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In Topic: Josh Gordon

Today, 11:36 PM

This never crossed my mind but with Roger it will happen. Great post Z. Josh simply is not bright enough TO GET AROUND THE SCHEDULED SYSTEM.. Maybe the wife can order hgh to the house but it's not for me  ;). this league is full of S**t if they think they have a working drug program   


Gumby, let's clear this up. If you're a nice clean Boy Scout like Joe Thomas- yeah- there is a scheduled drug test the start of the season. You start failing them- it's another story. When you get to Gordon's strike count (& Leveon Bell isn't far behind- more on that later) you can be random tested at any time, as often as the League feels like testing you. Gordon was tested dozens of times during his suspension and passed them all- except one. Sorry Josh. You even have to let the League know you're traveling- the better to keep tabs on your whereabouts. As a former lab person- the reason Gordon's most recent suspension got extended wasn't because he tested over the limit- he didn't. It was extended because the specific gravity of the pee was too low, and that caused the NFL to rule that it was a diluted sample- ergo, you fail (sort of). Now regarding Bell- he didn't fail a test- just not showing up in a reasonable amount of time when they ring your cell phone counts as a fail. FWIW, cocaine clears out of your body really fast.


Finally responding to Flugle's posts regarding Josh and the purple drank for a strep throat. Yeah, it sure sounds suspicious. Phenergan\codeine AKA the purple drank is probably the best cough medicine known to man- plus codeine is a way better pain killer than swallowing a handful of Advil. But as was pointed out- if you've got a bad sore throat- they're probably not going to give you cough syrup. Other thing is- that stuff is prescription. If Gordon had a legit 'scrip for it- he should have let the tester know about it- and told them to check the pharmacy where he got it.

In Topic: Bell suspended four games?

Yesterday, 11:32 PM

I wonder if "missing" a test, or tests, could somehow be less of an offense than a diluted sample?



Sold Bell the weed?


Har- it ain't. Missing a drug test counts as a fail. Hey Vagitron- you got a Josh Gordon on your hands.

In Topic: mmgw - the debate is over - it's baloney

Yesterday, 11:20 PM

To be a dental floss tycoon?


LOL- it's high ground. :)  One of Frank's better tunes.

In Topic: The DNC convention is already a bizarre clusterfook

Yesterday, 01:12 AM

Sounds like a party...


If it's 1968 Chicago style- oh the fun.

In Topic: Report: Kasich was Offered VP Slot by Junior; Would Run Foreign and Domestic...

Yesterday, 12:52 AM

Kasich is another Bush. That's why both of them received no votes.

Trump got crowds and new voter registration that no candidate has ever gotten before him


Caught a little of the Communist News Network's (CNN) post Trump speech commentary with Anderson Cooper and his liberal cronies. One thing that did strike me- though the black dude didn't come right out and say it- but the inference was pretty clear- comparing Trump to guess who? H###er, not Hillary. Don't think it could happen here in the good old USA- but the parallels to old Adolph are pretty glaring, if you think about it- and have read any history about the Third Reich. BTW- you can cast Obama and Hillary in the roles of Neville Chamberlain on top of it. Those that don't remember the past are doomed to repeat it. & in case you think I'm shooting down The Donald. If Trump = Hitler, then Hillary = Stalin.


I thought it was well known he only won Ohio because pussy democrats crossed over only to vote for Kasich to make sure Trump lost.


:)  You weren't paying attention. There might have been some small crossover of Dems voting Republican in Ohio- but personally I voted for Kasich because I was in the Never Trump boat. Call it the Favorite Son Factor. Cruz whomped Trump in Texas.