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In Topic: Why this will fail just like before - Here for Tour2ma

Today, 05:50 PM

Two jackoffs are on the same page. Wow, that really was a good read.


Here is a BETTER read. The draft was a bust.


You didn't even READ the link I posted- here, I'll try it again. It had NOTHING to do with the draft- it was an interview with Mike Shanahan discussing his dealings and thoughts about RG III.   Trying to be an asshole much?  As to the draft- glad you've got a crystal ball.


As you probably saw, Vegas has the Browns at 200-1 odds to win the Super Bowl. I they had drafted your man crush Lynch- the odds might have been around 100-1. This is not the year. My crystal ball says the Browns will draft #1 overall in 2017, and draft DeShawn Watson who is considered a far better prospect than any of the quarterbacks picked last week.



In Topic: Why this will fail just like before - Here for Tour2ma

Today, 01:38 PM

This is a great read for everyone, especially ViennaKnobbSlobberer - If he can keep his focus during the 3 minutes it takes to read it - which I suspect is 50/50 at best. 




And another good read from the same site :    http://mmqb.si.com/m...-griffin-browns

In Topic: How to beat the Warriors

Today, 12:56 PM

It has to do with Curry. As if and when he comes on back. As the Warriors are nothing without him. Sad to say to the expense of the other team members.


Actually they're fine without Curry. Probably sweep Portland. Thompson is stepping up nicely. Not sure if they can beat the Spurs without him though.


Speaking of- that last play of the OKC- Spurs game was the worst case of the Refs swallowing their whistles I've ever seen. Yeah- Ginobli got elbowed, but he was crowding so bad- HE was 1\2 inch away from getting called for stepping out of bounds. (Hey, Waiters, you too dumb to not step back another foot?) Not to mention a couple OKC players almost getting their jerseys ripped off on the inbounds. Refs made it up for not calling Aldridge nearly getting tackled on the last shot.

In Topic: Article on the drafted players

Today, 12:39 PM

There's a big difference between dismissing someone because he has a weak arm and dismissing him because he isn't a great prospect. Besides being laughable, D Bone's "point" is hyperbole 101. I don't think he literally called Kessler the next Montana, just that what he did was use a weak tool.


Well Mike- the pick is in- I just hope Hue (Mr Quarterback Guru) knows what he's doing. I'm with you that I didn't care for it much. Remains to be seen if he turns out like a couple of our other third round flops- Charlie Frye and Colt McCoy, or something more like Russell Wilson. Should the Browns just get 6 years of quality backup out of Kessler (McCoy's trajectory) is it all that bad for a third round pick?


As was pointed out in another thread- the Pats didn't catch much flack for drafting Brissett ahead of Kessler- and he's as much a head scratcher. The difference is they still have Brady.


Me? Watson in 2017, unless Griffin returns to his rookie form- I'm not counting on that.     :) 

In Topic: Seth DeValve?

Today, 01:59 AM

Jimmy Graham doesn't do much blocking...


Neither did Ozzie Newsome, but the game has changed since he played.