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    Well, I guess it's official..... Dorsey sucks. Another self proclaimed draft guru took this guy with his last pick in a pretend draft. Might as well blow the stadium up. This thread will be fun to look back on.............
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    Hunt kicked that girl, no excuses, and obviously the video did him in. He has been very apologetic, accepted his release, accepted a paltry (by NFL standards) contract, accepted his suspension, and by all reports is doing very well, the commissioners office is even making an exception for him to be around the team. This piece of shit beat the living shit out of his pregnant girlfriend in college, and now he is beating their son and threatening her again. How old is this kid? 3 or 4? Even if they can't "prove" the broken arm was caused by him, he admits to whipping him with the belt and making the boy hold his arms out and punching him in the stomach. If you watched Golic and Wingo this morning, Mike Golic got very emotional and wanted to "punch this jagoff in the stomach" and I agree with him. NFL, if you don't want to stand up for the woman, at least stand up for the kid. Zombo
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    Much more entertaining and well done then the recent flood of memes. WSS
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    Pretty outstanding video and classy move from a player several here and Steve Smith deem rather "toxic"...
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    That or he borrowed Gipper's cell phone...
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    Taki Taki ... the guy just sounds like a hitter ... and from what I read, that is his speciality. Two things here: 1) We're in the middle of the third round. Getting bent out of shape over a third rounder when you don't have nearly the information our front office possesses is futile. As Dorsey would say "we're looking for 'football players' and he has a top notch professional staff to scour them. 2) This is an Elliot Wolf pick, as Pluto points out. Wolf loves the guy. Did his homework. There's a reason Wolf is a highly paid NFL personnel guy and the dudes at Walter Football are writing their opinions on their laptop from a lunch diner while spilling a gyro on their fat belly. In the third round you are looking for a plug and play guy, and we got one who becomes the fourth linebacker and special teams stud right away. Everyone complains about linebacker depth and special teams. Then we improve both corps dramatically with one pick and the complaining continues. Guy was a bit of a trouble-maker, settled down, got married, had a fantastic season last year. He is considered a success story at BYU, and I trust Dorsey, Wolf et al to think he'll be a success story in Cleveland too. Football player! I can see "Taki Taki" covered in mud already as he drills a rb back into the backfield on fourth and one. Zombo
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    Analytics and data driven pick 😜😜 I never understand the “bad value pick you could have got him 10,20,30 spots later” How on earth does anyone know that? It’s impossible to know there are too many variables.
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    besides.. Every split end needs a Hyman..LOL
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    I can get totally behind the idea of moving Schobert to the weak side and getting a more physical player for MLB. But I'd be upset if they just traded him away. Dude is a player.
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    I'm going to give them an A. They hit every need. Since the start of free agency we have done an awesome job of filling in the roster. Here was the roster I posted on March 11th: QB Mayfield, Stanton FB RB Chubb, Johnson, Hilliard (Hunt Susp.) WR1 Calloway, Willies, Strong, Ratley WR2 Landry, Higgins, Louis, Jackson TE Njoku, Devalve, Brown LT Robinson, Harrison LG Bitonio C Tretter RG Corbett RT Hubbard DE Garrett, Smith DT Ogunjobi, Lawrence DT Coley, Price DE Ogbah, Zettle, Thomas MLB Schoebert, OLB Vernon, Hines OLB Kirksey, Avery CB Ward , Thomas, Wilson CB Mitchell, Carrie, Burris S Randall. Whitehead S Peppers, Kindred K Joseph P Colquitt LS Hughlett KR Hilliard, Peppers PR Calloway, Peppers Here is the roster today, new guys in green: QB B.Mayfield, D.Stanton, G. Gilbert FB/H-B O. Charles RB N. Chubb, D. Johnson, D.Hilliard (Hunt Susp.) WR1 O. Beckham, A. Callaway, D. Willies, B. Jackson WR2 J. Landry, R. Higgins, D .Ratley, J.Strong TE D. Njoku, D. Harris, S. Devalve, P. Brown LT G. Robinson, D. Harrison LG J. Bitonio D. Forbes C J.Tretter K. Kalis RG A.Corbett, E. Kush B. Witzmann RT C. Hubbard, K. Lamm B. Seaton DE M. Garrett, C. Smith, C. Thomas DT Ogunjobi, C. Davis, D. Lawrence DT S. Richardson,T Coley, B. Price DE O. Vernon, Zettle, MLB Schoebert, M. Wilson R. Armstrong OLB G. Avery, A. Taylor, Hines OLB C. Kirksey, S. Takitaki CB D. Ward , T. Carrie, T. Thomas, J.Burris CB T. Mitchell, G. Williams, D. Lewis, P. Gaines FS D. Randall, S. Redwine, J Whitehead SS M. Burnett, E. Murray K A. Seibert, G. Joseph P Colquitt LS Hughlett KR (Hilliard) PR (Callaway) New starters at WR1, DE, DT and S ... three of them Pro Bowlers. Depth added at QB, RB, WR, TE, all across OL, All across LB, All across secondary, and Kicker adressed. Zombo
