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#313715 Goodbye, Dad. Goodbye Browns Super Bowl Dreams

Posted by calfoxwc on 19 November 2012 - 03:14 AM

I'll always remember that I went to a Browns game - before I was born. All these many years, Dad and I loved watching our Browns.

I remember one time, in the second grade, Dad and I went fishing one morning - 5:30 AM early. We drove to the lake, and after a while of fishing,
I got bored because the fish hadn't starting biting, so I went walking out on a tree over the shoreline, and stopped at the end, over about five
feet of water. As I turned around to walk back.... I skipped and fell in with a giant "kerploosh!". On our way home, to get me into some dry clothes,
I told Dad I was so sorry for ending our fishing outing. He just grinned, and said that we were coming right back out, I just did us a favor and woke
the fish up. And we did go right back out, and caught at least a hundred nice bluegill and redears. I always admired how he handled situations -
I never forgot how cool he was that time.

Well, he always was. Another time, one afternoon, the fish weren't biting as we sat out in our 17 foot canoe, and I was still a youngster, and I got
fidgety. He looked at me, and asked me how high I thought the sky was. Well, that turned into a long, very interesting conversation about how if the
sky/universe ended, and if it did, well, what was beyond that end? And, sure enough, before we figured it all out, the fish started biting.

Before I got my first shotgun, in the fifth grade, he said they'd get me one, but I'd have to carry my bbgun when we went hunting, and I
had to always carry it per his safety rules. For that whole year in the 4th grade. Sure enough, I did, and I still have that old 12 gauge single shot today.

I've always learned a ton of cool things from my Dad - he always could make you laugh in his quiet way, and was always so very smart,
and knew the outdoors stuff like crazy. We fixed all our own cars over all those years. He could fix anything - he really could. He'd just figure it out,
and never once get tired of tackling fix it jobs.

And watching Browns games together all these years, I always knew I would take us to a Browns superbowl no matter what it would cost.
We went to a last Browns game, this year - preseason, tickets compliments of a great friend. He had a tough time doing all the walking to the stadium and to
our seats, but simply joked about it the entire time.

We always dreamed how great that would be - going in person to that superbowl. All the lost years of wasted coaching picks, bad drafts, stupid personnel people.......
and it's all gone now. I'll never go to one. That dream died tonight.

I have always admired him. We have always been friends in a huge way, me and Dad.

But tonight, after several bouts of cancer over the years, we lost him. Too many things hit him at one time, this time.

There isn't one man on earth I would have wanted to be my Dad instead of him. He was 85 - a long time to hang in there, with us, watching the Browns every single
season. I'm a very lucky guy, but it doesn't make the heartbreak stay away.

Goodbye, Browns Super Bowl Dreams. One day, I'll see him again - and I'll tell him I'm ai sorry we never made those superbowl dreams come true.

And, sure enough, he'll grin at me, and talk about where the sky ends, if it does, until the fish starting hitting. Goodbye, Dad. Love you always and forever.
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#446693 To The Whiners and Hoes...How About A 1/2 Way Eye Test?

Posted by miktoxic on 05 November 2014 - 07:34 PM

this goes out to all those who want to just bitch and moan about anything.....starting with QBs, WRs and those the browns didn't draft.


this is easy so i'm not going to go by stats (because i'm not one of those guys).


cam newton vs. brian hoyer. don't the panthers have a legit coach and supposedly fielded a legit team this year? wasn't cam newton a phenom first rounder? how about their first round WR pick? oooooohh.

you tell me.


matt ryan and julio jones and roddy white....... 2 and 6..........enough said all you "we should have never traded down and we should've could've drafted this wide receiver...... vs. what the browns did.

STFU already.


jay cutler vs. brian hoyer. isn't jay cutler a highly touted gun-slinger with one of the best WRs and TEs in the game?

what's their record?

thank you.


eli manning a superbowl winner. colin kaepernick. drew brees. RG3. geno smith and michael vick.


i can't believe true brown's fans can't be happy with where we are at right now. there are plenty of more players on plenty of more teams that are not doing as good as what our browns team are doing, yet there are nothing but whiners and bitchers on here complaining about this and that.


we should be lucky with what we've got and hope that it continues instead of berating a good thing that we haven't seen in 6 fucking years.








