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  2. I am aware that dipshits who hate gays or any other pet project will draw from the Old Testament but they cherry pick for their agenda. A story old as man.
  3. calfoxwc

    Gulf of Tonkin 2.0?

    https://www.haaretz.com/1.5347215 " Only recently, say intelligence sources, the Americans found dozens of MIG-21 fighter planes hidden in the Iraqi desert. And just four years after the first Gulf War, after Saddam's son-in-law defected, WMDs were found hidden in a chicken coop. If Saddam had nothing to hide in the run-up to the most recent conflict, claim intelligence agents, why did he choose to challenge the Americans over weapons inspectors, eventually losing his grip on power? "
  4. I am clearly not a believer. That said why would Jesus need to die if he did indeed want the rules from the Old Testament to still be acknowledged?
  5. oh its out of context? well than elucidate this context u lazy ngr. When i catch people out behind the shed doin too much i give tge context they left out while the whip is crackin. ☕
  6. Clevfan4life

    Gulf of Tonkin 2.0?

    arent u on record saying sometimes a meme is worth a 1000 words ? oh is that only ur woodpecker memes? ☕
  7. im not outright defending slimy hillary but do u understandvtge difference as it pertains to the institution of democracy between opposition research and a foreign power offering aid, which they never do for free? im not going to claim i know all the detsils about that steele dossier...im not sure anybody really does. But a guy using his career contacts with multiple foreign entities in pursuit of fullfilling a private contract he's been paid for....while it doesnt pass my smell test...is not tge same thing as a foreign govt DIRECTLY contacting a president or candidate and offering aid. Which Trump is now ON RECORD as saying he'd "take a look". Bet ur ass him and his people are for sure being monitored now by our intelligence agencies. And they should be watching him.
  8. calfoxwc

    Gulf of Tonkin 2.0?

    a meme puts it succinctly? really now. https://www.weeklystandard.com/mark-hemingway/are-syrias-chemical-weapons-iraqs-missing-wmd-obamas-director-of-intelligence-thought-so Are Syria's Chemical Weapons Iraq's Missing WMD? Obama's Director of Intelligence Thought So.
  9. no, you don't know what you are talking about, thereby taking some passages OUT OF CONEXT. The Bible is complex, you emotional knee jerk to get attention.
  10. yeah i guess posting "actual" passages from the NT is just way too next level....
  11. Calloway had 7 drops last year and that doesn't count the plays he visibly quit on or didn't stick his hands out for. He is not ready to step into Landry's shoes.. Higgins however may actually have that capability due to his vastly better hands. Also, don't kid yourself -- Landry isn't "just" a possession receiver. If he's "just" anything, he's just a good wide receiver.
  12. I wish you had some kind of idea to intelligently discuss a subject. https://purechurchofgod.wordpress.com/2009/06/21/jesus-brought-the-new-testament-to-replace-the-old-law/
  13. https://danielmiessler.com/blog/no-jesus-did-not-soften-the-old-testament-in-fact-he-did-the-opposite-and-heres-what-that-means/
  14. sure sounds like the "biblical" jesus didnt think things were that complicated either..... So first, here is Jesus speaking specifically on the topic of Old Testament teachings: The Law Stands Keep in mind, this is Jesus Christ saying this–in the Bible that all Christians own and cherish. Don’t take my word for it; look it up–it’s all there. So now that we understand that he fully supported what’s in the Old Testament, let’s take a look at what he actually just commanded us to uphold.
  15. It's about power - reverse discrimination is power. It's also wrong. Racism is wrong. https://www.theblaze.com/news/nyc-public-school-educators-allegedly-told-to-favor-black-students-over-whites
  16. these pastors dont seem to share ur pessimism on the validity of the OT. ☕
  17. Clevfan4life

    Gulf of Tonkin 2.0?

