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In Topic: Big Ben Versus Tom Brady

Today, 01:38 AM

Running game wears the Pats D down
  • Brady will be roughed up, maybe taken out. Seriously, I think he will be under a great pressure
  • I like Roethlisberger over Brady at this stage of their careers. Brady is beginning to make some dumb throws. His brain and reflexes are going.

Let's see what happens.



Not sure who wins, but I really don't like either team. Unless Brady was doing it intentionally with touch and accuracy that is not human-  a bunch of his deep completions were very slow moving rainbows that if they weren't in a two foot circle would have gotten knocked down or intercepted.


FWIW, I'll still say the Texans defense is overall superior to the Steelers. Pittsburgh doesn't have anyone the level of Javedon Clowney, and they'd be more than happy to have Brian Cushing, and Jonathan Joseph. It will be interesting next year for Houston assuming JJ Watt makes it back 100%. They're already the best D in the NFL. Getting back to the QB is priority #1, They might have been able to beat the Patriots if they had anything better than Mock Brockweiler. LOL Tom at least the Browns didn't spend $72 million on R Glass III or Osweiler. 

In Topic: Brock Osweiler Fired

Today, 12:18 AM


Brady only rang them up for 27 unless he's getting credit for Dion Lewis' kickoff return for a TD too. If so, he's clearly a much better QB than I'm giving him credit for.


Picky, Picky.  :) 

In Topic: Browns to make pitch for Jimmy G // Trubisky #1 QB on their board

Yesterday, 03:08 PM

Really?.....touted as the next coming of Christ?.....Cassel Mallet Hoyer???....by who?


How does one live up to the bill of getting waived....or traded for a 7th?.....


Not much to live up to, eh?


Who is saying that JG is great "because he learned under Brady?".....dont see one single comment ...anywhere.... saying that...


Assuming?....or do you actually have an example....


So...the media inflated the trade value of these guys...???


Hoyer was so inflated, that he was waived...then sat for 3 months before getting picked up.....


Mallett was inflated off the charts, to the point that he was traded for a 7th round pick, then waived......


Cassel was inflated by the media??....or by New England?.....who franchised him.....then traded him, with an All Pro LB for a 2nd....


OK, Harry was being a little hyperbolic. What was the last we heard (current radio silence)?  We want a first and a fourth?  Compared to a seventh? Just Lombardi beating the drums for his pal Bill? About as inflated as it gets Mud. If the Patriots can get that for Jimmy- more power to 'em. I hope and pray it's not the Browns who are going to be that dumb.


Hey, I'm on board for Jimmy for a 7th.

In Topic: Brock Osweiler Fired

Yesterday, 02:57 PM

While Brock Ostrich clearly isn't the answer, not giving up a kickoff return or dropping what should have been a pretty nice TD pass didn't help matters...


As much as I hate to type this, I have a sick feeling Pittsburgh is going to beat NE. Hopefully, I just jinxed the shit out of that happening.


LOL, they have to beat my alternate team (the Chiefs) first. The Steelers D isn't as good as the Texans,and Brady rang up 34 on them.


YES YES YES......................... One game, and now we see that Tom Brady is really not that good.


Fucking idiots.


Not that good? Who was dumb enough to post that? At this point in his career, he's playing better than Payton. I can see now why Bill has determined Garropolo is expendable. Tom looks like he's got another 3 years left in him. At which time he can retire as the undisputed GOAT.


i could see the texans making a deal for romo, but who wants osweiler? the bills?


Nobody. His contract is toxic. http://www.spotrac.c...-osweiler-9867/  I'll let the cap guys interpret this but no team in their right mind is going to take on his contract,   Looks like the Texans are stuck with him because his cap hit in 2017 is $19 million. LOL, digging a little deeper on Sportrac, Brock is due to make more this year than Matt Stafford,and near as much as Tom Brady think he's worth it?

In Topic: PFF's Final Ranking of Our OL: 16th

Yesterday, 12:43 AM

From the PFF report:

The issue on this line was Cameron Erving, the former first-round pick, playing center in his second season, having struggled massively at guard and tackle as a rookie. He was little, if any, better in the middle, surrendering 30 total QB pressures and being routinely abused as a run blocker. It’s difficult to see much of a future for Erving at this point, and his position is one in need of upgrade.


DPD added:

Erving is another story. He struggled with basic skills like snaps, initial positioning and holding the pocket at the line of scrimmage. He was unable to overcome these difficulties as the season wore on. In addition, he also struggled with the mental aspects of the game, such as calling protections and changing blocking schemes. The quarterbacks took over these responsibilities, which further exacerbated the issue when those quarterbacks got hurt.


The underlined confirmed my and others' suspicions.


To the probable consternation of the Pocic/Elflein posse the article closes agreeing with my assessment that adding a Day 2 pick to the Reiter-Fabiano mix is the route to address our top, OL need.

Moving forward the Browns need to identify a center, which maybe on the roster with Austin Reiter or Anthony Fabiano. Regardless, the Browns need to draft a natural center in the draft between the third and fifth rounds.


Unlike the beginning of the season, Pro Football Focus correctly identified the strengths and weaknesses of the Browns offensive line in their post-season analysis. Further, the Browns troubles as an offensive line would be greatly helped by drafting a quarterback who can adequately play within the pocket.




Tour- I kept 1\2 an eye on Mack during the Atlanta game. Too bad he didn't want to stick around. Can't say if he never missed a block the whole game, but the guy can also get to the second level to take on a LBer. No comparison to the Cam follies.


I won't be too upset if the Browns have other players rated higher than Pocic and Elflin. Walter football has us taking Tyler Olorosky from West Virginia at the top of the third.