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In Topic: Hell yeah, CPAC rocks

Today, 10:15 AM

I'm sure she gets all of the 60+ year olds there all hot and bothered.

But, like I was saying earlier, splitting the Rep vote will kill your chances

In Topic: From the NOAA - 2,185 cold records BROKEN OR TIED

Today, 10:11 AM

It is cold where I live. Man made climate change is now proven wrong.

In Topic: Hell yeah, CPAC rocks

Yesterday, 07:28 PM

So split the Republican vote in half?



... I'm sure that will go well

In Topic: Boris Nemtsov, leading Putin critic, shot and killed in Moscow

Yesterday, 07:20 AM

I thought we like Putin's attitude as a leader? Unlike our weanie, liberal Obama

In Topic: Browns sign Josh McCown to 3 year contract

27 February 2015 - 06:37 PM