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  2. The Browns could land a damaged Andrew Luck for the right price.

    Trent Richardson and Johnny Football should be signed, we could win then.
  3. Luck if healthy would be better then any qb we have had in many many years key words IF HEALTHY!
  4. we really have to define what that even means with respect to the nfl. Because the definition simply is: information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics. Obviously everyone does this and has always done this, with the essence being what should we be concentrating on and finding a perfect fit between the system used and the strengths of our team with that data. Lets start with what it means(or really meant) with the baseball revolution that took place about 15-20 years ago: when people talk about moneyball, they arent simply talking about analytics. For decades upon decades people in baseball were pouring over stats and data and getting information and making decisions about it. The problem was they were focusing on the wrong data and the wrong statistics. You can analyze it to death, but if you're doing it the wrong way it's going to be f'd up. So this was the foundation of moneyball- moneyball wasn't "let's focus on the analytics". moneyball was "we are focusing on the wrong stats now". Thats an oversimplified version of course(lots of other things are part of it...positional value, scouting trends, defense independent pitching stats, etc), but you get the gist. What 'the process' meant in the nba(again, due to the nature of the nba) was that acquiring elite/transcendant players was essential to become a team with a title shot and the best chance to acquire those players is through very high(possibly #1) lottery picks. And that there is no value in being somewhere between the 7th and 26th or so best team in the league....better to be terrible than mediocre or slightly below average because it gives you a slightly better chance to be great later and the chance of being great is all that matters. So again, 'moneyball' in baseball and 'the process' in the nba are both kind of lumped together sometimes, but they are radically different because of the very different nature of the nba and major league baseball. If Lebron and Steph Curry happen to be on the same team that team is going to win/compete for an nba title. If Mike Trout and Matt Scherzer are on the same team it's certainly awesome to have two superstars like that, but we don't know about their chances to win the world series without a lot more info. Again very different leagues. Now the nfl....what is the 'moneyball' and 'the process' equivalent in the nfl? What does that look like? I don't think anyone has figured that out yet....maybe there isn't one? Meaning maybe there isn't a defining philosophy on how to most efficiently build championship teams. Interestingly, another component of nba analytics over the last several years is much more data on what is a 'high value' shot now than before. Hence all the talk about how value open corner 3's off a catch are. It's all about trying to find ways to garner the most ppp(points per possession) as possible, and devising matchups and an offense around that. We're not there yet in football and the nfl. But obviously the goal in any sports league today is to identify where you gain the most value at certain positions above replacement level for a certain cost. Where can I 'get by' with a C+/B- guy and it won't kill me so I can pour my resources into finding an A guy where there is more value difference? It seems like the patriots do this better than anyone....understanding that certain positions are fungible and others not so fungible.
  5. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    I have to watch tape of him but i like that type of DE who could also DT and 5 tech. In our 4-3 that kind of LDE to me is a perfect counter to garrets more speed rushing RDE. This is why i was high on that schult kid in ore season cause he was more of that run stopping power rushing type that i like. If this phillips kid is as good ad that scouting report suggests he coyld be interesting. A power DE that can easily slide inside and sub in at DT.
  6. Lols he hasnt even played a down for us yet.
  7. If infy wants to part with him for a 2nd, sure. Anything higher, nope.
  8. Yes we knew she was dirty but......

    Ur lousy comeback preceded mine ergo i win again.
  9. And another one!!!!!!!

    Ur a talking fgt susan shut up
  10. There is no 'the process' with this team....

    more of the same nonsense isn't really change.
  11. What a 6th Grader Thinks About The Browns

    Michigan also should be up there.. Mich and Ohio are famous for concord grapes.. I grew up in a house that was a grape storage house over 100 years ago in Euclid.. we still had concord grape vines growing over the fence.. But I never risked eating them because Linderme Tube Factory plant was behind our house and street... And they kept dumping oil and chemicals in the woods behind the fence... Linderme Tube is now a defunct plant..
  12. The Browns could land a damaged Andrew Luck for the right price.

    Buy low, sell high.
  13. ballpeen is probably right. Jimmuh seems like he'll skate. HaSlammer - for a name if he goes up the river.
  14. Today
  15. I think it was just gay marriage. Or as his website said "natural marriage"... Which is even more offensive becuase even if he says he loves you just to get you naked, you know a ring just isn't in your future.
  16. Gordon hanging out with Greg Little at Bar last night

    He just be chillin.
  17. And another one!!!!!!!

    Were talking men talk here nancy, shut up.
  18. Wasn't there some kind of background noise? Oh, but it had to be just the TV with Big Ben yelling out, "Dilly Dilly!" Could not have been JG & friends.
  19. Yes we knew she was dirty but......

    Lousy comeback. That estrogen is Shmucking with your mentally ill brain.
  20. That woman had a bonafide HC in Dickey Vermiel and potential HOF QB Kurt Warner..Dee has Sheet... Just sayin'..
  21. Rumors. Harbaugh, others to Browns??

    Well that pretty much describes gumby doesn't it?
  22. Andrew Luck is toast.. No thanks...
  23. Yesterday
  24. IMO...it's only a matter of time for Gordon to fall off the wagon.
  25. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    Great..Hoorta, you may have a new tag team partner not named Mitchell in this years draft..Gip, Matt Leinart was a lefty. Tossing dump offs to guys like Reggie Bush & Lendale White fattening up Leinart's stat line..Darnold is tossing it around, to as many as 8 players that are soon to be uber drivers trying to get thru school..
  26. So why do they wait so long to complain?

    He was about to run for mayor but he never made it to primary. We'll never know but i dont recall him polling well. Im sure some upper east side joos might have voted for him but the majority of NY thiught the guy was a clown. Jon stewart was a childhood friend of his but utterly roasted him for what he did. Dont kid urself that new yorkers have a short memory. The carlos danger jokes were all the rage
  27. Good on a Team Captain Christian Kirksey..(your other team captains..JT,Collins,J.Taylor,B.Colquitt)
  28. The Browns could land a damaged Andrew Luck for the right price.

    Drew Brees was coming off of a bad shoulder when he signed with the Saints. Healthy Andrew Luck is as good as Carson Wentz.
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