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Yesterday, 09:08 PM

Jesus christ dude... give it a rest. Take that OSU knob out of your mouth for two seconds. Or just try to stay on topic, either works. The fact you want to turn this into OSU vs Michigan football is exactly my point. You are making my point for me. An unbiased 3rd party would see that. They'd see you're just changing the subject. That's what you normally do when its clear you're losing ground...



I think Cooper will be off the board before our pick (or the Bills) comes up. We won't pass on him because we won't have the opportunity to draft him. 


That guy from Michigan that has the Browns season record for TD catches, had the record for yards, and at the time was the first Pro Bowl WR since 1989? Ya, he did not have the most consistent hands, but was a hell of a playmaker. But you don't fuck with Lebron's crew in Cleveland (before everyone hated Lebron, even though they all love him again now...). Too bad knee injuries just derailed his career.




I'm not making a "big deal" about his year in school. I'm saying, that if you are so "informed" you should know the class year about the guy you are talking about. Then maybe you'd understand the Top 10 lists you're looking at online...



Your just too biased dude. You push common sense aside to go "rah rah OSU rah!". It gets old. Just be happy I don't do that with Michigan. You act like I do, but it just seems that way relative to you. You're kind of like some of our posters in the Political Forum. But instead of conservatism, its OSU bias. Huh... interesting. Between this and that academics thread though... man... I don't even know anymore. 

In Topic: Michigan Sucks

Yesterday, 02:14 PM

Dude, I'm not saying anything regarding Michigan vs OSU. See? That's my fucking point. Thanks for proving it. Ohio State Strawmen would be a better team name...

It's fucking October... Am I supposed to be talking about every prospect? Looks like we have a whole thread of guys licking Bosa's ass way worse than this. I guess everyone needs to talk about every prospect now months before the sasons even over... You act like knowing his year in school and position is some super detailed info from creeping on facebook or something haha. You're fighting an uphill battle now. You aren't going to make it out like knowing he's a Jr is crazy info... Hahaha.

I think Funchess can help the browns because he's a very good compliment to Gotdon and Hawkins. Cooper will be the top WR most likely and hone very early. Probably overkill to spend a high pock on that. If he's even still there when we pick.

Again, any unbiased third party would realize you're being ridiculous here. Between this thread and the academic one, its clear you can't escape your OSU bias. Fine. Just try to make it not do obvious

In Topic: Ohio State DE Joey Bosa is a JJ Watt clone

Yesterday, 09:42 AM

Right... And I'm on Funchess' nuts... Lol

Dude is a beast, Idk if I'd say he's JJ though. Wasn't there another good DL too? Spence? If he didn't get kicked off the team they'd be running shit.

In Topic: Michigan Sucks

Yesterday, 09:27 AM

Lol, I'm not worshipping the dude. Some said he was in no way a first rounder, I said that was false. You then posted several links agreeing with. Among the ones that didn't (you would say "They don't have him in the top 10 WRs" or whatever) were only like that because they had him at a different position or only looked at Srs. If you go back and look at those, and correct accordingly, they also all have him in the first. So every site you so graciously posted has him in the first. I said he's a first round pick. Apparently that's licking his asshole? Uhhh... Sure thing buddy. Try to check your OSU bias at the door for once....

Again... Not hearing of Athlon sports is not as bad as not knowing basic information about the prospect you're talking about. I probably also don't know about bands, movies and TV shows from the 60s either. There are a plethora of sites to get information from on the internet. Knowing that info is more important than knowing everywhere you can get it.

No, I'm pretty much stuck defending OSU fans straw man arguments on here constantly. Of course you disagree with that, but I'd hope an unbiased third party would agree

In Topic: Woody's Mentor

29 October 2014 - 09:26 PM

Calling something reverse racism is in itself racist... lol