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Pick your QB

30 September 2015 - 04:14 PM

Which QB should be "The Guy" going forward?

Free Josh Gordon!

03 September 2015 - 05:29 PM

It utterly sickens me that they can do what they are doing to Josh. But, Tom Brady gets his suspension lifted and goes scot free. Josh's limit under which he failed that drug test only for them to raise the level to that to which he would have passed only to retroact his test to suspend him 10 games anyway. Then for that to accumulate his latest test which suspends him for a year... the Browns season was over when that happened. I feel the punishment for Josh Gordon is unfair not only to the Browns Organization but to Josh and the Fans as well. I want his suspension rescinded immediately.. it's only fair in light of this latest ruling.

The Browns will win the Championship.

01 July 2015 - 08:09 PM

This season is going to be amazing. We were so close last year and then we went and added some awesome pieces through Free Agency and the NFL Draft! The Browns are sporting one of the most impressive Defenses that I've seen in a long while. Every spot sports a star. It's crazy to think that we are so deep in talent that we were just able to let Rubin one of our cornerstones for years just walk and we actually upgraded that position the way we did. The Draft brought, Cooper, Shelton and.. really it's too much to add right now but this defensive group, especially the secondary is incredible. So deep in fact is the secondary that it's close to being you needing floaties deep. We have Desir who coming along that hardly played last year, Gilbert who hardly played last year and then next year we have the IFO... Identified Flying Object to wreck shop on WR routes and has amazing ball hawking skill for a young player. He could end up being the steal of the draft in years to come.


All that is just the tip of the iceberg IMHO. We have so much talent at WR that it's borderline Crazy Cat Lady. We went from losing Gordon for another year...which also adds to the team next season.. it's almost too much to think about right now, I mean just how sick this team will be next year alone, without us even being able to attract all the top FAs... because we'll win the Superbowl this year, mark my words. This team can't be denied. Johnson, The Crow and West will be the new gold standard in the running game. As much as I liked Trent, this backfield is better than Trent alone. The Raiders have the right Idea, they will be good this year as well. I'm thinking they find the playoff with us this season... how crazy would it be if the Browns and Raiders met in the Superbowl next year?! ...It could happen fuckers...


Anyways, we'll be fucking spectacular this year. I'm thinking 13-3, regular season record good. I don't see a weakness in this team, if anything it's growing and getting stronger and stronger! The only thing that I'm concerned about is; Where do we go from the top? It will be bittersweet to see us dominating. Just as we gained legions of JFF fans when Manziel came aboard, we'll without a doubt have many bandwagoners to deal with. But I'll remember who's who when it's go time. This team is loaded with talent and hopefully our new OC and Pettine can figure out a way to get this Offense moving because, it would be a crying shame to squander this team. From Oline to Dline, from RB to the Secondary, we are poised... to get the gleam.

Family Fun Day / Brown and Orange Scrimmage

28 May 2015 - 04:33 PM


BEREA, Ohio - The Cleveland Browns announced they will host the Orange & Browns Scrimmage at Ohio Stadium in Columbus.

On Thursday, team officials announced the game will be played on Friday, Aug. 7 at the home of THE Ohio State University Buckeyes.

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Ohio Stadium has a capacity of more than 100,000.

Browns 2015 season-ticket members will have the first opportunity to register for free general admission tickets during a special pre-sale from June 16-19.

All other fans can get tickets starting June 20.

The team held last years scrimmage at InfoCision Stadium in Akron, which attracted 20,673 fans.


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Columbus... seriously? Why? It'll be a disaster. That is an extremely far drive for us, and it's on a Friday? Why not Saturday when more people would be able to attend. I don't think they thought this through...

Post 2015 NFL Draft

03 May 2015 - 02:26 AM

First and foremost I just wanted to say- RAY FARMER... OUTSTANDING DRAFTING RAY FARMER!

