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    Given our recent trade down history in the first round. I would pass on the Bills offer, make them make that trade with the Colts or Giants. Then it improves the players we get to pick from at #4.
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    I guess I was right after all!!! Hogan outlasted Kizer!!
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    Obviously Greg Cosell is a very smart man... Simplest way to put it is that Rosen has the highest floor and a ceiling that is indistinguishable from any of the other top prospects. That's why he is IMO the clear pick. I wish I thought we were going to take him #1 overall. After some gap follows Mayfield on my QB Board. Football-wise I liked everything he showed on tape except an ability to go thru progressions. Just saw a lot of pre-snap determining where he was going to look and he stayed locked on that choice until it either came open or it was time to bail out of the pocket. I think this is going to be our choice. Considering Darnold in the top half of Round 1 is a joke. Darnold is so mechanically flawed. Allen? Dumb as a bag of rocks. A perfect choice at #22...
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    HERE WE GO BROWNIES, HERE WE GO!!! WOOF!! WOOF!! 'nuff said Mike
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    I would agree on this only if RB was our biggest hole in the roster and all other RB draftees were really subpar comparing to Barkley. And tha's not our case.
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    No, no, no, no, no. Please...let's do something COMPLETELY different for a change....and TAKE the good players. We can get TWO of 'em!!! Don't let other teams have the really good players please!! for kryse sake....
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    Leonard fournette wasn’t the difference in Jacksonville, in fact, he was out produced by 2 3rd rounders. Am I to believe the jaguars wouldn’t have had a good season with Kareem Hunt? The “most of these QBs are equal” take is a fan/media take. This FO will end their evaluation with a clear cut favorite, just like every other FO. The Browns haven’t picked the top qb since 1999, which isn’t the same as whiffing on the scraps in the late 1st round. Even if Barkley is the best RB in NFL history, he won’t do Sheet for a team that doesn’t have a QB. He can put up great numbers for the next 12 years and go 9-7, because RB is indeed a low value/easy to fill position. But most importantly of all: the Browns didn’t go 0-16 to let other teams determine which QB will be available for them. They’re in the driver seat and they’re not going to cower in fear like the fans who have PTSD. this FO has experience scouting and drafting successful QBs and will step up to the plate and go all in on the 1 player they believe is best for the Browns. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills with this conversation. The league has proven, conclusively, that highly drafted RBs have zero correlation with success, that it’s a position that can be filled at any point in the draft/FA and has the shortest shelf life. Every year the super bowl winner has a good qb a good defense and a running back that the entire league passed on 5-7 times.
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    The Jets are targeting Barkley. They'll take him at three before we get our second chance at him #4... damn. We without a doubt have to take Saquon #1 now.
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    Three year deal for $15m Now this pick up I really like, he stayed healthy last year and is a great compliment to Duke
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    Joe Thomas takes out a full page ad in today’s edition of the Plain Dealer. Nothing but class. . .
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    Why, are their sisters moving out?
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    Go fishin', Joe. You've earned it.
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    Sashi's plan also depleted the Browns of ALL positive offensive veteran presence. Where did that get all our rookie talent? They had no leadership in their position rooms or on field. IMHO, Sashi did us no favors. The picks he compiled were at the expense of development of our young players & costing us top QUALITY players with his "trading down". His plan did NOT accelerate this Teams' growth...it Retarded that growth. Mike
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    Look at that this way. The browns acquired the following: Jarvis landry, tyrod Taylor, demarious randall And gave up: 65th pick, 4th round pick, 7th round pick (2019), and Kizer. If you looked at that objectively who would you say won that deal? I hear you Mr. Dorsey.
