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In Topic: Bucs @ Browns

Today, 02:59 AM

I'll be in town for the Bucs @ Browns game.  It's my first time going to a Browns game.  I've seen some organized tailgaiting events on this board.  Is there anything organized for this game?  Stoked to be going!


Also, it seems like the police are cracking down on drinking in the municipal parking lots... is there a place I can go to, if there isn't anything being organized, that I can tailgate "properly" (beer!)?



You can drink as much beer as you want- but it can't be in cans or bottles. You'd have to be a total idiot to get arrested. As the Board's resident wino, I was politley told by a cop to put my wine in a plastic cup, instead of my official "glass" wine glass.


TopDawg, does the 20$ include parking (we will have a car)?  Is it best to pay someone in advance to reserve a spot?  And what time does the fun start?


I think the parking at Muni or Burke runs $20? Yes, you can have your pals reserve a spot- that depends on if you have pals. The powers that be will also deem the lots "full" - even if there are a few spaces left- in that case, show up late and you're SOL.


Yea, we are doing an 80s tailgate.. My cell is 860 7070595... Muni is good if you wanto walk around. If you have your own set up its a drag to wait in line for 3 hours.. At Burke, its calm, but I only worry about my tailgate, not everyone elses. You can also go into a real bathroom and its a 7 minute walk to the stadium. Muni is great to people watch. Burke is better to host a tailgate. 


I would walk around the muni lot in the morning,, and come over to us to eat.. and hang out.


I don't often party in Muni or Burke- but I can say this- Burke fills up later. It's a couple minute walk to jump from one lot to the other. I'd suspect you could still get a space in Burke if you got there by 9am.

In Topic: Raiders game

Today, 02:38 AM

Nope no freebies just trying to help someone out. I kind of expected a childish remark from someone. Great to see your helping your daughter, I could say so much.
Thanks Russ! Hope all is well


Missed seeing you at the Ravens game Don.  Mine are accounted for.

In Topic: I have nothing to Post

Yesterday, 02:56 AM

So, the cold day in hell finally arrived.


Take a chill pill. They laid a turd, shit happens. That game, that day, those mistakes are over with. Whattaya gonna do? Relive Red Right 88 again?


C mon man, Ghoolie is the cheerleader among naysayers? Satan is freezing his nuts off.


Go Browns! They'll be fine.



Oh, BTW Tom- I was in (what was to become the Dawg Pound) for Red Right 88. Riverboat Sam should have kicked the damn FG. I could have lived with a missed FG- more than the int- that Ozzie had zero chance of catching.

In Topic: I have nothing to Post

Yesterday, 12:41 AM

Midseason burnout.


I put a lot of energy into organizing a trip to Jacksonville, we had a blast, but that performance has left me numb. Just when you start believing in something ...


I tried to join a couple conversations, but don't have the heart at this point in the week.


I'll update the fantasy shit next week. I think we could use some more teams in the basketball league.


I'm sure by Friday I will have my mojo back, but I'm just going to lurk for awhile ...


If a Steeler fan comments on this thread he will be exiled for life.


Carry on ...





As you know Z, I was equally bummed, hope you got my call. That's a longer bus ride than I thought (5 hours). Believe me, I can relate, driving back to SW Ohio after yet another shitty loss. But there's still hope.

In Topic: Michael Sam released.

Yesterday, 12:37 AM

I'd bring him in. Use him to spell Kruger and Sheard. Wouldn't use him in Mingo's spot cause then you're asking coverage duties...but to rush and set the edge? why not? The media circus is over on him anyway. He's someone we might be able to develop.


He's been dumped by two teams already- I guess a practice squad spot is cheap,and worth a gamble. Just give him his own locker room- call it "Sams Club".  :D