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In Topic: Religion Watchdog Group Files Complaint Against Clemson

Today, 05:54 PM

1) Why "congratulations Woody"?


2) How are they like the WBC?

In Topic: new outlook for buckeyes in 2014

Today, 10:30 AM

Is the D great or is the O just bad?



Damn spring games

In Topic: Teddy Bridgewater

Today, 08:53 AM

Bridgewater is still my favorite QB to take in this class as well. Take Watkins/Clowney/ Mack at 4, and if Bridgewater is falling, just move up from 26 to get him.

Or stick with Hoyer

Just no Johnny Douchebag.... please

In Topic: COSMOS reboot tonight at 9 on Fox

Yesterday, 06:02 PM

I just watched it, but I watched two in a row. I can't remember if it was episode 5 or 6. I think it was 6

In Topic: Assistance getters outnumber assistance providers

Yesterday, 03:07 PM

Well you need to actually look into the numbers. You can take these broad statistics and make them say almost anything so these right wing (or left wing) sites can get views.