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11 December 2014 - 01:02 PM

Hello all, I am a Patriots fan born and raised in Mass. but have been reading about all the Johnny Football hysteria and this thread was so entertaining to me that I thought I'd join the conversation. I've been following the NFL for a long time and although Hoyer did a solid job starting out I feel like your coach is making the right decision. I'm not on the Johnny Football bandwagon just yet but I'm not a hater either. I think he has potential and all he has to do is be better than Hoyer has been which isn't saying much. I think he'll go out and give a solid performance either way. And if he does end up being a superstar? Good for you guys!


You Aggies fans paying attention? This is how you come into someone else's house. I hate the Patriots and I hope they lose every game they play. I hope Brady finds out that Gronk is banging Gisele and they get into a fistfight in the middle of the field on Sunday. I hope Belichick is exposed in a massive cheating scandal and they retroactively take all of his Super Bowl titles away. Nonetheless, welcome to the board Pats_Fan93. Here's to a Browns/Pats AFC championship one day (in which the Browns win 103-0 and Belichick breaks down in tears)

In Topic: It's Johnny

11 December 2014 - 11:07 AM

Maybe a new #2 breaks the vicious cycle begun by #2

I like that! The circle of suck is now complete. Time to move forward!

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11 December 2014 - 01:15 AM

I actually had an epiphany a short while ago.  
I recall in 2012 sitting in the stadium (Kyle Field), and this guy in his mid 40s was jostling for position among kids to get players' autographs on the sideline.  He came down and sat next to my wife and I.  He asked me who all of the players were that he just got autographs from.   He was wearing a number 2 jersey and said he loves Manziel.  I asked him a few things and he quickly admitted that he didn't go to A&M, but he loved watching Manziel and had to come watch him in person.
From that point forward I realized that while t-shirt fans in general can be a good thing for total revenue and representation in our state (competing in popularity), I still disliked having all of these new outsiders.
While not quite to that level (I don't own a Manziel jersey either TAMU or Browns), I'll admit I'm getting close to that person I despise.  I'll leave you numbnuts in peace.  We both want the same thing, but y'all are right: if there wasn't an Aggie on the Browns team I wouldn't give a flip about your team and would move onto the next.  
One down fellas.  Enjoy what's left of your season.

Sure thing pal. You enjoy those daydreams of Manziel's dick bouncing off the back of your throat. What an asshole.

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10 December 2014 - 07:13 PM

Just to be clear because it seems like people kept thinking I was trying to imply that people without college degrees are somehow a lower class or unable to be successful.   Like I said: folks tend to read what they want to read.


It was said that I must be a kid because I follow college football.  My retort is that if you didn't go to a big-time college that soaks up CFB every Saturday, then of course you'd have no idea and you are more likely to be a NFL fan.  I don't know many people who are Michigan, Texas, A&M, Nebraska, Oregon, Bama, Florida fans and are also "die-hard" NFL fans.  That was my only point.  They are usually mutually exclusive to some degree (not all mind you).   This is why I prefer CFB over NFL.   


Then go jerk off on a Aggie forum. 

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10 December 2014 - 05:44 PM


That's because we have different priorities, and again, I'm wondering if you fall into one of the two categories that I defined a few posts earlier 1) didn't go to college 2) didn't go to a college with a good football program.


I am a die hard Aggie and will support former Ags everywhere.  Did you know ALL of Texas (Dallas, Austin, SA, Houston) switched from covering the Packers v Bills to the Browns v Bengals because Manziel is starting?  You guys just picked up a few million more in audience watching your game.  Are you really going to bitch about it because we want to see how the undersized kid from Texas with a gunslinger and road runner mentality does?  You think this is singled out to Aggies?  Watch ratings across the country when Manziel is involved.  It is Tebow 2.0.  I'm sorry that ruined your day.  By the way, the Browns have a good D or having a shitty QB in Hoyer hasn't made you any more relevant.  Johnny has, and with that you get a bunch of idiots like me following the Browns.  You are welcome, dumbass.  


Or would rather slip back into irrelevance and importance like you have been for the last 2 decades?  At least that way you can worship your shitty team and pathetic results by yourselves.  The alternative is you have a millions of people around the country wanting to see Manziel and the Browns tear it up and make the AFC look stupid. 


Slow your roll dickhead. Not that it matters, but I have a master's degree from a school with a huge football program. I also lived in TX for a brief and regretful period, so I understand how repressed homosexuality is down there and how it often comes out in idolizing young athletic men. I don't care if you or the rest of the state of Texas watch the Browns now because you aren't Browns fans. You are Johnny Manziel fans. If he gets traded, you'll move on to the next team that wants to give him a shot. I also have no use for that bullshit laughable Texas pride nonsense. Not only do you idolize boys, but you arrogantly come to this board and talk shit. You can take those big and bright stars and shove them right up your ass.