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Who do You want to start at QB vs. the Colts this Sunday?

02 December 2014 - 10:50 PM

There has been a lot of speculation and campaigning for each side. What I want to know is, just WHO is the people's choice? Do you want to see Hoyer continue to do what has got us here, give him another chance? Or have you seen enough and are ready to see what Manziel has up his sleeve?

Josh Cribbs?

21 October 2014 - 05:06 PM

I was just thinking about this past game and was really pissed about that muffed punt in our own redzone. That was a game killer. We have nobody on this roster that I feel safe with fielding punts or returning kicks. Nobody. Then I got to thinking about Josh Cribbs. He would be a HUGE spark to Special Teams and an ace on the field. I know he older now and all, maybe a step or two slower but I think that he's a free agent right now and adding him would be huge. Sign Josh Cribbs.

Release the Hounds!

23 September 2014 - 08:49 PM

I can't believe that it's the BYE week already. Football season came on very fast this year after a long offseason. Don't get me wrong, the offseason this year was really exciting, rife with FBI investigations, the NFL Draft and FA. We added some veteran pieces in Whitner and Dansby, picked up some very talented young rookies and brought in another new Coaching Staff and F.O.! This change even lent itself to new stadium upgrades, two huge new dynamic video boards and a sound system that pounds like a rock concert! The Josh Gordon Suspension really put a damper on what was becoming a magical offseason. The team has had to adjust to not having its dual headed attack from Gordon and Cameron. Cameron himself has been dinged up. Tate went down. So, in comes a group of nobodies, lead by career back-up Brian Hoyer and Wabaam!- High octane Offense lead by two explosive rookie runningbacks and an emergence of playmakers at WR!
Hawkins appears to have magnetic magic hands and Gabriel, an UDRFA, steps up and makes a name for himself. Austin has been playing a lot tougher and is making plays, Benji even caught a TD off a nice route and catch. Although, I think Travis needs to be relegated to the WR position. That return ship has sailed on him, he lost his confidence since the injury and it really shows. My suggestion is to pull Benjamin and put Gilbert back there on Kick-return and Punt-return, let him make an impact on Special Teams, he has the speed and athletic ability to really shine in the NFL. It's just that right now, his head is spinning, he's thinking too much, let him just field the ball and let his instincts take over from there. He is fine to come in and play nickel sometimes or number 4 CB for right now, but he's just a liability at this stage. Kicks and Punts is where he could really shine right now, especially with the loss of confidence from Travis Benjamin.
Tin-foil hats on. The NFL has always been against the Browns. Always. It's always been the Browns vs. the World IMO. From the beginning, they have had their doubters. From Paul Brown and joining the NFL to ripping our team from our hands, to us fighting to get them back, through a decade and a half of mockery and being the laughing stock of the NFL, supporting a franchise with a revolving door at QB/RB/WR/DL/LB/CB/S/HC/DC/OC/STC/FO-GM and even OWNER. From drafting Johnny Football to the Steelers Fans posting memes of our punter being jumpkicked across facebook- they have doubted us. Let the doubters continue to doubt while we continue to build up momentum, inching ever so closer to that event horizon, a point that soon the Cleveland Browns will reach, then they will be a force to be reckoned with, a freight train to strong to continue to hold back. They are on the cusp, they are standing on the corner, now is the time that they leap over the edge, dig deep and Release the Hounds!

The Cardiac Kids incarnate, they have brought the first three teams they have faced the distance. In split decision fashion it could have went either way through all three games. Down to the wire, trading blow for blow with some of the baddest bullies on the block. We will take our lumps but bounce back, stronger and more determined to land the finishing blow in the next bout, when it counts and when all the chips are down. The Steeler and Ravens, at one time they were toying with us, took us lightly and could write us off as an easy win on the schedule, no longer however. Both teams had to muster everything they had to endure our onslaught. Both were visibly shaken and now know that the tide has turned and the pendulum has shifted in our favor. Next time, as is always our mantra- though this time it brings with it a different pitch, an undertone of revenge that will be carried out... next time, you won't get away so easily.

Tennessee is the battleground of our next opponent, although even now we battle ourselves, fighting mental mistakes and the bonding to a new system, a new philosophy and a new culture. Adjustments are needed, small tweaks that's all, levers and cogs need oiled and systems refined. No major overhaul is needed at this time nor is it warranted. We are churning, being tempered and hardened- for the ultimate prize lies past even tougher foes. We have the capability and the will to challenge all, we now need the resolve to settle for nothing less than victory. Let all doubters continue to believe what they will, for soon the world will see, they are the ones that gave us our strength, they will forever rue they day they made us Release the Hounds.

The Josh Gordon Watch

20 September 2014 - 12:28 AM

So, after all is said and done, Josh Gordon will be allowed to return to Cleveland and work within the organization, staying in shape, staying with the team and continuing his development, learning the system and preparing for week 11 against the Atlanta Falcons. He has already served 2 games of his 10 game suspension and we only have 8 more games to go. After the Ravens game on Sunday we'll be at seven games and I believe the BYE week will also serve as time served so we'll be down four games with just 6 games to go. We are starting to gel after that heart-racing win against the Saints and if we stay on track and keep in the Hunt then Cleveland will be a force to be reckoned with down the stretch and we could find ourselves in the playoff after a very long hiatus.


This time without Gordon is also good time for the team to really establish who will contribute once he comes back. Cleveland has been without a very good WR group for a long time, this will separate who will be number 2, 3 and number 4 once Flash returns. Although I don't agree with the ten game suspension, Josh appealed and lost and it is what it is. I'm just very excited for week 11 when we'll get our superstar WR back, he'll no doubt be very hungry and playing with a huge Mt. Everest sized chip on his shoulder, which bodes well for Cleveland Fans.


So, here's to Josh, and the next eight games. Stay clean, stay sharp, stay hungry, shock the world Brownies.

Tate - West - Crowell - Baker - Lewis - OBI

10 June 2014 - 08:05 PM

We have a very diverse and talented backfield right now. However, I don't see all of them making the final roster. How do you see these players shaking out. Who's the best? Who's getting cut? Which runningback will surpass the 1000 yard marker? Will a runningback by committee approach be best with this group? Who is the designated 3rd down back? So many questions... Could a Triple Crown be possible? (3 runningbacks over 1000 yards apiece). Now that would be sick. I don't think it's ever been done before...