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Dan Gilbert

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Posted 28 May 2011 - 02:11 PM

I liked Mo Williams and Shaq, but getting Jamison hurt our team in the playoffs. I'm sure it was Ferry and not Gilbert, but still. Huge contract, aging and diminishing skills, couldnt guard KG... That killed our playoff run last year along with Mo's inability to show up in the playoffs. I agree Dan was doing what he could to win, we had the best regular season record for 2 years in a row. Anyone that says he wasn't trying is dumb, along with anyone who says our team wasn't good besides LeBron. However, Mike Brown's piss poor rotations in the playoffs were a liability. Did you notice how Varejao d'ed up on KG? Sure he isn't much on the offensive side, but neither was Jamison in that series!!!!

We went to an 8 man rotation and forgot about Boobie and Hickson on the bench. You blame Mike Brown for that. Apparently the Lakers liked his experience and he has lots of it.

I like Mr. Gilbert's passion and fire but I don't like him promising Cleveland a championship before LeBron, when all of us knew deep down this was going to happen anyway.
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Posted 01 June 2011 - 12:18 AM

I am NOT following these playoffs, other than hearing who won/lost each game.
If Miami wins, LeBron has something he can't make go away......HE knows, as we all do, that he TANKED the Boston series last year. He had an "elbow injury" that I believe to this day was bogus, didn't play to win & that will go to his grave with him.....a "cross to bear" that none of the REAL greats have to live with. I rejoice in the fact he killed his own legacy. The other thing I will rejoice in is that Gilbert, Cuban, et al WILL get their turn during the next CBA negotiations. Personally, there are two others I want to watch crawl....Stern & Patty boy. Believe me, what "Patty & the punks" orchestrated with the obvious blessings of Stern will result in changes that will negatively impact the rest of the players in the NBA. We'll see how much love there is for Bron & his bitches after the balance of NBA players see how a few selfish people stabbed the rest in the back. They aren't respected now, & I think it's gonna get worse for them.

Dan Gilbert reacted hastily & angrily, making unrealistic promises, but you have to love an Owner who says "The HELL with being politically correct". Mr Gilbert is the best thing to happen to Cleveland in a long time. Now Dan, PLEASE buy the Tribe & rename the ballpark "Feller Field" or something other than "Progressive Field??".

I'm with your there- the other owners will take steps to ensure a Superstar Posse will never again be allowed to happen. It's a joke the way things went down- teams dumping salary (in plain English) unloading decent players to take a shot at the free agent market. Tells me max contracts aren't going to be so max the next time around. Of course LeBum could give a rat's ass about that- makes enough in endorsement deals, he could play for free if he chose to do so.
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