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    This last Monday, New Year, has been a special day... In the worst kind of way. Just before lunch, we received a message asking to pray for one of my friends from our parish community, who was heading to the hospital in an ambulance. Nothing else. Hours latter we got to know that she had suffered a stroke and was on a surgery. By the end of the day, we were told that she had been on the surgery for 6 hours and his state was critical, currently in coma. She has been battling, though, because on Wednesday she started to move her legs at the doctors' questioning. Her family asked the doctors if they could stop sedating her during that afternoon's visit, so they could talk to her and ask her questions. She moved even her arms or mouth a bit. There was hope. Thursday she started to breathe on her own (though she stays intubed) and this Friday she was able to directly answer questing halfway moving her eyelids up, confirming that those weren't reflexed but straight conscious answers, though she didn't move extremities as other days. There's hope, but the battle is far from being won. We are worried now because they have seen in the last scanner a lot of liquid, and she has a bit of fever (infections are very risky at her state). She keeps fighting. Her name is Marta, she's 32, married and mother of two gorgeus girls of 4 and 1. It's overwhelming because her mother died in 2001, and her father in 2013, both of cancer. She has 3 sisters and 1 brother. The death of their parents made them bond together as a very united family. I didn't plan or want to post this here, I'm a quite shy guy myself. But if posting this here adds a person remembering her and her family in their prayers, it will be worth it. All the parish has her on their prayers, there are some praying groups that have been created to pray for her, and even other parishes or monasteries have been noticed about this. But there's never enough. Thank you very much for your time.
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    Screw the people that put it on and screw the people that attended. I would bet that most of them aren't even Browns fans just arseholes . There's not a man on that field that wanted to lose 16 games and probably most of which worked very hard to avoid it and I'm sure they feel bad enough as it is. We cry and bitch that the players don't love Cleveland this is one of the reasons. Why should you want to play hard for a bunch of dirtbags like this? I think it would be funny to find some of the parents of kids that play peewee football that attended this parade and go to one of the games in which their kids lose and berate them on their way out of the stadium. WSS
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    Hi, I am Ghoolie, the most accurate football analyst on the board. I am also the biggest irritant by rubbing my prediction like salt into whip sores. It is considered an honor to be insulted by me, so let me welcome you properly. Welcome aboard you homo.
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    First, let me say that, personally, I think the whole thing is ridiculous and embarrassing for the city. This just gives the rest of the country more reasons to mock Browns fans and Cleveland. So..............what are your thoughts, and is anyone here planning on going?
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    Many people felt this would be a possibility, but the main problem is with the agent, Rosenhaus. He's a known douche bag and always seems to cause trouble during contract time. For the people who don't want him back, I don't really understand that logic. He's got a nice catch radius, he played hard for Hue, and I think he'd be a good fit with Coleman and Gordon. We keep hearing about how difficult it is going to be to get players to come to Cleveland, well perhaps we have a guy who WANTS to come here, and I think we should make it happen.
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    Merry Christmas to all of the best damn sports fans on the planet. I was just going to give yuz all cyber fanny pats in this thread but I got a message that I couldn't hand out any more love on Christmas day of all things.
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    They get a veteran, like Smith or Cousins..and they wait til later to get a project. like...Tanner Lee in a later round? (like Brady went in the sixth...) Let Kizer develop...at least as much as possible... and let the qb develop, then see what you have. With legit questions on all qb's this year... two immediate all-pro players work for the Browns? Anybody like that idea? http://www.omaha.com/huskers/football/nebraska-quarterback-tanner-lee-declares-for-nfl-draft/article_39b4451e-ebfc-11e7-b644-fbefc89efa70.html https://www.cornnation.com/2017/12/28/16826826/nebraska-football-tanner-lee-qb-nfl-draft
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    The “Rosen isn’t liked by his team” thread seems a little fishy to me. It’s always some shadowy, hush-hush, I know a guy who knows a guy who hates Rosen situation. I’ve read a lot of ambiguous speculation about how everyone hates the guy, but it seems that sources willing to put their name on it don’t feel that way. Ive read two articles now that have featured named teammates saying that Rosen being disliked by the team is totally overblown by the media, and that they’re glad to “go to battle with him”. Not saying the kid can’t be a prick, but does anyone believe Peyton Manning, Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers can’t be a prick? To me the concussions are a far larger red flag than any anything else.
