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In Topic: Wide Receiver Class 2015 ....Browns Scenario

Today, 11:12 AM

Cooper. Easy

In Topic: John Hopkins bans Chik Fil A due to it's beliefs

Today, 10:23 AM

Now there is "real American" ketchup?

In Topic: Top Scientists investigating "mmgw" numbers fiddling

Today, 09:47 AM

Rome burned while Nero fiddled.

The illuminati control climate change figures.

In Topic: Post FA First-Pick Mock drafts

Today, 09:23 AM

I really don't care who the Browns take this draft. Dorial is the TRUTH. We could possibly get him at 19... fingers crossed. That would be Huge. This kid is bigger than AJ Green. Green was swiped from under us by the Bengals, we have the chance to pick up a true #1 WR. To think about DGB and Gordon pairing up with the supporting cast... the Defense can't keep up. Get Manziel the weapons to succeed, it's time.

No no no no no

In Topic: The Only Day of the Year

Yesterday, 06:22 PM

I hope Cleveland gets an MLS team