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    The scary part of Covid 19 is the unknown. I did a 14 day stay in the Cleveland Clinic after testing positive for the Coronavirus. The Clinic is in data collection mode about the virus, they call me twice a day asking me a long list of questions. I was also asked if I was willing to give blood for research (I said yes).
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    I noted this in the main thread, but I work at FAU and advised Harrison albeit briefly. Firstly, super nice young man. Always on time and humble. Trust me, that’s not what a lot of college kids are today. more importantly, I went to about 4 ish games (tailgated essentially a whole game so I suppose that doesn’t count). You guys do a way better job than I do about the prospect stuff, so I won’t disagree. BUT, here’s what I saw watching the dude play. Firstly, he was THE dude defenses schemed for. Our running game took a big hit with both motor singletary and his backup both going to the NFL last year. He was constantly shadowed by CB 1 and doubled. Secondly, QB play was well below par. There were so many wounded ducks we coulda started a sanctuary. other thing is that it was just obvious he was the best player on the field. That’s hard to explain but it’s just true. For a 4th round pick, I dig it.
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    Hope my try at posting my pics work
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    Got my drink and ready to tailgate trumpy stlye.🤣
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    That was a guy who knew how to coach the players that he had. When he had Bob Griese, Larry Csonka, Jim Kick and Mercury Morris, he ran the ball down your throat. When he had Dan Marino, Mark Duper and Mark Clayton, he passed you to death. A great coach. God bless his soul.
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    I was discharged on day 14, the last 6 days I had no fever. They were taking X-rays of my lungs every other day, as my pulse/ox was still low. They wouldn’t send me home until I had several bottles of oxygen delivered first. I’m still hitting the oxygen several times a day, but my shortness of breath is gradually improving. What makes everything more frustrating, halfway through my hospital stay the moving company moved me from Middleburg Heights to Medina. So now it’s like camping, if I want to find something...it’s in a damned box somewhere!
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    I appreciate you starting with the earlier game this season for LSU. Mostly because Texas is a team that uses a lot of QB draw, screens and misdirection. Going to go through, toss out some time stamps and my initial thoughts. Starting with the very first play. *** Warning. Long winded post**** - I like the initial eye and feet control to not over commit to the motion from the swing pass. JC knows his safety is all over that one so if he needs to help, he's working inside to out. He is also double checking the QB once the ball isn't out. But that's where he gets in trouble - stepping further upfield as opposed to getting his depth. He lost a good 10 yards of space on that one pretty easily. You see some signs of being cognizant and checking your own aggressive tendencies, so the little light from the mental side can be seen. But the footwork and stepping down was unnecessary. Don't get so caught up starring at the QB that you forget your own assignment. Check and reflex. - @12 seconds ... is another example of evidence on recognition, but not beating his man to the spot. Granted ANY time you play against a team will to use their QB like Texas does, It's always a bitch when you're in the box. Conflicts of assignment happen all the time. The extra film work, trusting your eyes and playing off that fast instinct is key. Texas shows a field side toss/swing lead, but pulls the backside tackle and guard. Phillips does a good job staying square with the line and not over-pursuing here. Most importantly, he recognizes the pulls coming and redirects immediately. Follow your lead and you'll find your man quite a bit. The only thing I wanted to see here was the angle of attack. You're not going to be able to get underneath that pull barring a small miracle. So when you see him break down and take on the OL to the inside shoulder, what he should have done was maintain that momentum and plant his ass to the outside shoulder of the OL. Make that ball carrier, especially a QB, turn back inside to pursuit and make him run into contact. If Texas wants to expose their signal caller to hits - then fucking hit him. @ 32 seconds. 