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  2. Orion

    Who is BrownsDawgPound?

    He's from the Andromeda galaxy. Has he been doing this for 11 years?
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  4. Nero

    It’s still not enough

    Is that a joke? If I were going to make a film, it would be about Napoleon's russian campaign. The heroic march, conquering Smolensk and Moscow, and how the war turns against an invisible enemy and the freezing winter when trying to reach back Smolensk (which they found out was devastated) and friendly lands. It would be a contraposition of patriotism-survival, blind faith in a leader, comraderie-desperation, the human limits, the homeless, the importance of soldiers in a big scale war... If you ever read about it, it has a lot of food for thought.
  5. Every gameday there is a poster who starts an "official" game thread, with a little preview of the game, but never posts anything else. I just wanted to know what did you guys think about him.
  6. Stuart Why? Because of those annoying things we call facts? Ammoland is one of the most credible sources of info. With a name like "Ammoland" they have to be...mainly for the sake of shallow folks like you who draw conclusions based on the name. Articles published in Ammoland must be factual and meet strict editorial standards. Even this site that negatively paints right wing publications with a broad brush is looking for something Ammoland reported that was not factual. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/ammoland/ Factual reporting- High
  7. hoorta

    Tampa, Who's Going?

    For those of us going, the Board Tailgate is in lot 14 with Zombo's Naples Browns Backers. BYOB, and a contribution for food.
  8. C'mon sonny.. Grow a pair.. Now you guys watch.. OSU will drop to number 5 despite getting SMOKED by 29... BY an unranked team !! Again!! Happens every farking yr! Someone explain Monday morning how Ohio State is ranked above Purdue!! 29!!! At least they didn't do this Sheet at home this year.. But seriously,, Ohio State will still be in the top 10.. Urban must service some serious male appendage
  9. Hi, Browns fans! Our 2-3 Cleveland Browns have a chance to win, and even their record a three games apiece, as they are down in The Sunshine State to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Browns are making their first regular season visit to Tampa Bay in their interdivisional rivalry in eight seasons, but have not won a regular season game in Tampa since 1989. Cleveland last defeated Tampa Bay by the score of 42-31 at Tampa Stadium back on November 5, 1989. Browns also lead the all-time regular season series over the Buccaneers with 6 wins over 3 losses in today's 10th meeting and also outscored the Buccaneers 188 points to 144 points in the previous nine games. NO injuries, hop Baker Mayfield can lead the Browns to their first road win as their QB, and GO BROWNS! BELIEVELAND!!!!!
  10. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/20/obituaries/finger-modzelewski-dead.html
  11. wrong. as usual, liberals blame the source of the facts, because they can't refute the facts. It betrays their dominant hostile emotions and they knee jerk.
  12. when I go out back in our woods, and it's really cold, I take a couple different ways to start a fire. and my cell phone - who knows though, maybe it gets broken in a fall - or in a wind, a widow maker goes down and pins you to the ground. You can't get to your cell phone - it just makes sense to dress for the weather, know survival techniques and have the survival tools if you do find yourself/yourselves, in a bind. I don't have all the equipment I want in my bug-out bag - running out of room. Need first aid stuff/trauma kit.
  13. For the Frauds they are.. It's getting predictable
  14. Westside Steve

    Pluto again

    https://articles.cleveland.com/pluto/index.ssf/2018/10/cleveland_browns_talkin_trades.amp Saturday WSS
  15. But on the more serious side, when I hike the backcountry I am prepared for just about anything I can think of in advance. Even know how to convert a hiking stick into splint in case I break a leg in a fall or something. Plus emergency weather stuff to fabricate a quick shelter if needed in a bad storm. Those can blow up out of nowhere in the Rockies. And if I'm there in winter months I am ready for whiteout snowstorms even though I know the trails well to get back down them with very little visibility. I take snowshoes along just in case.
  16. Orion

    Terrelle Pryor

    We offered him more than he ended up getting from the Redskins. And he's always an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty waiting to happen. But if you HAVE to have him then bring him in. He'll fit right in as an injured browns receiver.
  17. The fishhooks would be useless to me. As I tell people all the time, "When I go fishing I don't catch fish and nobody with me does either." In fact I catch more fish on the poly board than I ever caught in real life.🐠😜
  18. jiggins7919

    Terrelle Pryor

    And Jarvis Landry had 11 yards last game. No big deal. We never should have let Pryor walk and I think he's perfect for Baker. A big, reasonably fast receiver who can be a large target AND play the X position.
  19. TexasAg1969

    How Al Gorish built the global warming fraud

    Ammoland should stick to what they do best, guns, ammo and shooting news.

    Tampa, Who's Going?

    I expect a good game from the secondary after a little reading, Boddy-Calhoun in the nickel again will be pretty nice. There should be some ints, I’m kinda regretting dropping browns Defense
  21. jiggins7919

    Tampa, Who's Going?

    I lived there for a spell. Got plenty drunk in Ybor City a few times. Hehe.
  22. Orion

    Terrelle Pryor

    He was averaging less than 3 catches / game with the Jets. He went a three game stretch accumulating only 2 catches.
  23. jiggins7919

    Terrelle Pryor

    I don't even see how this is a question. We sign him. And we do it immediately. The Jets are hoping Pryor makes it back to them, and we can't let that happen.

    Tampa, Who's Going?

    Hahaha sign me up, coach
  25. PUR 14 OSU 6 with 9 min in 3rd and PUR on the 1. Upset city.
  26. mjp28

    Terrelle Pryor

    Are the BROWNS that desperate? Oh god.
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