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These Dawgs are HUNGRY!

11 October 2016 - 03:41 PM

I don't think that I've ever seen a more deserving team in search of their first win in the 6th week of the season...

To a man they are steadfast and haven't given up hope for the season. When they do finally win, that may be the last of losing for a long and great while. I'm talking legendary winning after they get their first win. The world is still a fairytale waiting to happen. This team has been through so much, too much, that when they do break through that metaphoric wall, there will be no going back.

IF, and that's a big IF!- If they get this win against TEN look for Cleveland to really emerge from their very thick shell, and Cleveland will be the stronger for breaking through than quite possibly any team ever.

They COULD have been 5-0, had they stayed completely healthy from Pre-Season. And Yes, they could have beaten the Patriots if Coleman had 4 solid games under his belt, if Gordon returned with Brady, If Armonty Bryant wasn't a bonehead, if the other Bryant, Desmond hadn't went to IR, if Griffen and McCown weren't leaning lopsided on the sidelines, if the Kicker didn't fall into a manhole during a walk through practice a day before the game... They could have been undefeated right now.

They can still win out the division and finish 5-1 in the AFCN.

They can still win out the season 11-5.

They can still make the playoffs.

They haven't given up, I haven't given up, and don't you give up on them yet. Not yet. It's Gametime. This is where legends are made. Seize the moment, this moment, an 0-5 team on the verge of implosion and turn it into something poetic, something beautiful. Nothing is impossible, not even this. Lets get this win.

Somebody get Sigmund Freud's protégé to Josh Gordon's room STAT. Get Gordon put back together again, tape up Humpty Dumpty, rally the King's Men and lets go get this princess.


29 April 2016 - 11:53 PM

Here's what FBGP and Em think about Kessler...

I think it makes sense. Em mentions comparisons to Andy Dalton at the end. Hue coming from Cincy and working with Dalton, I'll trust Hue here. Good call Em.

Kid has a good arm and sees the field. He had Marquise Lee at USC, here he'll have Gordon and Coleman. He'll make it happen.

I see McCown grooming him while RG3 plays this year. Good situation for us. RG3 - McCown - Kessler

The Cleveland Browns are okay

10 March 2016 - 06:51 PM

The Cleveland Browns are building through the draft. We've all heard it time and time again. But now what that means is that it's time to get some of our drafted players out there and let them play. We have the talent across the board at all positions.


We lost a couple good/great players to FA.


Mack was a fan favorite but he walked away so I say if his heart isn't in it then we'll find someone who's heart is in it and he will be the better player for us. Cam Erving was a center drafted last year that was drafted in anticipation of what just occurred. Cam will take the spot and I'm confident that he will be an upgrade from Alex.


Schwartz was a right tackle that many give accolades to but from what I was watching he wasn't all that he's cracked up to be. Did I like Mitchell? Sure, but there was an offer there and it was fair for a man of his talents. He decided to walk as well and that's fine. We'll plug another big ugly in there and probably wont see much of a drop off.


Yeah our line has been decimated it seems but that same line was often times obliterated during the season. Too many holding calls and false starts and chopping and.... blah blah blah, for a line making that much money I didn't see the value in it. We still have JT, Bitonio, Greco and Erving, we should be able to plug that up just nicely. No need to panic.



We lost Travis Benjamin, he was a good player for us. He should have took our offer but in this case it will work out for all parties. We don't have to eat a fat contract for a player that will probably be the #3 or #4 WR for us next year. We have quite the list of talented WRs on the depth chart as we speak. We already know, if he's reinstated, which he should be, Josh Gordon will be the Star Starting WR - #1.  Then we have Dwayne Bowe who will play next year, he'll be utilized in some capacity to justify his hefty contract or he'll be gone. Brian Hartline will also be in play for the #2, he showed reliable hands and nice routes to open field last season. There's Hawkins and Gabriel who are a lot like Benjamin, small shifty fast guys with above average hands. We'll likely address a WR at some point in the draft, just to keep the fresh blood coming along.


Gipson is okay but he's replaceable. He had a lot of picks but that was because QBs were just tossing them up there because our line was getting pressure. Last year Gipson had two picks and one was taken back by the WR which cost us the game. It's whatever he can go. I wonder if DeSir can play that position? We are stacked at CB anyways, the more you can do and all..


Speaking of CBs; Haden, Williams, Justin Gilbert, Ifo Ekpre Olomu  and Charles Gaines are fitting to do work. Still the best secondary in the league. Get Gilbert out there, the guy is lightning. He can probably return kicks and punts better than Benjamin too! Still have Whitner and Poyer and Kwuan Williams. We will be straight in the secondary. We don't need Gipson.


