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In Topic: PFT: Browns will try for Mariota or Bradford (again)

Today, 01:59 PM

Id say you are notorious for posting this baseless shit....


It's a bad writer taking a Mary Kay post out of context and making an article about her speculation......do you even know what "speculation" is?????................. here's a hint....it's made up and contains no fact.....


Here's where the author got his info for this article.....took me about 2 seconds to find the source(and disprove) this one.....





You got it Mud- Mary Kay rumor-mongering.


Mariota is not the answer. He was not accurate enough to start day1 this fall, let alone be worth multiple draft picks, when put under actual pressure from OSU in the title game.  Cardale Jones was the best QB on the field that day.


Could he make the leap and become a viable starter? Sure.. if anyone could, he could. But it's not guaranteed. Just look at the Dolphins right now.. Tannehill is in the conversation of the t12 QB's after 3 years.. and they aren't certain he's worth resigning.


If anything Mariota is not ready to start day 1. We saw first hand what Johnny Football did- even after sitting for the better part of a year.


& if we're going to "Play like Clowns" with McCown- May as well "Fail for Cardale".

In Topic: Farmer suspended first 4 games of season, fined $250k

Today, 12:05 AM



Maybe I missed the joke, but does anyone else find it funny that this is a tweet from a former Browns board member? 


He wasn't funny.


Hes not suspended until the day of the 1st game for one. Second, it's all the same scouting team, they'll just need to appoint a new trigger man for 4 weeks... The only way that goes south is if Haslam takes it upon himself to step into that role...


Kuharich is well qualified to fill in- and I'm sure Farmer will leave him a complete set of notes before the suspension kicks in.

In Topic: MMQB King: Bradford wouldn't have signed a contract here

Yesterday, 11:31 PM

Apparently Bradford almost retired after he tore his ACL 


He WILL retire after ACL #3.


He will never stay healthy and I'm glad he turned us down. When he tore his ACL against the Browns in preseason the defender hardly touched him. So to me, he's going to be "gun shy" on the field until he takes a hit without a serious injury. What good is his talent when he's never played a full season. Chip Kelly can have him.

On that you're right. It wasn't as much a tackle, as it was a takedown.


Kelly is nearly betting his career on Bradford staying healthy.

In Topic: Roger Goodell: We take Browns texting "VERY SERIOUSLY"

29 March 2015 - 02:27 PM


And that's where I think I disagree with everyone on this board, must be I'm wrong :) , while I do think crowd noise is a deliberate way to try and get a competitive advantage I really don't have the txt messages to know what was said.  I've been speaking under the assumption that Farmer was not texting Shanahan dinner reservations but actual information he thought would increase the Browns success on the field.  If Farmer was texting, "you suck at you job" or "the offense doesn't look good" he should be fired for being a fucking idiot.  Now if they were, "dude Gordon isn't running hard so don't throw it to him" or "c'mon run the ball more they are weak on the outside" that would be trying to gain a competitive advantage, even though a bad attempt.


Tour alluded to this....


So what's the difference between that and a coach in the pressbox saying exactly the same things? It's OK to do it over headphones, but texting is bad, bad, BAD?

In Topic: Breshard Perriman's Stock is Rising

29 March 2015 - 03:40 AM

ahhhh, the memories............




And who could ever forget this one?