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    Had to share this reddit thread. Why? It really captures many points I have gotten to since I last posted here. I've interjected the significant points in Italics. Link to video: https://twitter.com/JeffRisdon/status/970483927323299841 Transcript-ish summary courtesy of reddit OP: Major points: Starts off by saying that nobody knows what the Browns are doing at 1, including the Browns, so if someone says that they do, tell them to Shmuck off because they're lying. Thinks that Darnold and Rosen are the two guys in the mix at 1, with Mayfield having the ability to sneak in. Thinks that the Rosen personality stuff was put largely to rest, thinks that people are of the belief that Darnold has the bigger upside. Franchise level floor still has me in Rosen's corner. More he talked to people, the less he thought that the Browns would pursue McCarron. Thinks that McCarron does not want to be a bridge QB and wants a long term deal. Thinks that Sam Bradford will be day one starter for Cleveland. This pairing works with Rosen. Thinks that Derwin James is in play at 4 if he knocks it out of the park in drills (he did). If Saquon Barkley, Brad Chubb, and Minkah Fitzpatrick are all on the board at 4, he believes that Fitzpatrick is a solid third place there. James overtook Minkah for me at The Combine... and I think we can trade back a little and still land him. Met with a lot of second-tier safety prospects. Mentions Quin Blanding, DeShon Elliott, Armani Watts. "I wouldn't get too attached to Derrick Kindred, wink wink, nudge nudge." Browns are focusing on two things at WR: a big guy who can work the middle of the field, and a guy who can play in the slot. Brings up the names Courtland Sutton, Christian Kirk, Braxton Berrios, Richie James. Looking at slot guys around the mid-rounds of the draft. Says that people are already talking about next year's defensive tackle and end class. Says that the Packers - like Wolf and Highsmith - focused a lot on future mapping, so he doesn't expect them to target DL too much. Mentions Nathan Shepherd as a guy that is catching attention. Says that they're pretty high on Ogunjobi and Brantley in Cleveland. Reiterates that Fitzpatrick is not as viable of an option. Mentions Barkley, Chubb, James, and trading down as more viable. Says "50-50 at worst" if they trade the pick. Says "hell yes" it is absolutely for sale. Says it's a hot pick. He knows they like Sony Michel and Ronald Jones quite a bit. I'm liking Kerryon Johnson in Rnd 2. "I'll say this about Isaiah Crowell...if he even answers the phone if it's got a 216 on it, I'll be shocked...when Hue threw him under the bus, Crowell's not the type of guy to take that very lightly." Mentions Jets at 6 as a tradeback from 4. Mentions Buffalo's picks at 21 and 22 as a trade up opportunity. Would not surprise him if they passed on Barkley at 4 for better value at a position. Apparently evaluators do not like this OT class at all. Me neither... been watching some tape and there's not much to write up. Browns see Quenton Nelson as a guard, does not see that happening. Good year to need an OG. Knows the Browns are happy with Emmanuel Ogbah, but mentions that getting a speed rusher is attractive to them. Says that if Ogbah can get up to ~290 lbs., sees them moving him inside as a 3T DT. Brings up how the Texans had JJ Watt, Jadeveon Clowney, and Whitney Mercilus and said "yeah, block us bitch". Thinks that they see value in adding Chubb for that reason. Personally thinks that WR is the second biggest need for the Browns after QB. Says that there's a general feeling around the league that people don't trust Josh Gordon. Says he needs a full season to prove himself. Thinks that Mike Gesicki could be a good fit with the Browns in the top of the third or so as a split TE. Mentions that he's pretty much strictly a receiver and would add a lot of value in the redzone. Again brings up Courtland Sutton. Jester Weah. General consensus is that Calvin Ridley or Courtland Sutton will be first WR off the board. Says that strength of receiver class is early day three, thinks the Browns will be active there. Watch for our interest in the two DJs... LSU's Chark and Maryland's Moore. Both are rising up boards. Moore may now be in Rnd 1. Expresses belief that they need to get a DT. Knows that they really liked Poona Ford, who wasn't at Combine. Mentions Marcell Frazier, Kahlil Mckenzie. Kirk Cousins is out. Again reiterates less convinced on McCarron coming to Cleveland. Thinks it'll be Sam Bradford. Says he doesn't know the truth, but mentions that people that are bigger in the media than him that are very certain that Kizer will be traded. Mainly because they don't think he'll ever play in Cleveland due to drafting a guy number one, and he has more value in a trade than as the third guy here. Says that Kizer's worth is more as a trade sweetener, such as to move up from 33 to Buffalo's 22. Says that a lot of guys will not be back in Cleveland. Rails on Tony Grossi without ever naming him. Calls him cowpoop, essentially. ============================================================================================= See y'all around...
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    I’m kind of stunned (and baffled) how many genuinely seem to want to draft a RB at #1. And even more so when you consider what our Jackass of a HC did with his use of backs last year.
