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In Topic: x box one

Today, 10:30 AM

I'll get the one in about two years when they drop the price 100 or so dollars and fix whatever engineering issue is bound tk arise on the first generation of them. I think woody has one though.

In Topic: Great Zomboni Guarantee

Today, 08:53 AM

I'm not quite as optimistic as you guys but I'm hoping for a victory. My hillbilly neighbor is a frak Steeler/heat fan and I want him destroyed.

In Topic: Family Values Congressman Caught Cheating on Wife

Today, 08:47 AM

Sorry, I won't stoop to your personal cheapshot level.

Wow, really? Ok bud. Ok.

In Topic: GOP Congressman: Cut Down Rainforests to Eliminate Greenhouse Gases?

Today, 08:43 AM

Yeah that sounds like a good idea.

In Topic: FUCK THE POLICE & Nevada ranch update.

Today, 08:39 AM

Of course a very small percentage of cops abuse their authority. If Kosar didn't have quite so much sand in his vagina he'd see I already said that. So what? 99% of cops are good honest guys trying to make a world of assholes and criminals safer for the rest of us. Am I going to cry because some non compliant dick gets roughed up? I am not. There's things you could do to prevent that first and foremost comply and don't act like a fool.