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    So my 22yr old daughter teaches middle school PE here in SoCal. One of her students was sick for over a week and when he came back to school he still couldn't do any physical activity, so she required him to do several essays as make up work. Since it's physical education class, her only requirement was that the essays be related to physical activity or nutrition. He did a couple on nutrition and general health, and for the last one he asked her if he could "Do one on the Cleveland Browns"..... Of course she laughed and said, "Oh yea, please do one on the Cleveland Browns so I can show my Dad!" - and this is what the 11yr old SoCal born and raised kid came up with:
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    When I first heard of the latest debacle that is the Browns Front office I said to myself "wow so this is what rock bottom actually feels like?" But giving a few hours to ponder I truly believe that this FO can botch the #1 overall pick by not turning the draft card in on time. In other news a Pittsburgh fan drove down my street and yelled "Browns suck!" So I chased after that phucker and walked up to him in his driveway and said "I know".
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    Hue worst game day decision coach in the NFL. Who declines a 15 yarder when the other team is then left with a yard to get a first down? Just plain Sh it decision making.
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    Earlier this evening, the very best friend that I ever had. A guy with a big heart, who would do whatever he could to help me, before I even asked....passed away. He was a Vikings fan. I got the pastries from the bakery near my house and he brought the coffee and we watched the Vikings / Browns game a few Sunday mornings ago. He said that we had a good game plan. That we knew what they do best and that we did a good job of thwarting them. He had the Sunday ticket and he would watch his Vikings but he would always be flicking over to the Browns game to see how we were doing. He'd send me texts about how, "That was a bad call." or that, "You guys shoulda' scored a TD right there". - Who does that? Who watches the Browns because a friend happens to like them? A true blue best friend that's who. I just got home from his house where I cried with his wife for a while. (his lungs let him down about a week ago and the intensive care unit could ultimately only ease him into the afterlife) I will miss my best friend until I die....but he'll be my best friend forever. Go Browns! Go Vikings!
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    ^^^Garrett was a no brainer. +1. That failed TC, so we put a lawyer and a baseball guy in charge- BRILLIANT!!! If that doesn't work try the NHL (or NBA) next for talent evaluators.... 5-11 this year is a pipe dream, if that comes to pass I'll damn near be dancing in the street I'll be so happy. Exactly- and I predate 1964. I'm running out of "next years"-fast. I mean like how totally disgusting is it to see- teams like the Panthers make the SB, go into the pits, retool and get there again while the Browns continue to suck, and suck bad is a testament it's not impossible to turn a franchise around in less than-what is it now going on 20 years? The millenials have no F**cking clue on what it was like to have a team that was in playoff contention every year. To their credit, they've stuck with this doo-doo show longer than would reasonably been expected. Us oldsters know this is a bad, bad team. Hell, the 1999 and few years after expansions Browns didn't look this lousy, and the dysfunctionality of the entire organization at this point is truly breathtaking.
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    Here’s 17 reasons: Myles Garrett Jabrill Peppers David Njoku Corey Coleman Emmanuel Ogbah Carl Nassib Shon Coleman Jamie Collins Trevon Coley Larry Ogunjobi Jason McCourty Briean Boddy-Calhoun Seth DeValve Josh Rosen The Other First Round Pick Next Year Our Second Round Pick Next Year The Other Second Round Pick Next Year The FO has given this coaching staff more individual talent than any of our last regimes. This coaching staff, specifically the offense, hasn’t been able to do jack Sheet with it. The fault lies with Hue, not on the FO. If you can’t understand that, well...nevermind. Nobody around here really expects you to understand that.
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    This my friends was what a REAL Process looked like:
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    A new coach doesn't mean starting over, it just means having a better game day coach on the sidelines. Hue has won 2 of his last 30 games as a head coach. That is just not good enough. He still doesn't understand clock management, his play calling is shaky (and that's being generous), hes just not a very good head coach.