    this puts it succinctly. ☕
  18. Your thinking however was also correct.....but that was AFTER Ryan got rid of him. Carter DID learn his lesson (supposedly, though I never watched him live again). He DID become a mentor.
  19. they refuse to admit that they won't learn the difference about the Old Testament and New Testament. and they won't look up the word "supercede", either. (and yes, I have never liked the alternate more correct spelling "sede" is nonsense use in the word, whereas "cede" is accurate) Once more, the New Testament renders the Old Testament LAWS obsolete. The Old Testament laws were impossible to keep. The point is, it is impossible for us to be perfect like God. Therefore, God created his only Son, to die for all our inherent imperfections, take them away.... sure, it's complicated - liberal haters go by emotions, and emotions take no time at all, and said liberal haters gloss over complex, rational, critical thinking required explanations. It conflicts with their emotional knee jerks.
  20. Today
  21. Mar 29, 2016 - Then listen to the words of former United Nations climate official Ottmar ... "We redistribute de facto the world's wealth by climate policy," said ... 'Global warming' is not about the science – UN Admits: 'Climate ... https://www.climatedepot.com/.../global-warming-is-not-about-the-science-un-admits-... May 24, 2017 - 'Global warming' is not about the science – UN Admits: 'Climate change policy is about how we redistribute the world's wealth' ... Instead, climate change policy is about how we redistribute de facto the world's wealth. .... Media freaks that 'Trump official consulted climate deniers' · Trump's Green Re-election ... Another Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare ... https://www.investors.com/.../another-climate-alarmist-admits-real-motive-behind-war... Mar 29, 2016 - Then listen to the words of former United Nations climate official Ottmar ... "We redistribute de facto the world's wealth by climate policy," said ... Mark Steyn - IPCC Official Admits Global Warming Is A Lie To ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdoRvly02Bo Aug 23, 2017 - UN IPCC Official Admits 'We Redistribute World's Wealth By Climate Policy' If you needed any more evidence that the entire theory of ...
  22. There are new discoveries of oil, coal and gas, new tech to reach the more cost-prohibitive carbon resources. I railed agaist the mmgw hysteria for years. The idea that we are in an energy crisis is nonsense. I suppose in centuries, you mentioned millenia, we could start running short on resources? or not. But the left has made it their political, financial, power attainment, and vote getting vehicle. so has the united nations, the corrupt scumbags. Those who go with the hysteria, never seem to give a crap about the millions of acres of destruction of the earth's rainforests. When most of us realize that CO2 is processed by plants - the left couldn't care less. Our grid could get hit, our economy could crash (not with Pres Trump at the steering wheel of the Great Ship America), but later...who knows.. a natural calamity could wreck us, we could get attacked by space aliens like in the movies...centuries before the fossil fuels run out. But what do we do? Should we bother? I'd start stopping the rainforest destruction, cut bigtime back on pollution, certainly. The biggest thing we can do is invest in new technology. Who knows - we could discover a tiny crystal on another planet that would heat a home for years. Generate it's own heat? No emission? Who knows. But investing requires companies to go with R&D with money they can afford to invest. The left wants to take most of their money away, in terms of taxes, fees, lawsuits, shutdowns, and fines - over car/truck emissions, cows farting, where people have thermostats, campfires, colors of roofs. Just like obaMao"care" - it didn't solve the problem - it created many, and failed. It was intended to be a political surfboard to elections. ObaMao invesetment of OUR MONEY into solyndra was a disastrous political pile of crap. New Tech to cost-effectively replace fossil fuels may not get here ever, or soon...but that is where the problem will be solved. I'm not saying your a liberal marxist wingnut at all - but those who are love mmgw. and they to the opposite of encouraging R&D of corporations. Unless of course, they are getting rich off those corporations, as algorish and others have done, by frantically screaming about a fake crisis. Solyndra Scandal | Full Coverage of Failed Solar Startup - The ... https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/specialreports/solyndra-scandal/ Key coverage of the investigation into Solyndra, the Silicon Valley startup that collapsed, leaving taxpayers liable for $535 million in federal guarantees . ... Since the failure of solar-panel company Solyndra, President Obama’s $80 billion clean-technology program has begun to ... Another Climate Alarmist Admits Real Motive Behind Warming Scare ... https://www.investors.com/.../another-climate-alarmist-admits-real-motive-behind-war... Mar 29, 2016 - Then listen to the words of former United Nations climate official Ottmar ... "We redistribute de facto the world's wealth by climate policy," said ... Wealth Redistribution and Globalism, for the Climate https://www.thenewamerican.com/.../30977-wealth-redistribution-and-globalism-for-t... Jan 8, 2019 - Wealth Redistribution and Globalism, for the Climate ... As the state-funded BBC put it, these rules “will govern the way the world tackles climate change for ... Despite the total failure of every UN climate model to accurately ... GOLDSTEIN: Failed climate policies are about wealth redistribution ... https://torontosun.com/.../goldstein-failed-climate-policies-are-about-wealth-redistributio... Oct 10, 2018 - It's a multi-billion dollar taxation and wealth redistribution program. ... stop catastrophic warming, even if Canada and the rest of the world's nations were ... The UN says Canada and the global community must now achieve far ...
  23. DieHardBrownsFan