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    Well, miracles do happen. The first three days she semt closer to death than life, and now she's fighting and getting better faster than anyone could have thought. Even the doctors are astonished. She opened her eyes a few days ago, can look at people (though I think her stare is not 100% normal) has recovered control over all her extremities (slow and fragile, but improves as the days go), and can move her mouth and swallow on herself. She can breathe on her own though she went on a tracheotomy to assist her breathing at times (it's the normal procedure after so many days in hospital). I am not sure if she can speak but she surely can say words moving her lips (she started doing it today). Though everything I say she does takes a lot of effort for her. She started rehab to recover muscle movements yesterday and they are going to scan her the coming week to analyze how much brain damage does she have. Her relatives are optimistic and happy but cautious too. She's unbelievable. We will keep praying for her and her family and I (and her family) am specially grateful for anyone who does it at the other side of the Atlantic Ocean too Thank you very much for your time!
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    If you "alleged" fans who support this parade are so damn proud of yourselves, I have a suggestion....Get Tshirts or sweatshirts printed stating "I SUPPORT THE 0-16 PARADE"" & wear them TO a Browns' game or Training Camp so REAL Fans & Players can see who you are & boo, make fun of, & shun YOU. See how YOU like it assholes. IMHO, The REAL LOSERS were part of that parade. Mike
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    I saw Ogbah and Fatty Shelton both condemned the fans' protest parade on Twatter....... Wait, so it's OK for the players to protest during the anthem while expecting the fans to understand, and once the fans show their feelings with a protest (of sorts), now suddenly the same dudes say the fans shouldn't protest........ HA!! Don't like the parade guys? W I N.
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    I think I just seen Ghoolie driving a truck with an inflatable Paxton Lynch on the back
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    I’d venture a bet that a decent amount of the people poopooing this idea today were the ones who were supremely butthurt when Pryor left. He’s cheap, has decent hands, and probably wouldn’t have dropped that pass last Sunday. Shmuck it, Sign Pryor to a 3 yr/ $18m deal, then trade Coleman for a second round pick. Sign Landry to a mega deal, and bring in Sammy Watkins as WR4. Draft Rosen R1P1, Fitzpatrick R1P4, then package the new second and Houston second to move back up into the first and take Derwin James. Take Nick Chubb R2P1 and BPA with the next second. Let Rosen have a WR corps of Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, Terrelle Pryor and Sammy Watkins. Give him a backfield of Chubb and Duke. Give Williams a defensive backfield of James, Peppers, and Fitzpatrick along with a healthy Ogbah, Ogunjobi, Shelton and Garrett. If you can’t win a football game with that sort of sheer athletic talent, then we have a serious problem.
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    For a guy who hadn't played let alone practice with a pro team in 3 years.....looked excellent
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    Hard to do that and average 4.1 ypc... Crow is a limited RB with vision and top speed issues, but that does not mean he is bad. He has good receiving skills and is a very good pass blocker. His limitations just mean he's not a feature back. And neither is Duke...
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    Cleveland........... IS............... football!! NEVER, EVER think of taking football out of Cleveland! Maybe YOU should just move, or jump on the Steeler bandwagon.
