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Yesterday, 04:17 PM



I hope you meant Manning to Denver. & BTW, Denver's defense won that Super Bowl, not a very washed up Peyton Manning. Von Miller was the MVP of that game IIRC. Even our (now) QB Brock Osweiler won some regular season games that year in Denver when Manning was hurt. 


Luck did get Indy to the playoffs, but then a couple of the old o-line guys retired, weren't replaced- and Andy started getting hammered because of it. Holds on to the ball too long? Every freaking college scout thought Luck was the best QB prospect in like forever. And Indy thought so much of his talent- they redid his contract to make him the highest paid QB in the NFL- until Derek Carr got that monster deal from the Raiders this year. 


Finally LOL, Atlanta's QB is "Matty Ice" Ryan- and one of the few things that changed about that team in their SB year was the addition of Alex Mack. I'll let Flugels educate you on the finer points of how some OL are better in certain blocking schemes.  Cam Erving has proven he sucks in most every scheme and every O-line position. He's a big fatass turnstile. About as big a bust as Justin Gilbert. If he wasn't a first round pick- he would have been cut already. Defensive game planning is pretty simple- find out where Erving is playing, run by him like he's not even there, and laugh your ass off when he misses trying to block guys on the second level- something Mack excels at. . 

In Topic: Ghoolie Verses Hoorta - The stage is set

Yesterday, 11:29 AM

I am likely thicker than you from a musculo-skeletal perspective. In college, at 6' 2: and a 34" waist, and I weighed 235. Where did that time and place go? Conversely, I had a 38" waist and a flat stomach when I played guitar with WSS at Put in Bay. I was 255 then. (Photo Attached) I don't lift much any more, other than keeping my bench and overhead press oiled. 250 for me would be a lot more lean than 250 for you. I am shooting for 215. If I can get there I'll show signs of a six pack, or wind up dead. We will see.
I don't know...I too am 6'2.  Though I think you may be right....I was never a lifter....so your may have the muscles of a man from Brussells.  I don't have that.
Regarding the Bengals, I think maybe you missed my prediction? I am predicting that they will be better and that the so called great fatasses they lost, won't affect them at all. I see their offense as being improved becuse they added skilled positions. Those are the ones that matter most.
I didn't miss your prediction.  I just am not necessarily buying it.
 As for the Bengals skill players...I know only that they have ONE guy that is better than what the Browns have:  AJ Green.    Possibly Dalton is better than the Browns QBs ...but being maybe the 25th best QB in the NFL vs. what may be the 30th-32d best QBs isn't anything to brag much about.
And I know you are wrong about your theory that a poor OL cannot affect the play of a team's skill players.  It CAN vastly affect it.
It is why one of the best young QBs out there....Andrew Luck...has had so much trouble these last couple of years.  If it can fuck up Luck, and Reggie Wayne and Frank Gore...it can fuck up what the Bengals have.

Exactly Gip. Luck has been out of luck with no o-line. I like to bring up the playoff game where Lawrence Taylor made Joe Montana look like Joe Blow, because his o-line couldn't block for crap. So was Montana a bum? Don't think so.

Losing Alex Mack to Atlanta, and replacing him with the to date very bad Cam Erving is a case study where talent at the position DOES matter. Every "expert" was gushing about how Mack solidified and improved the Falcons o-line.

In Topic: Ghoolie Verses Hoorta - The stage is set

18 July 2017 - 02:50 PM

OK Larry, unless I am mistaken, this should be a great year for us to once again reprise the are OL fatasses a dime-a-dozen, or are they hard-to-come-by athletes who determine if a QB is successful or not?




If I understand you correctly, your feelings are that with the loss of veteran Linemen, the Bengals offense, especially Andy Dalton is going to suffer, and be far less effective. I honestly don't follow OL at all. I seriously have ADD on this topic based on my knowledge that the individual players are all interchangeable.


Fun thing to watch #1 -  I believe the Bengals will have a more explosive offense in 2017 than they did in 2016, and may be unstoppable. They added pizazz at RB and WR, which are far, far more important than some 300 pound, clumsy fatasses. 


However.........if OL men are as important as you say, then the Bengals O should struggle. 




According to most here the Browns have assembled a great OL, and by your philosophy should translate into a remarkably better offense. This end of it is a little harder to quantify because we probably will have a better starter in Ass-Oiler than we did with RG3 and Kessler. Kizer potentially coming in has a tremendous upside, so the Browns OL performance may have very little to do with an improved offense by way of a better QB.


This is the hard thing about football analyses. There are too man variables sometime to really get a cause-and-effect picture. I think in Cincy though, you are out on a limb. They lost integral OL, and by your measure the offense is going to struggle. I don't believe they will miss the fatasses, and I think their O will be improved.


Let's see who is right.


Remember my saying- the chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. Why bother seeing if you can beat Joe Thomas- when you have the human Turnstile Cam Erving playing center? Bitonio getting hurt last year didn't help either.  You remember Kevin Mack running into the back of the stone wall of his offensive line because they couldn't move anyone out of the way? I do. They might be interchangeable fatasses to you- but it does require a certain level of talent to play the position. BTW, I still think the Browns offense is gonna suck, and I'm nowhere near confident Kizer is the answer at qb. 


Now on to dem Bungles. (Don't forget I live in Bungle-land, and I get force fed their propaganda daily.) I agree with Gipper- Dalton is an average qb- with a stellar supporting cast. Ha- there's even Bunglites that want to ship Dalton out of town and start AJ McCarron. They've pinned the choker label on him. AJ Green makes Andy look good. Eifert- their TE- getting hurt is a big reason they went 6-9 last year. 


OL? Swiss cheese Tom. Either all rookies, backups, or too old. Dalton's putting up a brave front- but when your best OL is the seriously under performing Cedric Ogbuehi, you got problems. 


As to the talent they added, we'll see if Mixon can stay out of trouble, and Ross can stay healthy. He might be the fastest guy in the NFL- but it takes more than running fly patterns to be a decent NFL wr. As was brought up in another thread- if speed was all it took, Reinaldo Nehemiah would be in the HOF. 

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17 July 2017 - 09:20 PM


Johhny Highball is rumored to be making a comeback.


He claims NFL teams have been in contact.


Boo, I heard it's the other way around- Manziel and his agents have contacted NFL teams. Hi, I'm Johnny Manziel, and I was wondering if.. click.... 


He needs to prove himself in Canada for a few years before an NFL team will give him the time of day- at least I hope so. Regarding the Tiger Cats- they also hold the CFL rights to RG III.  But they also have the best qb in the CFL.   



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16 July 2017 - 01:27 PM



 "Like in college- he knew he was breaking rules, but it was all about HIM. Too bad."  Cal


You're allowed that because you're not a big OSU fan. Pyror got Jim Tressell fired covering up for his antics...