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In Topic: Josh Cribbs?

Yesterday, 11:58 AM

:angry: You have committed copyright infringement on one of my earlier posts.

I pay the copyright infringement fee at the Eastland Inn in beer on the Saturday night before the Browns play in the Super Bowl next February.

In Topic: Josh Cribbs?

Yesterday, 11:24 AM

Which, I restate, is why I see Cribbs as an assistant special teams coach.
He can work with, say, Benjamin, one-on-one. And, teach Poyer to not
field punts at the 4 yard line.
  Cribbs has taken too much of a pounding over the years to play at anything like the level 
he used to play with. But he still has the heart, and young special team players
could learn a lot from him.

Absolutely a great idea. Kinda surprised someone hasn't tried this, maybe he's been approached and doesn't want to. Who Knows but I would think that since the dude was a college option QB and basically learned how to become a very good kick returner first and then punt returner, he would be able to teach others how to play the position.

In Topic: Josh Cribbs?

28 October 2014 - 11:41 PM

Who knows if he has still got it, but the motherfucker is 31. Stop acting like he is 50. As far as I am concerned Cribbs only needs to do two things to be an upgrade to what we have now.
1. Catch the fucking ball
2. Average more than 1.9 yards a return
He's definitely capable of number 1 and most likely number 2. Play him on special teams and add him as WR5 or whatever is just for show. Personally, I always thought Cribbs would have been a better safety than WR, but that is why I don't coach in the NFL.

He looked damn close to 50 when he was done playing here.

As for your two requirements...we already have someone on the roster capable of #1, that's why you saw Leonard out there the rest of the game after the Benjamin fiasco. I truly could care less about #2. The defense did their job and got off the field, just fair catch the motherfucker and bring on the offense. How many punt returns for TD's are there in the league so far this year. I don't know the answer but I can't recall the last one I saw and I watch all the games.

Cribbs is done...actually a bit overdone for my taste. Let him keep working on TV in Cleveland and hell they should bring him out to be a honorary captain or something at some point. He gave 110% every play of every game while he was here and the shelf life just isn't that long for a guy who got beat up on special teams like he did.

In Topic: Josh Cribbs?

28 October 2014 - 08:14 PM

You know, PG usually says some of the dumbest inane shit on this board, and sometimes I question if he isn't a little "special," but bringing Cribbs back at league minimum to return kicks isn't the worst idea in the world. I'm not saying PG is smart, this is just less stupid than usual.

It is when he has about as much left in the tank as Leroy Kelly or Greg Pruitt. Maybe we could get Dino Hall back..he probably has as much left in the tank as Cribbs at this point.

In Topic: Josh Cribbs?

28 October 2014 - 03:54 PM

If Cribbs was a fraction of what he used to be he'd be on a team right now. We have other options we could use at PR - but Pettine hasn't decided to change anything.

Exactly....he played really hard (on a lot of shitty teams) and his career was shortened because of it. I'm perfectly fine with sending Jim Leonard back there to fair catch every punt or let them go into the end zone and playing offense. We don't need the kind of momentum shifting turnover that Benjamin almost cost us this past weekend.