3rd and short with an empty set. This is a QB choice. He does a box count and makes his decision. Take the ball and follow the double pull if the numbers are favorable - OR- go to the built in flanker screen if numbers and leverage are favorable there. To Ellinger's (spell check) credit, he makes the right decision. The 3rd DB is 14 yards off of the receiver. So long as your #1 and #2 get decent blocks, that should be cheap and easy yardage. The problem is, the QB takes WAY too much time getting the laces, squaring his shoulders and not putting the ball slightly ahead of his receiver. This gave #7 enough time to fly down hill and recover for a great tackle. Back to Phillips on this play. He see's a similar pull to the last play I broke down and attacks in a position that would have kept his outside shoulder free. That's learning on the fly, that's good eye discipline and trusting what you see + filling your assignment. @ 42 seconds Great example of a fill as a mike backer vs that same double pull. JC immediately see's it, attacks downhill while keeping his outside shoulder free. Hits the pull behind the LOS, stands his ground and this forces the RB into the teeth of the interior. Damn near textbook. @ 1:02 This miiiiight be an issue. But it's an issue of both assignment and technique. The first part - assignment. I *THINK* Phillips fucked this up. Because at the top you have a slant flat combo from the X and the Back. Pretty commonly run to the boundary side like you see here. Only Phillips pursue's to the flat like he's tracking in man coverage. Normally that wouldn't be an issue except the squat corner couple with the lack of hard rotation from the boundary safety makes this look like some kind of cover 2 or possible cloud cover. Either way, that corner is sitting on the out/flat and yelling "under" to the backer should the #1 slant, hitch or drag inside until the ball is out or Phillips passes him off to the next under defender. I don't have the all-22 at this moment, but I'm going to put this one on our new LB for the time being. Reserving the right to change my mind later. As for the technique, if this was man coverage, then he needs to clean up his alley and footwork. You have to bust ass to get over top of that pick and take away the wheel. Something these teams LOVE to run anymore, especially to the boundary (short side of the field) If you see a DB follow that in man inside, you work over top of his hip. I'll try to come back to this later and double check the accuracy of what I'm seeing. But the X receiver on the drag ends up being picked up by the will backer once he crosses the formation - looks like a spot zone call IMHO. @ 1:32 Ellinger fucked this up because he had a big gain to his #3 down the seam. As a linebacker when you have nothing in front of you, you need to immediately get depth. But I guess that's also the issue with facing a QB who is willing to pull it down and run first. I'm reading a cover 3, which means the #3 receiver to the strength has to be carried a few yards down field before turning him over to the safety if he pushes vertical. If the back releases, then whichever side he releases to, THAT LB will pickup the responsibility. Pause the video @ 1:35... and check the #3 receiver as he clears the linebacker. He's looking for that pass. Because that's exactly where it should be going. This is a field general sort of thing. The linebackers should be communicating in a zone call who carries the #3 upfield and who is dealing with the check down. It's not Phillips fault per-say, but when you're the man in the middle, what you say goes. @ 2:22 It sucks playing a light box count on 2nd and medium. Because the offense is ahead of schedule and can hit you with so many things. That having been said, I very much don't agree with how LSU's DC asks their SAM or Rover (depending on name, but field side linebacker) to play his alignment here. This is quads to one side. You have to consider the swing to the HB and blocking numbers, but you also have to consider the play action and screen back across to the receiver stack. Either way, my DB depth and alignment shut down the last time Texas showed this look. So to prevent an easy check to run and 1st down, I'm going to have my WILL park his ass 2x1 off the end and let him play outside to in on that HB swing. Sadly that isn't what happens but I'm just going over a scenario. Phillips should understand that when you get this look, and your closed end (the nearside dline playing heads up on the RG) is to the field, the natural crease is going to be the cutback over the left tackle because said tackle is just going to step down and seal that closed end. Ultimately I'm just talking about playing instinctively and on the fly. LSU's DC put JC in an absolutely no win bind here and the eyes of Ellinger froze the field backer. @ 4:09 Quarters coverage vs a 2x2 and it's played pretty damn great by JC. This is similar to what I highlighted earlier. Get your depth, wall off the inside receiver and make life easier on your safety who has to pick up the #2 pushing vertical. Then eyes forward to break on the check down to your side. Arrive then wrap up and prevent yardage. Great play. @ 5:23 HEY! We're learning! Remember the play I time stamped at 32 seconds? Go back and watch if you have to. But this is the built field side toss/swing with the lead I was talking about. Only JC has seen this before and stays at home for his assignment. He sees that familiar double pull and, if you will please pause @ 5:25, he attacks the outside shoulder of the pull. Which means the QB, if he kept it on the draw, is going to be forced inside to traffic. Sure, it's a conflict of assignment. But THAT is his primary assignment, following the pull and filling vs the run. The rest is on the DB's. The deep middle though - #7, he was late getting down hill and rallying for a tackle. This isn't on JC in anyway. I'm just highlighting the mental aspect of him not forgetting some of the looks Texas threw at him earlier and seeing signs of correcting his play. @ 6:45 Working to get ahead of the pull. Pull ends up turning inside, JC sees it, rally's and wraps for minimal gain. Good shit. It's hard to arrive as an "enforcer" when you have to downstep while working laterally around the scrum. That's about as good as you can play it from that situation. @ 7:44 This is what I talk about when I mention having the need, but also the room for further mental growth. Taking that processing and instincts to the next level in coverage. As a DB or LB, when you're looking to key pass or run, there are a few little subtle details to help make your read easier. But you have to make it second nature. One of them, when facing play action, is the level of the Oline and their blocking technique. Start the video, then pause at 7:45. Your eyes have develop a fast 2nd nature, but what you're looking for is 2 things. 