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Today, 11:16 AM

You could throw the Redskins example into this mix.  They traded the farm to pick RG III and then still took Kirk Cousins in the same draft (as I recall).  How did that work out for them?   I'd take Cousins on the Browns these days. 

In Topic: This Week in the NFL Playoffs

Today, 11:05 AM

So did pissburgh, KC had the chance to tie it up at home but look out now PIT at NE should be good.

Plus GB also pulled one out in Rodger's time only SEA was a no show this weekend.

With no real horse in the race I'm going with the cheese....hmmmm makes me hungry for a good toasted cheese sandwich. :lol:



Anyone but pisspuke at this point...fuck them.   I'm also rooting for GB as I've always respected that franchise and their fans.    Hard to bet against the hot QB at this point and Rodgers is looking super human the last 6 weeks or so.

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Yesterday, 06:53 PM

He's incredible to watch and someone of his talent needs more rings



No kidding.   He is really something to watch.   Im not sure anyone can stop them this year the way they're going.  

In Topic: Bets and tonight's games

Yesterday, 04:25 PM

Packers +5.5


Chiefs   -2



Went 1-1 yesterday....had the Patriots but lost with the Seahawks.

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13 January 2017 - 05:37 PM

War, did you read anything regarding the actual plan proposed by the Chargers?  Why, exactly, do you support raising the taxes of SD?



If 85% of economists -- even Greg Mankiw -- agree on something... they're probably right.  Public subsidies for stadiums are generally a BAD idea for the taxpayer.


The Chargers put out a horrible, obviously flawed "plan" with assumptions that never had a chance of being true - and just expected everyone to dumbly buy it.



That article is 18 months old and the proposal that was put out was for a "tourism tax".  Essentially an extra tax on all hotel rooms in the city of San Diego that would've paid a large portion of the stadium.