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In Topic: We blew it on Watkins.

Today, 12:35 PM

Well, Farmer had a chance to draft greatness, and he chose another potential bust, and a draft pick instead..
If this doesn't pan out, add Farmer to the giant scrap heap of "great" cleveland General managers.
I'm just a little tired of bust draft picks that keep piling up..


Will you give it a rest already ragging on Gilbert? Totally oblivious to the rest of what Farmer assembled in in one off-season.


Let's have a contest of the worst, most ignorant threads started on this board.


This one will be nominated very quickly.....


I've had thoughts of locking it Cal- lots of ignorance floating around in it.


Sure, it's not compulsory. Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson aren't doing much for Washington, and Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans are doing less for Tampa.  Megatron is still ringless.


But when you look at the group of people we've had the last few years, outside of Gordon - Little, Bess, Josh Cooper, Mohammed Massequoi, Brian Robiskie - you understand that you need at least serviceable people that either the QB can throw open, or the OC can scheme open.


And as it stands, we do have an elite WR in Gordon, so even though it's not necessary, we have one, so lets be happy with that.


Exactly. You need guys who run decent routes, are faster than the Brian Robiskis of the world, and have better hands than Greg Little. I agree with Tour to an extent- your #1 & #2 guys better at least be well above average.

In Topic: Vontaze Burfict out next 2 games (including ours)

Today, 12:46 AM



Suh's a french schoolgirl next to Burfict


Yeah- Burfict got flagged & fined this year for trying to bust a guys ankle on a tackle- down, and continue to twist.

In Topic: Pettine can 'sense' Johnny Manziel's frustration

Today, 12:38 AM

After the Bucs game, there will be some real tests for Hoyer.


True enough. Browns need to beat the Bucs, and at least split the next two. Then, ahem, guess whos back against the Falcons?


Looking at the rest of the Browns schedule, there's not a team on it that can't be beaten on any given Sunday.  This has been one crazy season.

In Topic: We blew it on Watkins.

Today, 12:27 AM

Until Watkins is paired with a real qb we can't even begin to calculate his upside. He's done what's he's done this year with awful QB play. That kid would be leading the NFL with Hoyer throwing to him. Ok not the Hoyer from the JAX game but good Brian Hoyer from the first 5 or so games. If you just added Watkins production in Buffalo, with their shitty QB's...he'd have us at the top of the AFC North. We may have only lost one game up till now. But like I said you put him on our WR corp and his numbers would be even greater. Who knows, you might even be able to take the JAX game off the board because Watkins would have drawn more of their coverage downfield and some other things may have opened up..perhaps the run game. I dunno. I'm just saying that's the kind of impact player he is "right now"...I feel almost 100% confident that with him on our team we'd have "at least" two of those losses off the board. Given what our offense has done so far and what Hoyer did through the first couple games.


Pure speculation. FWIW, no one is saying Watkins isn't any good, or potentially going to be an eventual top 10 wr. What just about everyone else on this board is saying- we didn't draft him, and it's time to move on. I also pointed out Julio Jones IS a top 10 wr #6 in yards- look it up, and the Falcons are 2-6. Big impact? Not really.



It's the first Blt and Pgh games that we lost by 3 points. I can't help but feel that as well as our offense has played, putting that guy on our team is at least 1 extra TD a game either from him or someone else like Cameron who would have gotten less attention. Imo Watkins is that good. One extra TD in both of those games is the "minimum" in my eyes. Either an extra TD or a couple extra field goals. In either case I think he helps us make up at least those 3 points in both games.


So start him in your fantasy league, because he won't be playing for the Browns anytime soon.


Farmer made that trade because in his eyes Watkins wasn't worth a future first and fourth round pick. He's not thinking just THIS YEAR- no great GM does. So Watkins could be even more incredibly great, IF the Bills just had a great quarterback? So where do you suppose they're going to get one in the foreseeable future, short of an alien spaceship depositing one in Rich Stadium? They don't have a first round pick next year- so the only way they could possibly trade back up into the low first is sacrifice their second and third round picks- which essentially leaves them with no draft- or start trading away key defensive players to move up- and you never get fair value for a player come draft day. BTW, the Patriots got Randy Moss for a fourth round pick. If Farmer wants to go the trade route to get a complimentary wr for Gordon, he's got plenty of ammo to do so.

In Topic: Interesting Options Developing in Browns QB Situation

Today, 12:02 AM


Thats dangerous. Weeden has a strong running game to work with and he loves throwing to Dez Bryant (who i have on my fantasy team). I might even pick Weeden up on one of my teams because my QB is on a bye. I dont know if Romo is going to play. My guess is that he wont. He is pretty beat up.


Cleveland fans are betting what you've seen out of Wee-done isn't the Wee-done Browns fans have come to know and love, The guy is capable of single handedly losing a game by himself. 


you still dont get it, huh?


Hoyer is still in Jamarcus Russell company; lets tap the breaks on calling Romo out in comparison to Hoyer.

its not about percentages AND EVEN IF IT WAS.... Hoyer is 30, it's on Hoyer he is still in Ryan Leaf company.


jesus you guys love you some hoyer.


We love winning, something that hasn't happened to the Browns in a very long time.