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In Topic: What you said last year, What you are saying this year

Today, 01:13 AM



every year you post the same bullshit........ going way back...............you told me I was wrong in 1995 when I said Belichik would win a SB before the Browns even made the playoffs. You insisted that Crennell and Savage were FINALLY THE REAL DEAL.


Always Larry. Every fucking year, you are the genius. Every year since 99, you tell everyone how I will be wrong, and how the Browns will make me eat crow. This is at least the 4th time you assured me that the NEW OL was going to prove once and for all how important fatass OL are. And each year, you have to back off. NOBODY has spent more time and money on the OL, and had as much failure.


WHY? Because OL are a fucking dime-a-dozen. 


So you agree with me on the already in-place QB controvery....... BUT BUT BUT you think what? That THIS TIME will be different? We will finally prove to the world that you can block your way to the Lombardi?


Trust me, Haslam is already considering moving this team. "MILLIONS" into the new stadium? Meaningless. Tax law, inflation and new more lucrative deals make his millions of investment like OL men......... insignificant. Oh believe me, the Browns franchise is already subject to talks about moving football to a new city.


The Browns are going to get pummeled worse than you have ever seen them get pummeled in 2017. It will be the worst fucking humiliation the NFL has ever seen. Fresh with talent that nobody else wanted, this will be worse than 1- 19. After jugging Kessler, Asswaxer and Black Tarkenton, who exactly do you imagine is going to pay for Browns tickets? After watching visiting teams turn the stadium into their home stadium.....you think Haslam is going to want to keep investing money into Cleveland?


Oh, make no mistake, you won'f have an NFL franchise in Cleveland come 2021. And once this franchise leaves? Nobody is coming to Cleveland.


Here's your problem. 2021? The lease can't be broken until 2026 IIRC, and Haslam would have to sell Pilot to raise enough cash to break it.


As they say- a broken clock is right twice a day- and with the Browns sucking swamp water by and large since 1999, it's been pretty easy to be right. If you're so down on the Browns- start posting on your new team (the Raiders) forums. Everybody loves a winner. So why would I even bother posting here & spending money on season tickets - if I had your attitude- "yup, those Browns are going to lay another big fat stinking turd this year." I could find countless better things to do with my time and money. If that's all you see is another shit on a sandwich season coming up- why bother harassing everyone else who has faint hopes it just might be a tad better this year? Just to be a class AAA asshole?


When Garrett wins DROY and Joe Thomas gets his HOF jacket- I'll be laughing my ass off at your negativity.

In Topic: What you said last year, What you are saying this year

Yesterday, 04:06 PM


Don't do it guys. Just don't do it...


Of course not. MHO? of his 5 predictions- he's going to be dead wrong about 4 of them. QB controversy is the only one that has a chance. Sure, Haslam has sunk 10s of millions of his own money into the stadium- so he can move somewhere else.

In Topic: Browns hire Ryan Grigson, former Colts GM, as senior personnel executive

Yesterday, 02:03 PM


Cleveland Browns have Terry Talkin' (Grigson) -- Terry Pluto (photos)

 Posted on May 27, 2017 at 7:42 AM

By Terry Pluto, The Plain Dealer




The Browns have not hired Ryan Grigson to be general manager. That's Sashi Brown, who runs the football operation.


Nor is Grigson the player personnel director. That's Andrew Berry.


A former Indianapolis Colts general manager (2012-16), Grigson was named senior personnel executive.

I asked around about what Grigson will do. He is under Brown and Berry. In fact, Grigson used to be Berry's boss with the Colts.


Grigson had a spotty record as a Colts general manager. He made the disastrous Trent Richardson deal with Joe Banner in 2013. Unfortunately, that 2014 first-rounder was used in the Johnny Manziel deal.

Banner was gone by the 2014 draft. Richardson and Manziel are out of the NFL. That trade hurt Grigson's reputation.


The Browns plan to use Grigson almost like a super scout. He will look at pro and college players. He will even visit some colleges to research prospects. He spent his first 14 years in the NFL as a scout, and the Browns believe that is his strength.





It goes back to what I opined earlier Tour. OK, given that Grigson sucked as a GM. Can't say how much of those bad decisions were Irsay's doing. But- if he's a "supposed" super scout- you mean to tell me as GM, he was just signing off on what his underling scouting department was telling him? Like yeah- OK guys- you're saying this kid is going to be good so we'll draft him? Didn't bother to a least take a casual look at the guys who were potential first three round talent himself and form an opinion?


Doesn't make me feel any better about the hire- though there's nothing I can do about it, except hope Berry knows something I don't.

In Topic: speakin of Justin Gilbert... is suspended for the 1st four games...

26 May 2017 - 02:17 PM

How could Farmer have been so stupid as to take two substance impaired choices in the first round in the same year?


OH, ......................wait.    It was Farmer Brown.




BTW, the Farmer Brown distillery is in Le Claire Iowa. I immediately recognized the town as also being home to one of the American Pickers Stores. Gip took me to their other one in Nashville when we went down for the Titans game. I found the wine store next door far more interesting.  :)  

In Topic: Browns hire Ryan Grigson, former Colts GM, as senior personnel executive

25 May 2017 - 01:33 PM

I think Andrew Berry worked for him.  Probably tossing a friend a bone.


I see it that the guy had to do something right to get a shot at GM.  He's a scout.  I dobut he is going to have much voice in the way we do business.


^^ I would hope so...


Meh... one add in a scouting role can't wreck this FO... and that's all he is... a "national scout".


If Berry wants him for some reason, that's good enough for me.


A scout that can't properly evaluate talent is worse than worthless though. If Grigson signed off on that stuff in Indy- be worried- very worried. 


I see there's only a single rational, reasoned response in this thread. Since this FO hiring last year, can't even count the number of people pining for a football guy. They hire one, and now come out the pitchforks.

Swear most football fans lack the cognitive awareness to speak on the game.

He's a scout here...do scouts pick players? Jfc some people...


No, but they tell the guys who do pick players what their evaluations of them are- and if they're consistently wrong? Draw your own conclusions...


Ryan will be in charge of hot beverage & pastry procurement during his (hopefully short) tenure with the Browns.


One would hope so....


Does anyone think that this is Ghoolie in disguise?


The thought did cross my mind...  But knows way more than Ghoolie ever would about the goings on in Philly....  

Old Boy network recycling their pals... About as upset over this one as drafting Kizer.