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In Topic: RG III to start against Bengals

Today, 01:07 AM

The Browns are definately going to beat the Bengals.


I'll be right one of these weeks....


And a stopped clock is right two times a day.  :)  

In Topic: Browns playing in London?

Today, 12:45 AM

Now I just might have to go visit my sister who lives just west of London.




And you'd get to meet up with a bunch of the Board.....


Thank God the Minutemen were not as inept as the Browns.


Nevertheless....it would be a great road trip.  Meeting up with Howie/Gareth/Mac/gft/London Brown and the rest of the British crew there would be cool.  I could visit relatives.  

I just need to renew my passport and get over my eye problems....and find some money......and get approval from my wife to go alone because she would have to stay home and work.   The last hurdle would be the hardest.


Yup- told Howie and  G-Man I'd make the trip if they ever played in London.... I'm sure Keith would come down from Scotland. It won't be a budget road trip.

In Topic: Mike Lombardi Predicts Browns Trade For Jimmy Garoppolo

Today, 12:35 AM

CBS SPORTS Writer Jared Dubin reports that Hue Jackson and the Browns Front Office will likely offer Belicheck and the Patriots a trade for Garoppolo before draft day 2017.
Lombardi says Garoppolo is at the top of Hue's list with AJ McCarron second.
In my opinion this is the way to go! I'm not sure about the quarterbacks who've declared and I watch college football way more than the pros.
The Browns need a pass rush and should draft the best players available. If Myles Garrett is the BPA then pull the trigger and start rebuilding the defense now!


Great- offer them a 7th rounder- see if Bill will bite.

It's been discussed- if Bill thought Garroppolo was decent- why would he trade him? Brady turns 40 this year.

In Topic: Why are you a fan?

Yesterday, 01:19 PM

I heard some folks are talking about having a parade for the Browns if they go 0-16.
That's just funny.

But it's really true Cal. A guy found out it only cost $25 to pull a parade permit, so he did it. Not out much if they win a game, huh? I just might attend, wearing my Couch Jersey, and carry a "Factory of Sadness" sign.

In Topic: Browns scouts were at Texas a&m game to watch Manziel

09 December 2016 - 02:41 AM


Safe to say his football career is over?