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In Topic: Nick Mangold released

Yesterday, 11:35 PM

I was wondering how many posts until we mentioned his sister

In Topic: Nine Muslim asylum seekers charged - gang raping German school teacher

Yesterday, 08:33 PM

They have to assimilate yes, but part of the problem is bringing them in by such huge numbers. You open the flood gates and they live in areas with thousands of others and there's little reason for them to assimilate.



We're talking about those damn Irish, right?

In Topic: Nick Mangold released

Yesterday, 04:30 PM

As long as he's still physically alright, we might as well go for it.

In Topic: The New(er) Violent Brownshirt Left - Wayne LaPierre's message at CPAC

Yesterday, 03:54 PM

95% of the threads on here are "us vs them"

In Topic: No more Super Bowls for Texas?

Yesterday, 03:27 PM

No one said it was hilarious

And when does the brain begin to function?