Actually, looking at our team now without all the dead weight- Mack, Schwartz, Benjamin, Gipson- that should clear a nice bit of cap and allow us to grow. Pruning some branches helps the tree grow better. This team has talent. This team has money and leadership now. Now it's time to find it's heart, and the fans to find theirs. Quit being so negative. We have like 5 decent RBs and 5 QBs on the roster. I think Duke Johnson is going to be a all-pro next season under a new offense and a screen genius. I haven't given up on Manziel like a lot of fickle fans have. He's still our most explosive weapon on Offense and if he gets his head together we could have an exciting offense to root for next year. Barnidge is as resourceful as it comes and there are a couple younger guys with some talents at TE as well.


We have a good football team, you just need to know how to look at it. I think we go Best Player Available throughout the draft as we don't have a specific need anywhere. That means Joey Bosa at #2 and build a QB killing Defense that allows our flying Secondary to reap the benefits of hurried throws to the tune of many, many interceptions.


Shelton, Cooper, Bryant, Hughes, Meder and Joey Bosa would be a killer line. And adding another in the second round, a player at #32 overall, it's like we won the Superbowl and are taking the last player in the first round! Make it count, take the best and most talented football player there as well.

Dawg Blawg or Something

29 October 2015 - 01:45 PM

We have to take care of business against the Cardinals, the way I see it, nothing's over for us YET. We beat AZ and we're 3-5, then a back to back week of Division Rivals in Cincy and PIT, if we can get our shit together and minimize the self inflicted wounds... we can beat anybody in the NFL. It's just for us the flags and injuries all seem to come at the most inopportune of times in games and in seasons. We can crawl out of hell(2-5) with a 3 game win streak- sending us into the BYE at a record of 5-5 and 3-0 in the AFCN! That is miles from where we are now, but the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first few steps.

1)Step 1- Protect the QB.
- The offensive line needs to get mean. They are being beaten and abused. Somebody needs to hit the Defense! The Defenses we are playing are getting 'juiced' all game because they are doing all the hitting. Our WRS aren't hitting anybody, our runningbacks can barley get a running start before they are encased at the LOS... Who's hitting the D? They get stronger every play we let them hit us like bitches. Nobody retaliates, nobody. The Offensive line needs to personally deliver these hits. Pancake motherfuckers and beat the fuck out the D line and when they get the chance they need to hit some linebackers. Put them in pain and then we'll start to see how much they like to tee-off on our guys...

2)Play football.
-When they think we are going to run, pass. When they think we are going to pass, run. Mix it up. Put Johnny in there once in a while to keep the D honest. Fuck with their minds. Don't get predictable.

-The Defense needs to move Shelton around. Put him in different parts of the line and once you find the weakness in the offensive line- attack it. Attack it. Attack it! Put Mingo on Man coverage with the RB, shadow him. Where ever the RB goes Mingo goes. DBs press the WRs at the line hold the play long enough to let the DL/LBs get to the QB. Play the run on the way to the QB.

3)Don't let flags and the refs beat us.
-Make the team we are facing EARN a win. Too often, we lose because of bad calls or phantom penalties. Give no reason that they could call that holding. Give no reason they can call pass interference on you for putting your arm on them. I know a lot of the time the other team is blatantly holding or chop blocking or using illegal pick plays against us. The refs will call what they call, fuck em, don't give them a reason to pull back a 1st down, an awesome punt return or a stop on third-down. These 'self-inflicted' wounds are costing us games. Make the other team earn it... and I don't think they can. Our worst enemy is ourselves.

4)Get a win.
-This week is the tipping point. We cannot go 2-6.

Being 3-5 with division games coming back to back, a Thursday Night game at that, does wonders for a teams confidence. If they lose this week and things fall apart against those other 2 teams... being 2-8 going into a BYE is not something that I could handle. Now, in the other reality, The Browns find a way to put together two halves of a game. They play for each other, with passion and with discipline and they find ways win!

Josh Gordon, Marijuana and the Playoffs.

28 October 2015 - 06:04 PM

I'm excited to have Josh back for next season. We should be a much better team when he returns. I can only hope that he's staying up-to-date in the playbook and with his training. It's a shame that he's not allowed to even be involved with team activities. Having said that though, it appears he is doing the right things to have a major comeback and help us where we need it most. A big target(besides Barnidge) would open up the passing game for these smaller wideouts and even contribute exponentially to the run game.


I still believe the Playoffs are within reach this season, but the time is now, we have to win this weekend. We have too. If this team can string together a couple wins before the BYE and go in at 5-5 we would be in good shape... well, a lot better than 3-7...


I think it's time that the War on Drugs be fixed so that it is really about 'drugs' and not a harmless plant. I physically cannot drink, it makes me sick. I would love to be able to 'take the edge off' of a hard day's work without feeling like a criminal. It's time Ohio.