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In Topic: What was the hurry (motive) in signing Josh McCown?

Yesterday, 02:47 PM

Pat McManamon is just a freaking whiner.


This is more of a smarter article about signing McCown. Besides, the Browns will probably still add

a qb.




And if both Manziel and McCown flop- well- notice my new interest Cal. 


Hoyer was never going to resign with us after we booed him off the field and replaced him with an alcoholic that didn't know the playbook.


Some truth in that. Didn't want to look over his shoulder at Johnny Rehab for another season.

In Topic: Suh Me

Yesterday, 02:33 PM

Suh fan boys?

Y'all better pace yourselves. Save some enthusiasms in case he actually visits us...


Per ESPN- Suh will probably think about teams in states with no income tax first. (Miami, Tampa) He's going to get $50+ million guaranteed, and way over $100 million total.


He's a great player- but not worth that kind of money IMHO.

In Topic: Marcus Mariotta?

Yesterday, 02:22 PM

There was talk the other day on the Really Big Show about the possibility of trading up to draft Marcus Mariotta. I'm interested in what you guys have to say about it. How would you feel about a trade up? Would good moves in Free Agency change your mind? What or who would you part with to get him? Just throwing this out there because it made for an interesting conversation the other day.


Guys flapping their gums about a very unlikely scenario. Farmer is hopefully smart enough he's not going to give up the three first round picks it would take to get MM. The guy is NOT in the Andrew Luck category.  

In Topic: Suh Me

Yesterday, 01:30 AM

So let's got out and get this badass sonofabitch going into the prime of his career and have him eat Roethlisburgers and shit out Flacco.






So how many Super Bowls have the Lions won WITH Suh? He's going to get paid Peyton Manning money- and IMHO, not worth it. Turned down $26 million with the Lions- get the drift? He wants to beat JJ Watt's deal. Speaking of, Texans make the playoffs? didn't think so.

In Topic: What was the hurry (motive) in signing Josh McCown?

02 March 2015 - 12:56 PM


To tell you the truth, I wasn't aware there ever was one.



The more interesting question, in my opinion...Could we list O'Connell as our emergency QB? 


LOL had to check Wiki to make sure my feeble memory wasn't playing tricks on me- I was right- Curly Lambeau.  Player-Coach Packers.   :)