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In Topic: Chad Kelly Vrs Mitch Trubisky

17 January 2017 - 02:08 PM

OK, thanks.  
Josh Rosen has been highly touted ever since he was a freshman.
Browning has been give a lot of cred taking Washington where they went.
How much did Darnold contribute to that late season run by USC?
Mason Rudolph may be a phantom.  Big 12 QBs....usually vastly overrated.
Jackson, fabulous college player.  Not many consider him a pro prospect, fair to say?

I'm with you on Jackson but I believe Rudolph can be the real deal if you put him in a vertical offense.

I'd be careful with the Big 12 talk though, your boy Mitch plays in a similar offensive system and played two to three teams (FSU, Stanford, and VT although the VT game was in the wake of a hurricane if I remember correctly) with what can be considered legit defenses.

In Topic: Chad Kelly Vrs Mitch Trubisky

17 January 2017 - 01:58 PM

How far back do you want to go?  Technically, the Big 12 has only been around since 1996 when an amalgamation of the Big 8 and the Southwest Conference formed that league.    I guess we  limit the look back to that date.
(but certainly teams currently members of the Big 12 have had QBs win NFL playoff games.)
After doing some checking, I believe that is absolutely correct.  Since 1996, no QB from a Big 12 school has won a playoff game.
Pre Big 12,  some of those schools have had playoff winning QBs: Troy Aikman OK, Jeff Hostetler WVa., Bobby Layne Texas, Sammy Baugh TCU
Since then you have had Andy Dalton lose 4 times  TCU,   RGIII once, Baylor.   Vince Young, Texas once.

Lynn Dickey out of K-State won a game or two for the Pack didn't he?

In Topic: Chad Kelly Vrs Mitch Trubisky

17 January 2017 - 12:04 PM

Again, I ask,  who is going to be out there next year?  
Likely the best guys in the 2018 draft are guys that are not on the radar yet.  Like Goff and Wentz last year. Trubisky this year. Etc.

Off the top of my head, Josh Rosen out of UCLA, Sam Darnold of USC, Jake Browning out of Washington, Mason Rudolph from the real OSU, and to a lesser extent Lamar Jackson out of Louisville.

In Topic: Brown Board Mock Draft 2017

16 January 2017 - 11:24 AM

I'll roll with the Chefs again if they haven't been taken yet. If I need to take another team as well just let me know.

In Topic: Chad Kelly Vrs Mitch Trubisky

15 January 2017 - 02:20 PM

this is a "philosophy of life" matter for me. Trubisky has one quality that Kelly doesn't. He has what Terry Bradshaw had. He has the ability to charge up his team, win games regardless of what the statistics say, and he is, like the most successful QBs, able to fuck up the coverage by extending the play and ripping the defense with his arm. All this, lock-down on one reciever is bullshit. It is fodder for talking heads who need to write down content in order to fill the time in their shows, books, and tip lines.
Trubisky is a guy in the mold of Bradshw, Roethlisberger, Rogers, whoever you may liken him to. He is the best QB, the best potential leader in the draft.
The Browns don't need a fucking QB. We had a ton of QBs. We even have one who Hue sucked upp and tatooe'd 1-15 on his nutsack. The Browns need a leader. God knows there isn't one on the sideline or in the FO.
This is a no brainer. If the Browns do anything else with their #1 pick...just like with Roethlisbarfer, we will live to be sickened by it.

After reading your first two paragraphs I'd assume you'd be a bigger fan of Mayfield than Mitch.