1st - the aggressive run block by the lineman. You don't see them firing off the ball and the EMOL is in his kick step. The 2nd is pad level. In this case with play action, the Oline are showing "high hat". If this was the oline drive blocking, you'd see a lower pad level and thus, lower helmet height. You're not going to win up front without first winning the leverage game. That's a big tip diagnosing your keys and not floating around tight to the line getting sucked up by the action in front of you. @Tour2ma can back me up on this at any time. Unfortunately Phillips gets sucked into the run action hard and floats around down low a bit longer than he should be. BUT to his credit, he still works to get depth and damn near gets this throw. Pretty sure he even got a finger on it. But that extra second, that one right there you just watched... that's the difference between college and the NFL. That's the difference between your average linebacker and Luke Kuechly, Bobby Wagner, Darius Leonard and KJ Wright. That's what I've got right now from that clip alone. Took me a while just working on that. I still feel JC may have been available a little later in the 3rd, but we're passed that point by now. He's a Brown and that's what matters. I don't see this kid ever being a big hitter, but that isn't a requirement for the position. I just need him to reliably play his assignment and get to spots to limit gains to a minimum or no gain. Big hits are just a plus. So far, I'm still on the fence but I think I can see the 'why' as to the pick. There is real development potential here and you see glimpses of the mental gymnastics on the fly being corrected. There's not one thing Phillips does so poorly that you worry about it being overly attacked as a liability. But there isn't one thing he does so really well that you're willing to sacrifice a part of his game for the monster part he shines in. Any and all improvements with him will be done equally across the board IMHO. Much like the tide, it will raise static and evenly. The quicker vision to the hole, the faster understanding of play fakes, being active underneath along with the improvement in discipline and technique in man coverage. I see some encouraging things so far and I hope I continue to see those things the more I watch further into his 2019 season. But at this very moment I expect our linebackers to be a bit raw and the early concern with our defense.
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    I am in the coast guard. We save lives daily. We are just making sure that we all are in good health. I guess a certain temperature means we may have some kinda something. In the last few months we have saved many people and disputed many drugs coming into the us. We didn't get a port call on a 90 day patrol, but everyone is safe and healthy.
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    He needs to call Jimmy Haslam and ask him who his lawyers were.
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    Uh oh... They're starting to flood in. Look out everyone! They sensed PoG's distress call
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    You are quite simply a young mind numbing know nothing, never done nothing stoopid fucking bitch.
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    Man, this one stings. I have always respected and liked Coach Shula, probably more than any coach, in any sport in my lifetime. On top of that, he and my dad could be brothers. RIP Coach Shula.
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    I’ve been out of work for a month now. I have a virtual appointment with my doctor this afternoon, he’s going to determine if I’m good to return to work (I’ve been working from home for 4 weeks prior to getting the virus). The county health department told me to stay home for 2 weeks. Just me and the old lady got sick, fortunately my daughter seems to be fine.
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    CUT HIS ASS...NO,NO,NO,NO,NO...STOP DRINKING THE COOL AID....we all have an opinion! My opinion agrees with him! I wear a mask at work...because I am expendable(essential) I also have COPD,have has quintuple bypass open heart surgery, I have also had pneumonia 4 times in my life,I am also an Esophageal cancer survivor!!!!!! O choose to NOT wear a mask on my own time. Because I am an American! Therefore have the FREEDOM to make my own decisions I CHOOSE TO LIVE MY LIFE TO THE FULLEST! YOUR OPINION DOESN'T MATTER TO ME! God bless America!!! Land of the Free, because of the brave! Live Long and Prosper! GO BROWNS!!!!!!!
