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In Topic: Gun Range owner declares her range a 'Muslim Free Zone'

Today, 01:09 PM

I would hold a seance to talk to him but I don't think it would work. I imagine he was a little perturbed though.

Last I heard he was captured alive

In Topic: Why the beheading topic get hidden?

Today, 07:39 AM

First, chris, I never said I didn't respect islam. As usual I straddle the fence on the issue. I'm terribly terribly interested in history and thus have a pretty fair base of kknowledge of Islamic history. I've known many many very pleasant muslims specifically during my time in new york city where I frequented Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn where there was a quite large muslim community adjacent to where I worked and even though at that point I was newly out of the service we managed to be quite cordial to each other and I would frequently enter their stores, unbearded and bold and purchase goods from them.

Second: 120 scholars is a drop in the hat buddy. The middle east needs to rise up against them and destroy them not cower in fear. It's THEIR lives which are most at risk and yet they are doing a really poor job of fighting for them and abroad where isis is making gains with the disenfranchised youth the elders are doing a shit job of containing it.

In Topic: Putin more dangerous than IS?

Today, 07:25 AM

Isis is more dangerous at the moment because they don't need to do anything to cause chaos. This Alton nolan asshole that beheaded the woman in oklahoma? Isis had nothing to do with it yet they had EVERYTHING to do with it.

In Topic: Madden 15 XBox 360 League Anyone?

Yesterday, 09:44 PM

Pfft. Ps4.

In Topic: the rules

Yesterday, 09:34 PM