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Season of the Witch Review

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Posted 09 January 2011 - 10:46 AM

Season Of The Witch
PG 13 94 min

One might guess that Francis Ford Coppolaís success with THE GODFATHER series was long enough ago that the influence he wields to keep nephew Nicolas Cage constantly employed might be on the wane. Apparently not.
I have nothing in particular against Cageís thespian abilities but it sure seems heís played about every type of known role in the world and has yet to change anything besides wardrobe and makeup.
Thatís not to say the guy doesnít have a certain charisma; he does.
And heís never hurt anything heís been in and rarely signs on to a truly terrible script and
SEASON OF THE WITCH really isnít bad. As a matter of fact itís monumentally average.
I wonít give away much of the plot but hereís the basics. Behman and Felson (Cage and Ron Perleman) are two rough tough crusaders disillusioned by the senseless violence and the hypocrisy of war. Itís not long before the two deserters find themselves in a dungeon pondering a tough choice.
Be burned hanged or both for desertion or escort a girl accused of witchcraft to be tried by some assumedly fair monks. From that point the film is a succession of trial and tribulations as the party crosses the perilous route. Iíll leave it to the viewers to find out if her accusers are right.
If you like sword and sorcerer flicks there are better ones and worse ones. Same goes for the effects the acting and the story.
Sure itís a little funny to hear English crusaders who sound like theyíre from Brooklyn but what the heck. Plus itís good to see Perleman (BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, HELLBOY) get more work without a latex mask.
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Posted 21 March 2011 - 04:27 PM

well I thought the movie was ok but niether of these dudes come across as shakespearian to Me in any way...but all in all...the effort as ok.
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