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In Topic: Hue Jackson: Browns won't trade No. 1 overall pick

Yesterday, 09:35 PM


The Pats never tip their hand.


If they say Jimmy wont be traded he is as good as gone.


We're not gonna start this all over again- but the Browns new Front Office haven't tipped their hand either. None of the insiders saw the Osweiler trade coming. All the media yammering is just that- pure speculation.

In Topic: Trubisky

Yesterday, 12:01 PM

Hue Jackson just said that this might not be the year we get our QB of the future.  As much as that completely hurts to hear, it's something I've been thinking a lot about.  We have a ton of picks, and quality picks at that.  So what if we do the unthinkable and just MAKE the selections?  What can we do with the first overall pick, the #12, the #33, and the Titans' 2nd rounder?  That's a bunch of swings at the plate.  Even though those four selections represent rookies, and you never know with them, I think our team is better than last year's.  Part of that has to do with how AWFUL we were, but part of that also has to do with the talent we are acquiring.  We nail those picks this year....and anything is possible.  My goal is to build something like the Texans.  Let's get that defense rocking, let's run the ball, let's win the close games.  We could go from one win to 5-6, and while that doesn't sound "amazing", I think it would represent a solid season.  

It's silly season, I wouldn't take anything Hue says too seriously. The FO is on radio silence.

In Topic: Aj mccarron

Yesterday, 11:52 AM

Jiggins---Hue was making the rounds at the owners meetings. On a video clip I watched he kept talking about how they don't have their guy yet, and quickly mentioned the draft, trades, and free agency as potential options. Of note, he said he hoped a trade was still possible. Myself, I've always felt if a trade were to happen it will be a draft day trade completed at the last possible moment. Because let's face it, both New England and Cincinnati have openly said if they trade their player they're going to make it hurt., and I can't imagine Cleveland agreeing to trade under those conditions until the 11th hour. 

Uma, MHO is that's why a trade for McCarron or Garropolo isn't going to happen. We didn't overpay for Collins, and let Pryor walk because his agent was asking too much. (We sure could have used him) So we're not going to go more than market for those two QBs. I'm with Gipper, #52 for Garropolo, and I might even throw in the Ostrich. Less than that for AJ. As was pointed out his stats are near identical to Kesslers- and Cody didn't have Green to throw to either.

Hue can blabber on all he wants to, he won't be making the final decision. In a lot of fans eyes his credibility and judgement is shot after the Griffin debacle.

In Topic: Aj mccarron

28 March 2017 - 10:54 PM

Looking for a link but I read MKC saying he's a Brown by COB tomorrow.


Mary Kay is gushing again, trying to get clicks.  Saying "not ruling anything out" to "done deal" is a mighty stretch. Here's the article and some quotes:   http://www.cleveland...art_river_index


"A source close to the Bengals highly doubts that Bengals owner Mike Brown would send a potential franchise quarterback to the Browns, but even Bengals director of player personnel noted at the NFL Combine that they'd listen to offers from any team. He indicated, however, that the price would be steep. " Translation- it ain't happening.


A couple of tables away, [from Lewis] Jackson also wasn't ready to rule anything out. Given the Patriots' apparent reluctance to trade Jimmy Garoppolo, [sorry your love flame probably isn't coming to the Browns MKC, so you have to start stirring up some other shit?] the Browns have to explore other options. Jackson can't mention McCarron's name because of tampering rules, but he's clearly not saying never in this instance."


Hue didn't say he'd never trade the #1 pick under any circumstances either.

In Topic: Hue Jackson: Browns won't trade No. 1 overall pick

28 March 2017 - 10:10 PM

Well, I guess HUE knows who he wants to draft.


...and that 'not trading' thing is always subject to change based on the offer.


It would take at least what Washington gave up for Griffin, if not more for the Browns to be interested- MHO   We start at three firsts and a second.


Has the accordion king named the player he wants at one yet?


I know which QB he wants, but not sure if he's said @ #1 yet.


If any QB could play until he's 46, it's Brady


Until he gets hurt. That might change his mind. My bet is he won't make it that far, 2017 might well be his last season. Looked it up, Geroge Blanda played until he was 48, but his last 9 seasons he was essentially just a kicker.