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In Topic: so, who worries about the farce manmade goober warning? haha

Yesterday, 08:27 PM

You can't separate the science from the politics. That's your first problem. You'd respond to the question "Why is man made climate change fake?" with "The dirty liberal UN scientists!!! Redistribution of wealth!!!!!"

In Topic: Somewhat 'interesting

Yesterday, 08:23 PM

It is biased news and that is a fact. Although the MSM has been caught flat out lying at times that is not the norm. The norm is the liberal bias and slant/narratives they put on their stories. They come at stories with a liberal perspective and ignore the other side. Take Obamacare for instance (and I could use many more ). The MSM will constantly run stories on those who may get hurt if Obamacare is replaced but never run stories on those hurt by Obamacare with higher deductibles and premiums and healthcare that is too expensive.
It is what the MSM leaves out and fails to report that is my real beef,
*Wikileaks did expose collusion of the MSM with the Clinton campaign.

And I'm sure stories about the "MSM"'s liberal bias are the top stories on unapologetically biased right wing sites. So you get an echo chamber effect.

It can get tweaked the other way too, though i don't think there's some big push against msm there

In Topic: Somewhat 'interesting

Yesterday, 08:20 PM

The real question is not what's what, but where do we go from here? I can't see another news source breaking into the mainstream without serious money behind it, and with that money would come influence and corruption so we are right back where we started.

The other option is alternative news, which seems even more slanted than mainstream news.

The answer is for people like you and me to read as many sources as possible and to critically think. I doubt 90% of America can do that effectively. So we are stuck in a nation of rage filled idiots.

The hatred out there today on both sides of the aisle has me really bothered.

Yeah it seems easier and more profitable to pick left or right and then cater to it.

And even if you are middle of the road one of the sides will call you our over something

In Topic: school pulls conservative class reading list - san fran radical censorship

Yesterday, 08:19 PM

You're impossible cal

In Topic: 2017 OHIO STATE Football Schedule, how far do they go?

Yesterday, 05:37 AM

To generate "big match ups" earl

To create an SEC safety net