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    I wonder what Walmart would give for him? He would kill it as a greeter, where his entire job is to meet people and let them go past you.
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    you commie pricks.......front of the L/S joints. back is gonna be off the charts!
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    Are you even allowed inside the stadium if Gordon is playing or does the restraining order keep you like miles away from the guy?
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    Perfect day here in Cleveland. Loading car. Heading Downtown soon. Orange Stuff, check. Wine Check. Going to stop at Heinen's on 9th for adult beverages. Game report to follow.
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    word is that Hue stepped in and stopped the fight....told them to stop....and Pryor went back after Louis. So, it wasnt the fight....it was insubordination on Pryors part....when coach says stop, you stop. Period.
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    We'll continue to call him Labia Bell for ya coach
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    Hogan #2, Kessler #3 ... Let's roll with the young dudes. Z
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    Thats how we roll in Cleveland....now go fuck yourself and take your piece of shit post to the political dirt hole forum.... How that for some disrespect?.....
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    On a related note, the wentz trade down in diagram form
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    Thanks for bearing with us on the upgrade in software on the site. Each time there is an update, the theme (colors) get reset back to default (blue). We are still becoming familiar with a new Admin control panel as well as the forum itself, so we aren't over the hump yet. One thing I did notice is that between my Admin account and my personal account is that the sites colors were different. To turn the site to a Browns theme, at the bottom of the page select THEME > Browns and it rids the pages of that ugly Blue Dental theme. There are some new emoticons to get gay with and some "like" or "vote" options crap. This was a COMPLETE UPGRADE that we have been prompted to make for some time now (2012). It's taken us to a Cloud-based platform and there will be plenty to get use to. First order of business this morning was to try to counter a small influx of spam that made it through the new security system, we apologize for that. Same settings as we always had, just a loop-hole in the new system that we hope we have already fixed. If anyone has any suggestions or discovered a better means of navigating the site, please share with others. Thanks again for weathering the construction dust.
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    I'll put it as simply as it gets. You invested over 100 million dollars long-term to make a team that should be able to run the ball. You have a rookie QB who needs to settle into the game. As such, running the ball 21 times is baffling to me. Further, not running the ball with nearly 13 minutes in the 4th quarter with your RB on the two yard line is inexcusable. Despite how god awful the game was going, we had an excellent chance to get within a TD just by running the fucking ball with someone who didn't leave with a migraine and Hue scoffed. Have to admit, the patience is beginning to wain based on coaches decision-making. I can't even get into how poorly he managed the last possession before half-time without clinching my fist.
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    Hurricane Irma a 5 and headed for my house. Me and the girl are packing up and heading to Knoxville, TN for a week. So I won't be on top of moderation, fantasy leagues, Great Zomboni's preseason predictions, etc, but hopefully I can catch up once we are up there and settled in. Stay safe and dry my Florida friends, and fuck Pittsburgh! Zombo
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    Some Bitch named Irma is knocking on my door down in Naples, but the Great Zomboni escaped with his crystal ball to Knoxville, and there is nothing I can do about what is going to happen to my beloved hometown of Naples, just like there is nothing I can do about what is going to happen on the field in Cleveland ... but TGZ has a prediction for both. If you are in downtown Knoxville, join me at the Downtown Grill & Brewery. I'm the guy in the Browns shirt enjoying the storm that is about to hit the Pittsburgh Steelers. Baltimore at Cincinnati 1 PM Whatever. Bungles by a field goal. BUNGLES 24 RATBIRDS 21 Pittsburgh at Cleveland 1 PM Greg Williams' defense will cause chaos from the beginning in this one, at least 3 turnovers and 4 sacks. With all that support, Deshone Kizer will have a smooth debut, with a couple big plays before he puts it into autodrive and enjoys his first Victory Formation in the NFL. BROWNS 37 STEELERS 10 Irma at Naples 4 PM Irma will fly by as a Category 4 Hurricane and do destructive and catastrophic damage to my hometown, but we all will survive due to extraordinary preparation, and we will rebuild with determination and be stronger than ever. #NaplesStrong! TGZ
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    The youngest QB in the league has to make the extremely easy fix of learning when to throw the ball away, oh nooooo! If the Browns had only drafted Paxton Lynch we could be watching a mush for brains mook doing his best Brandon Weeden impression....that is if he could beat out a 7th rounder (he can't)
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    I was there. The sacks were on Kiser, but remember, he is the 2nd youngest player in the NFL (behind ONLY our own David Njoku). While he made typical rookie mistakes, he played one heck of a game against one of the best teams in the league & was clearly not intimidated. He also converted a 4th down and a 2 point PAT. The Steeler fans I talked to after the game were unanimous in their praise for our young Browns' Team. They made me proud!! Mike
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    I can't wait to go into the next draft, with all of our picks, two good 1srs, and NOT need a QB. Trade back with some QB needy team. Damn. That'll be another major in flux off talent
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    I just talked to Flugel. He & his wife staying put in Largo, Fla. Their area has not been marked for evacuation & they have nearby shelters if worse comes to worse. He hopes to watch the Browns' game but, of course, communication access may prohibit that. He DID say that, win or lose, we should not over react & remain positive. He will keep me updated as able. Mike
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    I appreciate the no bullshit attitude. There was fight, he's gone. Nothing more to say. Patriot-esque.
