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In Topic: Anti Gun Liberal Senator arrested for DUI and possessing 9mm

Today, 04:27 PM

The article said she wanted to take the same right away from the people that she was using for protection. Their example did not describe anything that was doing that. Whether you like telling the schools you have a gun or not, it doesn't stop you from concealed carrying. I figured they'd post an example that shows the point they're trying to make. That's all. I'm not commenting on whether I agree or disagree with any of it.

In Topic: Obamao quietly preparing new voter demographic, and electoral crisis

Today, 04:24 PM

Cal, what will be scary after Obama gets out of office?


In Topic: ebola

Today, 03:24 PM

Semantics. Hurr de durr you can't talk to me like that I went to Michigan.

Not at all. You are saying its on me to prove the number you pulled out of your ass wrong. That's retarded.

In Topic: ebola

Today, 03:23 PM

I'm sure everyone in Liberia is comforted

I'm sure they aren't.

But the hysteria isn't "oh my god! Not Africa". It's "Ebola will kill everyone you know! America I at risk! ISIS illegal Mexican carriers!"

In Topic: The State of Michigan has banned Tesla cars to be sold there!

Today, 03:20 PM

And I think I specifically said the left. That didn't touch a nerve with you did it?

You said the left. Then you continued your thought the next sentence with "you guys" blah blah blah. You were referring to some group here. I'm annoyed I'm just called "the left". I have some left leaning views sure (which are really more common sense in my mind, and which you share my views on a lot of them) but I don't consider myself the left. I don't affiliate directly with any side or party. I'm not the liberal version of Cal. I don't share the same blanket views on everything.

It's not so much the idea of being a liberal (I have liberal ideas) its the insinuation that I only have those ideas and only think that way. It's the insinuation I'm just the liberal versions of others on here. It's he continuing of what I've said I'm not multiple times.

Get it?