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#661292 Why are you a fan?

Posted by Zombo on 07 December 2016 - 12:42 PM

Born and raised in Ridgway, Pa. My Dad was a Steeler fan, my Grandfathers were Steeler fans, my uncles were Steeler fans, my older Brother was a Steeler fan ... I guess ... you'd never know, because at the time of this story it was the late 60's and the Steelers still sucked and I don't remember them talking about them. Now, of course, the survivors are proud to be Steeler fans. Family get-togethers can be tense.
I was born in April 1964. They must have put my crib close to the TV on December 27th of that year. Because while my five older siblings were running around the house in their little Steeler pajamas, playing with their Christmas toys, I must have been soaking in Jim Brown, Gary Collins, and the Browns defense putting away the Colts in stellar fashion.
I had two Aunts, my Mothers sisters, that lived in Cleveland, one in Euclid and the other in Lakewood. In the Summer of 1968, we held a family reunion at My Aunt Kate's house in Lakewood. She had 7 kids, all older than me, the boys would have been Browns fans. I've always loved big cities, didn't belong in little Ridgway, and I must have fell in love with Cleveland that weekend. Cleveland was the "Big City" to four-year-old Zombo, I had never been to Pittsburgh ... probably for safety reasons.
That fall, four-year-old Zombo ventured into the family room on a Sunday while my Brother (six years older) was watching football. I said, "Who's playing?". He answered "Pittsburgh is playing Cleveland. We're for Pittsburgh." I guess I was a bit of rebel already at that young age, with fresh memories of the Summer trip to Cleveland, because I responded "No, you're for Pittsburgh ... I'm for Cleveland."
Here I sit 48 years later, blowing off pressing business matters so that I can write about how much I love the Cleveland Browns in the midst of soul-crushing 0-12 season.
The Browns won that game that day, and having my brother pissed off at me was priceless. By the time I entered the First Grade two years later, I had memorized the backs of the football cards of all the Browns: Bill Nelson, Walter Johnson, Gary Collins, Erich Barnes, Paul Warfield, Gene Hickerson, and my hero ... Leroy Kelly.
My mom enabled my Browns crush, and every year when she went to do Christmas shopping in Erie, PA, I got Browns gear for Christmas. I had a Brown and Orange shirt with "44" on it, and I was Leroy Kelly playing football with the older kids in the mud bowl that was our front lawn. As the youngest child, I skipped a family Christmas party with "Santa Claus" down at the local Knights of Columus so I could stay home alone and watch the Browns play the Redskins in a game with playoff implications. I was Seven.
As the 70's wore on, the Browns greatness faded and The Steel Curtain hovered over my tiny town. All the kids wore their black and "gold" (It's yellow), and they were all football experts now that the Steelers were winning Super Bowls. On your typical school bus there were 40 little Steeler fans, the odd Cowboy or Raider front-runner wannabe ... and me. Decked out in my Brown and Orange winter gear that my Mom got at J.C. Penny's in the Millcreek Mall.
Snowballs whizzed past my head as I waited for the bus. Hats and gloves were stolen. I learned to hate Steeler fans with a passion. If they Beat the Browns, 25 kids had to tell me about it the next day. If the Browns won, no one talked to me ... Oh, Thank You, Dr. David Mays and Joe "Turkey" Jones, Thank You.
Under the guise of visiting my aunts and cousins, my father took to me a couple of Browns game in Cleveland. My first live Pro Football Game was a Browns whipping of the Houston Oilers at the old Muni, 42-13. Ol' Leroy Kelly was slowing down at this point, and there were some guys, probably in their 20's or early 30's, there heckling him. Young 9 year-old Zombo got in their faces and scolded them, and they liked my spunk and bought me a coke.
