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Camp Wentz- Starts here.

27 January 2016 - 05:59 PM

Nah I'm not an official member, just keeping the prospects separate. I know BB is the founder of Camp Goff. I will say Wentz interviews well- enthusiastic to say the least.   :)  




24 January 2016 - 01:03 AM

I don't care who the coach is, Cleveland couldn't hit the ocean from a boat tonight. Obvious Van Gundy HATES the Cavs. BS on the "great defense". Cavs getting plenty of open looks, and couldn't hit them. If that had been GS, they would have lost by 50.

The Renevant

22 January 2016 - 02:50 AM

Went to see this one (mostly) because I happen to like Western scenery, Westerns in general, and I'm OK with Leonardo DiCaprio. Yeah- he deserves his Oscar nomination. Another reason I wanted to see it is there's (some) factual connection in the movie to a young Jim Bridger. Those that know Western history know Bridger is generally considered to be the first white man to see Yellowstone, and report about it's existence.


The short of the plot is fur trapper Hugh Glass' (DiCaprio) company gets ambushed by Indians. Glass escapes with around a dozen other men. In trying to get back to Fort Kiowa (Glass is the only one familiar with the territory) he gets severely mauled by a bear and is left for dead by two of the party who were supposed to care for him- Fitzgerald and Bridger. Glass miraculously survives, and crawls through the wilderness seeking revenge on the guys who deserted him.


My comments about the movie? Could have easily cut around 30 minutes out. The scenery is pretty- and OK got it, Glass is hurt pretty bad. Plenty of blood & violence. Honestly didn't do much for me.


I sort of figured there was a whole lot of artistic license with the real history.  Plenty of stuff that happened in the Wyoming - Montana territory in the 1800s was very poorly recorded, exaggerated, or counter-claimed by explorers wishing to make a name for themselves. First group to climb the Grand Teton was debated for decades.


If you have an interest- here's one take on what really happened :   http://www.counterpu...s-the-revenant/

Cavs- Warriors Depressing

19 January 2016 - 12:38 AM

What a time to lay a complete egg. Worst game of the season, and ranks as one of the worst ever at home. Missed the all-time by 5, and biggest home LeBron loss.  At least against Portland, they were coming off a back to back. So what's the excuse this time? Over amped? Maybe the Cavs will learn you can't start out slow against a team as good as Golden State.


Irving 3-11, Love 1-5. In the meantime, Curry was shooting the lights out. Defense blew dead worms until it was too late, and GS took their foot off the gas. JR getting tossed was a joke. Usually takes way more than that to get a flagrant 2. It was so ugly, I almost turned the game off.


If the Cavs were trying to make a statement- FAIL. I thought with all hands on deck, at least it would be a competitive game.

Cavs Vs Spurs

15 January 2016 - 04:56 PM

Just a few quick comments, The Spurs are going to be formidable- and I agree with Sir Charles- they have the ammo to take down the Warriors, and anyone else for that matter.


Leonard is probably the only guy in the league that can guard LeBron one on one. Adding Aldridge and retaining West gives them as much depth as anyone. Duncan is relegated to a part time role.


Now regarding the game- we stopped moving the ball in the second half, and WHY didn't Blatt see fit to give Love some help guarding Duncan? He was getting killed. The Cavs were as cold shooting in the second half as they were hot in the first.  Didn't help that Parker went on a tear.