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In Topic: F Brian "Garbage" Hoyer

Yesterday, 11:37 PM

Bortles looked alright for a rook. Kid has promise. But yeah any middle of the road defense shuts him and the Jags down today. I just give up trying to explain why we can't stop the run. This loss was by FAR not all on Hoyer. Please STFU anybody that's calling for Hoyer to be replaced. Just shit the bed today...whole team did except for the secondary.


You ever think Rubin and Taylor didn't play today? That was a true team stinker. 

In Topic: Interesting Options Developing in Browns QB Situation

Yesterday, 11:31 PM


Wilson and Foles are not the same as Luck. Yea it'd be great to find our own Luck, but most of the teams in the league would also like to find their Andrew Luck. Very few of those guys come around per decade.


I still think Hoyer is good enough to command a playoff team. His accuracy has been a little suspect at times this year - and has probably been his biggest problem. His decision making has been above average. I would go as far as to say he's the biggest reason we won 2/3 of our games this year.


Today, he along with the entire offense and play calling was horrendous. Lets see what they do about it next week. 


I'd say his accuracy was a lot suspect today. There were times he had all day to throw on a deep route, and couldn't get the ball in the same area code. I said elsewhere the few times he was on target, his receivers didn't help him much

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Yesterday, 05:56 PM

this was ALL on Brian Hoyer today, he's garbage.


Did you not notice the bad, BAD decision on 4th down? the muffed punt? The dropped passes on the rare occasions Hoyer's passes were on target? OK, you put Brady on the Browns today- we win easily. Too bad Tom's not on the roster. 


No,,, your garbage.

In Topic: Interesting Options Developing in Browns QB Situation

Yesterday, 05:49 PM

Hoyer shit the bed today, never seen that many throws behind receivers. That being said JFF would be worse at this point. Hoyer gets a bad game here and there. If it keeps up we'll have a discussion about JFF. As it stands, Hoyer needs to look at his play today and then STFU about ANY TALK WHATSOEVER about not wanting to sign if JFF is here. If you're an NFL qb you don't give a fuck who they have behind you..you don't whine about a draft pick and try to strongarm the team into having a shitty backup that ensures your starting job.




I guess that's my point, we should want Andrew Luck, instead we want Alex Smith.  Nothing wrong with Alex Smith but he's not winning a SuperBowl in our lifetime.  Guys like Smith only win Superbowls when they are in the Dilfer situation when you are strong across the board and legedary on D.


Hey, I'm on a remote today. I agree- Hoyer was beyond putrid today- like Brandon Wee-Done bad. Sure, he deserves a lot of the blame for the loss. But there's plenty of that to spread around. How 'bout that forth down fiasco? How about Poyer muffing the punt when he should have let it go into the end zone? 

In Topic: Interesting Options Developing in Browns QB Situation

18 October 2014 - 01:30 AM

Shameless attempt by MKC to stir associated pot in similar direction...

Grammar aside, JM did OK...



Fire her - NOW... More bush league speculation.