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In Topic: Lets make some Cuts

Today, 11:46 AM

Here's the cuts to date. http://www.nfl.com/n...g-to-75-players


No real surprises, though I did think They'd keep Coons to handle the kicking.

In Topic: Where to start.....

Today, 11:41 AM


I get it for you older folks, I really do. I think it is pretty well known here that I'm a younger gentlemen in his mid (soon to be late) 20's so the misery isn't as set-in as you guys. But as noted, this is definitely going to be an "enjoy the ride" type of season. Hopefully these guys can show towards the back-end of the season that the team has a real future and not one of "I can't wait to see this same crap next season". Honestly, that's all we can do right? At least this rebuild is being done with 10,000 pounds of TNT as opposed to a gallon of gas.


Yup- there's guys like me and The Gipper who are running out of "wait till next year" fast. That doesn't mean I don't at least want to see a team that looks like they know what they're doing- and at least so far in this preseason- it doesn't.

In Topic: Prolific Ghoolie - As Always

Today, 11:29 AM

Never lost a bet on this board, pal. Never. 


Yeah- so why stick up for Rich, who was dead wrong about Mo Clarett?

In Topic: Browns Kaepernick Rumors

Today, 11:27 AM


Hue Jackson knows a thing or two about quarterbacks.




Indeed he does Z. I just hope he's right. To date, I'm not exactly enamored of RG III.

In Topic: Let's Make a Date: Josh McCown

Today, 11:22 AM

Maybe Dallas will be desperate enough to give JFF a chance ;)




You forgot IIRC, Johnny Boy is suspended for the first 4 games- darn that substance abuse thing. So he'd be of no use to Dallas, at least in the short term. He's been keeping a mighty low profile of late.  :)