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In Topic: 2015 schedule is a beast

Today, 01:22 AM

Gotta say we had a light schedule this year compared to what we have coming.....


I am pretty encouraged that we are heading in the right direction and took more positive steps this year, than we have in the recent past....


So, next year, with a complete season under this staff and system and all our players back(and healthy), I am hoping to be a very competitive team....


And we HAVE to be or we will eat dirt with the schedule we have.....It's no free ride, thats for sure...


The order of the games has yet to be determined and the last 2 teams(in parenthesis) could change, but here is the basic lay of the land for 2015.....


HOME: Pittsburg, Baltimore, Cinn + Denver, Oakland, Arizona, San Francisco, (Tennessee)


AWAY: Pittsburg, Baltimore, Cinn + Kansas City, San Diego, St. Louis, Seattle, (NY Jets)




Kansas City, here I come- Great place to see a game. great fans unbelievable tailgate.

In Topic: Mike Evans Has Eleven TDs

Today, 12:21 AM

We also could've had Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers and Clay Matthews as well.............. Hindsight is a bitchin draft aid.  


We could have had a lot more than that- if you want to play the 20\20 hindsight game.

In Topic: What QB Stats (if any) Translate College Success into NFL Success?

Today, 12:12 AM

Rule #1: Must not run the spread option.  Eliminate all QBs who ran spread option in college, including Marcus Mariota (who will suck in the NFL).  The spread option has fucked up all these stat comparisions.



((()))) Love ya Beavers. Try not to gloat too much if DA wins the game today.


Our pal Shep said one of the best predictors is # of games played in college. No it isn't. Sure, you have guys like the Mannings and Rotlisberger- but there's a bunch of NFL bums who were 4 year starters- like Colt McCoy- or worse- who never did jack in the pros.

In Topic: The Hobbit, Battle of Five Armies.

Yesterday, 01:06 AM

"No one in The Lord of the Rings can say so much as 'hand me that spoon' without risking a response like, 'Do you mean Fobulir, the Spoon of Dessert? Forged in Glomiel during the reign of Hothemor, this spoon has ferried rich custards to the beards of kings and dwarves, and all sing of its unparalleled elegance of curvature. Use it with care, my friend; gladly do I give it.' I dont know what things cost in Middle Earth, but I bet everyones paying too much."


Different strokes for different folks. I suppose it depends on how deep you want to immerse yourself in the Fable. MHO is  Harry Potter has the depth of a Cat in the Hat kiddie story compared to LOTR. I enjoyed the Potter movies, but I wouldn't watch them 50X over like I have LOTR.  Crap, Tolkien was such a damn genius he created a couple functional languages in his spare time just for kicks to insert into the books. "Ash nazg durbatuluk, ash nazg  gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatuluk, ag burzhum ishi krimpatul."  I can still recite that one from heart- it's the Black Speech inscription on the Ring of Power- "One Ring to rule them all, one Ring to find them, one Ring to Rule them all, and in the Darkness bind them. I wouldn't bother you with Quena Elvish from  Galadeiel's lament when they left Lothlorien.


I probably could have made a lot more money in my life if I had spent more time memorizing my science texts instead of LOTR. I used to have a standing bet in college- you give me any two lines in the books- I'll give you the next two.


As far as movies go give me "the princess bride" over "lord of the rings" any day.


You're welcome, enjoy.  :)  


PS- and a minor spoiler- Jackson made Balin such a likable dwarf- it's even more sad he got killed off around 40 years later when he made the very bad decision to try and retake Moria.


& PPS- as Gandalf would say. Cisco. Tolkien created his mythology so perfectly- even someone who knows the 1,700 pages as well as I do, it took me years to be able to take a couple legit pot shots at the story.

In Topic: JF has 200 more starts for the browns....

Yesterday, 12:45 AM

I don't get it dude. If u watched the game, the you don't respond those words. It is very naive and ignorant to believe with how bad the team played a rookie from anywhere can succeed.

Times we made a play or first down, penalties were called
Times Johnny made a good throw, dropped by the reciever
Times Johnny made a decent read, his rookie awareness caused a pick due to his hesitation. (His actual mistake)
Run game, non existent.

Your rambling won't get the entire 53 man roster to do its job during a playoff game. The run defense was abysmal. Receivers dropped the ball, and o line played terrible

Go ahead and blame Manziel dumbass. I bet he lights it up against Carolina and you'll drool all over his ballsack.

He has the intangibles he just looked RAW. He is a ROOKIE. The team around him played HORRIBLE. The worst game of the year from an all around team standpoint. Manziel is the starter.

Don't know how you can argue that with a monologue on how bad the team has been in the past. Is that your excuse Z? I love u dude, you are a wonderful browns fan/poster but I feel like impatience is the problem here


Z isn't impatient- I'm not impatient. Question is- how much patience you gonna have, when the last decent qb we've had for more than a season was Bernie? You can play the "he's only a rookie card"- unfortunately the Manzealots are a day late to that party. He was going to be the biggest thing to hit the NFL since the introduction of the facemask- don't ya know? Some of your Manziel defense holds water- and a lot of it doesn't. His ONE ESPN qbr tells you all you need to know.


I appreciate your sentiment, but I disagree with the assessment of him looking as bad as those who you mentioned, I believe it is way to soon to tell about Johnny. This dude made his name by learning for at least a year before performing as the starter in any echelon of football he has produced successfully in. I have no doubt in his ability to learn and process the game.


No- he was every bit as bad- three first downs the entire game says so. I'm not throwing him under the bus- yet. A duplicate of the Bengal suckage and we can start the motor. Ditto it against the Ravens, and the board will be lining up to run him over.