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In Topic: One for the road?

Today, 09:08 AM

I'm not sure a dui checkpoint is an abuse of authority. They even tell you how to avoid it. This blood drawing thing is a little strange though. Is the breathalayzer not reliable?

In Topic: Does Gordon ever play for the Browns again?

Today, 07:35 AM

I think he gets one more shot but it will be his last. He's got to get his head right.

In Topic: Start Manziel

Today, 07:25 AM

Manziel IS A BUST
He is Colt McCoy revisited. Too small, slow release, dim witted-dullard.
Hoyer is a quality QB and if he had some weapons would be deadly effective. The Browns TOTALLY wasted a pick on this turd. He will never be a starting QB in the NFL.
The Browns FO are idiots for not taking a quality WR in the first round. You don't sit a #1 QB? Hey, bring back COush and Quinn.  you probably LOVE those homos.

I thought we convinced zombo to give you your name back. Either way I'll say this in regards to your trolling. Johnny has got balls that Quinn and colt and weeds never had. I think he'll develop into a real weapon if they take the right approach to him which is letting him develop at a realistic rate and don't throw his ass in the fire too soon.

In Topic: Any bourbon drinkers?

Today, 07:15 AM

I prefer scotch myself

In Topic: BOOKS! That are NOT YET Movies.. But Damn Sure Should Be

Today, 07:14 AM

I could only imagine the critical response cal. I don't know how the academy could ignore you