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    Lord knows, we deserve it! I hope you all get everything you wanted and next year....to quote our new GM.... Division title baby!!!! 🎄⛄🎅🎄⛄🎅🎄⛄🎅🎄⛄🎅🎄⛄🎅🎄⛄🎅🎄⛄🎅
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all & to all a good draft! Despite our record, MERRY CHRISTMAS to all associated with our beloved Browns. They are still MY Team & just having the Browns here is a gift. Mike
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    Oh crap! Somebody blocked him in the back before he left the building!! Oh, that was just the door hitting him in the arse. Mike
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    I agree. He shouldn't have done that with Hogan.
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    Bowl Mania has always been fun. The first year we played it, I think, was when Dad and I did it - I was still working at the time, we were very busy, and my Dad made all the picks. I didn't change anything. We won. The next couple of years, we did great, but didn't win, seriously, because I changed a few of his picks. It's true. We really laughed over that. Sure miss you, Dad.
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    The team embarrasses themselves by not winning. The coach embarrasses the team by being inept. The players embarrass themselves by not knowing how to make a high school tackle. By not knowing how to catch a ball. By not knowing how to even look to see where they are lined up instead of being offsides....etc. etc. etc. etc. The owner embarasses the fan and the team at being so inept at hiring the proper personell. There IS ONLY ONE aspect of this team that is NOT embarrassing....and that is the fan support that it gets. That is the only proud thing practically that this team has going for it. If these players want to shite on the fans for being passionate about our team....they do not deserve us. They are what we know them to be: LOSERS. And with this they may be worse losers than even we believed.
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    Did you even participate? I can't scroll down far enough to find you? Thanks to the academy and to all the little people along the way who made this possible...blah blah blah. Confidence points still suck.
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    Looks like a perfect 16-0 season next year. Worst to first. It's happening.
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    Good observations. Even when he was at his best/elite - he got away with routes that weren't always crisp. I think he can get some of his speed/giddy-up back when/if he gets back closer to his previous playing weight. I'm just glad he didn't pull or tear a hammy after all that time off. It takes time to get the game endurance back so I think there was a little bit of that unfolding at times. I liked him better than I did when he joined our 7-4 team in 2014. Not so much by the numbers but by the feeling that this time he looked like he understood the blessing he was given to play this game he's born to play well. Could be just me but I thought I saw a guy more excited about being back. Was there rust? Yes. Was there inconsistent chemistry with him and the rookie QB? Sure. BUT, I liked hearing they spent time in the film room together to try to get more on the same page. I don't think our previous version of Josh ever felt compelled to do that. That showed me a leadership quality I didn't think existed by taking an inexperienced passer under his wing for a learning experience in the film room. Pittsburgh schemed for Gordon as the commentator said so it was nice to see a Kizer to Higgins TD chemistry twice yesterday to take advantage of all the attention Gordon was getting. I hope Gordon stays clean - I really like this version of the guy. I'm seeing him do more of the little things I never thought he took seriously before. If we can get a full season out of him - the numbers will fall into place.
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    A lot of Browns "fans" have jumped to the Steelers. It'll get better. I've been a Browns fan since 1962. There have been stretches where the Browns were bad. It happens. Modell is who screwed the Browns
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    The saddest football thing I’ve ever seen. A great fan base hoping their team is good enough to beat another team’s back ups so they can have their second straight 1-15 season. Nice rebuild, Jimmy, Sashi and Hue. Take a bow...fukkin azzholes.
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    Ohio Star game gathering tonight featuring Sous Vide Herb Crusted Prime Rib reverse seared - money shot right here . 138F throughout with no overcook to the ends or outer. This is my new game day go to lol
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    He looks like a cross between Gomer Pyle and Paxton Lynch. I don't want this fukcking guy. Seriously, he looks like a Homo. He looks like he is Transgender. RUN RUN WIll Robinson............
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    There is 1 thing the Browns havent tried since 1999... drafting a QB in the top half of the draft... hmmm.... maybe that could be the problem... considering the majority of great QBs all time have been drafted there... Not to mention our best QB of the v2.0 Browns was probably Tim Couch... We "ruin" QBs because we draft crappy QBs... Let's TRY one of these top guys... what do you think?
