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Dawg Blawg or Something

29 October 2015 - 01:45 PM

We have to take care of business against the Cardinals, the way I see it, nothing's over for us YET. We beat AZ and we're 3-5, then a back to back week of Division Rivals in Cincy and PIT, if we can get our shit together and minimize the self inflicted wounds... we can beat anybody in the NFL. It's just for us the flags and injuries all seem to come at the most inopportune of times in games and in seasons. We can crawl out of hell(2-5) with a 3 game win streak- sending us into the BYE at a record of 5-5 and 3-0 in the AFCN! That is miles from where we are now, but the journey of a thousand miles starts with the first few steps.

1)Step 1- Protect the QB.
- The offensive line needs to get mean. They are being beaten and abused. Somebody needs to hit the Defense! The Defenses we are playing are getting 'juiced' all game because they are doing all the hitting. Our WRS aren't hitting anybody, our runningbacks can barley get a running start before they are encased at the LOS... Who's hitting the D? They get stronger every play we let them hit us like bitches. Nobody retaliates, nobody. The Offensive line needs to personally deliver these hits. Pancake motherfuckers and beat the fuck out the D line and when they get the chance they need to hit some linebackers. Put them in pain and then we'll start to see how much they like to tee-off on our guys...

2)Play football.
-When they think we are going to run, pass. When they think we are going to pass, run. Mix it up. Put Johnny in there once in a while to keep the D honest. Fuck with their minds. Don't get predictable.

-The Defense needs to move Shelton around. Put him in different parts of the line and once you find the weakness in the offensive line- attack it. Attack it. Attack it! Put Mingo on Man coverage with the RB, shadow him. Where ever the RB goes Mingo goes. DBs press the WRs at the line hold the play long enough to let the DL/LBs get to the QB. Play the run on the way to the QB.

3)Don't let flags and the refs beat us.
-Make the team we are facing EARN a win. Too often, we lose because of bad calls or phantom penalties. Give no reason that they could call that holding. Give no reason they can call pass interference on you for putting your arm on them. I know a lot of the time the other team is blatantly holding or chop blocking or using illegal pick plays against us. The refs will call what they call, fuck em, don't give them a reason to pull back a 1st down, an awesome punt return or a stop on third-down. These 'self-inflicted' wounds are costing us games. Make the other team earn it... and I don't think they can. Our worst enemy is ourselves.

4)Get a win.
-This week is the tipping point. We cannot go 2-6.

Being 3-5 with division games coming back to back, a Thursday Night game at that, does wonders for a teams confidence. If they lose this week and things fall apart against those other 2 teams... being 2-8 going into a BYE is not something that I could handle. Now, in the other reality, The Browns find a way to put together two halves of a game. They play for each other, with passion and with discipline and they find ways win!

Josh Gordon, Marijuana and the Playoffs.

28 October 2015 - 06:04 PM

I'm excited to have Josh back for next season. We should be a much better team when he returns. I can only hope that he's staying up-to-date in the playbook and with his training. It's a shame that he's not allowed to even be involved with team activities. Having said that though, it appears he is doing the right things to have a major comeback and help us where we need it most. A big target(besides Barnidge) would open up the passing game for these smaller wideouts and even contribute exponentially to the run game.


I still believe the Playoffs are within reach this season, but the time is now, we have to win this weekend. We have too. If this team can string together a couple wins before the BYE and go in at 5-5 we would be in good shape... well, a lot better than 3-7...


I think it's time that the War on Drugs be fixed so that it is really about 'drugs' and not a harmless plant. I physically cannot drink, it makes me sick. I would love to be able to 'take the edge off' of a hard day's work without feeling like a criminal. It's time Ohio.

Dawg Blawg or Something

22 October 2015 - 05:32 PM

This Cleveland Browns team is fucking amazing. Throw the wins and losses out the fucking window. We've been witnessing some of the best football played in Cleveland in a LONG time. I am well aware that a teams success is firmly based 'league wide' as what the numbers in the W/L column have to say. But, having said that, when viewing a team like the Browns, one in which we all know the history... and have lived and died with it each and every Sunday, we have to remember that it's a process. Yeah, we've been in positions before when we're like, "Naw, fuck the process! Blow this shit up!" Especially for me, when Joe Banner and that other Fuck were running the show. I could see that they were not the ones to lead this team, they didn't have it and you could just tell that it wasn't going to last, be done with it so that we can move on and into the future already... they were just WAISTING our TIME.  


However, Right now, In this moment of Time. We are on the cusp of something spectacular. Something that can't be measured or defined is churning beneath the Orange and Brown. Something is coming. This team can be a dominant force on Offense. They talked down to our smaller receivers and laughed at our QB McCown. Johnny Manziel is in the perfect place, McCown is Heaven Sent for a young QB. Journey Man, Roamer, He has a Wealth of Knowledge and a Team First approach that makes him worthy to aspire to. McCown is lightyears the better mentor than Hoyer could have ever been. You can just see it. McCown cemented his status when he went airborne in that first drive. He endeared himself to the fans for really laying it out there for his team. He's backed that up by saying and doing all the Right Things. If there is a guy's destiny to root for in the NFL right now it's McCown. He is the perfect Kurt Warner story, I mean; it's much different but strikes the right cords. With Manziel and Austin in the wing to take over in the future the time is right for a Colt McCoy saying, "Make hay while the sun shines".


That time is now, it's when the chips are stacked and the times running out, courage looms large and we prepare for war. Orange Onslaught brought down the Saint Louis Arch. Scorched the Cardinals and tore their wings apart. Facing down the Arch Nemesis on the fifty-yard mark. Squared up and turned the waves into our favor, A winning record, revel in the wonder and log some R&R. Come back for the second stretch and 'Shock and Awe" The world is ours. Made sure they'd not forgot. We came to claim what's lost. At all costs.  


The Defense was so beastly coming into the season. They were to improve the Offense, as that was the perceived 'weak-link'. Our Offense is so unique that the Defense may have been inadvertently unprepared to face more traditional offenses. Whatever the reason they have been steadily growing week to week and getting back to that point of showing what it could be when working together. There are many 'leaders' on the Defensive side of the ball but we need to have that one 'king' show himself and rally the leaders. Sometime a coach can embody that, sometimes it's a man on the field that inspires the greatness. Whoever it is- needs to show themselves and push this defense to the next level. I believe that person could be on the team but still waiting for that catalyst to happen.


The Browns have an opportunity to do something. It's not too late. I feel it's our fate to defy the odds and win the Superbowl this year. I'll continue to believe that it's Right Now and going to happen without a doubt until we're mathematically eliminated...well, sometimes I'll even consider there still being a small chance. Provided a plane crash(j/k) or a freak food poisoning accident that calls our number. Ha! Anyways, we're gonna kill these fucking Rams. God have mercy.


Danny Shelton smashes the Rookie Wall this week.

Pick your QB

30 September 2015 - 04:14 PM

Which QB should be "The Guy" going forward?

Free Josh Gordon!

03 September 2015 - 05:29 PM

It utterly sickens me that they can do what they are doing to Josh. But, Tom Brady gets his suspension lifted and goes scot free. Josh's limit under which he failed that drug test only for them to raise the level to that to which he would have passed only to retroact his test to suspend him 10 games anyway. Then for that to accumulate his latest test which suspends him for a year... the Browns season was over when that happened. I feel the punishment for Josh Gordon is unfair not only to the Browns Organization but to Josh and the Fans as well. I want his suspension rescinded immediately.. it's only fair in light of this latest ruling.