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    In the middle of the room, shouting "Just please stop" amidst the flames and chaos.
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    I'm not. I am glad we embrace it. It's just a process of gathering information. You still have boots on the ground(scouts) trying to measure the things you mentioned. I am glad we got rid of the "foobal" guy who hand selected Freddie to be our coach. I don't blame Freddie for not being ready. I blame the Doofus for thinking he was.
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    That and I'm 100% convinced she'd be able to beat the shit out of the two guys who posted before you on this thread. 🤣🤣
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    I'm very openly a fan of the latest moves but the point of Flores is an important one. That Miami team intentionally torpedo their season. Flores, coached the hell out of that terrible team to 5 wins. Does anyone else not recognize that Hue Jackson can't find a job ANYWHERE?!! Nobody wants to hire him. Everyone including myself and the media, lauded the Browns when they hired him at the time but hindsight being 20/20, we couldn't have been more wrong. Once again, Dorsey has been ousted now twice within two years from two separate organizations (one of which has gone on to the SB without him). That has to tell you something about his management style. The Browns even tried to retain him recognizing his ability to see talent. I'm skeptical of some of the latest moves with Wolf and Van Pelt, but there's only so much an organization can do to retain people who a) are able to come b) want to stay. Wolf wanted out even after the attempts were made by Berry to keep him. IMOP, this was probably because his butt got hurt with Berry being promoted and he didn't. Highsmith is not going to another organization, he's essentially retiring. I think the Stefanski really wanted McDaniels or LaFluer from SF as OC, but SF blocked those guys, as is their right to do. This team has too much talent to go 1-31. Let's see what happens once the off-season parades are over and we can have a better idea of how well this "team" is put together. To preemptively judge how this organization is going to be run is ridiculous.
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    Yup... basically what MG has said all along... ... but for God's sake please wear a boring, navy-blue, pinstripe, business suit this time and a tie! This ain't no red carpet moment.
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    Yay! A warm body willingly took the job!
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    This has nothing to do with the legality of this situation. Just more poor judgement.
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    As a coach of a female only sport for the last 18yrs, I say it's pretty fucking awesome and am all for it.
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    Bill Callahan has officially been named Browns' OL Coach. I always wait (& sometimes worry) until it comes from the Browns. Great hire. Mike
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    Hoorta, I think it is more that the decision makers will take in to account what Depo says as well as what the scouts say. The Dorse ignored Depo. Depo doesn't make the decisions. He simply provides information that might help the people that do.
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    This so-called trial is a sham and the democrats are all too happy to drag it on as long as they can. They have lied so much they actually believe there lies. In there tiny brains they have convinced themselves that they are doing this for ‘country’. Jail time should bring them back to reality... POTUS having to deal with this is unheard of, yet he continues to Make America Great Again.
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    To add to others, Joe Woods WAS a DC in Denver. Dutch, obviously your research prior to the post could have used analytics to assure your information was correct. Mike
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    seems like an excellent staff being put together. Woods... and Van Pelt... "He’ll help run a version of the West Coast offense that Gary Kubiak, now the Vikings coordinator, installed in Minnesota last year with Stefanski running the offense. It’s virtually the same scheme that Kyle Shanahan coached to a Super Bowl berth Sunday against the Chiefs."
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    I'll bet my Cornell wife had better grades. Hire her. She can learn to throw darts at a board of players' names as well as anyone has so far.😁
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    Boom! Got one. Mic drop... *runs from stage before next question gets answered*
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    Best president in my lifetime. I never saw it coming. I was disappointed when Trump won the nomination thinking that would insure Hillary Clinton would win. Wrong. In retrospect Trump might have been the only republican who could have beaten Clinton. As president I have never seen any other president in my lifetime more committed to actually fulfilling their campaign promises. Trump has a whole list of accomplishments in three years and he has done it with the dems throwing everything possible at him (including now impeachment) and a biased corrupt liberal MSM who will not give him any credit for any of his achievements and have consistently ran over 90 percent negative stories against him.
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    Today today today, I consider myself myself myself, the luckiest man man man, on the face of the earth earth earth........... I'd like to say thank you to all of the homers, who without your ability to not be able to see the forest through the trees, I would not have won this prestigious award. .... and a special thanks to mjp28 for at least keeping me honest, and just know that this award will look awesome on my mantle.
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    Like let Freddie sink under his own incompetence? And then Dorsey still gets to pick the next coach? Haslam was 100% correct in telling Dorsey- that was such a monumental screw up, you don't get a mulligan there.
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    Just a question, if Odell jr was out at some restaurant with his friends or family, would he be ok if some random fan or person he didn't know came up behind him and smacked him on the ass? And before you say it is not the same, yes it is. And it's an even bigger of a deal because the the guy he did it to security guard cop or whatever was in uniform and on official business. I've seen people arrested for merely touching an officer. And those that think this is nothing, the police issued an arrest warrant. Negative press for the Browns who already have everything going against them as a franchise.
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    Can we shoot Haslam instead?
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    Man, I was so surprised by Poetic's bet (23 TD! That's 1,5 per game) that I had to check it. The receiver who scored most touchdowns in a season was Randy Moss in 2007, WITH 23, being only Jerry Rice the other player ever surpassing the 20 TD mark. I guess that when you bet for an all time best you are probably gonna end up as a 'Big Dummy'. EDIT: Cooper Kupp had the most TD this year and he scored 10. Michael Thomas, with 1700 yards, 9.
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    Joy Villa wears pro-Trump gown to Grammys: 'impeached and re-elected'
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    I agree. The fool put himself under a microscope. He should be keeping himself so clean that he squeaks. Instead, he gets in a car that smells of pot & speeds. Simply STUPID! Mike
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    Another kneeling Holstein.
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