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In Topic: Brian Hartline Released

Yesterday, 01:20 PM

They would likely wait to see if Dumbshit has something to show them coming off the suspension.


Make that IF he ever comes off suspension. I hope he's figured out any further hanging out with Manziel isn't going to help his cause for reinstatement.

In Topic: Brian Hartline Released

Yesterday, 01:18 PM

Much bitching incoming about a guy who the team felt was expendable when the youngsters came in.


No bitching here, if they think the young 'uns are the way to go. The Browns only have a cap hit of $750k (prorated bonus) to send him on his way.

In Topic: Browns scouts were at Texas a&m game to watch Manziel

Yesterday, 01:12 PM


I hope they were scouting Alabama- Manziel is a punk.


LOL, saw it from the start. I had my battles with Mike H when draft talk got more serious. I had a feeling of impending Doom when his name got called. Was willing to give him some slack- until it got obvious it wasn't going to work- say the end of the first season. Him flipping off Pettine during the bye week was the final straw.

In Topic: So a clearly deliberate kick to the balls is only a flagrant 1 now?

Yesterday, 11:54 AM

Unreal. Green needs to be tsken out for that


I haven't watched the game (yet) but that sounds like it should have been a flagrant 2- ejection. I've seen enough of Green in the Playoffs to develop a serious. disliking. In the Warriors win, he was in a couple of OKC players faces yucking it up, and talking crap. 

In Topic: What I would consider progress.

Yesterday, 11:47 AM

Of course. LeBeau and Phillips are both coffee fetchers. Talented ones? Sure. BUT.................. they aren't exactly head coach material, are they?


DC put together the x's and O's........... the HC tells them which scenarios warrant which attacks. Blitz? Zone? LeBeau and Phillips do what they are told to do in different situations. That's just how it goes.


LeBeau and Phillips proved they weren't Head Coaching Material-  but are pretty great defensive coordinators. And that's BS- they have total autonomy to call defensive formations/