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Tate - West - Crowell - Baker - Lewis - OBI

10 June 2014 - 08:05 PM

We have a very diverse and talented backfield right now. However, I don't see all of them making the final roster. How do you see these players shaking out. Who's the best? Who's getting cut? Which runningback will surpass the 1000 yard marker? Will a runningback by committee approach be best with this group? Who is the designated 3rd down back? So many questions... Could a Triple Crown be possible? (3 runningbacks over 1000 yards apiece). Now that would be sick. I don't think it's ever been done before...

Pierre Desir

17 May 2014 - 11:51 AM

Terrance West

11 May 2014 - 01:05 AM

I'm a believer.

Happy MotherFucking Draft Day!

08 May 2014 - 06:02 AM

Wishin you all a great and bountiful draft day, may the stars align and may the good fortunes rain down upon us tonight! Loved mocking with you all! Let's do this~

Poetic's Prophetic Mock Draft

24 April 2014 - 06:11 PM

Round 1 Pick 11 (TENN): Jake Matthews, OT, Texas A&M
Round 1 Pick 13 (STL): Mike Evans, WR, Texas A&M
Round 1 Pick 27 (N.O.): Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State
Round 2*Pick 7ish Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB, Nebraska
Round 3 Pick 19: Carlos Hyde, RB, Ohio State
Round 6 Pick 4: Dri Archer, WR, Kent State
Round 7 Pick 3: Kirby Van Der Kamp, P, Iowa State

Listen, I understand your concern with me neglecting the LB/CB positions with this draft. What I tried to do was to fill the parts of the team with the best available player and the order of importance to the overall team. As far as those positions go- I felt that the other positions were also important and made us better. The only thing I would have done differently with hindsight is I would have swung a deal and used some picks from next year to make sure I got Stanley Jean-Baptiste in the second round. I would have traded a 2 and a 3 from next year to draft SJB in the late second.

Here's what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. Taking Jake Matthews early after a small trade down gave me the ammo to move back up from 26, I really had to work the draft and picks to gather up the ammo to get a 3rd first rounder without sacrificing next year. we have a contingency program in place that also benefits us right now. Matthews boosts the OL so much it was the best choice. It garentees that whoever is playing QB next season is afforded the opportunity to let routes develop. Then taking Evans solidifies our WR group for the future.

Gordon/Evans/Hawk/Cameron/Little/Benjamin - that's a lot of targets to have there. I mean they could take Watkins(if he was still there when they picked) but then you miss out of Matthews. We missed out of the last two sons of our hallowed and beloved linebacker from fathers past, Clay Matthews. I say we gotta get Jake Matthews if just to appease the spirits and gain some positive mojo. But don't take Matthews lightly, I've never seen a OL like him since Joe Thomas. He protected for Johnny fucking Football. That has to hectic. So I feel he's ready for whatever, he would be an AWESOME RT!

Yeah, I know many don't want a RT early, but look what that does to the OL, it makes it SO DAMN ELITE. Thomas/Greco/Mack/Schwartz/Matthews fuck, Tom Brady would want to play here. Then not only do you have that line but if you manage to get Evans also, you have chemistry in the offense from both those guys already.

Matthews/Evans > any single player at 4. It makes the offense automatically elite. That's no small feat for a team that hasn't been offensively dangerous in nearly 7 years. But we're not done there. This draft so far alone though would be hard pressed to find itself out of the running for best draft since the return.

So now we're looking at the QB/CB2/ILB2/FS/RB... I feel defensibly we are very legit already, our main problem last year was keeping the defense off the field. Without some offense the defense will eventually fail. It's demoralizing and you could see it. Fatigue and the crushing of hope that no matter what you do, Weeden/Campbell/Seneca/McCoy/Anderson/Quinn/Delhomme/ect was going to find a way to muck it up. Hoyer may be our best chance yet, but we can't put everything of that. All the other positions are manned okayly...

We have to go QB- You might not agree with me now, but you'll see it in the NFL. Carr is going to be the guy that steps in and puts the cherry on the top of this offense that is coming together nicely. Hoyer could be the guy, Carr will be the guy. Bridgewater will go like Geno Smith(I'm still not sold, I mean he's okay, but so was Dilfer, for a while at least) We need the next Sipe/Kosar/Graham_______ It's time. We need a star QB. Bortles is not Rothlisberger, he's not. He'll disappear into the NFL backups and live off his wifes twitter or whatever.

Manziel will be around RG3 I believe. Exciting, endorsements, distractions and injuries. I want him to be great and I might even take that chance with him if not for Derek Carr. DC is ready for the NFL. He was built for the NFL. His brother and he share that same mold, Derek has it between the ears more than David did. He's versed and fluent in what is to come. It's like when you're helping your kids with their homework. Back then it was alien and different, but now, looking at it it's like, "Oh, okay that makes a lot more sense to me now." That's kinda like what it's like.

Derek Carr now has an Elite OL, which means he has time and protection. He also has an Elite WR corp. to throw to. Gordon/Evans/Cameron means guys will be open. Now, we already have Ben Tate but we decide to take local star Carlos Hyde. I don't know about you guys but the guys I work with watch a lot of Buckeyes and they love Carlos Hyde. They could care less about the QB they just want Hyde in a Browns Jersey. Hyde is no slouch. He would put to rest RB by committee by declaring himself chairman. He could be a 3 down bruiser and Tate could take some of the load off and keep him fresh. We have a Bruising FB now and Hyde barreling down is almost guaranteed to net positive yardage every time.

This leaves the only positions needing addressed CB2/ILB2/FS - We have guys that can play there but they are not elite, okay, but few teams are completely elite. However if we do what I'm suggesting do, we could be very close to being elite everywhere. All we would need is one more draft to be Great on Paper. I think that we could move a couple picks and jump back into the second/third though and take a player like Stanley Jean-Baptiste, that would give us the CB2 and move Skrine to NB which would make him great IMO. Jean-Baptiste is a BIG guy at nearly 6'3" tall he's bigger than Josh Gordon and fast!

So we've built a foundation of studs at LT/LG/C/RG/RT/QB/TE/WR1/WR2/WR3/WR4/RB/3RB/DT/RDE/LDE/OLB1/OLB2/ILB/CB1/CB2/CB3/SS

That's a lot of talent ~ now if we can't win because we are not elite at ILB2 and FS, we never will.

...plus, there's always next year minus a 2nd and a fourth/seventh we used to get another pick this year for Jean-Baptiste.

Oh, I also had us taking Archer(local guy that could be Cribbs 2.0) and a punter that the only knock on him is he is an average tackler. He can nail the coffin and break the window and all that crap. but for some reason his name reminds me I need to buy the kids some more fish-sticks.

We can build on this and draft the best MLB in next years draft when everyone will be clamoring for the newest crop of QBs we'll sneak in and grab the LB then. There is really are no great MLBs like Matthews Jr., Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis this year anyways. Unless you are just hoping Mack can convert to MLB and beat out Dansby his first year it's a waste to miss out on what you could built from what I've demonstrated or you could just take Mack at four and have another Mingo. I like Mingo but we could sure use RT/WR2/QB more than two Mingos... wait, nah, you can never have enough Mingos.