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  2. We have a WINNER!!! Bingo... It's how the Officials are "trained". Let the close turnover calls go and get corrected, if necessary, by replay... which is automatic after every turnover.
  3. I HATE IT, when they blow the whistle. Let them play the game and if you have to change the call into an incomplete call, you can do it as every turnover is revised. Damn it, another fumble recovered for TD that doesn't get scored thanks to the referees (NO at LAR) I don't care if it's New Orleans, the Rams or against the Browns. I hate it when they blow the whistle killing defensive TDs or great returns. It makes no sense.
  4. Playcall taking it out of his hands was dumb. NO got screwed again by the refs who blew dead a fumble by Goff returned by the Saints for a TD. Plus Brees jammed his thumb early in the game and is out now. I already had 3 players on my FFL bench for injury going into this week and now my QB is out, hopefully not permanently for the season. Did not look too good.
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  6. Vambo

    Celebrating Hispanic heritage

    Why would the celebrate a heritage they ran away from? It's like getting a divorce and still celebrate the anniversary.
  7. AOC says climate change may drown Miami – Why she's wrong In the old European folktale, Chicken Little went into a panic and started screaming “The sky is falling, the sky is falling” to all the animals she could find, warning that the world was coming to an end. In real life today, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is panicking and telling us the oceans are rising and the end of the world is near because of climate change. Both warnings of doom and gloom are equally melodramatic and overwrought.
  8. Man, anybody watching Raiders and Chiefs? The Raiders offensive line is simply amazing. Derek Carr drops back and literally has a cup of coffee every time.
  9. Tour2ma

    2019 Browns Board Fantasy Football

    lol... Pats D put up 37 points today...
  10. I can't fault the decision... play for the win on the road/ tie at home... plus JAX had the Momo on their side... ... but the playcall??? It was Minshoe (?) that had it going. I have to put the ball in his hands on a boot right from the left hash. Also onto LAR-NO... now with commercial checks of the mix channel.
  11. Tour2ma

    This Week in the AFC North

    3-0 Straight up 2-1 vs. the spread... so far...
  12. TODD STARNES: HS cheerleaders punished for supporting Trump
  13. TexasAg1969

    This Week in the AFC North

    I'm 3 for 3 with Ravens, 49ers and Seahawks. EDIT: I see Tour & hoorta called those as well. Hopefully this is an omen for a 4 for 4 weekend, so...............................Go Browns!!👍
  14. Idiots in charge of the Jags went for two to win rather to tie with the XP to get to OT. They lost to Houston by 1. Watching Sts. vs. Rams but will miss the end of the night game to pick wifey up at the airport returning from a Cornell friends reunion in Seattle.
  15. TexasAg1969

    This Week in the AFC North

    28-26 Seabirds final.
  16. Marquise Brown from Lamar saves Balt in the end..23-17 final..quite a catch..quite a sideline throw too
  17. the Most balance team I've watched is the Niners..Shanny has built him a team, reguardless of his opponents..Pete Carroll just showed a perfect playbook to beat Pitt. & Ben out may not have mattered? Zona a last drive chance with Ravens... down 23-17 3:30 left..and Hey Pat Shurmer..your dried paint on your she shed has just caught Fire 🔥💥
  18. Comey, McCabe will face criminal charges amid FISA report: McCarthy
  19. Dutch Oven

    This Week in the AFC North

    Roethlisberger knocked out with elbow injury, Mason Rudolph making his NFL debut. 21-19 Seattle, 4th quarter.
  20. I hear ya! Feels good to exhale during football games doesn't it Larry?
  21. I'm at the mercy of cable TV so I stopped watching the Dolphins act as BINGO Free Space for NE to check out a better matchup of Cowboys and Indians. The next game on here is the Saints and Rams, which is a great match-up. If I still had DirecTV - I'd probably be flipping back and forth to the Raiders and Chiefs game.
  22. With Sunday ticket, doing some channel flipping before I get out on the bike, too nice a day here to veg out watching the games. got all of them taped, I'll watch later tonight. As predicted the Bungles are Bungling. Letting the wife watch her Lions play the Chargers. Will tune in on the Steelers, and Rams- Saints on delay tonight. Really is nice to kick back and relax just watching games mostly stress free on a Sunday for a change...
  23. I want to puke..Ab scored...🤮🤮🤮
  24. NE and Dolphins only thing on for this cable cutter. I’ll probably put cartoons on for the little ones and move on with my life
  25. Seattle at Pittsburgh, then New Orleans at LA Rams.
  26. I don't see Rivers, but agree about Marino... ... and I accept your apology.
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