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In Topic: Joe Haden got smoked again

Today, 11:13 AM

It is frustrating losses. We all feel it. So close in Pittsburgh after a remarkable 2nd half return. Close win vs Saints, but damn...a win vs Saints! Then another frustrating one vs Ravens. Two very close losses and one win so far...with a whole new staff, coaches, and quite the different team of players as well.


Don't know how much longer my ticker can take it, but these games have been fun to watch and exciting. Offense looks so much better, consistently better even, than it has in years. The problems the Browns are having right now with DEF and ST can be fixed, this year.


And at least we didn't have a game like Tampa Bay did vs Atlanta.... ;)


We're a couple of play away from being 3-0. Browns convert on that 3rd and seven, and we're not having this discussion. Yes, Haden has been uncharacteristically bad so far. Putting him solo on Graham in the Saints game was a mismatch- and I dare anyone to tell me otherwise. OK, he's given up some big plays- so does ever other CB.

In Topic: Joe Haden got smoked again

Today, 12:02 AM

How many games do we need to see?


Mingo has been her 15 games, and he's a bust so far


Haden has 1 pass defended and no picks this year. And opposing QB's look for him. They sure as hell don't shy away from him


Go look up Mingo's stats against Jarvis Jones, and see if the Steelers are calling him a bust. Mingo has been hurt.


Haden gives up a big play and he's a bum too.Damn bunch of Debbie Downers.

In Topic: Squealing Steelers

Yesterday, 11:51 PM

Hardy is a beast so they no doubt missed him. However the real reason I'm replying is to ask you if there is ever a point where you aren't talking out of your ass? Aren't you an attorney or something along those lines? Isn't it therefore your job to get the facts? Our offensive line is geling which kept Ben clean. The panther defense is still very solid but the steelers showed up on both sides of the ball. The talking out your ass part stems from your cam newton/Anderson comment. Newton played until the game was out of reach and that's when Anderson came in, its also when gradkowski came in for the steelers.


Didn't see the game, as I was driving back from Cleveland. Credit where it's due- probably the upset of the week.


OTOH- you're in deep shit if you have to resign a totally washed up Harrison, and Taylor is done for most of the year.


Be thankful Gordon will still be suspended the next go-around, because I'd put the over\under for his receiving yardage against a beat up Steeler secondary at around 200.

In Topic: Joe Haden got smoked again

Yesterday, 11:36 PM

Haden very disappointing.  Gilbert first round bust so far.


Gilbert- not impressive first three games = bust.

Haden is an average player. Average speed, size and skills. He is performing commensurate with his skills. I don't see that he is a disappointment. The only people disappointed in his performance are those who thought this was a REMENDOUS draft pick, and that Haden was a top prospect. He never was that, and it was only delusional Browns fans who thought he was going to be a shutdown type guy.


He's average. Like MOST of the Browns talent.


Until Cleveland takes advantage of it's first round picks and actually goes for the VERY TOP picks, their probability of drafting difference makers is not going to be very good. Yes, yes, I know, drafting the very best is expensive and risky, but look at the shit team we have from playing it " smart and conservative".


The Browns are a constipated team. It feels like bowell activity, your stomach is rumbling, you sit down to shit, you squeeze like a motherfucker, and alas.... it is all for not........ nothing happens.


Big Ben, Wadkins,  AJ Green, Julio Jones, Luck,  on and on it goes........... we draft FAKE top picks like Quinn, Richardson and Manziel and pretend that WE TOO ARE A HUNGRY organization. We aren't............ we just don't gamble on the best, and until the Browns DO start betting the farm on big play makers, we will remain a constipated team unable to win close games.


Haden was considered the top CB in his draft class. And he's only been to the Pro Bowl. Yeah, he sucks.


Phil Taylor over JJ Watt and Julio Jones LOL

Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden? Yikes.

Barkevious Mingo? Meh.

Justin Gilbert - Good god, retire you bum.

Johnny Manziel - Unknown.

This team needs to draft better


Most of those draft mistakes were from previous Front Office gaffes. Lets see how this year's crop works out- and it takes more than three damn games to evaluate it. Walter, you change your opinions on a weekly basis. You were giving Manziel blow jobs all preseaon- and now you're happy he's sitting.


Gilbert has elite measurables- I'd say you need to give him more than 3 NFL games to label him a "bust" or wasted draft pick.

In Topic: Time for Johnny Football to take over...

Yesterday, 11:17 PM

The Johnny worshippers of the world want they're boy in regardless.. They're just about as retarded if not more so than Stooler vermin..

The Browns could have Peyton Manning or Tom Brady starting, and they'd still be calling for their man-crush.


I'm an Aggie and a huge Johnny fan.

As long as Hoyer is healthy and playing well, Johnny needs to remain the backup. Reevaluate next season.


One of the few voices of reason from the A&M crowd.Every week, Hoyer is confirming he is what we thought he was- a competent game manager, that's not going to lose you games.


Earth to Manziel worshipers-  you don't bench a guy with a 97 qbr for  a rookie.