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In Topic: Blackmon Busted - Suspended 4 Games.

06 May 2013 - 10:15 PM

isnt rationalization of use one of the indicators of being chemically dependant?  because dude you sure sound like it... and 'thenew' is being honest....






Im not trying to rationalize anything. There has been times where I stopped smoking for months on end just to make sure I would pass a drug test and I felt great the entire time. When I stopped I didn't go through withdrawal, I wasn't up all night thinking about smoking and I sure as hell wasn't sick from not doing it.


All im saying is that if your going to rag on it at least get the facts right and don't lie to support your own moral values.


It's physically impossible to become dependent on weed. It doesn't change the chemical make up of your brain like alcohol, opiates, benzos, meth, crack, or cocaine does.  


I'm betting that 95% of the people on here that are against it drink alcohol. If you drink every day or even every other day for one year you will become dependent on it and if you don't have it you will start shaking, get cold sweats, and have severe withdrawal symptoms and you could even die from not having it.


Pot doesn't do that. If you don't have it the worst that might happen is you lose a little weight because you don't have the munchies anymore.


In all honesty it's safer then any drug out there including alcohol. I know plenty of drunks that get violent or act like the world is about to end when they drink not to mention all the accidents and deaths it causes. Im willing to bet nobody here has ever heard of someone getting into an accident just because they smoked a bowl.


I just don't understand how people that never tried it can act like they know what it does to you. It's total bs.


He's describing a physical addiction which it's physically impossible to become dependent on pot. Now you might mentally want to get high but physically nothing will happen to you if you don't get high unlike alcohol, crack, heroin, vicodin, etc...


If he cant mentally control it then he has some serious issues that run deeper then wanting to burn a j and chances are he was using any other drug he could find if he couldn't get his hands on pot. 

In Topic: My Theory Of The Browns' 2013 Draft... The Fo Agrees With Us

06 May 2013 - 09:47 PM

Frankly, I'm stunned at all the positive comments here about the draft. 


I've read and heard a lot of lukewarm assessment about Leon McFadden, who is not all that fast and is more of a slot receiver cover guy, vs. the outside cover guy he'll be for the Browns.  If the guy is so good, why wasn't he on the radar of the experts? CBs like Poser and Webb, who were even available in round 4, are considered better than McFadden.


At least McFadden isn't hurt.  I can't imagine the 6th round safety Slaughter being able to go on all cylinders in camp or at the start of the season, even though he says he'll be fine.  If you read some of the draft expert analysis and grading of the Browns, several had negative things to offer about Slaughter, who a lot of people said wouldn't even be drafted.  Even Slaughter himself was surprised he was drafted!  


And what happens if McFadden gets hurt?  Owens and Barnes to cover the opponent's #2 receiver?!  Are you kidding me? If Gipson gets hurt and Slaughter can't play, then we put in Hagge?!


Browns should have used those 4th and 5th round picks to add another DB like Webb or Poser and add a quality safety like Rambo.  It's bizarre to me that the Browns have an overabundance of quality depth in the front seven yet have almost nothing of quality in the secondary.  I'm sorry.   This is akin to building up your military force with far more tanks than you need but allocating almost no resources to providing air cover for your force.  When battle comes, the opponents' QB and receivers will be the air force that goes over top of the Cleveland Browns tanks and dominates the air, beats the heck of your army and bases, and wins going away.  It's insane to go in to a season with such a thin secondary!  Same thing happened last year and we saw the result.  Disaster.     


The other thing that bothers me is the "wait till next year" attitude AGAIN.  I thought we had enough of that with "take the money and run" Holmgrem.  The fans want the team to do all it can to win NOW, not in 2014.  Those draft picks should have been used NOW.  It's a slam, too, against all the loyal season ticket holders who expend thousands of dollars each year  and now know that the product they see on the field in 2013 won't be good enough again due to a weak secondary.  


You didn't see all the other teams collecting draft picks for 2014, did you?  They all knew that this current crop of collegians is a deep group of quality athletes, and they went after it.  Pittsburgh and Cincy had far better drafts than the Browns and the Ravens have replaced all they lost from a world championship season. 


I still don't understand why they didn't aggressively go out and try and get CB and S at the start of free agency.  That was a huge strategic mistake.  If they had filled that need, they could have drafted a guy like Tavon Austin who would have accelerated the offense to a new level. But , you know, we never get big thinking from Browns executives.  They always think small.  And we see the result. Yes, it is a factory of sadness ... and ineptitude.



How can you say that they had better draft picks then us when nobody even stepped onto the field yet? For all we know everyone they picked could be busts. Wait until midway through the season then let us know what you think. It will make more sense.

In Topic: Honey Badger Agent Demands Guaranteed Money Or No Contract Signing

06 May 2013 - 09:34 PM

man, it must be lonely on that farm. ever think of coming out of the 'barn' and seeing the real world?


drive your tractor to ny and i'll open your eyes up (wide) for just a day or two.


i'll make sure you get home ok.



Im sorry but NY blows. It's just like every other big city just 10 times more expensive. I guess that's why New Yorkers think that its so cool because it costs more or some crap.


Id rather live in bfe then have to go back to that place again.

In Topic: Blackmon Busted - Suspended 4 Games.

06 May 2013 - 09:19 PM

Used to smoke pot daily for 6 years... got very lazy, reduced my testosterone levels, athletic abilities declined, my grades in HS and college fell, memory loss, spent a large % of my money on the stuff, started selling it to be able to afford my next high, totaled two cars driving high, lost interest in going out and meeting new people, didn't care to have a girlfriend b/c they were too much work, stole and wrote bad checks...  The last 6 years, since I quit have been 1000 times better, all around...


Medicinal use, as a last resort, fine... recreational use... not so much...


I hate to say it but your lying. It sounds to me like you were addicted to heroin rather then pot. Pot is dirt cheap and $100 bucks a month gets me high just about every other day. I been smoking it for about 15 years now and I have never once wrecked a car or one of my motorcycles. Since pot isn't addictive I never had the urge to go out and steal or write bad checks to get high. You don't get sick when you run out of pot so why steal to get it?


I think you read up on opiate addiction and just traded the word heroin for pot to be honest.  I know people that do it and they will steal, write bad checks and do what ever they have to do to get they're fix otherwise they will be sick and end up puking everywhere if they don't. I know someone that totaled 2 cars in a 3 week time period because they shot up and fell out while driving but I never once heard of anyone wrecking a car or going to jail to support they're weed habbit.


Did you ever think that maybe your just using pot as an excuse to be lazy? I know a lot of people that smoke and none of them complain about a woman being to much work or begging for money to get a joint. None of them ever wrecked a car, or said going to work is to hard. Hell when im high it makes sex and work a whole lot better. Sex is more intense and the time goes by really fast when im working. It's the total opposite of what you said. Now heroin or any opiates for that matter describe what you said perfect so be honest, were you shooting up or did you just replace the word heroin with pot from the wiki article you stole your description from?

In Topic: Dickheads On Parade

18 April 2013 - 02:35 PM

when you get to look at the picture closer i'm wondering what the brown's fan has in his socks. looks like an oz. of some smoke to me.



Im pretty sure its part of his pants that he tucked into his socks.