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Today, 08:49 AM

He rubs me the wrong way with his insolence with the press his crotch grabbing and his shout outs to his "real africans". He's the only guy in the nfl that can't just suck it up and answer a few questions. Fuck Marshawn lynch

In Topic: The G.O.A.T.

Yesterday, 08:52 PM

Hi. Basically starting in the super bowl era players were beginning to be bigger, faster and stronger than the previous decades. If thinking those so called "champinships" from 70 years ago make you feel better about the ineptness of our franchise for the last thirty years go for it, no need to get mad. Tell Ergo I said hi!

in the 70s 1/8th of the current league didn't exist. The 70s have the same significance as the 60's 50's 40's and before

In Topic: The G.O.A.T.

Yesterday, 08:50 PM

Modern stats?
I don't think the modern QB, protected in the bubble and comfort of todays league rules can be compared fairly.
When comparing the HITS that Montana, Aikman, and Elway et.al had endure, half of these guys playing today would have been out of the league years ago.
Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Tony Romo, Rodgers, Rivers never dealt with the constant and legal hits after the ball was thrown. Manning would have been in a wheel chair..

Its impossible to say that these guys couldn't take the same hits. I venture that they could just like physically ungifted Bernie kosar did

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Yesterday, 08:40 PM

Hopefully he isn't a midnight toker though. We've got trouble enough with one

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Yesterday, 08:35 PM

Australia is also a potential winner in my book