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    that is so stupid. even worse than stupid.
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    Fold the Shmucking franchise if you do that.
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    If they draft a RB with the #1 overall pick this year, who are they going to pick at #1 overall with NEXT year’s pick?
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    There should be two tiers to PI. One that is less flagrant (CB makes contact without turning head around, etc.) should be 15 yards. But if it’s a 60 yd pass and the CB is beat and he tackles the WR? That should be a spot foul. If they change everything to 15 yds, then a CB beat for a touchdown will just tackle the WR, because why wouldn’t you? 15 yds is better than a TD for the defense.
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    Today's NFL is Pass & Rush the Passer. If he's the best pass rusher in the draft then at 4 pair him with Myles...as Myles could use the help. (ability to rush the passer is huge for a team) The 'Pass' part is more than just the QB...but it certainly STARTS with the QB. (pick #1) There needs to be receivers that know how to run routes and get separation. (and catch the damn ball) You have to be able to block people to give TIME to pass and room for your RB's to help out the offense. Best QB in the draft at #1 and best Pass Rusher in the draft at #4. Wow. The 2 most critical parts of the game...in 45 minutes.
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    There was an Irishman named Fergus stranded on a deserted island. Off in the distance he saw a speck on the horizon and says to himself "that cant be a ship" As the speck got closer he says to himself "that cant be a raft or a dingy." To his surprise a figure in scuba gear eventually reaches land and takes off the mask and air tanks etc. Its a beautiful blonde lass. She approaches Fergus and asks how long has it been since you had a cigarette? Fergus "10 years." She unzips a water proof pocket in her wetsuit and pulls out a pack of cigs and lighter. Hands Fergus a smoke and lights it for him. Fergus takes a long drag and exhales and says "This is so good, I have forgotten how much I love a good smoke." The Blonde then asks "how long has it been since you had a good snort of Irish Whiskey? " Fergus "10 years." She reaches down to a waist pack and opens it and pulls out a beautiful bottle of Jameson . Gives it to Fergus, he takes a good belt. He says "Tis truly the nectar from the gods and fantastic" She then unzips her wetsuit down to her waist and asks "How long has it been since you played around?" Fergus drops to his knees crying and says "Jesus, Mary and Joseph, dont tell me that she has golf clubs in there too"
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    Looks like we signed him as an ERFA, similar to Gordon. PoG’s dream of a Hogan and Barkley fueled Super Bowl win lives on, hanging by a thread lol
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    I'm with PoG. Hogan should have been last years starter.
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    "I hear a trade a-comin, rollin round the bend, and I ain't seen the sunshine, since I don't know when"... but we're goin to the playoffs, that is plain to see.... and when we start the season. opponents will be in misery...... "sigh". great moves - this one surprised me. again. Hyde can slam a red zone td through the middle. The Browns fo knows Ohio State has a football team !!!
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    I'll disagree. We still have our top 5 picks in the draft- check Plenty of cap room for the future- check Bridge quarterback in place- check Traded a 4th round pick for best slot receiver in the NFL- check. Unloaded under performing Shelton and Kizer- check
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    I just looked up Taylor's stats on pro football reference, and 62 completion % sure as hell is better than Kizer's 56%. Doesn't turn the ball over much either 3:1 td\int ratio. After watching Kizer stink it up massively all last year about anything is an improvement. As a drop by Bills fan pointed out- Taylor had arguably worse garbage to throw to than Kizer did last year.
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    He's exactly what this team needs, a real old style football player. The kid just likes to play, gets himself open and catches the damn ball. That to me is a football player.