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    When he asked what number shirt he would be wearing he was told UB 40
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    https://www.wsj.com/articles/kushner-says-probes-into-russian-meddling-more-damaging-than-interference-itself-11556039505 I don't believe anybody thought they could swing the election and I don't believe anybody thinks that it had any effect on the voting whatsoever. If the Russians wanted anything it's the creation of turmoil in the United States which it has certainly done. Talk about being puppets to Vladimir Putin the Democrats and a left-wing media are dancing to every tune he plays. The ultimate troll. Talk about eating up what you are being fed with a spoon. WSS
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    IMHO, ANY player guilty of child abuse should be banned from the NFL permanently. Mike
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    I'm assuming Cleve is taking the hardline here because if he wanted to date one of Trump's kids it would be DonJunior. WSS
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    Hope this is just predraft smoke. Besides Joe, we have Kirksey- I may say Avery- and not much else at LB. A position everyone says we need to address in the draft, and you want to trade away your best player at that position? Doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
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    This "we" you spoke of has nothing to do with Dorsey and Mayfield and this current team, and everything to do with a damaged fanbase. I understand, and it's cool for some of you to go "whoa, let's not put the cart before the horse", I do get it. Garret, Ward, Schoebert and Landry were Pro Bowlers with the Browns. We've added Pro Bowlers Vernon, Richardson, Hunt and OBJ. That's 8. Mayfield set the rookie passing mark. Chubb and Nojoku look like big-time playmakers of the future. We were 5-2 Down the stretch ... It's OK to be optimistic too. Zombo
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    Most of these "castoffs" busted their ass thru 16 games of the worst season in our history. They weren't losers... they were just part of an organization that plotted a path thru losing. They never quit. If that can't earn them an ounce of respect from you, then that's on you.
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    Mack Wilson, LB, Alabama Seems like the heady, sure-tackler type as opposed to the playmaker type. And the special teams coach is thrilled today! Z
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    Otherwise known to Vagitron as "character concerns."
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    Aside from the hits, do you know what really jumped out at me in the video? He's got a collage of INTs telling me he's pretty freakin good in coverage. He may not have the foot speed of Bush or White; but if he has elite 1st step instinct he can be just as effective/better in zone coverage. For example, PFW indicates White and Bush both had 6 passes defensed in 2018 while Mack Wilson had 7.
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    And you know: Sheldrick Redwine looks like a clone of Bob Marley a bit:
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    getting better and more real all the time. The entire left went apecrap for over two years, now they should apologize for all the lies they went with. Sick cowardly stuff. https://www.theblaze.com/op-ed/wtf-msm-ny-times-admits-the-dossier-may-have-been-a-russian-disinformation-operation WTF MSM!? NY Times admits the dossier may have been a Russian disinformation operation
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    yea, after all, and in keeping with the lemming culture the leftists adhere to - Kathy Griffith didnt really mean to carry around a bloodied rendition of the POTUS's head? Maxine Waters didnt call out her fan base to disrupt the privacy of her political rivals? the senate and the gang of 8 didnt really call SC Justice Kavanaugh a rapist? poor April Ryan of CNN just wants in on keeping the hate alive... is that context correct?
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