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Today, 12:23 PM

Irving on game 4- most physical game I've ever played in- Certainly looked like Olynik was trying to break Loves arm. I don't approve of retaliation- but the Celts got paid back. Perkins was a cheap shot, but I really didn't see where Smith's shove was a flagrant 2. On further review- seeing it from a different angle on cleveland.com- yeah- Smith smacked Crowder in the face pretty good- so one game suspension.


However- Irving got clocked in the kisser in a previous game, and no flagrant called.


Get well fast Kevin.

In Topic: Survey Friday

Today, 12:20 PM


4. So, how are the Cavs going to do in the playoffs?


Cross your fingers, win it all. History says another big disappointment is in store.



Well, hard to believe- my crystal ball was 100% accurate- I just hope Love isn't out for the rest of the season- but with our usual (bad) luck- it won't surprise me if that's the case.  

In Topic: Survey Friday

Yesterday, 01:50 PM

Its been a while, so here is the first survey in a few weeks:


1. Where will you be to watch the Draft?


At home in front of the widescreen, with a glass of wine may check into the Tavern.


2. Would you make this trade:   #12, #19, #43  to go up to #2 for Mariota?


No, and hell no.


3. If you were to go to one of the Browns road games, which one would be your preference?

Balt/Pitt/Cincy/KC/Seattle/SD/NYJ/St. Louis

Or if you do plan to go to one, which one(s)


I got screwed on both of my top choices- I have a good friend in St. Louis, but work will be deserted that week (except me)- to go to the National Blood Bank Convention. KC is out because of Christmas weekend. :( 


4. So, how are the Cavs going to do in the playoffs?


Cross your fingers, win it all. History says another big disappointment is in store.


5. The Experience Project asks a daily question....this was one from a few days ago, what is your answer:

What was your 15 minutes of fame?


Worked in the lab where the process to chrome plate plastic was developed.

In Topic: John, Paul, George, and Ringo

25 April 2015 - 10:18 AM







(no Spock or Chekov)...but 




Look for Pavel- and there's an asteroid named Spock- not kidding.

In Topic: 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

25 April 2015 - 01:22 AM

Because the only thing that matters in the US is the Holocaust and slavery....everyone knows about the 6 million Jews, but few know about atrocities such as the Ukrainian genocide. Stalin murdered 11 million Ukrainians by starvation.

In fact, I'm a Holocaust denier of a sort...not that I deny that it ever happened, but to the extent of which it happened as we have been brainwashed to believe.


Yeah- the Holocaust was real- and it still matters. The extent it happened was several million people were exterminated just because of their religious beliefs, along with a fair number of right thinking Christians who disagreed with Hitler's policy- and tried to shelter them.  .


Seems like ISIS wants to resurrect the Crusades though. So if they think it's OK to behead Christians- should we respond in kind and start crucifying Muslims to make a point? Only kidding.


BTW- to your first point- not exactly- to those of us who take an opposing view to what's been preached for years in revisionist United States history. I've long said "Bury my Heat at Wounded Knee" should be required reading for every American- to see how the West was lost- from the Native American viewpoint. If you can correctly answer how Crazy Horse died- (without looking it up) go to the head of the class. (I'll post the answer in a couple of days)


I will never forget as long as I live this quote from the Arapahoe Chief Red Cloud- who had an audience with the Great White Father US Grant. "When the White man came, he made to us many promises, more than I can remember- but he never kept but one- he promised to take our land- and he took it." Knew he was fighting a battle he couldn't win.