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In Topic: Why the left will ruin this country

Today, 12:53 PM

I agree with Browns and have posted something like that plenty of times on here.


Liberals today are't going to get older and grow into the conservatives of today. The liberal social views of today are going to become moderate/conservative. The younger generation of today isn't going to grow up and all of a sudden be against gay marriage. A few decades ago it was "liberal" to be for interracial marriage. Now it isn't even a thought to be against it. 


You'll, for the most part, keep your social views and ideologies, and where those views fit on a political spectrum will move right as new progressive views arise. 

In Topic: Boko Haram uses chainsaws to behead 23 people this morning.

Today, 12:18 PM

Instead of engaging him with reason and trading viewpoints, you resort to banning. 

Hahahahaha... Ok. Right, right...

"engage" him after his brilliant, thoughtful post.

This thread is done. Peace

In Topic: More anti-Christian antics

Today, 12:13 PM

Well, that's a dumb situation. I'd imagine there aren't any non Christians running for leadership position in that group anyway.

In Topic: Michael Sam: "I'm not the only gay man in the NFL"

Today, 12:18 AM

I explained this already. Because a whopping zero NFL players are known homosexuals. If you've got evidence to support the contrary, provide it. If not, unnecessarily imply I'm a bigot like everyone else in this thread and move on.


Right, and is it really a surprise that they wouldn't come out? With the way we still have some people act, and the stigma they'd face in the NFL, you can't really blame them. 


Here is my evidence:  http://en.wikipedia....e_United_States   Demographic statistics in the US. The odds of there not being any gay players in the NFL is incredibly slim. 


Comments made regarding you are only based on comments you yourself have made. 

In Topic: Michael Sam: "I'm not the only gay man in the NFL"

Today, 12:15 AM

He would fit in over there because he would jump to conclusions and throw out accusations like you just did?


How did I do that exactly? My comments are based off of what he's already said in this thread...