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    This year, we will add a scoring system and the Winner is forever enshrined on the Wall of Champions. Scoring: 3 points: Solo Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 2 points: Shared Winner Winner Chicken Dinner 1 point: Participation ๐Ÿ† 0 point: Big Dummy Award 2020 Final Standings: 1. Flugels 19 2. Zombo 17 Coyote 17 4.Dutch Oven 16 5. SD Backers 15 D Bones 15 Tourma 15 Gumby 15 I Bleed 15 10. Nero 14 Tex A&M 14 12. Gipper 13 13 Bob 806 12 Congratulations to Flugel, and to the Terrific Top Three! Zombo
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    14. What two teams play in the Super Bowl? Who wins? Bob806: Kansas City over LA Rams Gipper: Kansas City over New Orleans SdBacker80: New Orleans over Kansas City DBone: Baltimore over San Francisco Nero: New Orleans over Kansas City Tour2ma: Tennessee over Dallas Dutch Oven: Kansas City over New Orleans gumby73: Kansas City over San Francisco Flugel: Tampa Bay over Baltimore Coyote: Kansas City over Tampa Bay Zombo: Cleveland over Dallas TexasAg: Kansas City over (?) Ibleedbrown: Cleveland over Green Bay Answer: Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV 31-9. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Kansas City seemed primed to repeat as champions, as they went 14-2 in the regular season, but by the time they made it out of the playoffs they were somewhat battered and bruised. Tampa Bay, on the other hand, had hit another gear by the time they took the field at their home stadium, and repeatedly punched the Chiefs in the face. Tom Brady, who obviously sold his soul to the devil, won his seventh Super Bowl title. No one picked a Tampa Bay over Kansas City Super Bowl, but Flugel did predict a Bucs title. Coyote gets an 'atta boy!' for picking the two correct teams, but the wrong result. And the 'Big Dummy Award' goes to... No one picked a matchup of two teams that didn't make the playoffs, but Tour's selection of Dallas as the NFC participant was a doozy, as was TexAg's puzzling choice of no one to play against Kansas City. Something must have been in the Texas water back in September ๐Ÿ˜‹ And this concludes another fun-filled edition of Dutch's Browns Questions! Thank you all for participating, I hope to see you (and more of you) come September 2021 for another round of shenanigans and tomfoolery!
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    [cut] With all due respect. WSS
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    The more I reflect on the 2020 season, the more I am impressed by the job Stef and Co. did developing this team thru... to say the least... adverse circumstances. Well deserved recognition.
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    Terrible sad news, T 7 years of beating Alzheimer from the age of 70? That's another WIN nobody can take back Coach Shot'z... ๐Ÿ™ Prayers, our friend ..
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    But I would offer that absolutely nothing about the Trump presidency (excerpt his unconventional personality) has been extreme at all especially compared to what might have once been a moderate Democrat Party. The only extremism is the rhetoric from your guys screaming racist xenophobe Nazi blah blah blah. And I've watched more than I care to see of the Democrats during the impeachment speechifying and these people are probably not clinically insane. But I understand they are feigning schizophrenic outrage to appeal to their voters who are probably actually morons. WSS
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    Another year, another simple understanding of how teams win super bowls -above average at worst, to elite level play at the QB -A relentless ability to get to the QB -A OL that keeps your QB upright. Candidly, we have two of the three. Offseason and draft needs to focus heavily on improving pass rush.
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    Look who is sucking up for the next tiebreaker...
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    Hoorta loves this Q-anon nonsense so much.
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    I see you have no problem with lies.. You bleed Brown because you are full of shit.
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    NFL Honors NFLโ€™s Coach of the Year Kevin Stefanski Congrats Coach Kevin Stefanski
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    In other news next year Lowe's will be running a sale on wheelbarrows so you can take enough cash to the Giant Eagle to buy a loaf of bread. But yes I know Trump Trump trump Trump trump WSS
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    I have no idea how many times I need to repeat the simple fact that I will continue to vote for the candidate who is more in line with the issues that are important to me. You can Scream the word lie and Maga over and over and over you can get pitchforks and torches and try to find dr. Moriarty or the boogeyman or whoever this Q guy is. Frankly I have no idea who the fucker or the group or whatever is and I have no idea what evil he or the group or whatever has foisted upon the world. At least with George Soros you can follow the money. At least with antifa we can recognize anarchists and Youthful assholes. At least with BLM we can recognize ignorant thugs. But the reason I didn't vote for Biden nor do I support him or his crackpot orders is not because he's a crook. Which he is. It's because the policies the stupid old fucker regurgitates are bad for America in my opinion. You people screaming about Q means about as much to me as somebody blaming everything on the devil. WSS
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    https://www.cleveland.com/sports/2021/02/les-levine-longtime-cleveland-sportswriter-and-broadcaster-dies-at-age-74.html One of Cleveland most unique Sports Talk figures. I don't know if anybody has posted this but I think he deserves a mention. WSS
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    Shutting down this pipeline has zero to do with whatโ€™s actually going thru it. its a partisan move 100% there was no plan or discussion involved, just an executive order that wiped out over 10,000 good paying jobs. anyone who backs the way this went down and how the workers are left hanging is a piece of shit.
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