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    here's my extended family who i printed shirts for wearing the gear down in Ocean City, MD. you go girls!
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    This is why we stand. Is it a shame that a bunch of rich kids that play a game didn't? Yes. It's an embarrassment. Just like our current president. But it doesn't stop me from being a fan of America or the Browns.
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    It's September! I hope Goodell has Gordon's reinstatement ready by noon.
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    In the past, it seemed like Browns' players just "went through the motions" in the 4th exhibition games. Not tonight! These young men played HARD & I applaud their efforts & wish them all well. Many to whom we bid farewell will play elsewhere in the NFL. We will be cutting some viable NFL talent. Thanks for a GREAT & FUN preseason!! Mike
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    a little more added to the story - you have to watch the video. This kid is going to be terrific. He is definately one of my very favorite Cleveland Browns. his coaches pre-NFL are funny. Ogunjobi's story is amazing. Our dline is going to kick ass - http://www.clevelandbrowns.com/news/article-5/16-burning-questions-for-Browns-DL-Larry-Ogunjobi/6f6149d7-c6d8-420b-a1e0-d468ad2e3c0e
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    new game plan week 1: vertical routes thrown at Haden every play.
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    Don't get me wrong, I love Haden and his name is on the only Browns jersey I own, but you are wrong about him being arguably our best corner. He USED to be undisputedly our best corner. Performance wise, he's been outplayed by Jamar Taylor, BBC last year, and also by McCourty this preseason. He earns a big contract and proceeds to be terrible. I don't blame it on the contract, but the injuries. You'll recall, however, that he wasn't willing to tough it out on some of those injuries, where I'm sure the expectation, after getting such a big contract, was to tough it out. Gregg Williams put him on notice about this when he came in. Hate on the FO all you want, they are doing the right thing to build a sustainable, winning team. It wasn't long ago we were all praising their draft which has yielded promising young starters out of the first three of our four picks and has transformed our offensive line from one terrible to potentially one of the best in the league. You all need to see the forest and stop fixating on the trees. You are also wrong about Sashi's job being on the line, and I'm thankful that Jimmy came to his senses and disposed of this nonsensical itchy-trigger-finger thinking that permeates the Brown's fanbase. Sashi's job is secure. It's secure because you don't fix 17 years of sucking in two years. Haslam finally gets that. Sashi is going to be given the chance to see his plan to completion, and when it's done I guarantee you we'll have a winning football team. Read my signature text and either get on board the roller coaster or head on over to the kiddie rides.
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    This is awesome. Take his best years and then let the Steelers overpay for his decline. We are finally doing things right. I have been nothing but impressed in the year and half that these guys have been running the front office, we're all going to see the fruits of all this on the field faster than you think. Zombo
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    If this is Superfluous because of other protest threads (but this one is specifically about our own guys) free to delete but here's my thoughts. I don't really begrudge anybody his right to protest even though I truly believe that if the protests were not politically correct there would be hell to pay but still for me it makes it much harder as a fan to sit there and cheer and wish well for a group of people who so obviously hate me. Aside from that if these players are truly offended by the way "their people" are being treated in this world it seems to me they should go out among the community and encourage those same people to get an education to strive to better themselves and to eschew the drugs and violence and poverty their allowed those communities to devolve into. There's celebrity certainly affords than that ability to some extent. I'm more disappointed than angry that it's my team and I really don't want us, the Cleveland Browns, to become the poster boys for racial hatred. WSS
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    Funny how the guy who regurgitated "1-19" 350 times over the offseason doesn't have anything positive to say about the Browns being 3-0. Guess preseason only counts when it serves the troll agenda.