After Kelly retired, Greg Pruitt became my hero, and then Brian Sipe. My passion for the Browns spread into other sports and I am certain that I was the only Indians and Cavaliers fan in Elk County PA in the 70's. I used my money cutting grass not only on football cards, but to send away for Sports Illustrated posters, and each wall of my bedroom had one: Greg Pruitt, Buddy Bell, Brian Sipe and Austin Carr.
By 1980, I was 16 years old and I was wearing out the record player (and irritating my family) by playing "12 Days of a Cleveland Browns Christmas" on a continuous loop. I was all about the Kardiac Kids. The week between the Browns winning the Division Title in Cincinnati and hosting their playoff game, I had my first date on the night the Oilers and Raiders were playing in the Wild Card game ... I wasn't too worried about those teams, this was the Browns year, the football gods were going to make everything right again, and Dean (the odd Cowboy fan) and I had a double date with two Catholic girls from St. Mary's in my little red Chevette ... these were pretty heady times.
The next week an experienced Zombo sat down to watch Sipe and the Browns take on those Raiders on the frozen turf at Muni. There was the Ron Bolton pick six, there was the missed extra point ... and FGs ... and there was a whole lot of rising tension. My nephew was about one year old and was toddling around the room as my sister (Steeler fan) and Mom (By now a converted Browns fan) watched the game with me. I thought Don Cockroft had one good kick left in him, but Same Rutigliano, the "Riverboat Gambler" decided to roll the dice one more time and put the whole Kardiac Kid Season on the right arm of my hero, Sipe. I watched in disbelief as that ball floated into the end zone in the arms of that SOB, Mike Davis. I knew right away that the game was over and while my Mom and Sister were still figuring out what was going on, I stormed out of the room, and in doing so, accidently knocked my little nephew over. I still remember being yelled at for my outburst as I headed to my room to sulk. but once again the powers of TV absorption were at work ... as that nephew was the only one I was able to convert to being a Browns fan ... and he now meets me in Cleveland for a game every year.
In 1986 I was just out of college, and I was now a young professional, working for People Express Airlines and sharing an apartment with six other people in Woodbridge, NJ. We didn't have a lot of furniture, but we had a huge TV in the living room, a couple of folding chairs, and plenty of beer as I sat down to watch the Browns first appearance in the AFC Championship Game. My roommate was a Browns fan from Salem, Ohio ... Finally, I wasn't alone in my Browns obsession. That was the day I spoke the words that I will never speak again, and that I apologize profusely to all Browns fans for ever uttering. I guess it was the beer. I guess it was all those years of frustration of growing up in Steeler Country in the 70's. I guess it was the sheer excitement of the moment. But when Bernie Kosar hit Brian Brennan down the sideline for a TD to put the Browns up seven with five minutes to go and the best defense in the land on our side, I turned to my friend Bob, and said "Oh my God, the Browns are going to the Super Bowl." I am sorry. I am heartily sorry.
The next year I sat alone in a hotel room in Orlando with a pizza and a 6-pack of Sam Adams as Ernest Byner fumbled away a Fairy Tale come back. Luckily I was not savvy enough to make a noose out of the hotel bath towels.
Two years later I had gone back to school and my girlfriend watched in horror as I melted down in my apartment as the Browns lost a third chance to go to the Super Bowl. She didn't make it through the next season. I barely did.
