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Hey Gip I am about to talk football.   


I have never been a fan of people who say championships should determine hall of fame, or greatest player.

I agree...it doesn't "determine" HOF....but it IS a factor.


  Championships are not won by a single person, and shouldh't have any bearing on whether someone makes the hall in their respective sports.  Dan Marino is one of the best ever, but people hang the fact he has no Superbowls as a negative.  He wasn't the only person out there.  There were 21 others.  Post season shouldn't matter.

But...post season certainly does matter.  What teams have the most HOFers in the Hall?  40s/50s Browns,  60s Packers 70s Steelers.  Dynasties. Teams that won in the postseason.  But certainly your view that titles are not all that matter does carry out in the likes of Jim Plunkett and some others who won multiple titles (at least at QB)....but are not in.  So there is the kind of discernment you are wanting there.



All 4 of the players you named deserve it.  But If I had to pick, I pick Moon, and Thomas.  Why?  Yep because they made the post season more.  Even I cannot deny that logic, I just disagree with it.


Feel free to ignore this since it's only partially on topic, but why is Joe Namath a hall of famer?


Comp %    Yds      TD       Int
          50.1 27663 173 4.6 220                              


By any mark this is a sub par career.  I am not debating, I really want to know why someone with 50 more picks then TD and only barely over 50% completion is in the hall  of fame? Because he was flashy?  Because he made a guarantee to win against a heavily favored Colts team?  I don't get it.


Certain players have short....but very iconic careers.  Joe was one. Gale Sayers. A few others. Anyone that saw him play (I don't know if you did....but I did)  could tell that he was perhaps the best QB of his era.  He just had "it"....and I don't mean the flashy.  He could ball as good as any QB.  You mention Marino....between he or Namath is the title for quickest release ever of the football.




Nope Gip I disagree. Namath had two really good years, and a couple above average ones. If he had lost that SB, he'd still be on the outside looking in- just MHO.


Crap, Vinny Testaverde beats his career QBR 75-65, and every other stat- except a damn SB win- you want to tell me Joe won that game single handed?

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01 August 2015 - 07:36 PM

Injuries to running backs.  Injuries to Defensive lineman



Strains & Sprains Gip. Not like a broken leg or torn ACL.

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01 August 2015 - 07:34 PM


Gonna beat the dead horse on this one but why invite the circus and waste a first round pick to "see if Johnny can be a legitimate quarterback or not.".  Don't the Browns have more pressing needs?  Haslam seems like an owner that likes to meddle but has no clue.


Nah- pretty sure the circus left town after JF stunk it up last year. He still draws above average interest- but not much more than say Gino Smith.

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31 July 2015 - 11:40 PM

Did I miss something?  Are the Browns suddenly a playoff team?  Favored in the division?  Expecting an above .500 season?  Do tell. Choco said it right.  You on the other hand talk like the Brownies are suddenly some kind of contender and should be feared.  Jees dude, how about they do something first before talking like they're the big bad boogeyman of the division.  If I were a Browns fan I certainly wouldn't take any team in the division (that you finish last in most of the time) lightly.  Shoot, I don't even take the Browns that lightly as a Steeler fan.


On any given Sunday pal. Get down to your third string qb- (as the Browns were last year) and I'll put your playoff chances about zero,

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31 July 2015 - 11:30 PM

i guess i'll be eating crow with my pryor statements.


as much as i've had of that nasty bird in the last 5 years i should be used to it now.


i guess that cold beer helps it go down a little easier.


MMMMmmmmmm. :wacko: 


We know Pryor is big & fast. Can he catch the damn ball and run routes is what I want to know.