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    Hello all, I'm Nero, a 24 year old Spaniard who's been watching American Football since David Tyree decided to stick the ball to his helmet. I've been following more and more this sport and currently I'm quite hooked to it. I'm still learning, though. So what makes me post on this forum? I was really interested in what was going on in the Browns, as I feel really for the team (my home soccer team is not top notch and I know what are losing streaks like), and I seriously want them to be good, better sooner than later. I had great hopes for this season, too. Also, I've seen how well documented people on this forum are, and how they explain their points, which is a great way for learning more about football, and most important: how diehard fans you are. Even in the loses, there's always some kind of optimism and that's HUGE. So I just wanted to cheer you up. I think you are a great fanbase! Also, about what's happened lately, I agree with a lot of what's been said in the forum about the FO, Hue, playcalling, Kizer and so on. I'm not an expert and my football knowledge is limited, but I have to say that there's something that surprises me the most: How to handle situations with fanbase and the media. I'm going to try to explain myself: 0-8, midseason (and 1-23), the only silver linings are Corey and Josh Gordon coming in next weeks. People criticize playcalling and Hue? Let's get an OC to HELP the coaching staff. People criticize FO for missing QBs, talent? Let's ADD someone to the team, a football person or something. If you only get an OC, you're going to point out Hue, who's not gonna like it, but if you add someone in the FO, at least with a limited role, you're saying 'hey, I think you need help with coaching, but we do too at FO'' I'm saying this because the current situation is really hard to swallow even for the diehard Hue-Sashi-DePodesta supporters, so if you're going to stick to the plan (which looks like that), why not at least make subtle changes so fanbase and the media see that you REALLY are constantly trying to improve? I don't mean changing everything or getting Peyton Manning as GM, but make something appealing enough so people calm down a bit and don't keep throwing stones at your roof. Just my two cents.
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    At least we’ll never be considered front running - band wagon jumping - fair weathered fans.
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    Sashi took a lesson from Hue on clock management.
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    True...and most also thought he needed a year of "seasoning" not to be thrown in as the day 1 starter. Certainly not to be yanked in and out of the lineup all the fucking time.
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    A non-Kevin Hogan themed poll? I'll be damned!
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    Mah Nikkaz................Remember, after 1 quarter of the first 2016 pre-season game I announced vehemently that this head coach was a mistake, and the FO would prove to be a total failure. The foibles, gaffs, stupidity and failures of this organization in every aspect from the draft, to play calling, to the uniforms has been a failure beyond the need to even debate this. Myles Garret, Corey Coleman, DeShone Kizer, on and on it goes. Still, as you point out, at 1 - 25, there are still people here who honestly believe that this is what a rebuild looks like. How do you even debate this kind of mindset? What is the point of it? Are these people idiots? Well, no, Nick, what they are, and I mean this respectfully, are fans; this makes them simpletons. Browns fans are unique simpletons. They actually believe that there is something special about this franchise that none of the other 31 teams and fans are even smart enough to understand....even if we explain it to them. What you have among Cleveland fans, largely, is a real-world enactment of the fable "The King Has No Clothes" . Love for the team is such that fans will fabricate make-believe analytics and viewpoints to assure themselves that we really, really, really have it together, but people just don't see yet the glory that is just moments, maybe one more draft away. When I slammed the (IDIOTIC) drafting of Joe Thomas, I was blasted. I have been blasted all along for daring to suggest that he was a waste of a pick and had no positive impact on the Browns. So............now as his light is just about out, his body used up, his team worse off than when he arrived, the Browns again will need a LT. It only takes one year to rebuild an NFL football team. Two years to go from nothing to playoffs.We see it over and over, and surely, we see the difference a great QB can make. BUT BUT BUT............................... NONE of those great players would have worked out for us, Nick.....don't you see? It is the trade down players, the 2 for one that we take who really are important. Never mind winning, touchdowns, playoffs.............you need to understand how good this 1 - 25 team really is.
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    True best friends are the rarest of commodities... In the absence of new good times, memories of old ones will come trickling back... eventually... to make you smile at them all over again. Go Vikings!
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    Jesus-please take War's rope away from him. Amen.
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    Gruden, Harbaugh or Tressel would all be welcomed over Hue. I'm so over Hue Jackson and the way he coaches. Mangini was 10x better than Jackson.
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    Nice research there - thanks for sharing. Whenever Kizer plays - the QB position looks like a kid in blind folds playing pin the tail on the donkey. YES, he has a bionic arm but he has the instincts of a raccoon crossing the road at night time. He doesn't give me any foreshadow of the ability to throw people open when he has to read progressions unless it's a specified timing pattern to one of the deep thirds off a 5-7 step drop or waggle pass/bootleg action. And when the field shrinks up to red zone congestion - his lack of accuracy and poise gets heightened as exemplified by his league-leading turnovers. Who knows how Josh Gordon will respond - but he is being given1 more opportunity. Apparently, his extent of drug abuse involved a lot more dangerous drugs than the gateway drug marijuana. That dude was a train wreck blinded by any lights at the end of the tunnel. As often as Roger Goodfella gets it wrong, this is 1 thing I think he did right. I've expressed my frustration repeatedly about Gordon; but if he turns his life around to the extent he is able to entertain fans like he was born to do - it's a great story we can all enjoy. And now back to our regularly scheduled 1-23 Rent-a-Wreck following the 3-18 finish from our previous regime under the criteria-free hiring of Jimmy.
