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In Topic: Actual Manziel Comparisons

Yesterday, 01:44 PM

In my opinion the real answer to your question of whether Manziel, or any rookie QB for that matter, can be the next Manning or Brees or whomever after suffering from poor performance early on is if they are intelligent enough, committed enough, and have the physical ability to learn and make the necessary adjustments throughout their career. I dont question Manziel's intelligence (wonderlick, etc), I have slight concerns regarding his physical ability (height), and I'm cautiously optomistic that the perception of his off-field committment doesn't match his true committment to getting better. Will that demonstrate itself over the next week weeks? Hopefully to the coaching staff it will, but it may not translate directly to what we see on Sundays just yet. I wouldn't feel comfortable writing off a 22 year old QB with a nice pedigree after 3 games but I think I'd have a much better indication on their ability to improve after an off-season of prepartion as starter and a few games. But, alas....I dont get paid to make those decisions

I'd feel better about the chances of him improving to the Eli Manning level (which if he can get to that level would be better than anything we've seen in Cleveland in years) if he could show just a few flashes of being able to compete at this level. He showed nothing at all on Sunday. Hopefully that was an aberration and we'll see how he recovers this week. Another performance like this past one and it doesn't bode well for his future in the NFL.

In Topic: Actual Manziel Comparisons

Yesterday, 01:17 PM

Now, when I read posts from well respected posters such as Zombo I empathize and agree with what I think might be their main point, which is that Hoyer has given the Browns the best chance to win any game this season. Where I believe I differ is in the timeframe of my perspective. I dont view each game or even this season in a vacuum because I dont think that the ceiling of this season's Browns ever involved a Super Bowl. Rather, I take a longer holistic approach where I am willing to experience the growning pains of a young quarterback with the pedigree of Manziel, as embarrassingly lame as his debut was, for the hope that the Browns are building something that can culminate into something special and sustainable for a decade to come.

First...don't say Zombo is a "respected poster" it goes to his head and that's already big enough.

Seriously though... Therein lies the problem, is Manziel the next Eli Manning? Pretty good QB who can get hot from time to time and lead a super bowl run? Or is he the next Troy Smith or Danny Wuerffel, great college QB who can't play at the NFL level?

The biggest issue with Sunday was not only that he played like horse shit, he didn't show one thing that looked like he has the ability to be a NFL QB. He looked like a high school kid trying to survive in the NFL. Maybe that's just one game or maybe not but I think we'll have a pretty good idea after the next 2 games.

In Topic: Deep Thoughts ... By Berniedenslow

Yesterday, 11:37 AM

1, The article was old.
2. We already have threads about the Panther game.
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HA! I'm shocked you stopped at 10. I could've seen that going to at least a top 15 or 20 reasons why this assclown is an assclown.

In Topic: Jay Cutler

Yesterday, 11:26 AM

Ability to get out of the pocket and either run or make throws down the field.

How many of his upcoming 200 starts do we have to sit through to get to see this amazing ability? I know he was great at those things in college but I think we have plenty of evidence to know that college success means very little at the next level.

In Topic: Actual Manziel Comparisons

Yesterday, 10:49 AM

You want me to be objective. Then it's time you look in the mirror and try exactly the same.

Damn near all of us were in agreement that it was time to see what Manziel had and for him to start. We saw enough of a spark in the Buffalo game to be excited about what he could bring to the table. We had been listening to all of these A&M honks (not necessarily you, but numerous other) telling us all season that the team would have won more games if only Johnny football was the QB.
He got his chance in the spotlight and took a giant shit in the middle of the field with the spotlight shining down on him. The problem this week has been the "fanboys" and the excuses and saying the most idiotic things like "he will get 200 starts for the Browns" and he's clearly the starter next year no matter what happens the rest of the season. It's the homos who are really only here because Manziel got drafted by the Browns that are making a lot of the people on this board hate the kid. I think all of understand that it's better for the Browns long term if Manziel is the answer at QB. Just like we hoped that Hoyer was the answer at QB. Just like we hoped that Weeden was the answer and McCoy and Delhomme and well..you get the picture.

He plays 2 more games like he did this past Sunday, he's not guaranteed shit for next season, even being in the league. There were plenty of analysts and scouts predraft saying that he didn't have what it takes in the NFL. There were plenty who also said he would be a superstar like Russell Wilson. The jury is still out but it certainly doesn't look very promising right now after the first game.