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    No, Miami did NOT pick up the #65 pick. We gave them a 4th rounder this year (#123) & A 7TH ROUNDER IN 2019. Mike
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    Here's the deal - we're coming off 1-31 football so it doesn't matter what we have to spend on the QB position. It's not a recruiting attraction YET. I'm sure if Dorsey knew AJ McCarron, Sam Bradford or Case Keenum was a possibility - he'd be going for it. The good news is Tyrod doesn't throw a lot of picks while he averaged a completion percentage of about 62.7 in the 3 years he started in Buffalo. Here's his TD:INT ratios, comp% and record during that time: 14 TD:4 INT 62.6 cmp% 8-6 record in 2017; 17 TD:6 INT 61.7 cmp% 7-8 record in 2016; 20 TD:6 INT 63.7 cmp% 7-6 record in 2015. He can also scramble out of trouble when needed. Meanwhile, Josh McCown's records as a starter the last 4 years is as follows: 1-10 TB in 2014, 1-7 Cle in 2015, 0-3 Cle in 2016, 5-8 NYJ in 2017. He's been beat up worse than Evel Knievel while he's almost as old as Barnabas Collins. Not losing sight of the bigger picture, we're going to be drafting a QB with the 1st or the 4th pick. Maybe this we'll be like the Seahawks back in 2012 when they added veteran QB Matt Flynn for a 26 million $ deal with 10 million $ guaranteed before they drafted the most successful QB of his draft class Russell Wilson in round 3. Only we're not waiting until round 3 while we might have less urgency to start our rookie nearly as early. And what helped Wilson a lot particularly early on? Handing off to Beast Mode, scrambling out of trouble and a great defense.
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    Okay loddies and lassies, top of the morning to yuz! Watching the difference between top QB prospects become much less of a difference has me rethinking my way over to Barkley at #1. Hear me out first; because all of this time I was right where Mark O was on the QB vrs Barkley debate only he articulated our argument way better than me. He'll still have things I agree on except the reality that even our favorite QBs have more things to worry about than Barkley has. So, here goes the overcaffeinated world according to me: If we don't start the run on QBs at #1 overall - isn't there still only 2 draft picks before we draft again at #4? And how many weeks will this be after the team with the most money to spend on a FA QB does so? And isn't it possible this is a unique year where 2-3 QBs can be very equivalent in what they offer because they all have some concerns? Aside from that, when the 2 other teams pick before our 4th spot - what guarantee do we have they will take the 1 we are slightly favoring? Whether I agree with the drool fest over Josh Allen or not - maybe it's a good thing he can throw the ball all the way to Canada just like Jamarcus Russell could. He could be one of the QBs that goes before we pick at #4 because someone will be willing to forget he only threw 16 TD passes last year against a lesser brand of corner and pass rushers with pedestrian accuracy. I know I know he LOVES football though. All it takes is 1 team that doesn't care about short game accuracy and the tighter windows of red zones. We've already gone the bionic arm route in lieu of accuracy with Weeden, Anderson and Kizer which are 3 very good reasons we still need a QB today right? They LOVED football too before they realized their lack of accuracy in a world that requires fitting air tight windows in congested red zones them feeling like a McCoy surrounded by 65,000 Hatfields. It's been like a never ending video to the song "You Lost that Loving Feeling..." YES, Mayfield and Darnold are my not-so-perfect faves but much to my surprise Rosen (with a lot of help from SD Tom's persistence and media examples at the combines) got me to see him in ways I was previously unwilling to - closed some serious ground on both. I don't give a rat what he said when he was 17 that has been so blow out of context to look like he just said those things 4-5 years later. And when he questioned which sport he was better between his #1 ranking in tennis vrs his #1 QB ranking in Rivals and Scout - that's not a lack of love or passion for the sport he chose at 17. It's probably something a lot of people would question. I also find it interesting that some of his previous critics at the football camp back before he was a senior in high school have made it a point to say he's a lot more mature today to the extent they've changed their opinion of him for the better. The last Head Coach he had gave him far better reviews than Justin Gilbert's college Head Coach had for all healthy consumers. So WHY have I about faced my opinion to take a RB first especially in a draft that is so deep at the position? As I've looked at all of the RBs in the draft, a lot of them aren't going to be 3 down RBs in the NFL because they lack the 1 thing Barkley might be very underrated at. Catching the football out of the backfield aside from his ideal size to handle a bigger work load. He had 54 receptions for 632 yards and 3 TDs to go with his 1200+ yards and 18 TDs on the ground aside from his kickoff returns for TDs. If you're not impressed - you simply don't want to be. The only RB that resembles Barkley is SDSU's Rashaad Penny but there's no guarantees he's on our doorstep later in the draft. Meanwhile, Sony Michel I thought was an ideal alternative only had 9 receptions in 14-15 games while his playing weight of