Did we all get the players that we wanted? Did the NFL Draft play out the way we thought it should? Did we not end up with players that we were SURE would help improve our team? Players we broke down, watched tape on, tracked down their sorted pasts, scoured the internet looking for minute details that might set them apart from the competition?

Well, that is what happens. It's nice when that legwork pays off and that player ends up on your team, you develop a deeper bond to that player. When you can say, "that was my guy", or, "I knew it, I knew he was the real deal", it feels good. But just because that player goes somewhere else doesn't mean that you failed or whatever. Every player is different, every situation varies a little bit. If all this was an exact science then we would have the means to unlock the secrets of life and the Universe.

Life is wonderful... and The Cleveland Browns won this Draft. I can say that because, even though we didn't get the guys I thought I wanted, I ended up getting the guys I didn't know I wanted! Looking at this crop that Farmer pulled in, the names of some of the guys still eluding me... I'm sure I'll have days on even more scouting and scouring ahead, I'm highly impressed at the caliber of players becoming Browns. I see guys like Robertson and like Kirksey. Guys that have that little bit of something extra to them, a certain sparkle in their eye. Maybe, that's the Orange and Brown deep down in my soul being somewhat partial but they are Cleveland Browns now and that induction to the Family has already begun.

I can't wait to really dig into it, just a little tired now(just got home from watching the May/Pac fight) but I can tell you off the top of my head a few brief thoughts. Firstly:

Danny Shelton - Cameron Erving

I love that we fortified the interior of both sides of the ball. Shelton in the middle of the D will help to stop the run. He's not just big, he's hungry once the ball is snapped- That boy goes full blown FeastMode 'till the whistle blows! Erving will give us that added umph we need to finish an already stellar Offensive Line. From left to right this line exudes excellence, when this unit takes the field they will protect the Quarterback and blow open running lanes for our Three-Headed Monster.

Which brings me to day two, Duke Johnson is not just another Runningback, the kid can be a playmaker catching the ball in space and making people miss. He reminds me of my signature from Mark Twain, about the size of the FIGHT in the dog being more important than the size on the dog in the fight. Duke is also up their in the 'name department' with Barkevious for most obvious matches for the DawgPound. Duke... I can't wait to hear the crowd barking Duke, Duke, Duke!- or growling an ominous Duuuuuke!

Nate Orchard is a player that I'm ashamed that I overlooked throughout this process. This last season he began to realize his potential, he can be great, but even better than that- In THIS Defense he'll have the chance to do just that. Nate Orchard along with Xavier Cooper, lined up beside Danny Shelton... next to Desmond Bryant, in front of Paul Kruger, beside Karlos Dansby? Shit is fittin' to get really fucking REAL. And that's real. I don't even need to mention Taylor, Winn or big John Hughes... did I say Mingo yet? HAHAHAHAHA - Poor Offenses.

Day Three is where everything starts to get murky for me, and it's not all my fault... I tried to pay attention, tried to watch every last pick until we were on the clock... but for whatever reason, ESPN felt like Browns on the Clock time was a code word for Commercial Break.. Seriously, What the mother Fuck? I've never seen anything like it....

I'm going to leave it at this tonight, but I know we picked up Campbell, Mayle, a couple TEs, two more CBs, and I think another LB. I'll come back to this later but I know these other guys most likely have that special something to them as well, Farmer, I have to give it to you... You picked the guys that I didn't even know I wanted until now. You once again worked some Draft Magic and you are well on your way to surpassing Heckert as the Draft Guru in the modern era for Browns Football.

On the QB and WR situation... Give Manziel a chance. He's our First-Round future franchise QB, let's see if he steps up this season. With starter reps and some continuality here in Cleveland- going into our second season, I think that "Johnny to Johnson" will be the phrase heard around the NFL. With WRs like Hawkins, Gabriel and even Benjamin able to create space and get open when Johnny is on the move, this will make them a dangerous and exciting Offensive Unit to watch.