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In Topic: Mary Kay Cabot reports Browns going after Garoppolo

Today, 02:51 PM

Gipper---Nobody gives a crap what you personally would do. You're just some traffic court judge hiding in his office avoiding work.


Constantly tossing out low ball offers is just another way of avoiding serious debate. A bunch of fanboys pretending how tough they'd be in negotiations.


And small wonder you're in favor of drafting Trubisky 1st overall, the one strategy that everyone from Polian to Casserly to King agrees is the worst.


How many times are you guys going to convince yourself you're being smart by drafting the lesser player?   


There's really no debate- I'd call it a standoff, and you're not going to change Gip's mind. There's no right or wrong in the discussion. You think your commodity is worth X, and Gip (and most Browns fans) thinks it's worth Y. Garropolo and McCarron are far from being the Browns only options. So tough if we think the Browns FO just may value another commodity higher at the given asking price. & FWIW, based on last year they seem to highly value draft picks.


It's as simple as this to my mind. You're saying (maybe) the Bengals shopped McCarron last year. Didn't get what you wanted. No difference to someone putting a house up for sale at $250,000 and all the offers came in at $150,000. So you decide to keep the house. Looks like you overvalued the house, or  just maybe you think you're going to get what you want next year. Personally, I wouldn't count on it.


Takes two to agree on a price, and you and me aren't the ones handling the negotiations. :)

In Topic: Mary Kay Cabot reports Browns going after Garoppolo

Today, 01:43 PM

Gip---You keep acting like a lowball offer is going to move the Patriots or the Bengals. In reality, both teams would be very well served to keep their young backup QB's if they aren't offered inflated compensation. Furthermore, to argue you would use pick #52 in trade but not pick #33 is just proof you don't know the value of what you're bidding on.
Regardless, to defend the lowball offer strategy you immediately remind me how the Browns could use the 1st overall pick on Trubisky....something you've already admitted nearly everyone here is trying to avoid.
Seems to me you're trapped in a whirlpool or vortex of stupidity, always steadfastly denying the true cost of the bad options that confront you.

Well, the general consensus around here Uma is the #52 is plenty enough to offer for Garropolo, and even less for McCarron. If you think it's a lowball offer, fine. I've seen too many trades that burned the team thinking the player they got was going to be a stud. MHO is Garropolo and McCarron are fool's gold.

As usual, the team holding the asset just might be overvaluing it. We don't really need either, playing Kessler is an option. I've already said it would be nuts for the Browns to trade a high pick to the Bengals,so get that thought out of your mind.

In Topic: Camp Mahomo

Yesterday, 12:52 AM

We have about 20 needs ranked above "raw, developmental QB"




The hardest one to fill is... qb that gets it. That -has- it.


Scrambles with the best of them. Mechanics are a mess. Debatable if they can be fixed.


Yesterday, 12:33 AM



What other sites are there besides the barking tard clowns?    Because some continue to quote his nonsense, the ignore feature doesn't help much.


At the risk of losing posters......    http://www.scout.com/nfl/browns    Ghoolie would last maybe a day and 10 posts there if he signed up. BTW, he's permanently banned on the 'Tard. I should add a little history of OBR. One of our old AOL guys Art Beitz started the site as The Ravens SuckZone, (Barry was the premier Ravens troll killer), it morphed into Bernie's Insiders, and then came under the Scout Umbrella. Got too big for him to manage by himself.

In Topic: Mary Kay Cabot reports Browns going after Garoppolo

19 February 2017 - 12:15 PM


Not like we've been saying the same stuff 400 posts later. If the Patriots aren't sure, why should the Browns be? Forget about the #12, not happening. :)