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Today, 01:55 PM

Um, boo on DeBartolo HOF. His team won a few SBs big whoop. Who's next, Robert Kraft? Just my personal bias. Owners don't really belong- they should have an "Owner'"s section. I'll make a few exceptions- like George Halas and Curly Lambeau.


At least it's looking like Artie is never gonna get in.

In Topic: Analytics and some dice tell me this draft is the one

Today, 01:45 PM


Some agendas in here aren't about this team, football or the common bond of it all.  For example, the same agenda that says Joe Thomas is killing us used to need attention by announcing Bernie Kosar was killing us all throughout his best football days. Today, when Vag posts something absurd - those threads go on forever getting the most attention on the board (other than Manziel who is also controversial).  Guess who's competing with that?  We could all get more attention if we wanted to be controversial instead of talking about this team. I'd rather focus conversations more on the refreshingly new approach from the top of our organization and what draft prospects will be projecting in our draft slots this April. 


Thanks for the compliment Tom.  (((())))   You're right- some people love to be contrarian, just to grab attention. Funny thing is- though Ghoolie can be a pain in the ass, he's often right. Of course it's easy to be right picking on guys like Crenell, Savage and a few others when the Browns have been a continual train wreck since 1999.


I had that option?


LOL, I can honestly say I've seen every minute of every Browns game since 1999. I have to admit it was sort of fun having my Sundays free in the Dark Years after Schmodel moved the team. Probably watched less than 20 hours of the NFL in those three years. I got a lot of long bike rides in on those nice fall weekend afternoons.


And to all Happy Super Sunday. As a Browns fan "Just one before I die."   Gonna hang out with about 20 other wine and food fans at my pal's house. If it turns into a Carolina blowout- at least the food and booze will be good.   LOL, I saw in the paper today- 30% of the people who tune into the game- those once a year NFL fans, see the SB as an entertainment event- not a game.  :)  

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Today, 01:24 PM

He does need help, but if it's true he hit his girlfriend so hard he burst her ear drum then he loses all sympathy from me (and many other people, I imagine)

He really needs to step up to the plate and admit he has a problem. He made the TMZ statement "I'm just having fun." If the restraining order, Browns' statements, agent dropping him, Lebron dropping him, and criminal investigation haven't convinced him he has a problem then I'm not sure what will. Maybe the mavs players and other people who he goes out with need to stop enabling and convince him he needs help.


Um, it's not funny anymore.

In Topic: Analytics and some dice tell me this draft is the one

Yesterday, 02:10 PM


Larry, why do you feed that agenda?  It's a lot like people complaining about the Jerry Springer Show or the Kardashians being trashy television while they continue to tune in to feed the ratings to the top. Ghoolie knows he's a much better poster than stooping to pretending Joe Thomas has been killing us during 9 consecutive Pro Bowl efforts. 



Savage made some good moves too (like Hank Fraley, Eric Steinbach, Joe J and drafting Joe Thomas) - just not enough to overcome his bad drafting, trading away draft picks, and inability to refrain from crossing over to depending more on free agency.  How would anyone like to inherit only 4 draft picks scheduled for 2009 after landing only 1 keeper in the 2008 draft?  Sound like fun or Easy Street for the next regime in 2009?


Yeah- you laid it out in even more detail Flugs. Don't know why I let Tom bait me with that BS- I fall for it far too often.


It's pretty simple- the Browns have sucked since 1999 because in general their drafts have sucked.

In Topic: Johnny Drama

Yesterday, 02:02 PM

Good question. If he had a broken leg and couldn't play we still have to pay him. Of course we might be able to put him on PUP and save a roster spot?



Steve, I'm thinking should the NFL suspend Manziel indefinitely (and that would be without pay) it's the exact same situation as Josh Gordon.

Now whether or not the Browns could cut him while he's suspended- that's another matter entirely.