    Our great President FB feed

  24. He should be but Belicheck isn't very reliable in who he features week to week when it comes to running backs..too much rotation in the backfield
  25. Canton Mike

    Happy Father's Day!

    HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all Dads out there!! Mike
  26. Flugel

    is TE our weakest

    I'm waiting to see what our new DC prefers to do with the personnel. I've always agreed with your perspective above. In the past, 1 gap schemes aimed at penetration up front haven't always been favorable for our LBers especially against the run. While Marty had a lot of critics for his asss pucker post season offense/prevent-a-win pass defense - his regular season defense was sound against the run. In fact, it was #1 against the run in 86 which was our only season in the last 5 decades that we won as many as 12 regular season games. The biggest thing that defense lacked was a Derrick Thomas nobody could block off the edge even though Chip Banks was drafted to perpetuate that kind of impact. That said, Reggie Camp/Sam Clancy and the 34 year old Carl Hairston (9 sacks) were very efficient at maintaining outside leverage on the containment funneling everything inside. Bob Golic wasn't a BIG dude by any means; but man did our 2 ILBs play some really good football from his consistent 2 gap integrity. Here comes a temporary exception to the rule or 2. When Bud Carson came here with his up-field 1 gap scheme, the 37 year old Carl Hairston kicked inside and gave us 6.5 sacks, MD Perry gave us 7 sacks, Al Bubba Baker gave us 7.5 sacks at LDE while Robert Banks added 4 sacks. MLB Mike Johnson made the Pro Bowl as did OLB Clay Matthews meaning 2 of our 3 LBers were efficient enough for acknowledgement. Our defense was ranked 4th out of 28 teams at points allowed at 15.9 points per game. 1 year later the ship capsized and sunk. The defense ended up ranked 28th out of 28 teams at points given up. Bud Carson was fired with a 2-7 record; while the permanent look on Jim Shofner's face after the 911 operator asked him to hold said "No habla." The other example I can think of was D'Qwell Jackson playing his best/most instinctive football in terms of making most of his tackles at the line of scrimmage in lieu of 20 yards down field more of the time. In fact, he only averaged 2.5 tackles for loss prior to moving into MLB in 2011 when he enjoyed 12 TFL. Defense ended up ranked 5th out of 32 teams in points allowed with just 19.2 per game. The thing that used to drive me nuckin futs was watching us try to copy teams that were running a 3-4 Defense without anywhere near their personnel to pull it off the same. Some would say "well, it takes time and growing pains." While true, asking a fan base to repeat their patience with square pegging round holes via scheme all the time made little sense when the newbies in charge were just going to get fired. Too many bad dejavues for comfort. There's talent in this defense even somewhat at LBer if we can just keep Kirskey and Schobert healthy. Schobert wasn't a Pro Bowl alternate because he sucked. For the last 2 years, we've worked around injuries to at least 2 of the 3 LBers starting for significant portions of the season. You can vary 1 gap and 2 gap schemes up front. I've seen defenses do this where they slant the line to a wide side or to an offensive formation strength via 1 gap penetrations while they scraped the LBers the other way. You can also mix in an inside or outside X stunt where the LBer blitzes 1 gap and the dlinemen seals the other. It's not that tough to vary stuff up front. Know your chess pieces and treat us to the sic em, sock em and sack em we deserve!
  27. MLD Woody

    Our great President FB feed

    Awe... Better when it said Prince of Whales
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