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In Topic: NFL Potpourri Trivia

Today, 09:47 AM


1. Steers & (crap, I know this but can't think ... it conflicted with a minor league baseball team)  Check on Steers...and on the baseball team, but what name?

2. Giants..Check

3. Braves  Check

4. Bart Starr Check

5. 5 mins NO

6. Garo Yepreinmian (sp?) NO

7. Dan Marino NO....I said currently active

8. Chris Barr NO

9. Highest margin of victory NO

10. (Joe) Montana, Arizona, Nevada  Montana check, not the others

11. San Fran Check

12. World Leauge Check

13. Jim Brown NO

14. Owners meeting Yes, it was an owner's meeting, but what action was taken at that owner's meeting.

15. Shirly Temple NO


Still can't think of the second part of question #1 and it's been bugging me all last night. Almost looked it up, but I know it and want to figure it out. Stampede?


Total guess on Bart Starr! That's awesome!


Figured Owners meeting, but don't know the significance of the meeting. Decided on the birth of professional football as we know it?


Thought for sure my guess on Shirley Temple was right ... as was the highest margin of victory for #9 ... or even Garo Yeprimian for most FG's ... sigh.

In Topic: If Brian Hoyer never got injured.. Would Banner and Co. still be here?

Today, 05:57 AM



2 new avatars within 48 hours but you put the same old sig pic up?


where's the kardashian ass with the browns' stamp on her ass?


Yeah, can't decide on a new Gayvatar look. Was hoping for a disguise that know one would recognize me ... the new me!


The Sig line ain't mine, I borrowed KSHutchins until she recovers.

In Topic: If Brian Hoyer never got injured.. Would Banner and Co. still be here?

Today, 12:49 AM

No they would still be gone...too much bickering between the higher ups to make anything good come of it...Banner wanted Gordon gone in a trade and mike and chud wanted to keep him. they would never get along or agree so would just drag our team down in a trickle down effect. Just my opinion however


True, but maybe only part of them would be gone and Haslam would chose to work/side with half the staff.


Great topic/question ... strange how things work out.


Cripes guys, we've ONLY won one game ... haha

In Topic: anybody here from the old "Official Browns Chat"

Today, 12:46 AM

I had the same screen name there, but never posted on a regular basis and hadn't posted there at all in many years.


Welcome aboard though. The founders of this forum bounced here from mostly an old AOL forum, back in the day (96-99'), then shifted through a couple of failed endeavors at other forums private & corporate, before we created this place and called it home since 2003.


You ever make it to Cleveland for a game, let us know and we will hook ya up with the tailgate experience and help with accommodations if we can.

In Topic: KS Hutchins

Today, 12:39 AM

Just spent hours combing over old pictures of this group from the past 15 years. Watched the Channel 3 newscast of our crew at the September 12, 1999 tailgate party (first game back of the new era), and the interview of Kathy. I have pictures of Kathy being interviewed somewhere and many of that tailgate party. In my search, I read many posts from Kathy over the years and it just solidified what class she is as I've always remembered. 


Reminisced about how my flight got bumped coming home from Vegas a few years ago and I missed her attending one of her last tailgate parties with us. Remember having lunch with Kathy at Chilli's in North Olmsted 4-5 years ago and that might have been the last time I seen her face-to-face. 


Hope I get another chance to tell her how much of a glue she is to the group that stuck together all of these years that helped form this forum. Kathy has been the best of all of us, and I hope that she knows that.


I've been a little pissed off at a few in our close nit group here and didn't factor on enjoying their company this weekend while all are in town, but in combing through memories of Kathy, I realize that life is too short and that petty bullshit today isn't worth missing out on the company of some truly great friends. 


If any of you have an opportunity to get into town and meet some of these folks on this forum, I'm telling you firsthand that it will make your experience here on the forum 1000X's better than you could ever imagine. Take for instance, I'm a real asshole personalty here on the forum, but in person I am just a big huggable teady bear. 


Here's to many more memories with Kathy and long live the Browns Board and everyone who frequents it!