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In Topic: Pettine: "Manziel playing vs. Oakland being discussed"

Yesterday, 03:58 PM

People really think this means Hoyer could lose the job? Lol. It's so Oakland has to spend time game planning for JF. That's it.

In Topic: 2014 Heisman Watch

Yesterday, 03:33 PM

And what major program doesn't?

A lot of them.

People that are fans of teams with shady practices like to say "everyone does it". Jaywalking isn't equal to assault. I'm sure every school has designated classes and tutors and stuff. Not every school oversigns, pays players, gives them cars, abuses medical hardships, gives out free grades, etc.

In Topic: 2014 Heisman Watch

Yesterday, 02:34 PM

What you are saying is that they have simply evened the field with the rest of their SEC brethren?

Ya pretty much. Maybe even raised (lowered?) the bar some. Ole Miss will/should be hut with sanctions for last years recruiting class. Easily.

In Topic: ebola

Yesterday, 01:22 PM

One more time.
The cases from heterosexual sex are almost all women who made a "retarded decision" to have unprotected sex with a bisexual or IV drug use.
So Cyskos numbers are closer if not exact.
The point is?

How do you know that?

In Topic: ebola

Yesterday, 01:20 PM

It's worth noting cal that every patient who was brought here from africa to be treated at a qualified facility has recovered. Only a deceitful fool who knew he has been exposed and then lied about it multiple times brought it here spread it and died. I tend to think this doctor was being responsible enough to prevent an outbreak in nyc

but Obama