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  2. Icecube

    Njoku and agent Rosenhaus demand trade

    Ummm, no, what is your question/assertion? I'm not "cricket hunting."
  3. Damn- you tried- and failed- to turn it into a border wall problem Cal- nice try at deflection.... My, my- again- there's a massive denial of reality emanating from the White House. Lysol, "game changer" hydroxy, it's going to go away without a vaccine, we need to open the schools, AMA. That stands for "Against Medical Advice". The guy is a dangerous quack, who's putting the lives of Americans needlessly at risk. Or you going to deny Trump ever spewed that crap? You have way too much time on your hands absorbing everything Fox, Red State, and other right wing opinions spew. You think you can bury opposing opinions under a mountain of right wing garbage? I won't waste my time. Said it already. How's those Mexicans illegals upping the covid numbers in Florida doing Cal? One well placed quote is worth 10 of Cal's Deep State paranoid xenophobic BS rants.....
  4. It's still entertaining. You can look at it like "At least we aren't as f--- up as we were then." Or as jacked when Freddie was running things. Browns are better situated then 2018-2019. If there is a season, I expect one of the best Browns' seasons since 1994.
  5. Today
  6. Now it was way too heavy handed, but I did get amused by CNN ripping into Betty Devose trying to defend Trump's "open the schools", right after his "open the economy" has cases going through the roof. Only reason Pelosi and the Democrats aren't going to impeach him for a truly historic second time "for high crimes and misdemeanors" causing unnecessary sickness and death among Americans is- they figure he's Dead Man Walking in November.... And his Republican lemming senators wouldn't dare kick him out of office- OTOH, if they value their own jobs- maybe they should at least think about it.... At least here Dayton way- people have more sense than "I wanna be (re)elected President Hydroxy-Lysol.... the DDN opinion poll asked the question- Are you comfortable sending your kid back to school? The answer? 80% nope.
  7. this man LIVED it. And he is WARNING us about it. https://www.redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/07/12/watch-american-who-fled-castros-cuba-describes-the-greatness-of-america-and-warns-of-the-peril-we-face-now/ Watch: American Who Fled Castro’s Cuba Describes the Greatness of America and Warns of the Peril We Face Now
  8. yes, "systemic racism" is a crock of crap. and yes, this election may be the end of America - the point of no return. Permanent corruption by the marxist dems. https://www.theblaze.com/news/thomas-sowell-says-systemic-racism-has-no-meaning-warns-2020-election-could-be-point-of-no-return Thomas Sowell says systemic racism 'has no meaning;' warns 2020 election could be 'point of no return' "The people who use it don't have any clear idea what they're saying," Thomas Sowell tells Mark Levin.
  9. calfoxwc

    A profile in liberal woodpecker violence

    woodpecker got Dunning Kruger. definately has a real zinger ringer to it....
  10. calfoxwc

    Pelosi pees herself! LOL

    I don't see anyone seriously voting for democrats in the congressional and presidential elections. seriously.
  11. calfoxwc

    A Profile in Courage

    Say, I have a Browns one - I'm gonna get one of those, too !
  12. blah blah. I never said "primary reason". I simply tried to explain to you, lib...I mean "independent"... that there are a lot more reasons for the spike than your simple minded TDS blaming republicans and especially Pres Trump. Like college kids partying at the beaches. Like regular folks not listening and not wearing masks. Like protesters. This spike was predicted to happen AFTER the beaches populated and the protests happened. Toss in regular folks refusing to wear masks...I have seen entire families, with young kids, NOT wearing masks going into grocery and hardware stores weeks and weeks ago. But every single politician in every country on earth is terrible because "they could have stopped the virus"... give us a break from your dumb TDS garbage'. I get firsthand reports from friends back in McKinney Texas, and FT Worth where the brother in law lives. You don't link, your opinions stink. Have a nice day.
  13. lol. not a new idea, though:
  14. SdBacker80

