius. This is not a scramble and throw trait, but one the best skills a successful QBs possess. It’s also being able to maintain composure and execute positive plays when things don’t go according to plan; and also the ability to execute in high leverage spots—3rd down, red zone, fourth quarter. People crowned Darnold in May 2017 and never looked back. (People are prideful). Darnold regressed. Mayfield rose. The browns decided Mayfield was the better pick. Right or wrong... I believe what I wrote above is why.
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    He has to finish his 40 at the Combine before he can drafted.
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    I like the pick. Didn't waste our #1 pick on a RB and still got a beast. I'm stoked.
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    Good idea, I'm not going to do it though, because once these guys become Browns I support them too much. Mayfield was gaining fast on Darnold for me, and now that we picked him ... it seems perfect. I like him better as the face of the franchise and I'm starting to think he'll do better on the field as well. Good luck to Barkley, but I basically don't care what he does now when he's not playing us. Fuck New York ... they got our sloppy seconds. Zombo
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    Um, there's a few guys here with enough money- they could buy a trailer park if they had the mind to. So can the insults, Mr. Holier than Thou. If you're a true old timer, let me remind you if then was now, Jim Brown would be in jail for beating up on women. So- you like name calling on Mayfield. Yup, he got drunk once that we all know about, that doesn't make him a big time juicer. Got any concrete proof otherwise, other times? You had better be a complete tea-totaler before you play the drunkard card on Baker. You're also way out of line if you don't think after the Manziel fiasco, the Browns didn't have intel on every bar in Norman and interviewed everyone they could think of about Baker's off-field proclivities. PS, as far as we know, Callaway isn't in jail. You must have forgotten Caleb Brantley had a brush with the law before we drafted him, so why not follow a team that's 100% choir boys? I'll give you a hint- you won't be able to find one.
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    https://sports.yahoo.com/2018-draft-magnets-mayfield-browns-045315581.html?src=rss • They got very little action on the No. 4 pick. Four teams called Dorsey with interest in moving up. None got serious. Only one team (I’d guess Arizona) offered a 2019 first-round pick as part of the package to move, which is surprising considering that two quarterbacks were still on the board when the fourth pick came up. The team willing to include its first-rounder next year said to Dorsey before the draft began: “I’m coming up for one player and one player only, and that’s Baker Mayfield.” As Dorsey said: “I knew all along it wasn’t going to happen.” So for those wondering why didn’t the Browns try to pillage some team by moving down a few spots, they never had the chance. • Good nugget from Peter Schrager about the Patriots and Mayfield. On the NFL Network telecast, Schrager said the Patriots spent time Monday with Mayfield, which raised some eyebrows. Mike Reiss, in his Sunday column on ESPN, added the fact that it was offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels who visited Mayfield in his hometown of Austin on Monday. That would lend credence to the theory in some corners that if Mayfield dropped down to, say, six or seven in round one, New England might have been able to offer enough to move up from the 23rd pick in the round to tempt a team in trade. • Sodium pentathol, and defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, came up in the wake of the Denzel Ward pick. Truth serum. My question to Dorsey on Friday morning: “If we gave Gregg Williams sodium pentathol right now, who would he have said he wanted with the fourth pick—Denzel Ward or Bradley Chubb?” Dorsey pulled out his cell phone and rang Williams. I asked him the question. Williams: “Ward. The reason is our need for a press cover cornerback. Denzel probably plays that position as well as anyone I’ve seen in college football in some time. We probably play the most press of any team in the league. There’s another reason. I’ve got a video of 28 snaps of Myles Garrett pass-rushes last year where he gets within two steps or less of the quarterback when the ball comes out. Basically, we aren’t covering long enough to let him get to the quarterback. Myles and others—especially [defensive end] Emmanuel Ogbah—will get more chances because of Denzel.” Ogbah, Williams said, was a major reason why the Browns went Ward over Chubb. “Ogbah’s a rising star in this league,” Williams said. “He’s got a chance to be Chubb.” High praise. ------------------- Dorsey knew for quite a while that he wanted Mayfield...and Williams knew he wanted Ward. (I guess you've gotta cover the receivers at least a LITTLE BIT in order to get a sack) Go Browns!
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    Why are you on a Browns board belittling our Number one pick?
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    Dude, stop. Cry into your beer but stop making useless threads.
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    Dorsey's looked into their souls... Makes me wonder how he'd do with Putin.
