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Dorial Green Beckham! ~~~~~Waiver Wire~~~~~

01 July 2017 - 10:50 AM

Man this right here to me is a HUGE opportunity!!! I loved the kid coming out of the draft. The Eagles got him in a trade from the Titans last year to help out Carson Wentz. But hell, the Eagles just released him and I'm all for picking him up. 










That could be a fine group of WRs right there!

To win or not to win?

22 December 2016 - 11:15 PM

Of course, if San Francisco would help us out and win a damn game then everyone can be happy. That would ideal. :)

Dawgpound Proud

07 November 2016 - 04:59 PM

Was that not the loudest sound you ever heard, that rejection from the goalpost upright?

It sounded of death and finality. It sounded of one walking face first into a stop sign. That sound of the funeral bell tolling and the game was just put to rest on the Browns. In a season of such woe, that God awful soul sucking sound echoing "it just isn't your day again today, Charlie Brown" seemed to be liken of hitting the rock bottom of this franchise. The Browns' win coffers an empty hollow drum of success in the National Football League with nary a lonesome win to sate the thirst of it's parched fanbase.

I haven't seen it like this since my first season as a Browns Fan. That was back in '99. I don't remember all the losing, just that it sucked, a lot. But I do remember to this day the game vs. the Saints, Kevin Johnson catching that Hail-Mary to taste that first victory. After that I was hooked. History is repeating itself gentlemen, let's remember that soon that team went to the playoffs. Let's not repeat our mistakes. Let's move forward with this team and continue to support them and root them on. They will make us proud when they turn this around. Let's not be like the 'what have you done for me lately' fans of other teams. That's why we are different, we are a family. We are together through thick and thin. This is when the team needs us the most.

I'll be back for more in a little while but I just want you to remember that sound. That sound was hitting the bottom and now we're going the opposite direction, there are good things in store but they need your love and support more than ever before.

These Dawgs are HUNGRY!

11 October 2016 - 03:41 PM

I don't think that I've ever seen a more deserving team in search of their first win in the 6th week of the season...

To a man they are steadfast and haven't given up hope for the season. When they do finally win, that may be the last of losing for a long and great while. I'm talking legendary winning after they get their first win. The world is still a fairytale waiting to happen. This team has been through so much, too much, that when they do break through that metaphoric wall, there will be no going back.

IF, and that's a big IF!- If they get this win against TEN look for Cleveland to really emerge from their very thick shell, and Cleveland will be the stronger for breaking through than quite possibly any team ever.

They COULD have been 5-0, had they stayed completely healthy from Pre-Season. And Yes, they could have beaten the Patriots if Coleman had 4 solid games under his belt, if Gordon returned with Brady, If Armonty Bryant wasn't a bonehead, if the other Bryant, Desmond hadn't went to IR, if Griffen and McCown weren't leaning lopsided on the sidelines, if the Kicker didn't fall into a manhole during a walk through practice a day before the game... They could have been undefeated right now.

They can still win out the division and finish 5-1 in the AFCN.

They can still win out the season 11-5.

They can still make the playoffs.

They haven't given up, I haven't given up, and don't you give up on them yet. Not yet. It's Gametime. This is where legends are made. Seize the moment, this moment, an 0-5 team on the verge of implosion and turn it into something poetic, something beautiful. Nothing is impossible, not even this. Lets get this win.

Somebody get Sigmund Freud's protégé to Josh Gordon's room STAT. Get Gordon put back together again, tape up Humpty Dumpty, rally the King's Men and lets go get this princess.