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    This is the best drug they gave me during my 2 weeks in the hospital for Covid 19. I really don’t give a fuck what those talking heads have to say.
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    Can't add more reactions today so, let's go Oprah mode: YOU get an upvote!!! and.. YOU get an upvote!!! Everyone gets an upvote!!!
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    Wills ...... A ....best tackle in the draft...... Athleticism is off the chart, has the best O line coach in football to set him up for success at LT and also has a certain hall of famer for guidance. Delpit ...... A ....... best safety in the draft ..Thorpe award winner... Tackling issues can be corrected and we have a really good DC for that ....was regarded as top 15 pick at the end of 2018 and played for most of 2019 with a high ankle sprain. ....during the play offs and championship game he did not miss a tackle Elliott .... A ....... Pff had him in top 25 on their big board .....Steal of the draft ..... huge upside Phillips .... B- .... Good run blocker, sucks in coverage ...... has a high motor but needs to improve in coverage or will get torched ... Bryant ... A- ..... Plays like an over sized receiver and was the best TE in football in 2019 .... needs to bulk up a little for blocking duties, but wont see much of the field on running plays. Harris ... B .... Flexibility means he can slot in at guard too ...undersized but has great technique ....team captain at Washington Peoples Jones .... B+ ...... Some Browns fans on Twitter were upset we did not grab him in the 4th round and were horrified when we did not in the 5th ... vertical leap off the chart at the combine 44.5
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    EDIT: If you find added info, tapes, etc... please post links... Nice mix of small schoolkids, big school "if onlys" and a large school 2nd bananas where sometimes the "other guy" is at least another guy and occasionally the guy. At first blush a couple look like they have a shot at sticking with the 53. A few more look to have PS in their future. And then there's "camp fodder". Alex Taylor, OT South Carolina State - 6'8, 308... see below Javonte Moffatt, SS Middle Tennessee State - google says its Javante... lol... compact with more wingspan than height Solomon Ajayi, LB Liberty - better have "game speed" cause 40 times are slow... Elijah Benton, S Liberty - scarce info... 6'1... Tony Brown, WR Colorado - may be one of those "other guys"... https://nflmocks.com/2019/11/13/2020-nfl-draft-sleepers-obscured/4/ Benny LeMay, RB Charlotte - speed issues... Brian Herrien, RB Georgia - may be another "other"... https://www.si.com/college/georgia/news/brian-herriend-signs-cleveland-browns George Obinna, DE Sacramento State - 6'2, 230... holds school sack record... listed as LB at https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2018/10/george-obinna/ Kevin Davidson, QB Princeton - see below Austin Hall, LB Memphis - 6'2, 225... started out as a Safety... https://www.rotoworld.com/college-football/nfl-draft/player/38629/austin-hall Jeffrey Whatley, DL South Alabama - another misspell... Jeffery... 6'1, 300... 5.0-ish 40... Drake Dorbeck, OT Southern Miss - 6'8, 310... NFL scouts gave him https://www.wxxv25.com/2019/11/18/southern-miss-football-drake-dorbeck-wins-kent-hull-trophy/ A.J. Green, CB Oklahoma State - see below Taylor is intriguing as hell... and I hate 6'8 OTs... raw, raw, raw... but moves well... If only... well... let's just say strength training begins tomorrow. https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/alex-taylor/BGMueRLk6i AJ Green has almost everything you'd want in a CB... if only he can develop CB hips. Get the hip lube... STAT! I'm a little intrigued by the Princeton QB. He was a Combine invitee. Has size and some decent reviews... and this'll sound way stupid,... but reading Zierlein's made me think of TB12... IKR? List is from here:https://www.si.com/nfl/browns/news/cleveland-browns-udfa-signings Many include Combine numbers as well as on-field performance stats.
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    If masks work, why do businesses need to be closed? If they don't work, why are we forced to wear them?
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    3rd WR probably are weakest spot on the roster. This is excellent news
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    Don't mind this pick. Has all the tools to be a contributor. Great vertical and fights for the ball at the highpoint. Had a couple 50/50 passes he came down with vs The Bucks that were just impressive. I'm good with it.
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