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In Topic: Bills game will NOT be played in Buffalo.

Today, 01:40 AM

I heard they were hiring people at 10.00 an hour to help clean up.


Yeah- and no one could even get to the stadium to sign up.


There's so much snow falling that roofs are colloasping. Roads are literally impassable as the snow is still taller than the cars. They would need to remove 220,000 tons of snow to have the field. Police and all other resources are being pooled to literally save people's lives. What the fuck do you expect them to do, bring magical helicopters to melt the snow? Give me a break.


Seriously, any of you ever tried driving through 3' of wet snow? I don't care if you have a 4WD with chains- you're not going through that stuff. It's gonna take bulldozers and front end loaders to clear the roads- snowplows aren't going to cut it. They may literally have to helicopter the players out of their homes to get them to the airport.

In Topic: Joe Thomas lives to be a Brown

Today, 01:19 AM

I just don't understand the argument that drafting a OL man early in the draft. When most teams and (so called experts) say he is worth the pick, they are worth the pick. Drafting high for the OL is worth it. JT is a prime example.


Ghoolie and Rich4Eagle are the main culprits that o-line are dime a dozen. anyone that knows anything about football will tell you differently. It takes far more than a 300 pound widebody to play o-line. If that was the case, you could just pick up sumo wrestlers to fill the bill. This year it was painfully obvious how important having Alex Mack was to the run game.


As I told Ghoolie- which was part of his argument- sure, you can find stud o-linemen in the sixth round- as often as you find a quarterback as good as Tom Brady. There's a reason stud left tackles get picked in the first round every year- they prevent your qb from getting killed on a blindside hit.

In Topic: any news on Gordon

Today, 12:47 AM

Not sure if this has been mentioned before, but someone posted the prop bets on Gordon:




Josh Gordon O/U 75.5 yards receiving in Week 12. Over @ -115, Under @ -115

Josh Gordon O/U 5 receptions in Week 12. Over @ -115, Under @ -115

Will Josh Gordon score a TD in week 12? Yes @ even, No @ -130

Josh Gordon Total TDs in the 2014 regular season O/U 2.5. Over @ -140, Under @ +110


The total TDs looks very light...



Four WR and a single back set would be refreshing. I think I can count the 4 receiver sets this season, that did not include either a split TE or RB, on one hand.

Aside (due to ignorance around the line shorthand): Are the "Over @" and "Under @" figures bet counts or something else?


Baseball Odds Tour. Can't say I totally understand them either.


What's there not to believe? Lol, why would I make it up?


I'll believe you saw a camo Porsche blazing by. Considering Gordon has at least 2 speeding tickets- one of which could be a reckless operation 20+ over the speed limit- AND the DUI- if that was really him, well- he gets busted doing that sort of speed, it's probably jail and a couple year license revocation. He may even be on driving restrictions already because of points & the DUI.

In Topic: Film Study on Hoyer

Yesterday, 02:38 PM



Hoyer is more than serviceable. With a good qb coach he could go far in the right system. Certainly best option available to you guys right now. Honestly his biggest issue is I don't like his deep ball capability, but with the right receiver (AKA Gordon) maybe that'll change a bit. He needs to tighten up his footwork and remember to square his shoulders before throwing, keep it more compact. The accuracy issues down the middle may or may not get better with practice and training, and I also if it's less of an accuracy issue and more of a comfort issue. He seems to over compensate for the underneath defenders. 


Also, am I the only one who thinks his passes get tipped at the LOS a lot? I didn't keep track but it seemed to be a repeating theme game in and game out.


I'm not a qb mechanics guru, but yeah, a lot of Hoyer's deep passes against the Texans were head scratchers. He's had 2 really bad games, the Jags and Texans, but he hasn't had two in a row- yet. I hope that trend continues.

In Topic: Colts sign Cribbs

Yesterday, 02:32 PM

No kicker will ever be able to kick in Cleveland's swirling winds as good as dawson. Let's not forget he was the best in the nfl with kickoffs. His placement was perfect and whenever we needed an onside or some kind of specialty kick dawson was right on the money. I take a 22 yd old Phil Dawson over a 22 year old josh cribbs right now no question. Kick returners are a dime a dozen. The reason we so easily let rid of cribbs was because benjamin was better than him.. Hasn't been the same since tearing the acl tho


One thing for sure right now, I'd rather have Dawson back than Cribbs.


Phil's kick in the blizzard against Buffalo has to be one of the greatest FGs in Browns history.