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Denard Robinson doesn't believe in condoms

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It's worth noting cal that every patient who was brought here from africa to be treated at a qualified facility has recovered. Only a deceitful fool who knew he has been exposed and then lied about it multiple times brought it here spread it and died. I tend to think this doctor was being responsible enough to prevent an outbreak in nyc

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Yesterday, 07:56 AM

If you're having unprotected sex with random people who's history is unknown yes I would certainly call that a retarded decision.

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Yesterday, 07:45 AM

From the CDC:
Nearly two thirds of these new infections [HIV] occurred in gay and bisexual men.
So, actually some distance from 99%.  It doesn't include needle sharing, but I doubt that makes up anywhere near 1/3 of cases.

22% needle sharers. The rest through straight sex which is still something you generally have control over. Note I said 99% contract it through "retarded decisions" leaving perhaps 1% who contract it through either rape or medical buffoonery