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    Watched both pre-season games and noticed something very very odd..... The screen pass is actually working... Do you know how long as a Browns fan I have waited for this to happen(even if it is just pre-season)? It has been a running joke for the better part of a decade about any coach calling a screen play in Cleveland.. Kizer seems to be able to sell it better or something.. But they are actually executing, along with some good first contact moves by our RB's. .Instead of -1 or +2, we seem to be getting first downs or setting up 3rd and shorts.. Again; just preseason, but hopefully this holds against 1st team play going into the season.. That is a play that is crucial to taking the pressure off our inexperienced QB's.. Let the aggressive Shitsburg defenses come running at us and effectively dump the ball over the rush.... One can hope BobPound!
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    These players are doing this ostensibly to protest the 'divisions' in our country when in reality all this act does is to further widen existing divisions or to create new divisions. There are SO many things a professional player can or could do with their notoriety and income stream to HELP heal the divisions in our country but very very few do. They talk about bringing 'awareness.' Why is no one focusing their 'awareness' for example to what brought Tamir Rice to the park waving around a realistic toy gun and aiming it at passing cars. The reality is that kid never had a chance. Because he was failed by his parents and anyone resembling a role model. Yet somehow his pathetic excuse for a 'mother' cashed in. I'm not giving the cops a pass either. The cop that shot him should never have been re-employed by any agency after his abject failure during his first go around. He was ill prepared for what he rightly perceived as a hostile situation. You try being a cop and rolling up on someone waving a gun around. Talk about a thankless task. I wouldn't want that job. Meanwhile you have all these hate groups fomenting dissension. The KKK, Antifa, Black Lives Matter. I can't keep up but make no mistake....they are ALL hate groups trying to demonize some 'other' group of people without EVER trying to offer anything resembling a solution. So I'm to believe these players were praying for peace? We've all seen what's in Isaiah Crowells heart and mind already. His solution is to slit the throat of cops. How nice. Go check Jabrill Peppers rap sheet. I'm sure he's a pacifist. Insert eyeroll here. Some of these players 'may' have meant well by this gesture but I guarantee for the majority of them it was just a middle finger to their mythical "The Man." What these players and EVERYONE should be doing is getting THEIR house right. Raise your kids with respect and love for themselves and their fellow man. If you ignore them and let them raise themselves you get what is happening all too often throughout our failing society. Drug overdoses and violent crime with no concern for the consequences. Good luck to these players making the paycheck they do now when the country they seem to detest so much has splintered apart. Go ahead. Whatever stupid 'side' you've chosen, be it Trump, Hillary, Democrats, Republicans, Black Lives Matter, Nazis, KKK. YOU are at fault. Society just like a football team is built from the ground up. Get your family right. Get YOU right and do something proactive rather than trying to piss off someone else.
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    Offended? Disappointed . . . very. Not a good look for a young Team in the National spotlight, I had thought they had more sense. I'm looking at the bigger picture though. In the Military, you'd get disciplined for disrespect to the Flag - up to Court Martial. Most Work places forbid Political Activities in and around the work place. Guess what? NFL Players are employees of their respective Teams. See, this all stems out of the Disease known as Political Correctness. This has devolved the SJW's, which are stirring up all this crap and are in the process of erasing History. NFL is in their sites too with CTE . . . it's days are numbered. Got news for ya'll, there's Social Injustice to all Races, Creeds, and Religions from all directions. Just the nature of the beast. This whole stupid NFL thing was started by Kaepernick. It was so important to him to do this to change the world that . . . he didn't even bother voting. The World's a pretty messed up place, I just want to watch Football without all the extra stupidity.
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    No problem with it whatsoever. I guess I'm not easily offended. Love my Country. I'll stand. If you feel you need to kneel in light of an issue that is important to you, or you support a teammate who kneels, God bless ya. Let's play some football. Z
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    Meh... First, as I essentially wrote in another thread, where was a run game worth sticking with? Second, it's not like Hue is not simplifying the game for Kizer. He's cutting the field in half for him and reducing reads, but he has to push him some at the same time. What is the proper balance between teaching/developing a QB and winning? Especially when a team has no chance of making the playoffs to begin with... and we don't... never did in year two of a rebuild. I doubt Hue has asked Kizer to do anything in a game that he has not demonstrated he can do in the film room and on the practice field. What changes on Sunday is likely the level of talent he's asked to do it against. A lot of folks here wanted Kizer to play... said he couldn't learn on the bench. Well... he's playing and many of those same folks are crying because we're not winning. Make up your fuckin' minds people. Oh... and the delays, pre-snap penalties and such? Road game, people... crowd noise...
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    You're grounded for a month. No internet, no phone, no car..
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    Dude let it go...he's not going to admit hes wrong. The attention whore can't possibly do that. Leave him be to spew his nonsense. The sooner everyone ignores him, the better off the board will be.
