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  2. When Odin traded his eye for the ability to see the future he saw that the ice giants would be ultimately Victorious. Just in case this particular meme had a point...😉 WSS
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  5. ballpeen

    Jags trade theorhetical

    I am sure Dorsey has been shopping Duke, and it appears the offers aren't rolling in at this point. Dorsey knows that backs value has diminished over the last 4-5 years, so he is probably hoping for a 4th rounder but would take a 5th if it was mid round up. He is probably only getting 7th round offers at this point. That may get better as camp wears on. Duke best hope we don't simply cut him(which we probably won't) because he won't get as much money as we are paying him.
  6. ballpeen

    is TE our weakest

    Our TE's are good enough, especially since it will be a fairly non-featured position except maybe in the red zone with Njoku's length. It is probably going to be more of a check down option for Baker, and he doesn't check down all that much.
  7. It could. However, a lack of consistent chances tends to knock some of the luster off the "star". I live 11 miles from the Georgia state line. I watch a lot of Georgia football and was a big fan of Sony. I think he is a great back.
  8. Gorka


    Dear Jesus in heaven!
  9. im down if you go to the Dominican rep too....😁
  10. In all seriousness though we should start a GoFundMe to send TEXag1969, Clevfan4Life, and MDLWoody to the next "impeach Trump" rally.
  11. Hell has a one way gate, it only swings inward. once you're inside, there's no way out. One of the great Catholics mystics that actually got a vision of the place said- pretty amazing a lot of the folks inside thought it didn't exist.
  12. Apparently you're seeking my approval. You'll be happy to know I've decided to give you credit for that one. I find myself more of an agnostic, so I'll just recuse myself and let OBF shoot that one down if he wishes.
  13. So by the same token being a liberal is just like being a homosexual. But where's the irony? You were merely making a hapless comparison in hopes of pushing OBF's buttons. You know you were. And look up "Irony" to learn what it actually is.
  14. this shit needs to be investigated.......but not before we send tge ole boys on their swan song i mean much needed "rest and relaxation". Def hit the minibars boys......i hear good things about hotel minibars in the dominican republic
  15. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/wife-of-man-who-is-among-the-american-tourists-to-die-suddenly-in-the-dominican-republic-says-resort-staff-pressured-her-to-have-him-cremated-before-returning-to-the-us/ar-AAD4iuo?li=BBnbcA1
  16. woody's twisted fake science:
  17. calfoxwc

    Phoenix Cops

    no attempt to justify it, just the flip side of the deal - fair and balanced. sure, you don't understand that. You don't understand anything at all.
  18. but he put his "name" to those kids being guilty. And he cant go back on that. Its all about his "ego"....which one of the 7 deadlies does this fall under?
  19. but obama was the divisive one. This right here is a prime example of why i dont think the guy is a good president even if he's procedurally right on a few issues. Great leaders dont dig their heels in and adamantly refuse to accept they were wrong. This is a "major" char flaw that if it msnifests itself inbthe wrong situation it could be disastrous for our country. And this ones such an easy softball. Give a talk, say u were wrong and acknowledge to tge african americsn community that they absolutely have been targeted by career zealous prosecutors that cared more for a "win" than the truth. What thst would do for his relationship to that community cant be understated. As easy a political win as one csn have. I was wrong....i got caught up in the brutality of the crime and couldnt have known these seedy NY prosecutors were trying to set these kids up. Cant be easier....he even has an "out" built in.
  20. MLD Woody

    Phoenix Cops

    Of fucking course The Blaze would run an article attempting to justify those actions anyway they can... Can't have people starting to think blacks are actually treated worse ever in any way. Gotta keep feeding their base. Smh
  21. OldBrownsFan


    Keep America Great or Make America Even Greater? https://www.foxnews.com/opinion/deroy-murdock-heres-what-trumps-re-election-campaign-slogan-should-be
  22. https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/06/18/politics/trump-central-park-five-wont-apologize/index.html
  23. Some irony here. Sexual orientation and predisposition to religion are probably very similar. Very heavily genetically influenced along with environmental factors. We've seen how a religious person brain reacts to things like prayer, they're genes are such that they're more likely to believe. Both exist on a spectrum too. So basically being a super literal Bible Christian is just like being a homosexual.
  24. Thought it was early. Few other news bits I have to sit on for now.
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