about 215 lbs reminds us he'll stay a part time RB. Barkley has better gears than Duke Johnson without the history of injury Duke had at the U - which ultimately made his NFL taker understand how much of a workload he'd handle best. Right now, we don't have a scoring threat on the roster inclusive of the Josh Gordon who has only scored 1 TD in his only 10 starts since 2013. Barkley is good for the passing game and our running game without us tipping off tendencies using 2 different guys all the time. If you want to recruit the interest of a FA QB - you tell him you are going to give him Barkley like Polian equipped Peyton Manning with Marshall Faulk in his first NFL huddle and then Edge James thereafter. When Faulk went to the Rams, a little known QB named Kurt Warner at 29 years of age enjoyed a RB that could bury the blitz with TD receptions all the way to a Pro Bowl and MVP caliber season punctuated with a Superbowl Championship. For that matter, there's Dak Prescott WITH Zeke and WITHOUT Zeke - can you guess which version made him Rookie of the Year? In adding Barkley, we don't need to draft another RB. We get our Marshall Faulk that can score from anywhere on the field in the pass game or running game. Meanwhile, as all the other teams are in those runs drafting RBs in this deep draft - this gets us looking at WRs and DBs and a dual purpose TE like Oklahoma's Mark Andrews. We also have Free Agency and the most money to spend on some yes price tags we finally HAVE to compete for (rather than overpaying the Jamar Taylor we still need to upgrade causing us to double-dip anyway). You get what you pay for and the unwillingness to compete for the better guys often causes desperate knee jerk overpayments on bums/has-beens like Dwayne Bowe and Kenny Brat. The biggest difference between Barkley and the first QB is every top QB we consider gives us at least 1-2 more concerns than Barkley does. The good news? There's only 2 picks between who we take at #1 and when we pick again. We're going to add QBs with as much money as we have for FA as well as up as high as #4 overall. Barkley and these 2 QBs plus three 2nd round picks plus the 1st pick of round 3? All this from a guy that was getting a huge kick out of the "Love PO tion #9" Springbreak girls gone wild caliber passion packed threads recruiting the testosterone to throw down and polarize. IMO, this is a classic example of letting some things settle before racing to a final conclusion far before it's necessary. My mind may change again but I'm enjoying the excitement of the opportunity this experienced FO (with proven success in the draft, free agency and trades) has in front of it.
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    Thanks Sashi. Thanks for giving away Carson Wentz to the Eagles for Corey Coleman and a bunch of other scrubs. Thanks for not drafting Watson the next year. Thanks for telling guys like Mitchell Schwartz he wasn't worth spending money on but then throwing money down a hole on a worthless QB just to get a second round pick. Thanks for being such a prick that most FA's would even come visit the Browns Thanks for serving up a 1-31 sh it sandwich that we all had to sit down and enjoy. Thanks for giving me most of my Sundays free to do other things other than watch the Browns Thanks for nothing Sashi. I feel like most people wouldn't have trouble acquiring the amount of picks he was able to acquire. Trading high draft picks when really good players that you know are on the board for lower draft picks and future draft picks that could be anywhere in the future draft is like that neighborhood kid who trades his brand new toy for 5 broken old toys and some candy.
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    The 7 worst moves Sashi Brown made with the Browns Kenny Britt: 4 yrs, $32 million. "nuff said.
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    Here is a collection of Super Bowl trophies accumulated by Barry Sanders, LaDainian Tomlinson, and Adrian Peterson. . .
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    My suggestion for you is that you go and be a fan of whatever team takes Barkley...if the Browns do not....and that you stop bothering the rest of us in your display of your hard on for him.
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    Heres our #1 https://imgur.com/gallery/6cius
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    This. He was a 20 year old QB on the worst team in the league with 0 WRs for half of the year. The idea we should ship him off now for a 5th is idiotic
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    That's the problem. There ARE no guarantees in waiting & I say take no chances. IF you really want a particular QB...Get him at #1!!......THAT'S a guarantee!!!!! There will still be one hell of a player at 4. Think about it...IF we get Allen, Darnold, Mayfield, or Rosen at #1....then left at #4 are the other 3 top QBs , then Barkley, Chubb, Fitzpatrick, McGlinchey & more. That means AT LEAST 2 of those last 4 I mentioned will still be there at #4 & that's if NOBODY takes a QB at #2 or #3. IF a team selects ONE QB at either 2 or 3, we are then GUARANTEED that EITHER Chubb or Barkley are there at #4. That's a lot of quality & I'll take those odds. Mike
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    I mean... No,it's not. Barkley may be amazing, but you need to look at the difference between him and the other HBs, where we could draft those HBs, and the positional value.