By 1994 I was living here in Sunny Florida, and the Browns were relevant again. They had a hotshot coach named Belichick, a defensive coordinator named Saban, a guy picking the players named Newsome, and defense that would knock you the f*** out. Even though they lost in the second round of the playoffs to the hated Steelers that year, you sensed, no, you knew there were great things ahead.
Cut to 1995. I took a job running a Real Estate office on Marco Island and was living on the island. My Sunday ritual was to walk over to the local sports bar and enjoy a bucket of beers and a steak sandwich as I watched the Browns on the satellite. On one such October Sunday, I was preparing to head over, as the Browns were to play the Oilers, but Chris Berman was very somber on the pregame show in my living room while I put my Browns gear on. Some how ... Some way ... Art Modell had made arrangements to MOVE the Cleveland Browns and the cat was out of the bag. I had been in a few fights in my youth, but I had never been hit as hard in the gut as I did that moment.
I still went over and watched the game in silence, by myself, all the time mulling what I had just heard. I was, of course, everyone's "one Browns fan friend" and the calls were pouring in. I honestly didn't know how to react. I just knew I was sad, I hurt, and that my life would never be the same ...
The next three years were an abyss. No Browns. Nothing in the sports world tasted the same to me ... football, baseball, basketball ... sports had betrayed my trust. And I really had no one around to talk about my Browns angst with. I concentrated on business, and in October of 1997, I decided to buy myself a home computer so I could work 24/7. I unpacked my "Gateway 2000" and hooked it up to the phone line, and heard that now familiar buzz as it connected me to this great thing I had heard of ... "AOL". I had to choose a screenname, so I choose one for work, and one for play. It was close to Halloween, so I went with "Zombo2000" after a funny character named Zombo on a Munsters episode. Then a screen came up that said "type in a keyword". And the first thing I typed into the "World Wide Web" was "Cleveland Browns". It took me to the page called the Cleveland Browns Grandstand, and when I clicked on it I was amazed to find ... people like me! There were characters named Hoorta and Atenears and Furnier ... and even a "Ghoolie" ... and they were all obsessed with the Cleveland Browns.
For years we debated the 99 Browns, that 99 draft class was the most scrutinized draft in on-line history, to this day if you name any guy taken in that draft I can tell you all about them. We had some epic battles and different "camps", but in the end, we all became friends, and I started making annual pilgrimages to Cleveland to see this fledgling floundering football team and connect with my on-line family. I eventually bought season tickets and would fly up a couple times a year from Florida for a Browns loss and an epic tailgate.
Back here in Naples, when the Browns came back in 99 I started going to a bar call B.T. Boomers, owned by a Browns fan, but half the bar was Steeler fans ... Can't get away from them. We started with a group of 8 or ten Browns fans, and like Moses in the desert we kept moving from place to place as they closed down or gave us the crappy TV in the corner. Finally, in 2011, we decided to make it official and I started a Browns Backer Chapter. Suddenly, everyone was finding us and we were getting upwards of 100 fans a week to watch this struggling franchise. We started doing charity raffles and have raised over $10,000 for families of cancer victims and other charities. We also attend all of the Browns games in Florida and tailgate our butts off. This year we moved into a new, bigger facility and we still pulled in 75 fans last week to watch the winless Browns get beat down by the Giants.
I refuse to give up on this team, or this franchise ... I love them ... they are just part of me. A big part.
So anyway, what was the question? ... Why am I a fan? I guess I didn't like my brother's tone.

