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In Topic: NFL 2017 Schedule Release

20 April 2017 - 09:16 PM

Week 1: Sept. 10 - Pittsburgh Steelers - 1 p.m./CBS
Week 2: Sept. 17 - at Baltimore Ravens - 1 p.m./CBS
Week 3: Sept. 24 - at Indianapolis Colts - 1 p.m./CBS
Week 4: Oct. 1 - Cincinnati Bengals - 1 p.m./CBS
Week 5: Oct. 8 - New York Jets - 1 p.m./FOX
Week 6: Oct. 15 - at Houston Texans - 1 p.m./CBS
Week 7: Oct. 22 - Tennessee Titans - 1 p.m./CBS
Week 8: Oct. 29 - Minnesota Vikings (London) - 9:30 a.m./NFL Network
Week 9: Nov. 5 - BYE
Week 10: Nov. 12 - at Detroit Lions - 1 p.m./CBS 
Week 11: Nov. 19 - Jacksonville Jaguars - 1 p.m./CBS
Week 12: Nov. 26 - at Cincinnati Bengals - 1 p.m./CBS
Week 13: Dec. 3 - at Los Angeles Chargers - 4:05 p.m./CBS
Week 14: Dec. 10 - Green Bay Packers - 1 p.m./FOX
Week 15: Dec. 17 - Baltimore Ravens - 1 p.m./CBS
Week 16: Dec. 24 - at Chicago Bears - 1 p.m./CBS
Week 17: Dec. 31 - at Pittsburgh Steelers - 1 p.m./CBS



I don't see us winning any less than 16 regular season games with that schedule.

In Topic: NFL 2017 Schedule Release

20 April 2017 - 09:15 PM



Are you planning on a reciprocal London trip?


Me?  No...a bit too far for me and the timing doesn't really work that well.   I know some of the other guys are planning on the trip.

In Topic: NFL 2017 Schedule Release

20 April 2017 - 02:52 PM

It seems, as you have been saying that  the Raiders practically own LA, even though they don't play there.   There are some remnants of the old LA Ram fanbase still intact, no?   And the Chargers, it seems, have no support in LA...and certainly are not going to have San Diego fans coming up to see them.

Or, am I wrong about all this?



You're not wrong.  The Chargers owners are in denial as to what people are willing to do.   There will be some people who follow the team to LA and I guess some LA fans will probably embrace the Chargers, depsite the record last year, they're a better team or closer to being a better team than the Rams are at this point.  If the Chargers start winning, LA will be all over them because LA loves a winner.

In Topic: NFL 2017 Schedule Release

20 April 2017 - 02:41 PM

They're going to be the highest priced tickets in the league (the Chargers that is), no idea what the demand is for them but they are putting in rules for selling them on the secondary market and everything.


Is there still some notion of doing an LA Chargers  game Browns Board away tailgate party?  If so, what would be the cost of getting a ticket, if it can be had?


I know some have mentioned it.  I seriously doubt that I would go to the game.   I think they're talking about tickets starting in the $150 range and if a season ticket holder sells their tickets on the secondary market, they will have their seats revoked which would make tickets pretty hard to come by. 


Schedule out tonight so we will be making plans for our annual trip to Cleveland.   I'm hoping for a September game so I can go to an OSU game as well that weekend.

In Topic: NFL 2017 Schedule Release

19 April 2017 - 10:11 AM

I understand, but, of course,  we have been through this before with some towns.  They lose a team, say Sayonara, then eventually regret it, then push a pile of money into a stadium project. 

Maybe the Chargers don't go back there, but you can bet that the NFL would love to have towns like San Diego and St. Louis come in with stadium projects so that they could extort current cities with teams to upgrade their facilities...and of course give all the revenue therefrom to the NFL. 

The Jaguars situation comes to mind...as a possible stadium issue.


It won't happen in San Diego.  Only way it happens is if someone is willing to build the stadium completely with their own money.   Any public money at all will require it to go to a city vote and it would need 66% to pass and there's no chance in hell of that happening.    There are people here opposed to the new soccer/SDSU football stadium project and that is being completely done with private money.   San Diego is a strange place.  There are just as many people that are happy the Chargers are gone as there are people upset at them for leaving.