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    Would Jesus count as one roster spot or three? I'd worry about Jesus' ability to escape the rush... The Romans didn't have much trouble getting hold of him.
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    Merry Christmas all. I'm flashing back to a happier time...Mack attack. https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/198912230oti.htm
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    Oooh, ahh, 0-15 is just wonderful? Seriously, I'm not going to rub it in (much) on yet another pathetic performance. This dumpster fire that I used to get emotionally involved in isn't even worth getting upset over anymore when they lose another one. To be honest I missed watching almost all of the game travelling over to Indianapolis to spend Christmas Eve with the in laws. (Just got back) Know what? I didn't even care. I've got the game on my DVR, and I'm not even sure I'm going to waste my time watching it. I was able to listen to much of the first half. Was talking with Flugels at halftime, and he filled me in on the beautiful interception in the End Zone. Saw some of the lowlights on NFLN. Told sister in law (Bears Fan) just watch, I feel a fumble near the goal line coming on. Bingo!! Lining up offsides on a pick six. Football follies, it's getting funny. We'll see if Hue really will jump in the Lake- Dorsey might save him the ignominy by firing him first. & War- when the hardest of the hardcore fans don't care about the losses anymore, Jimmy has officially lost the fanbase. Like the Cubs of decades past, the Brown are now the "Lovable Losers". Expect to lose, a win is a bonus.
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    There's plenty of blame to go around. From Jimmy Haslam through the coaching staff down to the last guy in the practice roster. A team can't be the worst team in NFL history without everyone making a contribution to the $hit show.
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    If Hue is still here, I wouldn’t blame ANY Qb from wanting to NOT play here Hue is the WORST HEAD COACH OF ALL-TIME
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    They should hand him his walking papers...then again he would probably drop them.
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    Being Blunt here, but ever had to tell someone expecting another step up in pay from 10M? "Your worth about 3M less now".. guessing that's why agents get paid. Sure we had the money but come on Joe, accountability & injuries finally caught up with Haden in Cleveland. seems the same in steel town.. Luv ya #23, but it's time to find our next man up..(no we have no boooing emogiee's)
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    We need to draft him on name alone just the commentary alone. ”chubb really got penetration”
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    This is just smart business. His agent wants other potential buyers to believe that a team with tons of cap space and needing a QB is in the bidding. It would be nice if this was true but I have my doubts.
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    A HC that throws his players under the bus every chance he gets, got the GM sacked using his links to the media and has probably already ruined a QB with high potential by starting and benching and starting and benhcing him? Na I wont support him for another day.
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    An OT @4? With a much greater need of a DB and certainly BPA there we have to take Fitzpatrick.
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    Come on now, I'd say you're correct in a few cases, like Bowe, Britt recently, probably Johnny as well. The big name FAs, yes, they're avoiding Cleveland until things improve. It looks to my simple brain that Duke, Ogbah, Garrett, Higgins, #73, Kirksey, Peppers, DeValve, Njoku want to play hard, and want to play here. I'd throw Kizer in there too. These young guys just aren't winning, but I'd say they are just as passionate as a Dolphin, Steeler, Patriot, whatever team. I've been critical of Corey Coleman but at least he looked like he cared Sunday after his stone hands let him down. Losing is making all of us fans bitter. Let's not turn on each other. Cleveland is a great football city.
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    Easy there, Chip Kelly.
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    Oh he can play... at the collegiate level.
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    Yeah... coming to that conclusion as well. The lack of improvement in preparation and execution of this team's Offense over two years is overwhelmingly obvious.
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    While Ghoolie won't waste his time meeting you for a fight, but if you are serious about "getting homo", he's probably warming up his car as we speak.
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    All I know about the dude is that at the height of the kneeling scandal, he stood at the entrance to the field all by himself with his hand over his heart while the National Anthem played...... Dude is alright in my book, and the NFL needs a lot more like him and a lot less like some of the ones they already have.
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