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#314675 Those Turnovers

Posted by Zombo on 25 November 2012 - 06:28 PM

... weren't caused by fumble fairies and pick pixies.

We EARNED this win. We smashed the living daylights out of them. Our defensive line is rocking, and this week the rest of the defense picked up on it.

Enjoy the win, Browns fans. Hold your head up high. We beat the Steelers and we beat them at their game ... smashmouth.


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#713984 Happy Independence Day!

Posted by nickers on 04 July 2017 - 09:51 AM

I had the pleasure of riding the bus the other day , and chatting a bit with this older black gentlemen , dressed very neatly and clean , and donning his veterans hat.. So I took the opportunity to thank him for serving our country.. We got to talking a little bit.. The man had to be close to his mid 70's Id guess but.. He was in fantastic physical shape. He also told me this was by design . That he wanted to always be ready to serve the country.. Even at his age. He said he loved America , and to this day he would fight for freedom. America is not about Black or White.. Or even about your Iphone or favorite reality or vampire/zombie show. It's about freedom and religious freedom and the right to the pursuit of happiness so long as you don't injure, maim or kill another American without just cause. So with that.. I'll just wish you all Happy Indepedennce day!

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#711017 going into year #4 of the rebuild.....

Posted by Zombo on 15 June 2017 - 01:34 PM

It's actually year two.



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#660005 Could Hue be one and done?

Posted by Mudfly on 03 December 2016 - 09:59 AM

Im sure he'll make it through......


It's me Im worried about.....

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#608356 It's Going to be a Good Season

Posted by aasqc5 on 31 May 2016 - 05:18 PM

I have been following this forum for the past few months but remained silent......just reading the posts and taking it all in.  I have watched 30 on 30 and understand the heartaches for the Cleveland Browns fans.  


What I do not understand is how someone like VesnaKociper (ghoulie) has all that filth coming out of his mouth. 


I try to be a compassionate person and feel like I can not say anything about this class of 2016 until they are actually in pads and playing the game.


So I tried to figure out why he is doing this.  I came up with about 5 reasons why.


1.      He was a division 2 or 3 football player in college and never got to rise above that play.


2,      He was a NFL player with way too many concussions and can only speak in a negative way with so many cuss words coming out of that mouth of his.


3.      He is an elderly man with way to many mini strokes and the only words he can use are low level cuss words and we should feel sorry for him.


4.      He has a short mans complex and thinks everything has the word "I" in it.  His way or the highway !


5.      He is a Steelers fan that spouts off his mouth here to make himself feel really special.


I really would like someone to tell me why he is like this.  It would seem if you have nothing good to say about anyone or anything that has to do with Cleveland Browns football then just keep your mouth shut.  



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#552447 I'm thankful for.....

Posted by Canton Mike on 26 November 2015 - 08:26 AM

...the fact that, at my age, I am still an exuberant, passionate, & healthy Cleveland Browns Fan.


Being a person who believes in accepting that which I can't change & after the events of the last few days, I have decided that I need to "get back to basics" as a Fan. The hell with getting angry over who is drafted, drafting, playing, sitting, coaching, cut, injured, etc. I am getting back to supporting anyone who is a part of my beloved Browns, whether they are off or on the field. I intend to be the more positive person I normally am & appreciate the fact that we all will disagree at times, but we share a common bond & that is The Cleveland Browns. We are Blessed to have our Team. Many in the world would love to be in our shoes.


Happy Thanksgiving, my Friends. Have a healthy, safe day & GO BROWNS!



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#538344 Vince Mayle = Braylon Edwards 2.0 (fixed)

Posted by Tour2ma on 14 October 2015 - 11:09 AM


"I'm learning a lot from Dwayne Bowe,'' said Mayle. "He's taken me under his wing. His route-running, we came in similar sizes, similar athleticism, so he's teaching me what he learned when he was young. He's also teaching me what he knows now, so I don't have to go through that learning curve that he had to go through. He said he was the top dog coming in and he didn't have anybody to learn from. He's teaching me everything.''

I think I've spotted Mayle's problem...
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#519675 My Silly Observations of Sat's first pads scrimmage - Browns

Posted by calfoxwc on 02 August 2015 - 12:00 AM

Not that I know diddley, but I was observing...so...


and Thanks to Canton Mike for our tickets. Got to meet Mudfly - very cool.


Sorry it's so late, but I was on the phone for nearly 4 hrs, with HP tech support trying to 

get the other computer in the other room, with only Windows XP on it, to access the wireless new printer. all sorts of problems. Very serious problems. But it does work, just has a few errors

that come up.


In random order and for no good reason....


1. Maybe the highlight of the entire practice, was a drill - wr vs press coverage.

And, it was Pryor vs... JOE HADEN. I've been saying that mebbe there was too much

to learn for Pryor, and he was destined for the practice squad, if he can go there at all.


Except, the crowd was wowed, and I vowed to change my mind, too. Pryor is extremely 

explosive, and quick footed, and very, very instinctively tough to keep on the los.

  I imagine that he really surprised Joe with his footwork, explosiveness, and moves.


