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In Topic: The 2014 Schedule is Set

Today, 11:20 AM

Is that info publicly available for all members? As in, could we create a map of where people are posting from? That'd be interesting.



Hell...I don't know. I can see it on every post. Not sure if that is a moderator thing or if all of you can see it.


It probably is a moderator thing Mark- I can see the IP also, though I can't do anything with it. You and Zombo have superior Mod powers.  :)

In Topic: The 2014 Schedule is Set

Today, 11:18 AM

Man, this schedule looked easier when it wasn't set. 


The schedule makers didn't do the Browns any favors.


so we only have one national game. wonder if we pick up johny football we will some flex schedule changes.


Yeah, that's a great reason to draft JF- so we have more losses on National TV. Football doesn't make it out of the first quarter against the Steelers.


I really can't take this assessment serious.  10 wins?! ' a stretch.  The Browns need to learn how to win its not easy they haven't done that in a while...you wouldn't know what it takes to win. Indy and NO those are 2 losses. and many more. They will most likely start the year 0-3 and the finish 0-4 that's 7 losses right there...


Though IIRC you're a Ravens Troll that's our favorite Steelers troll's thinking- because the Browns have sucked for the last 15 years, they're going to continue to suck. The draft hasn't happened yet, and injuries do happen. BTW, everyone had the Falcons in the playoffs last year, ditto the Texans- if you had Houston with the first pick in the draft before the 2013 season, congrats on having a functional crystal ball, swami. No one had the Redskins at 3-13 either, So you can kindly STFU.

In Topic: My last Browns' mock (with trades)

Yesterday, 12:35 AM

Let me know what you think !


I think we don't need anymore mock drafts. :)  Nice enough, but I doubt  the Browns are interested in Shazier. No to Mettlenberger, and no to a trade up in the first. Garrapolo at the top of the second. Anything beyond that is wild guessing, and you have too much time on your hands to research third day prospects.

In Topic: Interesting factoid

22 April 2014 - 11:59 AM

Nope, these are stereotypes that will and are being broken....can you make the throws and decipher the game? Thats it.



And that's the question I (and many others) have about Manziel. I don't doubt he can make the throws, but can he actually read a defense?

In Topic: Spielman agrees - there isn't a Luck in this draft.

22 April 2014 - 11:50 AM

Thanks bro^


"I'm a mod so I can ban you for disagreeing"


You can disagree, just don't be an a-hole about it.