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    L.A. didn't want an NFL team there...the NFL wanted a team there.
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    So sorry.... I guess we simply didn't get the memo that one game makes or breaks an entire NFL career. No QB (or any other position) in NFL history has ever made improvements after their debut. http://www.complex.com/sports/2014/09/worst-debuts-by-rookie-quarterbacks-in-nfl-history/ Nobody expected them to win, or be instantly better than the Steelers... or even be a playoff contender this season. Kizer showed toughness, arm talent, and a lot of mistakes that will go away with experience and coaching. He seems to study his ass off and practice hard, and he's light years ahead of where anyone projected him to be at this stage.
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    57? Perfect for Heinz Field...
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    I predict Big Ben is still a twat faced prick after the game.....win or lose.....
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    Some people, and you know who you are, are quick to defend offensive behavior if it only offends people they don't like. Idiots that they are I can't remember the last time the Klan killed anybody. I do know these numbers: https://www.odmp.org/search/year/2017 Whether I like it or not the Constitution gives people the right to do all sorts of obnoxious shit. You are free to join the Nazi party or the Ku Klux Klan or black lives matter or the Panthers or join a radical Muslim Mosque, Antifa, the Westboro Baptist Church or the Communist Party Personally I wish mutual respect were the law of the land but thanks to people like you and Cleve the ACLU has seen to it that there's almost no depths of shitty behavior that isn't constitutionally protected. But now you cry about it. Shot with your own gun. WSS
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    Damnit, I thought this was gonna be a cool planetary thread.
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    Well I just completed my fantasy football draft and took Antonio Brown as my first choice. Near the end I was trying to pick the Browns for my 2nd defensive team and came across the article on Myles getting an MRI. All I can say is after watching JM go down in alcoholic flames, the Aggies blowing a 34 point lead in less than 20 minutes on the clock and now Myles going down............................................................................I'm home! I'm home! I found a team as snake bit as A&M to root for in the pros!!
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    We will worry about our favorite team. You should worry about Cam learning to jump on a fumble. Go fuck yourself.
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    Browns have now claimed two receivers after picking another one up via trade. They're clearly not putting anything into Josh's potential return
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    Lies like a motherfucker. If you haven't figured that out yet then there is no hope you will ever see it. He's a con artist, huckster, and totally amoral. And he has bamboozled a lot of really good people like yourself. The tax plan he had? Never had one. The health plan? Never had one. The promise to keep Wall Street at bay? Hired 'em. Never had dealings with Russians? An Empire deeply in debt to Russian banks that have Putin & cronies running them? He's conned a nation. I have always abhorred lying con artists. That's enough for me and yes, it does deeply offend a person like myself who was taught that your word linked directly to your honesty is all you have of value in this life. When I see a person who lives off others doing the opposite, it absolutely sickens me. That clear enough!?
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    Very important game for me. 10 days ago I went to Youngstown expecting to say farewell to my Mom. Miraculously, she is back to cussing the Steelers, eating, walking, talking and in general grabbing life by the ass. 89 and still kicking. Can't watch it with her, but will get a lot of calls and texts. WHo makes a bigger impact? Garrett or Trubisky? Good story.
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    Hey, just wait PG- I'm sure you'll be able to get a Joe jersey 90% off in a week or so.... Get it through your head- it was a mutual agreement. Sashi knows what the market is- and proved it with Pryor. You don't win Super Bowls by being sentimental. Was Joe a fan favorite? Sure. Personally liked him a lot. If as Boo has said- Williams wanted no part of Haden- and Greg's shit contains more football knowledge than the majority of us possess, should tell you all you need to know. The sun is going to come up in the morning Po- it's not the end of the world, or the Browns.
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    The screen is working for three reasons: Reason one - its preseason. 3rd and 4th string players are less disciplined, they are trying to earn a roster spot and have to play with reckless abandon to stand out. 1st and 2nd string players aren't trying as hard. Defensive coordinators are bringing pressure and trying various blitz packages in preparation for the season. Reason two - we have a better offensive line. Granted, they haven't all been playing this preseason, but it would stand to reason that improving your offensive line would go a long way toward improving screen pass performance, probably. Reason three (and most exciting IMO) - defenses actually have to fear the ability of who we have behind center. Kizer has been able to stretch the field vertically with his arm and horizontally with his legs. Obviously, he's a rookie and he's not exactly playing perfectly, but he's shown enough to force safeties to play deeper and for edge rushers to have to play contain, allowing for the slip screen to slide underneath. At least, that's what I see.
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    Only way he loses his job this year or after this season is if he dies at some point during the season.
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