Now, as Tour noticed - the question is, how well he can run routes, etc. But, in the meantime, 

he can really catch the ball, get off the los, is elusive and tricky, and very quick. Bowe

has been bragging on him. No wonder. Pryor has some serious athletic talent, and 

a work ethic to match in becoming a wr. 



2. Dwayne Bowe is the real deal. My guess is, Bowe is all that we all wished Josh

Gordon would be, and more. And he's very smart.


3. Hartline - is like a faster, taller Brian Brennan. A "they can't stop him" possession receiver.

I wouldn't underestimate his playing time. His experience, like with Bowe, is worth it's weight 

in gold.


4. Guys I couldn't help but notice:


A. Danny Shelton, of course. High motor, 100 percent. Amazing how fast he gets engaged

at the snap, and... can power into the backfield, Took one offensive lineman

into the backfield pretty quickly. Alex Mack stalemated him, but had to fight like hell

to do it. Another time, two offensive linemen doubled-teamed him, and he still kept

moving them back, collapsing the pocket.  


Can not wait til we get to see him in games. Amazing.


B. Xavier Cooper. Used to play soccer - has feet so quick it's scary - he has terrific 

balance and really nice lateral movement. And he surely worries the og's.


C. Nate Orchard. Ya gotta be kiddin me. He's really QUICK, and moves laterally

with nice moves so quickly, it must be hell to try to stop him on a pass rush.

No kidding. And strong.


D. McCown, of course. He and Shaw just seem to feel it, sense it, see the field.

    I am a big Shaw fan, no big arm, well jimmy crack corn and I don't care. He 

    has "it". 


     Now, I don't want to catch hell over it, but I can see Shaw being the #2 unless

"E." has the light turn on.


E. Manziel. Did a couple of good and quick things. But far too often, seems to be

    thinking and not just seeing. Sure, I don't know all that much, but I think... that

    he will improve. He got technically sacked, knocked on his butt,  threw a short

    pass way low, held onto the ball too long.... you get the picture. 


    He just didn't have a good day at all, was frustrated.


F. Our secondary - everybody in attendance noticed them. They are a kick ass bunch.

    Gilbert seems at ease, upbeat bigtime, and confident... and more outgoing.

    And Joe Haden just keeps astounding anybody watching him. Desir, at 6'2" ?


    Desir moves and plays like he is more like 5'10", speed and agility-wise. How the 

    heck does he DO That?


    I believe it was Tramon Williams that was all over the place making plays.


    Robert Nelson can play, all 5'8" and 175 lbs of him, but on one play, a contact the 

    guy running with the ball drill, when he contacted... he didn't wrap up at all.

    He got a bit of a quick message about that. interesting....


    Donte Whitner - sure, it's only practice, but he's explosive and he means business.


G. At one point, there was a big quick brawl - it was either Jacobbi McDaniel or Michael

     Bowie that really were into a big deal with somebody on the offense, I never got to see

     who it was, the brawl grew big too quickly, and the Browns never moved a little Bobcat

     type of vehicle from in front of us.


H. Paul Kruger is also serious business. With his helmet off, when walking in the opposite

     direction, he reminds me of Clay Mathews III. He is one tough kickass guy out there.


I.  It wasn't just me - a lot of folks in the crowd were noticing #88 - Kevin Cone. WR, 6'3", 216,

    third year out of Georgia Tech. He was really impressive.


J. The only other two I noticed, were Housler, TE, and Mayle, WR. I think both will play

    and will make people wish they had brought them to their team. You watch.


K. I really would love to win that Browns F-150. It would also be cool to win that

    Joe Thomas autographed mini-helmet. I just wish it was win the Browns F-150 with

    Joe Thomas in the passenger seat with us going fishing.


    But I'd setlle for the mini-helmet. But the F-150 would really ROCK.