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    remember to tell Duke to Hyde his Chubb
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    It’s a 4th round pick for Christ sake.
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    There's a Penn State joke in there somewhere....
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    Rosen is also an idiot. Proving my theory of why he made his comment that 9 other teams made a mistake before he was picked. You don't have a crystal ball. Mayfield is accurate, has a lot of heart, and tremendous upside. True he's not Drew Brees, just like Dorsey said he's not Manziel. He's his own man....
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    GOOD! Those so called "experts" have rated our drafts very high the last few years, so I cheerfully accept low grades from them. They've proven to me they have no credibility. Our true grades on this draft will be more apparent in 2-3 years. I am also glad we kept our 2nd round picks. Mike
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    Wait until Barkley scores his first TD
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    Have you ever used a cut and paste in any of your countless accusations of things you wished people have said? I'm still waiting, it's only been 20 years of the same ole same ole. I just had a rip snortin riot sticking our 10-6 record and your Joe Thomas is gonna be an epic bust up your butt in his rookie year (2007). I didn't realize you still had asss bleed from it in 2018 but you haven't stopped trying to get me back for it. I couldn't be more flattered. Even better, you're still trying to convince yourself 10 consecutive Pro Bowls for a Left Tackle is a horrible pick while Paxton Lynch is a Football Messiah. You're still the only troll on this board that ever had to call up Stan and tell him Zombo is playing too rough for you. All of a sudden, look who got to post again. That's so adorable! Even on this response, you finally used cut and paste which could have been epic progress if you actually read what you cut and pasted. Not your agenda though and never has been. My problem isn't with Ozzie. It's with the people that are blowing him up into a Superhero for taking a QB talented enough for 1st round consideration at #32 overall. The reason I wrote the post was because all the way up to the draft, the NFL Channel was reporting Jackson's mom wasn't answering calls or returning them from teams that left messages and wanted him to come for a visit. This was AFTER they established in public Lamar only wants to play QB. Employees (former players of color) on the NFL Channel that were reporting this said Lamar was getting bad advice (his mom is his agent). The red light his mom gave some teams even allowed a team that was interested to take another player in round 1 before a 1st round QB in their eyes right? On the night of the draft, nobody brought it up while he waited and waited until the NFL Channel crowned Ozzie a hero from the trade up. I think his mother was being racially selective with her trust when I read Marvin Lewis and Cincy FO took him out to dinner and he also met with Baltimore so I didn't like seeing the way it was playing out. Any agent representing a kid like Lamar should have been aware teams/FOs like Dallas, Carolina, Houston have drafted QBs of Color and found ways to make them productive early on. Then again, I am wasting this point on someone that can't wait to call every QB of color he sees a "Black Fran Tarkenton." FWIW, I found this thread getting racially heated and that's my bad. It shouldn't have taken Dutch and Nero to point this out to me but I'm glad they did. Just my opinion, it seems like a GIGANTIC conflict of interest to be a huge Pro Football fan or one of this franchise, in particular; if you have issues with men of color. NFL Channel blowing Baltimore (per carefully selected Heading) was my issue. I didn't see any of the same "WOW, look how long it took to draft Mason Rudolph" from a guy who never won less than 10 games in the last 3 years starting with all 3 completion percentages exceeding 62. Weren't both guys tied for Mayock's #5 ranking at least allegedly and in print? But which one had the bigger story juice waiting? If they would have reminded people Lamar's agent refused the interest of teams that were calling - it's a buzz kill on the heart warming story they wanted to close the 1st round with. The risk/reward of it all still came from the 1 GM that is retiring at the end of 2018.
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    The drummer from Def Leppard declared for the Draft?
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    He was my second favorite guy in every instance. I figured Sam darnold was the safest but in second place I liked Baker Mayfield. It seems to me the Josh Rosen was the most ready to step into an NFL offense and my second choice was Baker Mayfield. I believed that Josh Allen had the physical tools to be a legendary quarterback if you can harness the lightning and again my #2 was Baker Mayfield. I like the kid I'm on his side. WSS
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    Never understood this argument. If we had Aaron Donald and won all of maybe one more game with him in the same time frame, you could still say the same thing and be all BUT HOW MANY GAMES HE WIN US BRUH!?!? Losing doesn't preclude us from having a quality player at any given position. It's a team game and we addressed a position of need with a top rated player. A bit higher than I'd like, but addressed none-the-less. Let's not make this harder than it has to be.
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