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In Topic: How dems plan to steal the election in nov

Today, 02:32 PM

of course they don't want voter id laws. that would stop them from doing all this voter fraud.

[citation needed]

In Topic: "Rigged"

Today, 02:31 PM

That's a badass looking bird

In Topic: Liberal Thugs/Goons

Today, 02:30 PM

That's why I don't really play random online games. I'm in a 32 man franchise. We'll do maybe 10 seasons

In Topic: Blow these !@ boats out of the damn water! -Mark Levin on Iran HARASS...

Today, 11:10 AM

And what are you if you legitimately use the words cuck and beta male?

In Topic: Liberal Thugs/Goons

Today, 11:08 AM

It's definitely not a joke arcade game if you and your opponent know what they're doing