L. That's all. 

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#398165 Buyer Beware: Browns Track Record at drafting QBs

Posted by CLEinCHI on 10 April 2014 - 04:37 PM

To quote Coach Mike Pettine:  "break off the rear view mirror" 

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#317695 Twins

Posted by Comeonman on 15 December 2012 - 11:13 AM

Well, my wife just gave birth to our new twin girls this morning at 8:34. Maybe they will bring some luck with them, and we will beat the crap out of WAS. Here's to them seeing a browns Super Bowl (when they are still toddlers )

I really believe along with these new lives, the browns have a new breath. Since they came back into the league, I have not had this good of a feeling about a roster. I am incredibly optimistic, and I am now giving a lot of credit to Heckert
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#310372 This Win Doesn't Even Feel Good

Posted by Tim Couch Pulls Out on 28 October 2012 - 06:03 PM

Shut the fuck up already. Go fucking watch the Packers, asshole.

I'm tired of these bitchy posters that find anything to complain over. Our rookie RB came back from a rib injury and gashed the 2nd ranked rush defense for 122 yards and a TD. Our QB, who many have dubbed as an INT machine, threw 0 INT's for the second straight week.

It wasn't the best performance, but you have to learn how to win ugly before you can win pretty. We've dropped enough close games this season for this to be something to find inspiration in, yet you want to complain?

Oh, Meachem dropped a wide open TD? Boo fucking hoo, pussy. Do you think Colts fans last week were complaining when Gordon dropped a wide open TD?

You want 80 points a game? Watch Oregon.

And for the record, throwing a season because you want a higher draft pick is an absolute disgrace and even mentioning it shows why you sit at home on Sundays while the real men are on the field. You're a fucking weasel if you toss a season to get a higher draft pick and you deserve the worst form of dick leprosy on that tiny pinprick you wank in your bathroom.

Some of you don't deserve a Browns win, you sillynanny fucking queefs.
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#305489 Weeden Looking Dreadful.....

Posted by runyon27 on 27 September 2012 - 10:23 PM

Some of you guys are smoking crack, I think this the best game, most complete game in all phases we have played this year against one of the best teams in the NFL. I guess you expect the QB position to have 100% completion percentage. You know maybe if we didn't drop so many passes this game might even be closer.
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#285831 Perfect Day

Posted by Zombo on 26 April 2012 - 11:33 PM

We traded a bunch of crap late round picks that never work out to INSURE that we would get the third superstar in a three superstar draft.

Fucking bulldozing, big legged stud to kick AFC North ass ...

THEN we took the big guy with the big AFC North gun at #22.

No more pussy-ass "scrappy" guys with minor league arms like Frye, Quinn and McCoy, we got a real man with horseballs who, unfortunately, will only be able to fire fastballs on the lake for 12 more years.

If you pussies are seriously bent out of shape because we didn't draft a fucking tackle in the first round or because we traded some shit picks to make sure we got THE best non-qb offensive threat in the draft, then you can blow me, because this was a ballsy "all-in" AFC North draft, and I fucken love it.

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#282465 Look Into The Future For A Thread Of Hope.

Posted by Mark O on 10 April 2012 - 09:16 PM

So in your mind Richardson is worth 6 wins?

How does his dick taste?
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#266440 Dickheads On Parade

Posted by ballpeen on 13 January 2012 - 06:25 AM

Posted Image
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#261488 Taylor Becoming A Disappointment With The 1St Pick

Posted by Guest on 19 December 2011 - 11:53 AM

No way Soju.

While opinions paint convenient pictures, numbers tell the story.

From nfl.com:

Jabaal Sheard CLE DE Tackles 48 Sacks 7.5

Phillip Taylor CLE DT Tackles 52 Sacks 4.0

They were both fine picks. Mitchell is the obvious weak link.

Big Phil also takes up double-teams, freeing Sheard and LBs to make plays. He is 6th on the team in tackles!
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#303656 What's With All The Optimism?

Posted by baybrownsfan on 17 September 2012 - 12:55 AM

You are a fucking moron. I don't even want to waste my time denouncing everything you just said. I will point this out however. Kicking the field goal is undoubtedly the right choice in that decision with that amount of time and no time outs left. Also our best CB and our best DLineman were out. They will be back.
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