    My Family Tradition as Browns Fans

    Great topic!!! The 86 Browns were my first recollection of the Browns. My dad and I watched every game (Youngstown area) we would listen to the radio during the game to hear play by play with Nev Chandler. I remember My Cousin collected these Browns Digests 70s-80s not sure what they were called He had stacked high in a cabinet. I remember being 7/8 and reading most of them each time we would visit. First game at Muni Stadium was a Monday Night game against the Colts with Mike Pagel as the QB. I was 8 I had school (2nd or 3rd grade) the next morning my mom was pissed. Now being 2500 miles away I usually call Sunday evenings and we talk about what the Browns did wrong
  15. I Got a whole different opinion of Jarvis Landry when this first aired. I hope he ends his career in Brown and Orange
  16. From another friend.. "I haven’t posted anything on Covid... at all. But I am actually WEAK right now from what I just found out. My co workers went to get tested (Alameda Location). They filled out the information for the test but the wait was 3 hours long and they decided they weren’t going to wait so left the line BEFORE they got tested. They both got a call today that they are POSITIVE for the Corona Virus... THEY NEVER GOT TESTED!!!" I'm hearing things like this more and more .. I omitted the name and location for obvious reasons... We all have the covid trackers on our phones. I feel it's just a matter of time before I'm contacted by a "tracker/tracer" and told I've been in close proximity to a Covid positive person (whether I have or haven't) and told that I am being registered as covid positive as a result.
  17. Dutch Oven

    My Family Tradition as Browns Fans

    I find it somewhat surprising - in a good way - that anyone started being a Browns fan from '99 on and still is. I mean, we older guys have memories of good teams we actually lived and died with.
  18. Dutch Oven

    My Family Tradition as Browns Fans

    The Browns should draft Saquon Barkley. He's a generational talent. 😜
  19. Isn't it obvious. After a record 15,000 cases in one day today clearly Florida was the source. They do border the Gulf of MEXICO you know. Cal didn't try to explain them, Mississippi, Georgia, etc. Just did a little border search like fuzzy headed Donald the premier Geographer. I on the other hand predicted them all based on reopenings way too soon. Didn't need any Mexicans, Africans or Swedes to blame. Just the Moron in Chief who is trying it for a second time in a far more sinister way. Spread it through premature school openings while you tear down the data, the data gatherers and the data analysts. Seems like someone here predicted that was next about a month ago or so. Who could I be? Cassandra the Magnificent? Gift of prophecy wasted on the ignorant?🤣
  20. hoorta

    My Family Tradition as Browns Fans

    Don't have the time now to totally read through the thread- but I will give you guys my Browns history eventually....
  21. TypicalBrowns50

    My Family Tradition as Browns Fans

    I am a 2nd generation fan, my dad got me hooked on the browns after explaining the kardiac kids To me. And how the team left and came back. I was immediately drawn to the intimate history of the team and passion Of the fans. my first year basically being a die hard was 2006. Charlie Frye Jersey is still hanging in the closet collecting dust. I should’ve given it to a homeless man a long time ago. Growing up my favorite player was probably Josh Cribbs or Peyton HILLIS for one year. We haven’t had a lot to cheer about the last 20 years.
  22. They were more like 8"- 12" away from one another. That was an amazing crowd for a podunk town. One of theses days, I plan on eating there (The Little River) myself- it's a really popular spot for the motorcycle crowd, so the food has to be at least 1\2 decent. I think you know my feelings- it's your life, but if you get sick- you were duly warned. And please stay away from the old folks and at risk individuals for a couple of weeks. I've been out to a couple of restaurants myself in the last month. Dammit, the owner of Jay's (where we have our Friday Happy hour wine swill) shut it down again. I feel for Joe the beverage manager- who got laid off again in the process. Going to have to be rotating backyard BYOB- with social distancing now. And I have a lifetime supply of BYOB....
  23. The only thing that can defeat Q Occam's Razor
  24. Report post Posted Friday at 05:39 PM All changed now of course, but isn't it interesting this comes out not too long after Ghislane Maxwell is arrested, and who is cooperating with the investigation ?
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