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  2. LEFT-WINGERS PILE ON CHUCK TODD FOR CALLING OUT OCASIO-CORTEZ https://dailycaller.com/2019/06/19/chuck-todd-ocasio-cortez-concentration-camps/ Nice to see some intellectually honesty from Todd here but he is getting slammed by the left for telling the truth. There can be no doubt Cortez was speaking about Nazi concentration camps because she used the phrase "never again" in her video.
  3. Tour2ma

    is TE our weakest

    A lot to take in there... enough to deserve it's own thread Looking Ahead to the 2019 Browns' D... Vikes are an odd-ish choice. A couple parallels ring true, but are they enough when others fall flat? Our best Barr parallel walked months ago... secondaries have opposite strengths. On plus side a Schobert-Kendricks comparison isn't a bad one... Would Wilks' 2017 Panthers' D make more sense? Personnel seem further apart, but the DC impact has to be revealing. Step removed from DC, but his 2018 AZ D has more player parallels.
  4. OldBrownsFan

    The Republicans George Soros

    Tucker: Why Are The Koch Brothers ‘Running The Republican Party’ When They Disagree With So Many Republicans?
  5. "I didn't sidestep anything.. all of that was covered. But we've also covered how Christians are taught to refuse fruits from the tree of knowledge so I guess I couldn't be surprised..." ********************************* That is just mind blowing ignorance of the bible.
  6. This is merely a hypothetical but think about it. Pedophilia is as natural or as unnatural as homosexuality because some people are just born that way. Now let's agree that Society has decided for whatever reason that pedophilia is bad. We are still on the same page right? So what then would be your reaction to a pedophile who never actually act on his urges? Would it be okay in your opinions for him to jerk off to animated child pronography in which no child actually ever participates? No harm would be ever done to any child. Are you guys good with that or is it just too fucked up for you to accept? WSS
  7. Today
  8. I'm not talking Retarded I'm talking about just low enough that you could be easily persuaded by a smarter person. WSS
  9. Is their IQ low enough that they are deemed mentally deficient?
  10. The dems are making a show pandering for the black vote. There seems to be a little movement of black voters away from the dem fold (Blexit) and now suddenly reparations are back in the news. I really like what Burgess Owens had to say. He gets it. The results of dem policies are there for all to see. The dems policies have been destructive to the black community. The numbers don't lie. I think the dems policies are destructive to all of us but the black community has been particularly hit hard and Mr. Owens a former democrat nailed it. The charlatans who make a good living on preaching victim mentality to the black community such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will never be satisfied with reparations anyway. Preaching victim mentality is their bread and butter.
  11. I didn't sidestep anything.. all of that was covered. But we've also covered how Christians are taught to refuse fruits from the tree of knowledge so I guess I couldn't be surprised... There are a ton of scientific, genetic studies looking into sexual orientation. From actual, real, expert sources. Not the links you all have been posting from Gospel this and Jesus that. Or a YouTube video with a guy just saying he was gay and that he's not now because gaaawwwwddd. How do you still not get the difference between homosexuality and pedos? How many times does that need explained? Broken record on here "I'm not a bigot. I just want to practice my religion. Anyway, here's how gays are the same as pedos and that's why they're bad." What???
  12. And there is still quite a few. Like, for instance, (and I know there's lots more than this but im leaning on them to make a point) the Catholic priests that molest kids. Since, apparently, god is the only source of what's right and wrong...I guess he must have been on vacation.
  13. IOW it should be against the law to have sex with someone with an IQ lower than your own??? If that's the case you know who should start looking into joining a monastery. WSS
  14. Westside Steve

    In one interview, did Trump validate the mueller probe?

    First of all finding out that Hillary and the DNC were crooked didn't change one vote, you guys didn't care . Regardless of your paranoia Russia is a fucking dump with some nukes and some oil, that the NATO members are happy to purchase with the money they save from not having to defend their own miserable asses against guess who? as to taking Russian language lessons you might want to get a better grip on English first. WSS
  15. Consent is the big factor. A pedo may be born with fucked up desires but the target of their desires is a child. If jr can’t consent to signing a lease, they can’t consent to relations with an adult. The sadomasochist example is still two people consenting. It is different to me but they both want to be there so party on, folks. No one should save you from yourself if you are an adult and wish to have Elvira step on your nuts.
  16. There were also many who had religion and still didn’t care about right or wrong. Your parents and communal consequences were probably big molding factors for human behavior outside of religion that had far greater effectiveness. If you fuck up, Jesus will always forgive. However, being cast out of a community likely meant a terrible death for a good bit of our history. Not only that, even up through the Old West you could face a noose or an angry mob for being a shit heel.
  17. pay up white men and give up your women!!!;!!;!!
  18. Chemist

    Phoenix Cops

    Scary white people
  19. Oooohhhhh, now you're trying to tell me there's something called a "conscience". Please spare me the BS that just inherently knowing right from wrong came out of nowhere. There's quite a few people throughout history that didn't know, or care about the difference.
  20. I'm not equating them... But... my original point being.... (that Woody conveniently sidestepped).... Woody essentially says.... homosexuals are born that way.... without any definitive proof. By the exact same logic- is it a stretch to say pedophiles\voyeurs are born that way? Sociological consequences not withstanding. And it doesn't hurt anyone if they're consenting? Just occurred to me, it might be "consenting" but in some (maybe most) instances the person on the receiving end of sado-machoscism can and does get physically hurt. Hmmmm.... Ignoring what I said Woodster- that's your POV from your personal view of morality. Millions of people happen to disagree with you there. And it's not just Christians. I believe Muslims take a rather dim view of it too.
  21. Westside Steve

    Bernie explains it

  22. Westside Steve

    Phoenix Cops

    Blow me. I have no idea what happened to escalate the situation in the first video (but it must have been something) and the second video fuck the guy on the bike. He's an asshole and actually should have been arrested. WSS
  23. You missed the point of that statement . Of course the right has appropriated the term liberal as well ...in the way you mentioned. The fact that "leftist" and "liberals" are used synonymously is what Prager meant by saying that the left has appropriated the term. This video was produced to point out the difference between a liberal and a leftist...so it was fitting that it was stated 15 seconds as an intro the video. I'd urge you to watch to watch the rest of the vid. He speaks very positively about liberalism itself. Find out if you fall under the "liberal" or "leftist" ideology. Holy fuck..you and I may both be liberals!
  24. I'm with Burgess Owens...the democrat party should pay reparations..
  25. Gorka

    Phoenix Cops

    I suppose one who has a lot of experience saying random shit to point attention away could easily recognize when someone else does it.
  26. Ha, a Prager U video.... Classic 15 seconds in "The left has appropriated the term liberal" Uhhh... Cal calls anyone on here that lightly disagrees with him a liberal. Multiple posters day libtard, liberal, etc and say left wing right after. Whatever nuance you're trying to point out I'm not sure you can blame the left for it as well...
  27. so basically its the same nuance between conservative people and right wing nut jobs that want to outlaw essentislly every personsl choice a human can mske that doesnt conform to biblical teachings? the left leaning people here hsve established for some time now we're not flaming left wing fgts thatvwant to outlaw even flint lock firearms. This is not a new concept. But what people like u dont understand is that even far left/right people arent wrong on absolutely everything. Trump isnt wrong on everything and neither is AOC. How they go about fixing the things they accurately acknowledged as problems....thats another matter.
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