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In Topic: Feed The Crow!

Today, 10:06 AM

He's had three fumbles, two lost, so far this year? Not a complaint, just a stat observation. Feed the Crow. :-)

And Pettine made it clear when Crowell wasn't playing earlier in the year that it wasn't just the in game fumbles, it was an issue during practice as well.

In Topic: If you think Stockton is a real browns fan then sign here

Today, 01:01 AM

Having an opinion is welcome and encouraged. Continually repeating that exact opinion in every single post, for months and months, even when asked to give it a rest is the fastest way to get booted from anywhere. All he had to do was give it a rest. 
Hell, the funny part is he may even be proven right, but when you act like a douche, you lose the privilege of basking in your know-it-all greatness.

Exactly.. When after a win, all he wants to talk about his how bad the QB played (the same QB who led the game winning drive btw) that's a ticket out of town.

In Topic: Serious Question

Yesterday, 11:31 PM

3 straight NFC championship trips including a trip to the Super Bowl with a 45-13 record isn't cut out for the NFL? 
He might be a fucking asshole and hard to work with, but that's damn good coaching if you ask me.

Should've clarified... he's not cut out for long term success in the NFL. It would seem that his act has worn pretty thin in SF and that's why he isn't cut out for the NFL at this point for the long term. Maybe he'll just keep jumping from team to team but that's what I meant.

In Topic: Brian Hoyer Last 6 games

Yesterday, 11:28 PM

Completion percentage on its own is a bullshit statistic.  It's what those completions produce that actually matters.

The number 7 in the W column is what the completions have produced. Piss on everything else.

In Topic: How many games would we have to lose before you bench Hoyer

Yesterday, 11:18 PM

No Pro Bowls here, but I did post this in the Tavern after we got the ball on the 20...

"over the middle time over the middle time over the middle time kick FG... we got this... book it"

Pretty proud cause it was my first "book it"... 


You did say it. I was there and we're 7-4 and as I said at the end of the game....all you negative motherfuckers can kiss my ass.