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    The guy is a dynamic playmaker, don't pass him up. Depending on which QB you like best, there is an excellent chance of getting him at four, with no pressure on him if we bring in a bridge QB as well. Zombo --I like Darnold best, but Barkley/Rosen or Barkley/Mayfield could be a great combo, if our war room likes those guys more or as much.
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    Were you not here during the season to see his love for a shitty 3rd string QB Shane Hogan?? Apparently this Hogan cat who completed nearly more passes to the Texans than he did the Browns in his one start is a franchise HOF QB if only given the chance to start. He would've turned this entire season around.
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    We own 12 draft picks for 2018. We can't draft that many. We already have the youngest team in the league. How young do we wanna get? Instead of trading back, we should be trading up.
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    There isn't anyone I'd rather listen to talk about football than Greg Cosell. The guy is great. He spoke to why I like Rosen - he is the most advanced QB in this draft playing from the construct of a play and the pocket. I still think this is key to a longterm successful QB. He like Mayfield more than I do, but I get why he likes him. He likes Darnold, but thinks he definitely needs to be coached well and strongly. Nails the conundrum that is Josh Allen - I love his thoughts on "arm strength vs arm talent". He has no doubt Allen has arm strength, but questions his arm talent, and his anticipation on throws.
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    This is a great place for Kizer. It's almost throwing him a bone and doing him a solid. I'm glad Kizer ended up somewhere he can be developed. He has potential, but just got the wrong end of the stick. He always handled everything as professional as possible. He will easily beat out Hundley, whom will probably be released at this point.
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    Oh yes what a cool guy plus put up some serious numbers with the BROWNS and NFL..... ........"Undrafted as a wide receiver out of Kent State, the position was not his strongest suit. In 10 years, he caught only 110 passes for 1,175 yards. However, Cribbs is a legendary punt and kick returner. His 426 kick returns netted 11,113 yards and a league-record eight touchdowns, and his 222 punt returns resulted in another 2,375 yards and three more scores. Cleveland let him leave in free agency in 2013 and he bounced around to the Oakland Raiders, New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts before hanging up his cleats. He couldn’t be kept from the game for long. Indeed, Cribbs’ passion is what carried him to this moment. “I have this burning desire to be around football, to get back in the game. This is the closest way I can be around football, to still make an impact in the NFL. What better team for me to make an impact than the Cleveland Browns?” ......... .........2009 season On September 13, in the Browns' home opener versus the Minnesota Vikings, Cribbs returned a punt 67 yards for a touchdown, tying the team record for career returns for a touchdown (seven) with Eric Metcalf. Also, in that same game, Cribbs was named as a starting wide receiver for the first time in his NFL career. On October 18, Cribbs returned a Pittsburgh kickoff for a touchdown, breaking the team record for returns for a touchdown. In this game he became the first NFL player to throw an interception and record a kick-off return touchdown in the same game since 1950. On December 10, Cribbs led the Browns to victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers, their first win over their rival in 13 games. Cribbs led all offensive players with 200 all-purpose yards, including 87 yards rushing out of the WildDawg formation. On December 20, Cribbs returned two kickoffs for touchdowns against the Kansas City Chiefs to set and extend the all-time NFL record for most kickoff returns for touchdowns in a career. On December 29, Cribbs was named to the 2010 Pro Bowl for the second time in his career as the Browns' and AFC's representative as the kick returner. Cribbs was also named the Browns' team MVP for the 2009 season...... Ah yes one cool player, especially against pizzburg I'll never forget that!
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    You all may think that the vastness of my knowledge only applies to football...right? However, that is not the case. My avid hobby of traveling is actually going to produce a (somewhat) feature article on me in my Travel Club magazine. If and when I have access to it, I will try to post a link. It may be another month for the volume to be produced. They put one out quarterly...and this will probably be in the Spring version of the mag. Here is a generic link to the lastest magazine website: https://indd.adobe.com/view/b989ca88-753a-4206-9c56-3f471dbec4a6 I will update when the article concerning me is produced.
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