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In Topic: Gordon Suspended for a Year

27 August 2014 - 09:37 PM

I don't think it's an issue that Gordon got suspended. He is an idiot and reaps what

he sows. The issue here is the severity of the punishment as opposed to leniency 

shown to Ray Rice even though it is an entirely different situation. 

Not only is Ray Rice's punishment an issue but remember the New Orleans Saints

a few years ago? Sean Payton and Greg Williams were rewarding guys for 

purposely hurting or maiming a player on the field. They encouraged it and 

rewarded it. They were only suspended for one year also the same as Gordon.


Somehow the punishment doesn't fit the crime.

In Topic: CBSSports reporting Gordon most likely gets 8 games

06 August 2014 - 11:21 AM

If its from Mary Kay it will be anything but 8 games. If I had to

bet I would put the over/under at 4-.

In Topic: NFL To Reduce Pot Discipline

14 May 2014 - 05:55 PM

Report: NFL to raise marijuana testing threshold in new drug policy
Darren Hartwell NESN

MAY 14, 2014 1:47p ET

Diamond Images / Diamond Images

Browns receiver Josh Gordon is facing a year-long suspension for reportedly testing positive for marijuana.


The NFL’s new drug policy could be in for some major changes.

The new policy, which has been in the renegotiation process since 2011, will substantially raise the threshold for a positive marijuana test and reduce punishments for failing the test, sources told ESPN.com on Tuesday.

The source noted that the NFL’s policy on marijuana is outdated, citing that the World Anti-Doping Agency — which has been adopted by nearly 600 sports organizations — has a higher threshold than the NFL’s current testing system.

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon could face a one-year suspension, reportedly after being accused of testing positive for marijuana. While a new drug policy wouldn’t affect Gordon’s pending suspension, it could significantly alter the discipline process and potentially reduce future punishments for players.

Under the current system, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has the final say over all discipline matters. This has been a point of contention among members of the NFL Players Association, who want discipline appeals to go through an independent arbitrator under the new policy.

“(Goodell) wants to hold all the cards and he wants to be the judge, jury and executioner, and we’re not going to go for an un-American system like that,” NFLPA president Eric Winston told reporters last week.

According the report, the NFLPA has also expressed interest in studying the merits of the use of medical marijuana but hopes the two sides can reach a deal in the meantime to make changes to the league’s outdated policy.



In Topic: New Englandís Manziel scouting report reportedly is leaked

14 May 2014 - 09:29 AM

New England’s Manziel scouting report reportedly is leaked
Posted by Mike Florio on May 9, 2014, 7:46 PM EDT

The New England Patriots took a long look at some of the top quarterbacks in the 2014 draft.  Regarding Johnny Manziel, they reportedly didn’t like what they saw very much.

BroBible.com claims that it has obtained the Patriots’ scouting report on Manziel, and the entire thing has been posted online.

It looks legitimate, and it expresses various worries about Manziel’s off-field habits, including a somewhat bizarre reference to “outlaw bloodlines.”  The report also describes Manziel as a “spoiled brat” who gets an allowance from his grandfather and whose father bought him a luxury car.

From a football standpoint, Texas Tech sources told the Patriots that coaches “can’t yell/scream at him or he shuts down; has walked away from [former Texas A&M offensive coordinator Kliff] Kingsbury in the past,” and that Manziel doesn’t study the game.

If the report is legitimate (and if it’s counterfeit it’s an excellent job), the question becomes how it surfaced.  It reportedly came from “an anonymous tipster, who is close to BroBible family,” a description that seems to be a bit inconsistent.

Within the NFL, speculation (and to be clear, it’s just speculation) has arisen that the leaking of the scouting report bears in some way, shape, or form the fingerprints of former Browns G.M. Mike Lombardi, who was fired by Cleveland and hired by New England.  Lombardi’s motivation, if the speculation is accurate, would be to make the Browns look bad for taking Manziel.

It’s an obvious starting point for the Patriots and/or the NFL if/when this is investigated.  It’s so obvious that we have a hard time believing Lombardi had anything to do with it.

The far better theory would be that someone within the Patriots organization who doesn’t like Lombardi leaked it simply to create a hassle for Lombardi, which this situation undoubtedly will.



In Topic: Lombardi and Banner gone, Farmer new GM

11 February 2014 - 10:31 AM

I love the moves. It is Christmas in February,The only question I have

is why were these guys not let go earlier? These guys were the ones

who picked our next coach and caused numerous candidates to say

no thanks I can't work under these two bozos.