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God.  Damn.




Cal earlier talking about how he didn't bitch about Obama's nominations.       I feel bad you had time and desire like this to kill, but also it's such a bitch slap that there's no way it can be backtracked.  



It really did not take very long, haha.

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Today, 12:10 AM

I've been planning on getting lasik, where'd you have it done at and what's the recovery time like - and price if you're willing to share my insurance covers like 20% of lasik I think , maybe less


I had it done at Lasik Vision Centers of Cleveland in Independence off of Rockside. Great facility. Everyone there was very nice. 


Cost was $3700 after a $500 discount. I don't have vision so it wasn't covered. I put it on a CreditCare account to pay it off interest free until I get my house figured out.



Recovery time was barely anything. I was the worst prescription of the day they said, and literally immediately after the procedure, when they had me sit up, I could read the clock on the wall. While being driven home, I could notice my vision continuing to improve. After waking up from a nap, about 3 hours after surgery, I was damn near back to normal. I played a game of Madden at 8pm that night.


My post op was at 930am the next morning (had the surgery at like 4pm on Friday). I was already 20/20 vision. My vision will continue to improve a lot over this week, and will finally be settled in after about 6 months. 




Honestly its amazing. My prescription was a negative 8. I was blind basically. And now I can see perfectly. I wake up, and I don't have to fuck with contacts. I love it.


The only symptoms I have now is very slight eye irritation, and some halos around lights at night. 

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Who's that guy?

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