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In Topic: Kevin Love OUT of Cleveland

Today, 02:45 AM

Bleacher Report ‏@BleacherReport  17m

Report: Kevin Love expected to opt out of current deal and is unlikely to sign long term http://ble.ac/1IDfsFK 


Ah- winning is the magic elixir that cures all ills. Cavs make a deep run in the playoffs, (IMHO they will) K-Love will doubtless change his tune, unless his only interest is a max contract- and he's unlikely to get one elsewhere. .


The recent trades have changed the dynamic. the Russian menace is an upgrade over Andy, you have another perimeter guy who can shoot the lights out (Smith) , and a quality defender in Shumpert.


Yeah- and the best basketball player on the planet has returned to form.


So Love just needs to realize as the case in Miami- he's the Bosh to LBJ. 19 points, 13 rebounds- you're a valuable part of the machine- but LeBron is the engine. 

In Topic: Gordon Fails Again

Today, 01:04 AM

Wow, some guys just never get it and you have to move on. So much talent. Perfect combination of speed and size. Oh well. Ain't happening with this kid.




He's done. Maybe him and Justin Blackmon can get together somewhere on a porch in Oklahoma and swill beers and smoke some weed. Immense talent down the sewer. Wonder if he's eligible to play in the CFL?  Suppose the Browns would  have to release him first- and they should. He knew the rules- you're out of chances with the Browns Josh.




well woody how many times do you keep getting screwed by someone before you say enough is enough.


i don't remember anyone ever saying they hate josh gordon.......maybe they hate the fact they he let the franchise, his teammates and the fans down?


browns have to cut him.


This is certainly enough. The odds of Gordon playing another game in the NFL are approaching zero.

In Topic: Johnny insight....

Yesterday, 01:50 AM

Yep...well I feel like just this week the Browns are starting to separate themselves or publicly sending johnny a message....or both....


Flippo......."we dont even know if our QB is on the team"


Farmer...."we will leave no stone unturned......1st IS an option...."Talk is cheap"....etc


Pettine...."muddy at best"...


and now, all of a sudden, team mates and "inside sources" talking details about Johnny.....hmmmm...


They're not pretty either.


Let's get something straight: the only person who truely knows if he has a drug or alcohol problem is Johnny Foosball himself. I laugh at everyone trying to cast labels
around as if that is going to make sense of the situation.

I know first hand what it is to be a alcoholic/addict. From those experiences I can tell you that manziel certainly exhibits many of the same behaviors I did while I was out there getting it in. But the only one that truely knows is Johnny.

Unfortunately, if he truely is a alcoholic and/or an addict, it's almost a certainty he will not stop until he reaches absolute rock bottom. Everything will burn, every bridge will be smashed, before he finally admits what he is. I know it took my reaching the deepest depths of despair within the living hell I had created before I finally got the help I needed. It's sad because, like most addicts, at heart he is probably a great person with a high IQ and potential.

Our greatest hope is that he is simply a young kid going through a stage of hard drinking and idiotic decisions. That is something one can quickly recover from. Alcoholism and addiction on the other hand is another animal.


Then you well know the stages of "denial". As one of the drug counselors I know has on his blackboard in letters a foot high   YET. I can quit anytime I want to. Guy obviously is at least a problem drinker- if it affects your job- it's a problem. Having team security show up at your place in the morning and find you still hung over is a BIG problem.



In Topic: NFL Fox reporting Browns are hiring John DeFilippo as new OC

Yesterday, 01:21 AM

At the time nobody played like they belonged in the NFL, do you remember how bad that game was ?

3 First Downs and 107 Total yards . . .


The way they played, or failed to play, or even that it was possible for them to be that bad . . .


Yeah, I think there still needs to be some House Cleaning, don't think we need the full reboot or for it to be as drastic as I was first calling for though.

Also think we need the injection of some fierce Leadership among the Players.


It's coming out that there are/were some Locker Room issues going on last year as well.



I'm still PO'd about that game . . .


Refer to the ESPN article- that crap offensive performance is 90% on Johnny Jamboogie.


Agreed. Some of these assholes think you should go root for another team if your not content making the playoffs once every 15 years.
I'll be a fan and go to several games a year if we never win another fucking game. Some of you need to own up to the fact that our franchise sucks right now, and we need a major culture change in the FO to turn it around. I'm still believe in Farmer, but I'm starting to get skeptical..


Maybe you missed it- I saw some culture change last year. 


Oh ok, if Mik's bitch ass says he'll be fine. Forget him losing pt to an undrafted FA, and Desir because he sucked terribly on the field. What does how he plays have to do with anything, just have some blind faith like Mik's dumb ass.


I have faith that Gilbert does have elite measurables- he has to learn how to use them. True- hasn't yet. Takes some time for a few guys to adjust- at least Gilbert hasn't shown up on TMZ yet.


[quote name="Westside Steve" post="473356" timestamp="1422140545"]
So's pissing and moaning and belly aching and crying and bitching and whining .......
Ya don't like it don't watch it.

Stop being content with it Steve, this is Bullshit. We want a fuckin franchise that competes, stop settling YOU FUCK


So what do you suggest guy? I'm listening. Every diehard fan wants a franchise that competes.


FYI- the Browns DID compete- they just wound up on the losing end a few times. Steelers -3, Ravens -3 (last play fg), Colts -1 despite horrible play by Hoyer, competitive until the 4th quarter against the Ravens- with a third string qb running the show. 


Aw gee-  so you DEMAND better- aint a damn thing your demanding will do to improve the team.

In Topic: NFL Fox reporting Browns are hiring John DeFilippo as new OC

24 January 2015 - 03:06 AM

He's not a season ticket holder. He's full of shit. Just 3 seasons ago when we all made the trip for the opener against the Eagles, Rooster Dick was looking for a free ticket to go to the game. Because he's rooster dick and a pansy ass, he didn't get Zombos seat (who didn't make it that year) and it sat empty.


Thanks for calling the fraud out Mark.  :)



I'm hearing 6th if that.


If the guy puts in the effort he might be good, but it really doesn't look like he's willing to do that.


He caused a stir among the Team as posted in the 2015 - FA / Draft / Notes thread, but the guy was rich before he came to the NFL so his motivation is low, and seems to only care about partying.


I'm not sold that he has the physical attributes to succeed, the intangibles aren't unknown until he puts in the effort.


That's part of Manziel's problem. If he totally fucks up, he's still rich. If he wants to be a champion boozer- he can drink himself to death like AC\DCs Bon Scott.