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In Topic: Browns Hire Brad Childress As Offensive Coordinator

29 January 2012 - 10:11 AM

So naive.

I bet you believe strippers like you, too.

When you grow up and stop looking at the world with wide-eyed wonderment, you'll realize that coaches always lay the compliments on thick in regards to players and other coaches. It's very rare for a coach, or anyone in a position of power, to truly speak their mind.

Until then, keep the insults coming. It's making you look great, really. The old middle school adage of trying to be a dick to get people to like you is in full effect.


And a dumbass, shit for brains, loser like you knows more than Andy Reid! LOL. Dumber than I thought.

In Topic: Browns Hire Brad Childress As Offensive Coordinator

28 January 2012 - 09:07 AM

You sure are an angry dumbass aren't you? Were you abused growing up? Poor TIM COUCH.....I feel bad for you loser.

And DUMBASS, dont send me personal messages, I dont read them anyways, and it just fills up my spam folder.

In Topic: Browns Hire Brad Childress As Offensive Coordinator

28 January 2012 - 09:06 AM

Don't look now, but I think FINNIGAN1 is Brad Childress. He's the only person who could be so amped over this hire.

If the reason we were looking for an offensive coordinator was to relieve Shurmur of the pressure of calling plays, why bring in an offensive coordinator with no history of playcalling?

To me, this move reeks of a "good ol' boy" network hiring. That's not always a bad thing, except in this situation it means two things:

1) We now have two coaches on the staff who do not know how to call plays.

2) We will be taking RG3 in the draft.

Childress was credited with "developing" McNabb in Philly, leading him to five Pro Bowls. In Minnesota, Childress showed an affection for Tarvaris Jackson, trading up to get him in the second round, when Jackson was predicted as being a 4th round pick at the earliest.

I'm sure Childress sees RG3 as his next McNabb. McNabb and RG3 had very similar college careers. Granted, RG3's numbers were higher, but he attempted nearly twice as many passes as Donovan did in college. It's a safe bet that Donovan would have had very similar numbers if he played in the "pass happy" system offenses of today.

"I think you judge quarterbacks a little bit differently...When you see what you want at the quarterback position, you need to go get it. And that's exactly what I see with ____________________ is a guy that's a piece of clay, that has all the skills in terms of, No. 1, what's he look like throwing the football?...He's got a great throwing motion; he's athletic. He has all those things that we're looking for, and he's wired right."

Brad Childress, on...no not RG3...Tarvaris Jackson. If that's not foreshadowing then I don't know what is.

And FINNIGAN1, if you want to call me names try to belittle me, have the balls to do it where everyone can see. Don't personally message me insults, you pussy.

And stop double and triple posting, asshole.

You sure are an angry dumbass aren't you? Were you abused growing up? Poor TIM COUCH.....I feel bad for you loser.

In Topic: Browns Hire Brad Childress As Offensive Coordinator

28 January 2012 - 09:04 AM


Most browns fans disagree with you. Read, study, learn, and maybe you will one day graduate from your special ed class:--)

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid collaborated on a lot of play-calling over the years with new Browns offensive coordinator Brad Childress and coach Pat Shurmur, and he's confident they'll be successful together regardless of who handles that chore.

"Pat's a heck of a play-caller, and Brad's a heck of a play-caller, and I think that's a heck of a combination," Reid told The Plain Dealer. "Both of them can bounce things off of each other. That's what Brad did here with me, and that's what Pat did here with me. So, whether I was calling the plays or they were calling the plays, we had an open communication where we could talk and make the best of whatever situation there was.

They were a great combo for me here, and we sure won a lot of games with those two at the helm of my offense here, and so I wouldn't expect anything different," said Reid, who ran the same West Coast offense the Browns have in place. "They work very well together, and it's a great fit. The Cleveland Browns are getting a great person, No. 1, and a tremendous football coach. He's got a great football mind, and he has a great relationship with Pat. It's a win-win all the way around."

Reid cited the tremendous job Childress and Shurmur did with quarterback Donovan McNabb, who went to three Pro Bowls with Childress as quarterbacks coach and three more with Shurmur in that capacity.

"They did a phenomenal job with Donovan," said Reid. "Brad had Donovan when he was young, and Pat had him when he was a little older, and Brad never lost his relationship with Donovan when he became the coordinator. The two of them developed him very well. He was a great player, but they did a heck of a job with him."

Reid is confident they'll have the same impact on quarterback Colt McCoy, if the Browns decide to stick with him.

"Both of them understand it takes four years for a quarterback to fully mature or get close to full maturing in the NFL," said Reid. "It's not a bang-bang thing that happens overnight. They understand how to go through that process and how to teach quarterbacks and when to be a little tough on them and when you need to back off. They both have a great feel for that."

Reid said he was lucky to work with both Shurmur and Childress and that the Browns are in good hands.

"You hire guys that are driven and smart, and both of them fall under that category," he said. "Both of them have a great work ethic, and they understand the game, and they have a whole lot of football smarts. They're smart guys away from the football field, too, but they really know the game."

In Topic: Browns Hire Brad Childress As Offensive Coordinator

27 January 2012 - 06:30 PM

With Childress, Browns will now take RGIII. Next pick Kendal Wright WR, then Marcellus DE, Osemele OT, LaMichael James RB, Bryan Broyles WR.