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In Topic: Friggin Hue Jackson

Yesterday, 11:37 PM

Are we seriously shitting on Hue fucking 6 weeks in? You gotta think he has to think a little outside the box because we don't matchup well with anybody let alone zero depth everywhere.


Not at all- but outside the box. and "questionable" are two different things. I still haven't forgotten the fake punt that fooled no one.


Hue's doing the best he can with the hand he's been dealt. But if he insists Erving is the answer at center and gets Kessler hurt- I may change my mind. Do you have to be blind that you dragged a guy in off the street and he outplayed your first round pick?

In Topic: Browns at Bungholes and our 1st win

Yesterday, 03:34 PM

Marvin will probably get moved to a management position, general management type role - if Mike Brown allows it.


We'll see. Supposedly his daughter Katie Blackburn is pretty much running the show now.

In Topic: Browns at Bungholes and our 1st win

Yesterday, 01:21 PM

They're HC sucks and always has. If we win, I think he goes the way of leather helmet


See below, I'll give you the pulse of Southern Ohio, living in Bungle territory.


Why? Are they in a hurry to shitcan Marv? Or is burfict gonna suck Goodells cock at the 50 yd line. Even the Stools call em dirty. Now that's bad!


The majority of Bungle fans have wanted Starvin' Marvin gone for years. Mike Brown, not so much. Losing to the Browns at home would be one of the final (not the last though) nails in Lewis' coffin. The Queen City Kitties go um, say 8-8 or so it's adios.


Regarding Stompin' Burfict- Goodell and the League office have their eagle eyes on every out of line move Vontaze makes. If you didn't know, he was suspended for the first four games, and just drew another $75,000 fine for being a bad little football player.  :)  

In Topic: I turned Brown

Yesterday, 01:12 PM


 And, there, you've said it......a franchise is just the legal entity.....a TEAM is an amalgamation of people(like an org).....so, by definition,  the team was an expansion team, created by conducting an expansion draft.....but the franchise was not an expansion franchise.......and everybody wins....



Mud, that's what we've been saying all along, DUH! Yeah, it's sort of a technicality- but it's the right one. Nothing pisses me off more when people erroneously say the Baltimore Ravens are the old Browns. They are not, and never were. Some former Browns players played for the Ravens- Matt Stover was the last (original) holdover. Same difference 2016 style- Terrance West played for the Browns- and now he plays for the Ravens.

In Topic: Pryor has hammy injury

Yesterday, 11:30 AM

so what you are saying is that we should not discuss anything just look it up,wow how boring would that be maybe you should start up you're own board

Well,I don't have access to the Browns medical staff smartass. When you do, let me know.