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Star Wars new trailer

17 April 2015 - 10:08 AM

Chills. Abrams did so much justice to Star Trek that I can't imagine this not being amazing.

surprised you guys aren't all over this

12 April 2015 - 07:25 PM


Let's go Cavs

05 March 2015 - 11:14 AM

Let's have some love for our cleveland cavaliers. They're the most dangerous team in the NBA. They're firing on all cylinders and they're Cleveland's best shot to break the championship drought.

climate change stuff

02 March 2015 - 03:21 PM

Thought cal would dance with glee at this article which claims Antarctica has bucked the doomsday climate scientists by the ice shelfs growing in size


a very interesting read about isis

21 February 2015 - 01:56 PM