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In Topic: Too much is put on the Quarterback - Coach Mike Pettine

Today, 01:46 AM

You need a new schtick, 'lil guy.

So easy to run those cocksuckers behind a keyboard. Once you graduate, maybe you'll realize how to properly conduct yourself.





I'm sorry I can't understand you, I'm too busy laughing and having fun. 





Sorry WW, you're out of control- if this is your idea of fun,  THE PARTY'S OVER. I can damn guarantee you on any other Browns forum- you would have gotten your ass kicked off about 100 posts ago.

In Topic: My head will explode if I hear this said one more time.

Today, 01:37 AM


You don't know anything about football. 


You don't draft RT's at 4. Draft an impact like Watkins, Mack, Manziel, Bortles


Get Xavier Sau Filo or David Yankey at 26 to fix our interiour line


Know what? You don't know jack about board etiquette kiddo. You also don't know how to follow a thread either. TCPO made a joke about there actually being a no name Andrew Luck in this draft- apparently you're too dense to pick up on that.


You also pay zero attention to anyone else's stance in the draft, short attention span. I've only said about 20 times my pick @ #4 is Watkins (subject to change).


I'm tired of you insulting every poster who has a different and very valid viewpoint- and doubly tired of the profanity- you don't need it to get your point across.  So if you want to keep acting like a smart ass kid, you're going to get a kiddie time out until after the draft.

In Topic: My head will explode if I hear this said one more time.

Yesterday, 01:56 PM


He's taller than you...



No he's not, and I personalty don't care if he screwed every Texas A&M cheerleader either- that has nothing to do with his football ability.


Now about that Anderew Luck kid, we do need another lineman. 

In Topic: Too much is put on the Quarterback - Coach Mike Pettine

Yesterday, 12:16 PM

WalterWhite...you dumb ass. Johnny's over inflated confidence is why he won't make it in the NFL. Have you actually watched film of him throwing the ball? His scripted pro day doesn't count (though that was tits). He throws into coverage and only gets bailed out because of shit DBs and Mike Evans pulling the ball out of the black hole it's continually thrown into.

Don't compare Manziel to Wilson. Size is your only grounds for comparison. Wilson's decision making on and off the field are in a different universe when compared to Manziel. Jackpot Johnny is more similar to Tebow than Wilson.

Did you honestly compareManziel to Rodgers? Manziel will never throw the ball like that....ever.




Yes, I watched him pass for more yards, yards per average, completion %, and TD's than ANYONE in the SEC. 


I watched him throw for more yards than Bortles, Bridgewater, Winston, Boyd, Mariota, Morris, Mettenberger, McCarron, and Murray. 


I watched him have the 2nd highest QB completion of all QB's next to Teddy Bridgwater. 


I watched him shred apart Alabama in the air and on foot 2 years in a row in epic epic battles. 


I've seen his arm and what he can do bro



Yeah, and I saw Colt McCoy have a 170 qbr, and pass for a shit ton of yards in college too. Big whoop. So how's Colt doing in the pros? BTW, Colt consistently made better decisions than JF too. Chucking it up into quadruple coverage off balance on your back foot and hoping Evans is going to answer your prayer won't cut it in the NFL.


Edit: Know what I see out of JF? A more mobile version of Colt with a slightly stronger arm. Um plenty of pro scouts question if his game as currently constituted translates to the NFL. Does not go through his progressions, and takes off running far too often when his primary receiver isn't open. Care to refute that?

In Topic: What would you do?

Yesterday, 01:03 AM

I'll parrot Walter Football in that scenario. Trade down with the Vikes- who reportedly want Bortles. We get their first, second, and a second next year. Sounds good to me.


Mik would be very happy with that one, because it would mean Evans or one of the other qbs is still in play.