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In Topic: Kevin Love OUT of Cleveland

Yesterday, 01:17 PM

wow gilbert is spending the cash resigned love shumpert thompson its comical how espn opthers made it out love was gone.


Fortunately- few very few commentators (Freddie Coleman,ESPN) dare to say the Lakers and Celtics aren't exactly destination franchises anymore.


The young bucks are too young to mostly remember when they were the top of the heap.

In Topic: Kevin Love OUT of Cleveland

30 June 2015 - 11:38 PM

You guys know it was just a formality for Love and Lebron to opt out, right? It was a given. They'll both be back next year.



Well, not according to those West Coast Fox Radio Laker homers I was listening to last night on the way home from work.


Oh, Love's body language in the Finals shows he isn't happy in Cleveland. He's not getting along with Le Bron. He's just saying all the right things. The Lakers are going to offer him the moon to come on home. Buss is going to show him all those trophies in the office.


Here's the question for you Kevin- would you rather play second fiddle to Le Bron in Cleveland, with a legit chance of winning it all in 2016, or play second fiddle to Kobe in LA- with virtually NO CHANCE of winning a title anytime soon? Gilbert can, and will match any offer you get out there in free agency. It wouldn't be very smart- and Love looks like a smart guy- to sign a long term contract this year, with the cap expanding dramatically next year.


Plus Kobe's humongous contract limits what they can do signing other players that can actually help them win a Championship. Love, (a near washed up) Kobe and the rest of their stiffs aren't even good enough to get out of the West, much less  Win the Finals. 

In Topic: Who are these guys the Cavs drafted?

29 June 2015 - 11:49 PM

Who are they? Trade bait id imagine


Nope- here's the Cav's thinking. Le Bron's backup is WHO? Need to rest the Big Guy before they burn him out.


Plus- second round contracts aren't guaranteed- first rounders are. Cap  move, and Cavs hoping they got lucky.

In Topic: Terrelle Pryor Claimed By Browns

27 June 2015 - 12:05 AM

Mike H  contributed a lot...at times.  He just got into a snit with one of you.  I think he wanted to promote his own Bleacher Report stories than anything else.


Gip- there's a difference between serious disagreement- and being a condescending jackass know it all   So whoop-ti-shit, you can write for Bleacher Report. When SI or ESPN comes calling- get back to me.


Oh- he got booted off the 'Tard- for the same reason- and then tried to poach posters off of that website to become his groupies on his own vastly superior (to his mind's) website.


I'll have Z kick his smartass off the second he tries logging on. He's on my short- very short list- of top ten jerks I would ban on sight

In Topic: Terrelle Pryor Claimed By Browns

25 June 2015 - 12:59 AM


Crap. Who am I going to argue with now?


Maybe I need to unban a few irritants before training camp just for entertaining purposes.


I will list some Barrabbas candidates that we could bring back for another tour of duty and you guys pick the one you want back:



upper lip 



Mike H 






Ya, I don't know if Mike H. is interested in coming back and I don't know if we should open that whole can of worms called Stockton Shorts again ... although with Brian Hoyer gone, what would he talk about?





Argh- none of those arrogant board disruptors need to return.