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  3. Josh Gordon

    so that makes Gordon a butthead. The Browns need the player that Gordon COULD have been. an asset that can't/won't stay out of trouble, is a rotten asset. His excuses are old, if he does get re-instated, it would be some weeks before he is in football shape? Just say "NO" to one more time.
  4. McCain goes full Progressive

    It was a joke bill btw. Absolutely absurd. Allowing healthcare companies to cap out ur illness? I mean wtf? And that was just one point of contention there was a bunch more
  5. McCain goes full Progressive

    Is that u kettle?
  6. Betting odds on HC Firing

    I don't care if Jackson is a good OC, he needs to be a good HC. They are not the same thing, which is something Browns owners struggle to understand.
  7. Josh Gordon

    Especially since that's where all of Gordon's brain cells are located. If Old Yellar had a sequel - would it be this sad?
  8. Kizer

    That FPMA is a classic line. While true it also means he was throwing to FPMA so I take some comfort in seeing he was the reason our FPMA played better than their FPMA. As much as I liked Kizer's long ball off a 5-7 step drop - those are all timing throws to an area where he wasn't asked to read or think (expediting the release). He either threw to the post or pylon. On the short to mid-range stuff, he's taking way too long to get rid of the ball or leave the pocket. That leads me to believe the processing of info is where he is not ready. Hogan looked way better and more comfortable with that last week except for the INT he threw. I'm not sold Kizer WON the job or outperformed Hogan on a daily basis. He had 2 gorgeous deep throws to 2 different WRs (1 guy didn't make the team and the other plays as often as our water boys). Kizer has the same bionic arm Derek Anderson has so the Ravens watched enough film to keep him just as uncomfortable as teams began to keep Derek Anderson when he played himself out of starting lineups here and in Arizona. IMO, what makes a QB is the ability to process the information in front of him at the speed of the game with accurate throws. If Kizer starts and plays well - I'm okay with keeping him in. But if he starts off shakey again this week, what's wrong with making a 21 year old rookie that should only be a junior at Notre Dame watch most of his 3rd NFL game from the sidelines? It's not like Kizer is a 1st round pick so what makes him special enough to white flag winnable games? Tom Brady didn't start 1 game as a rookie while Jared Goff also watched a bunch of games from the sidelines as a rookie. Again, even Kosar didn't start until about week 5 or 7 of his rookie year. I feel like we can ruin Kizer's career a lot like the Rams could have ruined Goff's career by playing him before he's ready. Why????
  9. McCain goes full Progressive

    I bet you didn't know that under this bill Ohio gets an estimated $9 Bil less in Fed funds for healthcare than they currently get per year. Feel better now?
  10. Josh Gordon

    ...and I don't think Haslam or Hue WANT him back after his last episode. But the reality is, their receiver corps is quite the mess so they NEED him back. Let's face it. Coleman's injured and maybe gone for the year. Britt is jogging around out there and the only way he gets open is by pushing the DB out of the way (what's he got, 2 penalties for doing that?). Aside from that we've got big lumbering TE's....and Higgins who's had one decent day in 2 years. In as much as they might want to tell Josh to go bang his ass on a sharp rock, they can't. They need his ass.
  11. Josh Gordon

    https://sports.yahoo.com/nfl-nothing-josh-gordon-status-141111851.html decided on Crown Royal Game day & mailing Poe the purple bag for his magic beans
  12. Josh Gordon

    I think option "C" is the correct one PO. Josh has done a great job of punishing himself, don't blame it on Goodell. Don't forget- the Browns have to want him back too.
  13. Here are a few things you seem like you NEED Ghoolie
  14. Josh Gordon

