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Should the Browns draft an offensive lineman at #4?

10 April 2014 - 11:02 AM

I keep hearing about the Browns making the decision to draft an offensive lineman at the top of the draft. I just watched a piece from NFL Network or Espn and they had Cleveland taking Greg Robinson, then three picks later they have Jake Matthews going to the Rams after a trade down. This would make me sick, they would trade down and then they still get Matthews. I've been wanting the Browns to get a Matthews since Clay Jr. came out. What do you all think?

Isaiah Trufant

12 March 2014 - 06:24 PM

I don't know anything about the guy really....

here's something...

He says he has quick feet as well, here's a funny sportscience with his brother...

We have to get this player!

07 March 2014 - 05:20 PM

I've been watching a ton of prospects. College games, interviews, the Scouting Combine and now into ProDays. I've seen several guys that I think will be really good players in the NFL, more specifically, really good players for the Cleveland Browns. I thought this would be a good place to state your opinions on different players and why you would want them to join the Browns this up-coming season.

I'll just start with a guy many of you already know. He's a RB from Kent State University, the same college that Josh Cribbs went to. His name is Dri Archer. I think that he is a natural fit for our team post Cribbs. We all hoped that Benjamin would take the reigns and be that guy. Since Benjamin was hurt, who knows if he'll be the same guy? I would like the Browns to pick up Dri Archer in a later round(maybe 4th or 5th) to complement Benjamin in the return game. Both are similar in size and body type, both have/had blazing speed and quick twitch reflexes.

I think that by adding Dri and Travis together on kick returns and punt returns that it would increase their longevity for the Browns while adding another dimension to the return game.

Also Imagine a formation where Benjamin lines up on one side and Archer on the other and they do and end around? Two blazing fast little fuckers and only one ball, who has it? lol

Derek Carr

15 February 2014 - 07:33 PM

We've all heard about Johnny Football, Bridgewater and Bortles. They are the supposed top 3 QBs coming out this up coming draft, right? Wrong. By far, the most polished, the best accurate, the strongest arm comes by way of Fresno States Derek Carr.

In the above video you can watch him deliver nearly every type of pass you can think of. His passes have good velocity and the placement is nearly perfect. On top of that you can see him make great throws from different positions. On one play he chucks it out while being tackled and the ball ends up in the perfect spot, in the Endzone where only the wide receiver can catch it. Another one, he double pumps it and heaves it 60 yards down field with the flick of a wrist.

He has the pocket presence of a franchise QB. He's not just a QB, he's a commander on the field. He demands attention and respect from the other 10 guys and they give it to him because he deserves it. They see him put in the work and know that he's a guy that is worthy to follow.

He can run well for a QB. He's even somewhat elusive. He's a larger guy at 6'3 but He's able to escape the rush and make plays with his feet as well. He's a competitor and a student of the game, always trying to get better.

His detractors will say he threw for 5083 yard, 50 TDs to just 8 Ints. by way of screen passes and a favorable offense. Well, yes, he can throw the screen pass extremely well, that's probably why they do it. That, and the fact that defenses have to respect his very accurate deep ball- so naturally they play off quite a bit allowing the screen room to work effectively. But, in the video above you will see plenty of down the field throws.

His maturity also is something that puts him above the front runners at the QB spot. As you'll see in the video below, he's humble and says that he's had amazing wide receivers to work with. Where Mr. Football is all about ME, Carr is all about WE.

The very best thing Cleveland could do is draft Derek Carr and don't look back. Chance are, should it all play out well, and Carr's stock not skyrocket to much during the up coming combine, he'll be there for the taking at #4 overall. Cleveland should select Carr and leave nothing to chance. The Vikings would love for him to be there when they get on the clock... we shouldn't give them the chance.

Take Derek Carr and add another franchise piece with the 26th pick and Cleveland will turn their fortunes around very swiftly.

Browns should draft QBs...

06 February 2014 - 05:22 PM

The Browns need to Draft -

1st Round-
6) Johnny Football, Teddy Bridgewater, Blake Bortles or Derek Carr.
26) The next pick they need to draft whichever of the QBs not selected above.

2nd Round Pick-
Cleveland needs a RB. Are we betting the future on Lewis or Baker? Yeah, they've got potential but I'm not gonna say I'm completely convinced that they are the answer at RB.
We have to take Lake Seastrunk, he has that it factor when running the ball. He's got a burst that intrigues me as to what he can become as he develops at the next level..

3rd Round Picks-
They should take A.J. McCarron and Tajh Boyd.

I already know there are gonna be people throwing up their arms and crying foul! We need OL and CBs, yada, yada... I know this. But, given the amount of years that we've needed a TRUE QB in this city, given that amount of time, would you trade all the picks of this draft to finally end the QB carousel for the long haul. IT'S FUCKING WORTH IT. This gives the Browns...

Hoyer - heir apparent
Campbell - Veteran with costly contract
Weeden - young QB with veteran age
Tanny - trick shot artist with amazing accuracy
Bridgewater/Manziel - top prospects in this years crop of QBs
Bortles/Carr - solid QBs but less talked about
McCarron - came from championship caliber Alabama coached by Nick Saban
Boyd - lots of intangibles here

That's EIGHT QBs... There should be a Franchise QB in this mix, should. BUT, if you're still not convinced, take a shot at a couple late round QBs that might have slipped through the cracks like a Tom Brady.


The Browns need closure to this QB quagmire that has plagued the city since Bernie Kosar was king. This has to stop, why not end it now. Take 10 QBs to camp. Invite Hard Knocks to come and document the QB Competition. Let us all see who has it and who doesn't. Quit hiding behind closed doors and trotting us out garbage QB's season after season.

Personally, I wish we could just use one single pick and get the best one for us. But, if I had a track record like the Browns do, I'd take them all. You have to, just take them all and keep the best 3. End the Misery on Lake Erie. Shut down The Factory and invite HBO to the Greatest show since Otto.


This would all tie in perfectly with the Draft Day movie and then the TV show. Bring the buzz back to Cleveland. Fire up them big screens and the new surround sound. Spruce up the uniforms and shine those helmets. It's showtime.


...And we got a Runningback. ;)