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In Topic: 2014 Browns Board Fantasy Football

30 August 2014 - 10:52 PM

Brilliant. I was up in the bucket of our tractor trimming trees, and forgot
about the Brownsboard league one draft.
Not too bad, I got a "B+" for the computer draft, but somebody has to trade
a rb to me for Lavon Bell, a stinkin steeler, and I refuse to have steelers or ratbirds
on any of my teams. 
Especially a Browns rb....

Well I'm sitting on both Tate and West and could use a RB, but I'm not too high (pun intended) on Bell.

In Topic: Ohio police

23 August 2014 - 01:45 AM

letting in illegals from anywhere across the mexican border......
painting regular Americans not "IN" with the liberal/marxist/progressive movement as enemies...
the "war" on gun ownership and Christian beliefs in schools...
the way liberal untertones of common core when nobody was looking, 
and everybody else thought it was about math and science scores....
one scandal after another, arming drug cartels after blaming American gun owners for
drug cartels having weapons, constant lies and coverups, taking the racist side of any black
victim and making waves about it... etc.
And arming our police dept with military gear and vehicles?
even in smaller towns? sounds like gearing up for martial law to me.
And all Obamao needs, is "his own security force, as well equipped and funded as our military"
to take over private police depts, using their equipment already in place.
Sounds like a really stupid movie, eh?

I'm going to go statement by statement with this one.

I didn't know Ohio had such a major problem with the Mexican board.

That article really took it to conservatives as enemies.

That article definitely promoted no gun ownership and detailed the dangers of Christianity.

Liberal's subverting undertones into completely unrelated topics? Conservatives would never do that.

No way the budding weapons industry in our country could ever trickle beyond our boarders to well funded cartels. Much like those same cartels products could never trickle into our drug free country. No logical reasoning there.
Yup the executive branch of the government always takes the side of the blacks. This whole crisis had nothing to do with the police force, part of the executive, taking rather extreme measures, as you describe in your post. Just another example of the executive fucking over the white man, and coddling the black man once again.

Arming police with military hardware? You mean selling used American goods to Americans. Would you rather us have sold this surplus (and you know exactly where this surplus is from) to foreign nations? I'm sure we would've recouped a much larger profit (both in sale price and lack of transport cost) by selling it to nations such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan or less desirable nations such as Syria and Iran. No way conservatives would've ever been upset about that.

Those small town police departments buying this weaponry? They believe those are necessary tools for their police departments. They don't need them, they merely want them and can afford them. It wasn't forced upon them. A well armed and funded police force? Conservatives have never campaigned for that. It's pretty obvious any type of armed forces would never wastefully buy things within their budget.

Funding for the Secret Service? Or selling used military hardware to our own police forces? I'm sure that was Obama's plan for pulling out of Iraq and Afghanistan, to arm his own forces at home so he can create an "Islamic caliphate" here.

Yes it does sound like a stupid, hilarious movie based in no real logic or reasoning.

In Topic: Why can't NFL stadiums be like European soccer?

23 August 2014 - 12:06 AM

All we have left are the student sections in college football stadiums then...

I'll drink to that.

In Topic: Johnny Flipping off Washington's Bench

23 August 2014 - 12:04 AM

This thread is personally directed to Johnny Manziel if he ever logs on here and checks this out.
I am suggesting that you turn this "finger" thing into a positive.  Like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge You should start the "Finger Challenge" for charity.   Have people post photos of themselves giving the Finger to some  disease or affliction.
Example "give the Finger to Arthritis"....or to Cancer or whichever Foundation you choose that is near and dear to you.
But naturally, like you had to give your fine money for your finger to charity, anyone that does it must...or is encouraged to give money to that particular Foundation that you choose.
And here you go, start by extracting some cash for charity from your boy:
Make him pay up for that.

Gipper, it's not a half bad idea. Why you're trying to hand it off, no pun intended, is beyond me. Bringing Beiber, which auto corrects to beaver on my phone, into it kills any momentum you might have though.

In Topic: Steelers smoking the reefer

22 August 2014 - 11:04 PM

that comedy is great? i guess someone throwing jalepeno juice in your eyes is great too?

I read his assessment of Two and a Half Men earlier and was waiting for a response.

Needless to say I'm disappointed. You're better than that Mik. Worst case you could've just posted this...