    I get it. But at the same time, how long can Goodell keep punishing Gordon before it is extreme. Goodell's been asked about Gordon by Browns Fans when he was in Canton. It's been all over the news. He's known it was coming. He should have had an answer available earlier already. There is no excuse for him to act like it's a surprise and he was unaware this was coming. Either tell the kid back in March when he reapplied that: A)We're not letting you get back in the league, ever. So quit asking. B)You can rejoin the team before the first regular season game if you pass tests A, B and C. C)You can rejoin the team after you served another 4 game suspension that you already served last season but since you made me look like an ass after helping you out, you can serve another one this year and if after that you can pass tests A, B and C- you'll be reinstated for week 5. But to say, "I don't have anything on my desk." and when he has time, if he feels like it, he'll try to review it, maybe decide when he feels like it... that's frustrating, for the player, the team and the fans.
  15. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Have an awesome trip Hoorta! I hope you get to see a victory. I'm going to be there in spirit with ya Dawg. We're going to WIN this one. We're due. I really like Williams, he's not quite like I was expecting him to be. He's not just a yeller without a purpose. He can turn it on and get mad but he knows how to get the guys on Defense to buy into his philosophy and play hard for him without them tuning him out. I like Hue Jackson- However, I have always seen him as an excellent Offensive Coordinator. He's got the personality of a rock and not in the stoic sense. Ideally I would like Hue to go back to focus on just the offense. He made Andy Dalton work and that guy and that team is ugh-ly. That's why I'm afraid he gonna get Kizer to do just enough that it keeps us from finding our Franchise QB, which I think he could have right under his nose in Hogan. I'll never root for Kizer to intentionally lose though. It's not about Kizer- It's about The Browns, it's about Cleveland and North East Ohio, it's about coming for what's ours. Victory!
  16. Isnt there? I mean if ur not watching football why would you bother talking about it on the internets?
  17. Kizer

    I hear ya. We didn't get to see much of Hogan during the preseason. And when he DID play it was against the FPMA (future pizza makers of america). But he was on the team last year...so you have to figure that Hue knows his abilities. He's promoted him above Kessler.....so there is that.
  18. I met someone

    How did you meet her online? Does she have any sisters?
  19. Yes, everybody knows there’s a direct correlation between NFL viewership and posters on an internet message board. Great logic.
  20. Betting odds on HC Firing

    We've tried the fire everybody approach how many times? So we should try it again? You have to start winning sometime, and against the Colts would be a good start. Will they? In the famous words of Chris Berman "that's why they play the game." Hue gets canned- Williams is taking over. Sorry about that Tom. If you're only counting wins and losses, this years edition of the Browns is no different than last years. Williams defense is an improvement over Hortons- YOU may not think so, but it's way different too. Finally, I'm getting up around three hours early to make the 110 mile drive to Indy- to watch what I hope will be the Browns first win of the year. I'm a happy camper in this regard- I got a 40 yard line Club Seat for 1\2 off. Hehehe. Now about the Colt's dime a dozen o-line, which was worth about 2 cents, and now their starting center is out on top of it. Should be another long day for Brissett.
  21. Folks, these are Entertainers . . . nothing more. They're not going to change the course of History, they're not going to bring about World Peace, they not going to _________ (fill in the blank) . . . They're Athletic Entertainers . . . that's it, and as far as the Browns are concerned, they haven't put much of a product on the field in the last x years. Politics ? Gimme a frickin' break, both Parties are as Corrupt as the day is long . . . flush 'em all and every Bureaucratic Department along with 'em. I just wanted to watch some good ole Football, and we haven't had that from this Organization in Decades. Don't think we're going to see that anytime soon, and as the Man said, this ain't the same game anymore, and it may well not be around too much longer thanks to the Pansies in charge.
  22. This Week in the AFC North

    Glad you're doing OK Z, but you need to scrape that mud off the crystal ball. I'll take the Steelers to kill the Bears, and the Ravens win this one.
  23. Josh Gordon

    I'm sure Gordon told Goodell at the last meeting, "I'm good, I've cleaned up my act, ready to play football." Then he proceeds to as Orion said ^^^^^ I doubt Roger has forgotten it. He's got to apply for reinstatement PO, it's not something that's just going to be handed to him. I think it may happen- eventually. You can take this one to the bank, this will absolutely be Josh's last chance if he gets back in, even his trainer admits as much. It's stay clean, or reapply for that auto salesman's gig.
  24. Kizer

    Pretty well sums things up as I see them as well.
  25. Josh Gordon

    Yea, I tagged this as I really didn't see how his Agent would know more than anyone else about this - especially after Goodell said he wasn't even looking into it a week or two earlier. It may happen eventually, but this timeline laid out was just a bit too much, and at this point in things . . . not sure it matters.
  26. Yesterday
  27. Get ready to start seeing alot of white players actually sitting/kneeling in the coming weeks, not just a hand on the shoulder. U break out the "know ur damn role ngr" and now you've stirred the hornets nest
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