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    Maybe its not football related, but if it gets pulled, so be it. Back in 98, a beloved friend of we old time AOL's -ers, Kathy Hutchins spent 4 beautiful days with me at my home in Boardman. We talked Browns, ate some great food, and snuck through the fence at the defunct, now razed Idora Park. Kathy was a budding photographer with her own dark room and she took some great pictures of me, my recording studio, me at a gig, and at the amusement park. That weekend we also attended the Browns return to the NFL. A huge shindig arranged by Stan, Atenears............another great Browns fan. Because of Stan, and Kathy, I got to meet RIch, Stan, Ed, Bear, Doug (Furnier) and Eric (ERocc)....and more Three months later, on my Birthday, Kathy presented me with a hand-made Idora Park commemorative/collectible hard cover bound booklet that truly was collectible quality. While going through my Mom's belongings for the estate auction, I came across the booklet.Memories of my time with Kathy, my time with so many friends on this and memories of my Mom, Dad, and our house all came alive at once. The common tie in all of this? The Cleveland Browns. Are we the greatest fans? Does it really matter? What we are, in so many ways, are the most blessed. You can't apply analytics to that, can you?
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    The Browns need a white helmet and white unis. This throw back schidt has grown old. Our uniforms blow.
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    You Sir, are gonna fit in great around here!
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    Thanks, Nero, I like your take. We are a year and a half into this and I'm not going to start torching buildings in Berea because we passed on Wentz and Watson. But the fans do need a little somethin' somethin' to build off of. Well, actually we are a great fanbase. A lot of quitters and doomsayers on this board ... but, Jeezus, look at our record. If any other fanbase had their team moved and quickly replaced with an awful one that just kept getting incredibly more awful, you can bet those fanbases would be much less supportive and more bitter than ours, and would have just as big a problem seeing the forest through the trees. When your hobby and your passion kicks you in the nuts every week, everyone is going to react differently, and some are going to become impatient and flip out on the team. I don't think it makes us who remain faithful to the process better fans. There are a lot of people that I have watched faithfully support this team for 20 years and they have simply had enough .. and I hope the Brownies can give them something to grasp on to the last eight games. It's very possible. Myles Garrett could become a firestorm. Kizer could start to flourish and win games throwing to Coleman and Gordon and we could actually win some games. And some fucker will cry that we lost the #1 pick. But that is what we need as fans, and as an organization ... wins. Zombo
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    Chef salad,Fried red potatoes w/onions and mushrooms ,and a two inch thick medium RARE Ribeye!!!
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    None of this is true. His favorite team was the 49ers because of Joe Montana. And the Browns didn't stink during his youth....depending on what you consider "his youth". His youth was the 1980s...when the Browns were very good. Later, in his teens basically, the Browns didn't play for 3 years. He didn't give a Sheet about the Steelers until they drafted him and paid him.
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    This all just shows how important winning is. Not capital W Winning, as in making the playoffs every year ... the ultimate goal, but winning as in grabbing a game here and there while you are rebuilding. Already people are talking about losing out and rooting for the 49ers ... and I want to punch them. We need to win football games. The coaches are pissed that the FO leaves at 5 PM and is not getting them players while they work their asses off. The veteran players are becoming numb to the losing and there is no "edge" to pass on to the younger players. The young players feel like they got drafted by a joke and are already looking for a way to get out. Jimmy will "Have to do something" and either the FO or the coaching staff will get fired ... or both. They made a grave mistake in the offseason in my opinion of not trading for someone like Garrapollo that could take the reigns and win us a few games. They made the mistake of keeping us too thin throughout the roster. I GET totally dismantling the team last year and the resulting 1-15. But you HAVE to go at least 4-12 or 5-11 the next year so that EVERYONE (FO, Coaches, Players ... and even fans) stays on board with the process. Football is different than the NBA and MLB. You can't tank. The Sixers tanked to get talent, the Astros tanked to get talent .. and results are happening. But in the NFL, these guys are giving up their bodies for you every Sunday. They are risking their careers to play, their livelihoods, their family's livelihood. If they feel you're not trying to win the lockerroom becomes poisoned, the young guys get poisoned and you are forever rebuilding. The coaching staff becomes embittered, the front office becomes isolated and everyone is making plans for their next move instead of giving all for the team. Last week we sent a struggling rookie QB out there and told him to throw to Ricardo Luis, Rashard Higgins, Sammie Coates, Bryce Treggs, Seth Devalve and rookie David Njoku ... and told him to win against the Vikings defense. He can't win with those guys. We can't win with those guys. The coaches can't win with those guys, and the front office had plenty of money to go out and get us some guys ... so that we can win some games, build some momentum, have some hope, give the rookies and second year players some confidence and a taste of winning ... and they didn't do it. Zombo --Second round picks are not gold ... winning is gold ... and winning begets Winning.
