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Contained to the region killing how many? You're essentially advocating sentencing the well to a horrible painful blood puking death. There's already thousands and thousands of cases. Every new one up to 5-10,000 a week increases the odds that it will mutate and spread further out of control. I'd rather they contain it but you don't send soldiers in harms way to contain. If you send them there its one mission only. Kill it. Kill it with fire.

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Yesterday, 06:21 PM

In Nigeria 20 people had it. In Liberia and Sierra Leone it's out of control and even according to the WHO the number of cases reported is drastically smaller than the realistic number. They expect between 5-10,000 new cases per week over the coming months. Now you're a smart guy Osiris, do you really believe they have the ability to contain it there for long? Let's not try to be idealistic. Let's be realistic.

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Yesterday, 06:17 PM

Im not sure you understand what genocide is. It's not killing a minority of highly virulent contagious disease ridden people who are going to die in 70+% of cases so that the vast majority don't die right along with them. That's not genocide.

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Fuck Yeah


Not sure how that is relevant in the slightest woody. I'll give you that number again. 10,000 new cases PER WEEK expected in africa. 70-90% fatality rate. What kind of a foolish response is that?