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In Topic: 2016 DRAFT who's your boy?

19 November 2015 - 07:07 PM


You fucked up if you think Paxton will step in day 1 and be that.


Bosa's game (to be) compares favorably to Michael Bennett (of Seattle)


He'll be your 5tech on early downs because he has the speed to still turn the corner, but he'll slide to a 3spot on passing downs and wreak hell on guards. 



Nobody said he will step in on day one. That doesn't mean the Browns still don't need a

franchise QB. Add Bosa to this team and he could be a star.BUT that begs the point that

you still need a franchise QB. Bosa MAY help you win a game or so but a franchise QB

lifts the entire team.Put Bosa,Bennett,JJ Watt on the Patriots and take away Brady.Are you

better off??? The Browns STILL need a QB be it Paxton or whomever. You are never going

to win consistently without at LEAST an above average QB and we don't have one.And I have 

no clue whether it is Paxton,Connor Cook, Goff,or whomever but if it determined one of these

guys can be a franchise guy you must take him over Bosa.

In Topic: 2016 DRAFT who's your boy?

19 November 2015 - 11:01 AM

We need a franchise QB.



In Topic: 2016 DRAFT who's your boy?

18 November 2015 - 03:33 PM

Paxton Lynch

Connor Cook

Joey Bosa

In Topic: Another one of our Stirring draft choices is Cut

18 November 2015 - 03:30 PM

Brandon Weeden released by Dallas Cowboys
  • _Hanzus_2-65x90.jpg
  • By Dan Hanzus
  • Around the NFL Writer
  • Published: Nov. 17, 2015 at 01:04 p.m.
  • Updated: Nov. 17, 2015 at 03:40 p.m.

The Dallas Cowboys are moving on from Brandon Weeden.

The team announced Tuesday that it has released the veteran quarterback, who was winless in three starts after replacing an injured Tony Romo. Weeden was benched in favor of Matt Cassel prior to Week 7.

In four games, Weeden completed 71 of 98 passes (72.4 percent) for 739 yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions and a passer rating of 92.2. The numbers can be deceiving, however: TheCowboys struggled to move the ball on offense with Weeden, averaging just 18 points per game in losses to the FalconsSaintsand Patriots.

The Cowboys needed to make room on the roster with Romo set to return after missing seven weeks with a fractured collarbone. Cassel has been an average quarterback -- he's 0-4 as a starter -- but the Cowboys obviously see him as a better backup option than Weeden going forward.

The move isn't necessarily a surprise, but it does show how quickly team brass soured on Weeden. Less than two months ago, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones told a local radio station that you "won't see a more gifted passer" than Weeden, who signed a two-year deal with Dallas after being released by the Browns in March 2014.

"As (quarterback coach) Wade Wilson said, he's just not the same guy that we had last year," Jones said shortly after Romo went down. "He's progressed that much. He said that before we had this issue with Tony. I think we all feel good about what we got."

Just another example of how quickly things change in the NFL.


In Topic: Paxton Lynch

10 November 2015 - 02:05 PM

We HAVE to get a franchise QB or we go absolutely nowhere with

this team. I don't know if it is Goff. Lynch,Cook,or whomever but we

need a QB. A good QB lifts the rest of the team.I haven't seen Lynch

play but he is rising in the scouting reports I have read. I have seen

Cook play quite a few games and he is impressive. Very accurate 

passer.I 've seen Goff only twice and he didn't overwhelm me but

neither did David Carr when I only saw him in a few games.