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    The younger the fan, the more patience they have......... I remember going to bed the night of January 11, 1987 and thinking "Well, today really sucked, but by the time I'm my dad's age, the Browns will have a couple of Super Bowl wins". I am now approaching my Dad's age at that time - 50 in three weeks, and now honestly wonder if I will ever see another Browns playoff game again...... and I'm not trying to be funny either, as I seriously don't know if I will ever see one before my lights go out. I get that the younger dudes are more "wait until next year, and you'll see" - hell, I was there too.............. but, be careful what you wish for, as 'next year' never comes and in the blink of an eye, you're past the 1/2 way point of your time on this planet.
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    Hue Jackson was the hot coordinator for a HC job when we hired him. But hes not a good HC. He mismanages the clock each week.
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    Shashi wasn't allowed at the meeting. He was told to sit in the coat room. Perhaps, in a few months Haslam can have a meeting with his inmate friends. ....don't mind me. I'm at my witts end.
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    Sorry Pollyanna. This must be the only point that's ever been repeated more than once on this board. You're so blindly optimistic you make Po g sounds like Lewis Black. WSS
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    Everywhere but the 1-25 football you want everyone to celebrate with you for some bizarre reason. Legally Blind's QB is leading the NFL in turnovers so thank God he's at least spoiled you rotten with 5 TD passes. Feel free to throw him a parade and report back what a terrific fan you are because of it.
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    I predict Manning will save the Browns, take us to the Superbowl, AND.............. be the GQ person of the year.
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    And the fact they liked Goff tells me all I need to know about their ability to evaluate QBs. They just haven't (like every other regime before them) pulled the trigger on a QB at the top of the draft. This year... it will be time to take a shot...
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    That's childish, you're just waiting immediate results which haven't led us anywhere in past years... 1-120 is the way to go.
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    Campbell was not released. He is still with the team. He was "waived/injured". If he clears waivers, he will revert to the Browns injured reserve list.
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    rosen? the kid from toledo? sin't no n. dakota st. unbeaten champs while wentz directed team. and if anyone mentions anything out of the big 12 i'll drive 3 days, wait for you to walk out your door and kick you in the nuts.
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    Nothing. You can't predict people's actions, and even less and addict's ones. In these type of stories you just can hope the best for the man, there's no solid proof, as the battle has to be fought in his mind, and nobody can't know what's inside there.
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    I watched the presser. Sashi did a good job with the questions. He didn't throw Britt, or any player, coach, owner(s), or FO personnel under the bus. That's how a 'professional' handles it. He explained that they hoped for more out of the wr's and that they're working hard. Again, that's how a professional handles those questions. (like him or not)
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    Allen looked like crap. This is the 3rd game i have watched this year with him and he is totally unimpressive. If the Browns pick him he will be another for the t-shirt of shame.
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    Complete nonsense. The problem with the Browns is not the media. It is not the fans. It's the fact that the Browns, since coming back into the NFL in 1999, have been consistently incompetent in acquiring quality players. Especially quality quarterbacks.
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    I know there are individual threads relevant to our failures with Jimmy G and A.J. McCarron. With each you can find definite fault with the front office for not getting the deal done or even for wanting to do a deal for AJ. To me neither of those is as big a concern as the fact that prior to the deadline we DID NOTHING. We didn't do anything to fill a hole, especially in areas of desperate need like wide receiver. There is absolutely every reason for the coaching staff to be livid with the complete lack of support from the front office due to this. Say what you want about the coaching, play calling , time management etc. but this was an utter and complete failure on the part of our FO to help the coaching staff, team and fans.
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    RG3 + Kessler + Kizer + 2nd round draft pick - Wentz - Prescott - Watson - Garoppolo = FIRED!!!!! Whoever has been doing the QB analysis should NOT BE ALLOWED IN AN NFL BUILDING EVER AGAIN EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!
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    Great time at The Admiralty Pub tonite.... JB was there. As was Cribbs. Also no less than Jimmah and DeeDee was tending bar upstairs. Place was absolutely packed... And warm as hell, but the beer was cold. Go Browns...
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    Based on what we know now, I take the highest rated QB. Based on what I hope - The Browns signing a big time vet QB like Cousins, then I would like the best offensive skill position player. ^ No names I know, but I'll leave that for the part time college scouts that reside on this board...... Looking forward to looking back (that was Yogi Berra like) at this post come next April.
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    Why in hell would anyone think Kizer was good to begin with? Did they not watch his Norte dame film? How about the peppers draft pick he was a pass liability in Michigan but I guess we didn’t see that film either. I honestly can’t believe how bad this team is. And I’m sick of firing coaches but hugh is clueless as arr the people running the front office. This might be the worst sports organization in the history of sports.
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