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Today, 08:56 PM

Criminal investigation has begun






poor bastard....   dude is gonna find out just how far he can fall as a "star' and pretty fucking quickly too.  

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Today, 11:20 AM


Ya, this is some serious shit. Time to break down the "camps" and all hope the best for for him.




That's why I posted the Ryan Leaf interview.   Seems like he would be a good person for Johnny to spend some time with. 

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Yesterday, 11:40 PM


In Topic: Johnny Drama

Yesterday, 11:10 PM

Exactly Ag, the thought occurred to me after my initial post. This well could be a chick caught in an abusive relationship (and we've all heard plenty about those). doesn't want to pull the plug on Manziel because there goes the jet set millionaire lifestyle along with it.


And why would he drive her home if he's dumped her? He's got tons of money to get her a cab- or a limo for that matter.


I think they're both fucked in the head....


I posted this in the other thread....but my prediction....this is going to be Johnny in 5 years.  He's going to sound just like this guy.



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Yesterday, 10:43 PM

Two things here...    Great article that talks about the troubles he really might be having...






And then watch this interview with Ryan Leaf and hear from a guy who's hit rock bottom in his life and is trying to turn it around.