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In Topic: Browns fan pisses on Modell's grave

Today, 02:47 AM

Again....David Modell:  You were stupid if you think this wasn't inevitable.

Why would you express outrage at the absolute certain:


Like I said, you should have cremated him and kept his ashes private if you didn't want this to happen....and it was for certain going to happen.

Or had him buried in a private, locked mausoleum. God knows you should have had enough money to afford that.


Also, another thing.....if Art's grave has been out there in the public......you can better fucking ass believe that he wasn't the first guy...nor likely to be the last guy to have pissed on Daddy's grave.  He was just the first one dumb enough to have taped it and put it on Youtube or whatever.


Sure, express the outrage at what happened.....but the rest of us are not going to let you off so easy as to not point out that you were ignorant to not think it would happen, nor are we not going to point out the fact that your stupidity almost bordered on encouragement of this happening.


Exactly right, Gip.


This fat, ugly, gross, disgusting, cowardly fucker with all of the premeditated stupid pissing equipment and the stupid premeditated dumbfuck speech who was dumb enough to film himself desecrating a grave is a horrible, horrible, horrible representation of a Browns fan and deserves the shitstorm that is about to hit him from every legal angle.


Fuck Modell.


But this guy is beyond embarrassing.




Right- don't broadcast your stupidity world wide. Just quietly drive a dump truck to the cemetery in the middle of the night and drop a few tons of horse shit in the right spot to properly express your feelings.


Would it have been disrespectful to rename Cleveland's Southerly Sewage Plant the Arthur B Modell Environmental Abatement Facility? Every time you took a dump, you'd have known it was going straight to Art.   :)  


Really Z- you think there's not a few thousand Browns fans that haven't dreamed up similar scenarios? That said, I'm not into grave desecration- it just might come back to haunt you in the next life.

In Topic: Why the Browns defense isn't as good as you might think

Today, 02:26 AM

This is what I mean.  "Browns fans" think this is true because of statistics but the reality is simply not there; the only reason you think the Browns secondary is so great is because nobody ever needs to throw against the Browns.  The Steelers are hurting at many defensive positions and yes, they have lost their intimidation, but they are still superior to the Browns.


That's like saying my lob wedge is the best club in my bag because I make the fewest mistakes with it!  Doesn't count if you never take it out of the bag!



Evidence is awesome!  Just look at the evidence of how easy it was to score on the Browns.  But if you want to ignore the evidence and say that the 23rd ranked defense (scoring) is great......have a blast!


So you want to pull that one stat out of your ass and say that's all that matters? The Browns were middle of the road in total rush defense- not bad, if you consider the offense couldn't stay on the field.


BTW, the Broncos were right next to the Browns in scoring defense and went to the Super Bowl- because Peyton Manning could put up points faster than the other team could.

In Topic: Josh Gordon Troubles

Today, 01:46 AM

I'm sure it has something to do with Gordons umpteenth offense but ........yeah :huh:  Not to mention, king Roger is a Ravens fan.


Yeah- two game suspension- guess who they play week 3? The Browns.

In Topic: Josh Gordon Troubles

Today, 01:44 AM

The ho dissed him.


I hope you're kidding. Unless she spit in his face first (and even that's a marginal excuse) no reason to cold cock her.

In Topic: Hoyer versus Manziel

Today, 01:30 AM

apparently it's logical to think the Browns drafted a QB in the 1st who doesn't have the upside of being able to win a super bowl.


this is just retarded. fan boy this, fan boy that.


i'm arguing with women. 


Nope, it's just after (I think it's up to something like 23) different quarterbacks since 1999 come in and flop, we tend to analyze their weaknesses rather harshly. Like JFF has no holes in his game? So, he might, possibly be good enough to win a Super Bowl eventually- with the proper talent around him. You're assuming he's going to be great- going by past draft stats, there's a 33% chance of that. There's also around a 33% bust rate for first round quarterbacks, in case you didn't realize. Nope, no way Johnny could possibly bust. Well, we've seen too much of that to totally discount the possibility.


Even having a great qb is no guarantee you're going to get to the Promised Land. Just ask the Patriots, Niners, Lions and Falcons. Their quarterbacks until your man crush proves differently- are on another planet compared to him.