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  2. The Cysko Kid

    Classic uniforms of the good old days

    I know you're old and often spout stupid things but you should go back and read. I said they were generic, not bad. The brown us actively bad. The white are just generic basic pants. They neither add or detract from the uniform. Almost every team in the league has some variation on the white pants. That is the very essence of generic.
  3. calfoxwc

    The Offensive Line

  4. calfoxwc

    The vaccine

    all your belligerent posts are a waste of time. You attack people and sources, you make "anti" claims with no legit reasoning - you can't back up your contentions, and you belittle everyone who doesn't agree with you. Your false narratives keep blowing up in your beak - it's tiresome. It would have been great if you actually tried to contribute constructively to this forum, on any subject. But you just don't want to, or aren't able to.
  5. Unsympathetic

    The Offensive Line

    Let's just wait and see how they stack up against a unit with five (5) first-round picks next week vs Washington -- at least it's "at home" Chase Young (2020), DaRon Payne (2018), Jonathan Allen (2017), Montez Sweat (2019), Kerrigan (2011) Washington had 8 sacks vs Philly in week 1. Even given Eagles injuries, that's absurd.. That game also made me question Wentz's status as elite
  6. Tom Cotton would make a great replacement. Constitution/Bill of Rights RULES ! Replace her NOW !
  7. https://www.npr.org/2020/09/18/100306972/justice-ruth-bader-ginsburg-champion-of-gender-equality-dies-at-87
  8. MLD Woody

    The vaccine

    I'm not sure you read anything I actually posted and you responded in a typical Steve, unnecessarily confrontational way.... So I won't waste any more time. Enjoy the normal MAGA group and JAFBF tell you vaccines can rewire your DNA. I'm sure you'll get some level of intelligent back and forth there.
  9. Tour2ma

    How did the Defense get so bad?

    Gipper is so cute when he goes potty mouth... ... OBJ would like it tho... allegedly...
  10. it's called a "color revolution" to complete, permanent power over a country. https://www.theblaze.com/glenn-tv/obama-administration-plan-color-revolution 1. Semi-autocratic regime (not fully autocratic) – provides opportunity to call incumbent leader "fascist" 2. Appearance of unpopular president or incumbent leader 3. United and organized opposition – Antifa, BLM 4. Effective system to convince the public (well before the election) of voter fraud 5. Compliant media to push voter fraud narrative 6. Political opposition organization able to mobilize "thousands to millions in the streets" 7. Division among military and police
  11. calfoxwc

    What I think.

    so, there are a few biden signs around town. I saw one - with a sign next to it that said "end racism".... right. obaMao/biden had EIGHT FREAKING YEARS in the WH, and only made racism worse. They never did help black colleges struggling - but Pres Trump and Pence DID. They didn't drastically lower unemployment in the private sector for blacks and other minorities. Nope. But Pres Trump and Pence did. Those are FACTS, my friends.
  12. calfoxwc

    What I think.

    He said: (on the football forum no less) " LOL, true that. Some have called to ask the Supreme Leader shut it down, I understand its barely tolerated. You don't like my political POV, I'm ok with that. I'm not ok with you repeatedly calling me a f**king idiot because you don't agree. There would be plenty of kiddie time outs and warning points to be had if the standards of the Browns forum were applied. Its Steve's show over there, and the inmates run the asylum. Enter at your own risk. " ***************************************** yep. some whiner liberals who can't control the narrative - want the political board shut down. They are getting frantic to cancel culture the rest of us because they see the polls tightening, even with Pres Trump and VP Pence taking the lead. They also see HUNDREDS of good/GREAT reasons to vote Pres Trump and Pence back in for another four years. and they don't have ONE legit good/great reason to vote for anyone else. Everybody else knows why - they are outnumbered here, for good reason, and they could find a lot of liberal help over on the football side, and they can bitch and moan and deride people with a far bigger audience. Barely tolerated eh? Yeah, by the likes of him, and woodpecker and whoever else. I stand by my opinion - He and a few? others tried to raise hell over here, to get it shut down, so they could control all politics over there. And over here, he's one of the most judgemental nasty posters here, maybe. And, only the conservatives would be censored over there. That is what I think, you betcha. You can bet the lefties can threaten (like over here) with pistol whipping, threaten violence if they meet a conservative in person (happening all over the country...thanks for NOTHING obaMao and biden), extremely foul language and personal attacks on family members etc... and he won't say one thing. We've seen that here. The "cancel" culture, and "warning points"... only work one way - against conservatives. I don't know ANYONE who has called him a "f** idiot". My opinion is, you either agree with him, kiss his ring, or he talks deleting posts, shutting the forum down, censoring conservatives on the board, and leaving for good. A lot of hateful emotionalism from somebody that starts trouble because he is disagreed with, he can't name ONE, and he can't back up his silly contentions with out slurs against our President that make zero sense, and spouting false narratives - totally not true. Just my opinion - don't start name calling and insulting, then complain that you get it back. Even to the point about smarting off about OBF - who was one of the very best and gracious posters on this board.
  13. jiggins7919

    The Offensive Line

    Did anyone mention how amazing Hubbard was? Conklin couldn't play and Hubbs came in and was brilliant.
  14. Today
  15. Ibleedbrown

    Protest Thread

    Politics: where the players all claim to play for the same team but the fans convince themselves otherwise.
  16. It Seems Joe updated the first video yet again (have posted it long ago myself) - hadn't seen the changes before. Things are a lot worse than that, but an excellent primer.
  17. Stupid Vindman. He can still be recalled to Service and Court Martialled under the UCMJ. Interesting topic that - perhaps some other time.
  18. JAFBF

    The vaccine

    Beware. At least one candidate is an mRNA Vaccine - never been done before : Meaning, they can essentially rewire your DNA. https://horizon-magazine.eu/article/five-things-you-need-know-about-mrna-vaccines.html As if there weren't enough potential issues with "regular" vaccines.
  19. Not yet - you'll know it when it hits though. Expecting post Election, but there should be precursors.
  20. Vagitron

    MNF Musings...

    How am I homerish about our secondary? Tomlin said they purposely exposed the secondary to stop the run. Go see where Nelson rated last season. Minkah is a monster and haden still has the gas. Edmunds is the wild card but he's rarely out of position. We then have Hilton and Sutton. There is nothing homerish about what I said. Our defense is legit across the board. It's also been a while on the OC. LOL. Whiz? Arians..... but he got Ben killed. I think Haley changed Ben the most for the better. Who knows. It ain't randy. Lol
  21. SdBacker80

    We Should of kept Schobert

    I have to imagine they did some kind of outreach on that option. PR perspective...it’s a need...he was a player.
  22. Westside Steve

    The official Terry Pluto thread

  23. Westside Steve

    The vaccine

    yes yes Woody we know you're special. But you're exactly who I'm talking to. What do you think the disease is deadly extremely serious somewhat serious whatever you think we should really ramp up the precautions. Fine. So what I was asking in case you couldn't figure it out it's how many people that felt that way are willing to risk getting the disease through TESTING the vaccination. That's pretty much it. But thanks again for the Trump Trump trump Trump trump Trump trump. WSS
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