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In Topic: Hoyer versus Manziel

Today, 01:18 PM

ok, updated for you guys. (I didn't actually change it)


When you going to figure out college stats mean jack shit in the NFL? Doubtless Matt Leinart and Erik Crouch's college stats were damn impressive too. I'm not saying Manziel won't turn out to be the real deal- just that it isn't a stone cold certainty that he will.


Youre right, I stopped actually contributing here awhile ago. I've admitted that.

It's easy to take that defensive stance, when the overwhelming majority of your regular posters are bitter old dudes.

I've said repeatedly I like both Hoyer and Manziel, but am not a cynical old wind bag who looks to tear down players on the football team I follow to meet my own sad, pathetic ego.

It's apparent you support people like this, especially Hoorta, who is biased and a moderator. You could learn a thing or two from the other place, and I'm biting my tongue saying that because even though we disagree over there, there's real actual football discussion, and not the same people controlling the discussion with irrelevant shit.

Cheers, Z, I'll miss ya.


Biased? Or having an opinion different than yours? And I'm certainly not bitter- cynical maybe, after seeing the Browns uninterrupted suckage for a couple of decades. Yup, 95% of the posters who don't agree with you are just "dumb". Like Tour (who has a better memory that me) pointed out- you blew your draft prognostication big time. OTOH my fave (Watkins) got drafted exactly where I said he would be- just not by the Browns. Yeah, I don't know shit about football compared to you Mike. FACT: I didn't like the Manziel pick- and I'm not going to apologize over it, but he's part of the Browns now. BTW, I was far from alone in that stance. Did I like his recent off field Facebook, Instagram stuff? Hell no, but Haslam & Farmer didn't either. Maybe you can't comprehend that I can pull for a player on the field, and not care about his lifestyle choices off it very much. If I was biased and bitter as a Mod, you really think I wouldn't have told the legion of Texas Johnny lovers to go get lost & start their own forum?


If you go to Vikings boards and Jaguars boards you do not see anybody who is saying "Well I think Chad Henne should be the future, Bortles might be a bust" or "Matt Cassell is our guy, sure he's been cut a few times, but I like what I saw". Nope. None. You won't even see any "Henne vs Bortles" threads or likewise for the Vikings.

Those fan bases are very excited for their Rookies, its all about "Should Teddy start game 1 or do you want him to sit and get comfortable until mid season?" 

Yet on here with some of you it is if Brian Hoyer is the future and Manziel is a wasted pick. Someone is going to have to explain to me why we don't have the same understanding that these QBs were drafted to be the future, and why there is not the excitement about Manziel on here as there is in Minnesota and Jacksonville? 

Why is it that Hoyer, on par with Henne and Cassell, is considered by some to be the QB that the Browns need and some would prefer him than Manziel long term?


Like I said Hoyer is a Cleveland guy- that's why he's getting the love. Trust me if he was from California or Florida, it would be a lot different. You're reading into it if you think I, or anyone else is certain Hoyer is the long term answer. We'd probably like him to play the first three games, give Johnny a chance to sit and learn, and see how that turns out. If he sucks, bring on Manziel. As Gip said, there were no tears shed when Frye and Quinn got sent packing.


Yes, Manziel was drafted at #22 to be the starting quarterback of the Cleveland Browns. So were Brady Quinn and Brandon Weeden. There's the difference- the guys who saw Johnny play in college think he's a can't miss HOFer. I said once as an Ohio State fan, I thought that about Dan Wilkinson. None of us are saying we don't think Manziel can't be very good, (or great)- eventually. It's just we happen to think the utter impossibility he might bust can't be ruled out.

In Topic: Traing camp reports

Today, 01:28 AM

Heard on radio that Manziel came out in neon yellow shoes and was sent back in to change them, then came out in his regular shoes.



He should come out in a rainbow tutu, in support of Michael Sams. Kidding.


JFF is going to realize real soon the NFL uniform police are mighty picky as to what you wear on the field- ofr not.

In Topic: Billy Winn feared hamstring injury.

Today, 01:15 AM

Flies have ACL's?



LOL, I'll have to do some research on that one Tour. I do know insects have exoskeletons- which makes most bugs so hard to squish. I've never gone into micro anatomy of flies.

In Topic: Hoyer versus Manziel

Today, 01:01 AM

I dont know why Jerry Jones has to torture me with this crap. I was bummed out (ok devastated) when the Cowboys passed on Manziel but he has to continue to rue his choice. Again he talks about wanting to draft Manziel.  http://www.nfl.com/n...-johnny-manziel


His thoughts on Manziel:


"But Manziel is special. I know him personally. I know that he is going to be a success in the National Football League. And it was a hard decision. And it is one that I will probably for the rest of my career think about."


Anyways, i like Hoyer and i like Brown fans even if they post some ugly shit about Texas and Manziel fans. I think you guys deserve some success. It has been a long time. As a die-hard Cowboys fan, i did get to experience 3 Super Bowls. Its been a long fucking drought since then, i wont lie. But i really want you guys to do something special. I honestly believe Johnny will bring that to Cleveland. My wife the other night asked me...so what if Manziel fails?...i didnt flitch and told her...he wont.


I hope you're right.  :)   I try hard to not slam other posters, even if I don't agree with what they're saying- in this case about Manziel. But fact is JF was passed over at least 9 times (by my count) by quarterback needy (or 1\2 needy) teams. MHO is if he had behaved off-field as well as say Bortles or Bridgewater- he may well have gotten drafted in the top 5. 


Regarding the Super Bowl- it's the 50th anniversary this year of Cleveland's last professional championship in any major sport. By far the longest wait of any city with at least. 3 major pro teams- football, basketball, baseball, hockey. Cubs fans? Boo hoo- Chicago had the Bulls and Bears. Lions fans? Tigers, Pistons, Red Wings. Some of us are starting to think the city is cursed- at least sports-wise.

In Topic: Hoyer versus Manziel

Today, 12:12 AM

You're pretty close to objective. Like you said, there are a few dickless old men who hated the Manziel pick, and they will continue to prop up a mediocre QB while hiding behind Browns fandom to hide their hurt egos.

Manziel was the guy they said wasn't a first round pick,and the guy the Browns wouldn't pick.

They think they actually understand football. Throwing shit on their monitors would be equally as productive as the thousands of misinformed and useless posts they flood this place with.

If you want thr link to a good Browns forum, hit me up Stockton.


Congrats on having the Browns interest in Johnny Football right Mike. It was dumb luck- or having a crystal ball- that Farmer was able to get him at #22- after he passed on him- twice.  Not exactly a solid vote of confidence.


BTW, why don't you take your condescending posting along with Stockton? We've had the rare visitors here who would make you look like a dumb shit Mike.  I'll save you the trouble if you think we're too fucking stupid to comprehend your incredible football wisdom. http://www.barkinghard.com/forums/  http://mbd.scout.com...px?s=149&f=1765




I hated the Manziel pick primarily because of the off field antics- gee, Haslam happens to agree with me.