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In Topic: Ferguson reaction prediction.

Yesterday, 10:05 PM

And that makes it better somehow? That just insinuates blacks are traveling there specifically to make trouble and riot



I never said it did?

In Topic: Why JFF may be a bust? Its history folks

Yesterday, 07:36 PM

And as you go later into the rounds, more red would appear (if held to the same standards)

I did this for AP stats in HS based on QBR and round taken. There is a correlation. At least I think it was QBR, maybe we used something slightly different. Something that was pretty fair for determining"good" vs "bad"...

In Topic: Ferguson reaction prediction.

Yesterday, 05:07 PM

You can't make a statement like that without any info to back it. We have no idea of the makeup of the rioters unless I am missing something.

I posted a PDF of all of the arrests in Ferguson from the past few days. The vast majority of the people arrested were from cities other than Ferguson. Not an all inclusive example, and it maybe doesn't prove "vast" majority, but it seems pretty clear a lot of those people are from out of town just there to cause shit

In Topic: Michigan Sucks

Yesterday, 04:51 PM

... Yes, you are incorrect about your statements on recruiting (among other things). I'll take your attempt to end the topic as a sign of defeat. Is it that hard to admit you're wrong when you clearly are?

...yes, Michigan covered up the rape of a freshman kicker that had never played, on a team that was so bad at kicking we had open tryouts on campus. Brilliant. Only later to kick him out of the school because changes in the rules lowered the burden of proof, meaning that even though he wasn't legally charged the school could still kick him out. A change that swept through a majority of D1 schools with sexual assault accusations, including... Gasp... Ohio State. If you honestly think the university systematically coveted up that rape you're retarded. You are mentally challenged. I mean, sure, it would help explain a number of you obviously incorrect prior statements. Statements that have since been disproved multiple times. But I guess I can't put it past you to think that. Also Michigan will forever now average 6 wins, OSU will have more money than Texas, and Akron engineering will surpass Michigan engineering. Just pure genius when you type.

In Topic: Ferguson reaction prediction.

Yesterday, 03:37 PM

Made me so upset to see animals looting and burning down their own city. Feel bad for the mom and pop store owners. They should have had the army there. Poor job planning ahead, you knew this shit was going to happen.

The vast majority of the rioters aren't from that city