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  2. Rumors. Harbaugh, others to Browns??

    I guess yall could gather round an sing a tune of "Hes a jolly good fellow" Cleveland absolutely hated Belichick because he got rid of Bernie Kosar. The fondest memory of Art Modell was the day he fired Bill Belichick. Now Belichick gets a parade down main street and the keys to the city?
  3. Colts aren't giving Luck away. Beware damaged goods. Cost = a couple firsts. No thanks.
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  5. F-uck the steelers

    Just remember, I did say in the off season that I felt 2017 would be worse. I just don't get passing on so many play makers. I just don't get it.
  6. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    1) Pryor isn't Julio Jones or AJ Green, is he? Quit trying to strawman my argument. 2) In 2015 the Browns had the 3rd most cap space available. Since Haslam has been owner 2013 - Browns rank 6th in cap space available - $13,975,965 2014 - Browns rank 2nd in cap space available - $21,392,977 2015 - Browns rank 3rd in cap space available - $22,119,840 After moneyball starts 2016 - Browns rank 1st in cap space available - $46,108,169 2017 - Browns rank 1st in cap space available - $62,310,269 Has any other team consistently spent so little and been a great contender? Pettine wasn't lying about not having enough talent. People can blame Hue, Pettine, Farmer, Sashi, but the guy writing the checks is free of any blame? Jimmy said we'd be very competitive "in 2018 and 2019" verbatim. He's 20-69 as an owner, and raised ticket prices with this product. Mark my words.... IF We're in the top 3 of cap space left available the next three straight years, we will not be a playoff caliber team. Jimmy is the only thing toxic about this team. http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cap/
  7. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    Finally watched Lamar Jackson a few days ago in a different game, but he has a really nice arm, and if there's nothing open he can get first downs with his legs all day long... Until someone puts him on IR. But there's also the possibility he can adapt his game to the NFL like Vick or Watson. I think they all know they can't play the same style in nfl as they did in college
  8. The Browns could land a damaged Andrew Luck for the right price.

    I doubt any surgeons post here. Luck could be fine by the start of next year. Why not float an offer for a top 10 QB while his value is low and the team has cap space.
  9. When we talk about 'analytics' in the nfl.....

    sports illustrated has done multiple feature-length articles. And this SI link has 10 sub-links each to their own article on areas of NFL analytics. ESPN has done a feature report. Here's a compilation of top analytics articles. Here's the link to the comparison between Browns rebuild and Astros/76ers.
  10. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    I wouldn't be so quick to dismiss Jackson. A more athletic D.Watson, with less success but also at a lesser program. He made a handful or so bad passes and took a few too many hits in this game (half), but FF to 7:40 if you want to see his ability as a pocket passer. His running ability isnt even a great strength unless he can harness it and stay healthy. He is a very skilled QB...
  11. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    1) Pryor wasn't and isn't worth anything close to the money he's making. Same can and has been said about Britt. Every catch both Britt and Pryor have made in a game this year [not in practice - those guys are nifty without pads] can be made by louis or treggs. Record wouldn't be any different with the extra money on the roster. spending more money does NOT translate to better outcomes.. it's money and other things... one factor is not the solution 2) You might want to look at the record and stats the Browns had when we had the most expensive defense in the league, oh so long ago.
  12. Scraping the bottom of the Partisanship barrel

    So long as they don't diddle little children steve. I mean if the only criteria for running for and holding office is "you'll do the will of the voters" than why dont we have felons run for president next time? Why cant a former cocaine dealer be potus? Should be fine right? u get dumber every week. Srsly
  13. And another one!!!!!!!

    Thats funny cause ive never ever ever even contemplated walking up and grabbing a woman by the poosy or forcibly kiss her. Its not what "men" do. Little boys, sure, not grown men
  14. Wide recievers

    Chark* Man I need to be your secretary of college scouting or something. Lol
  15. And another one!!!!!!!

    Look, I'll say it again.. Man has been doing this type of thing since Adam snuck up and bulldogged Eve shortly before or after the apple incident.. My money is on after but what do I know? Thing is, there is one thing man wants.. Aint food.. Aint drink.. Aint money........ We'll forgo all three of those for this precious commodity. It's how we are wired.. You are not changing this type of behavior... Yer just not
  16. 1st time in Cleveland

    Well it looks like your weekend got off to a great start
  17. Scraping the bottom of the Partisanship barrel

    Actually that's what should matter. You vote for people who will carry out your wishes as far as running the country. WSS
  18. Interesting times we're in . . . sounds a bit like a Chinese saying/curse (as some refer to it). There has been a real storm brewing and heating in some corners of the Internet these past few days . . . it started a few weeks ago, but it's really starting to heat up. Anyone remember HRC breaking her Toe some weeks back ? How about McCain tearing his Achilles? Nothing really too it . . . right? But then this shows up: Hogwash ! ! ! But now we've got this too : http://www.puppetstringnews.com/blog/john-podesta-expresses-fear-over-trump-in-wapo-op-ed-when-1400-sealed-indictments-are-in-play (Currently over 1400 sealed Indictments) - https://drive.google.com/file/d/15579P4VztZO0aNvejJasb1yOvXUCp3vS/view. Rumor is a lot of these are likely going to be Pedo ring related . . . which is going to have a lot of high level collateral. (Might be some U1 stuff too, as well as other things). Pizza Gate? Get outta here . . . but there have been roughly 7,500 Pedo arrests since Feb of this year . . . Of course with all the Russia Gate stuff there was no time for the MSM to cover that, and there's still nothing to it . . . but this is where Story time starts and the trip down the Rabbit hole begins. Now I didn't put this together, and I'm not saying this is legit, so you can bail here and just ponder the above. Problem is, this somewhat meshes with some serious chatter from other corners of the Internet. So here is an interesting story - fiction though it may be, it may at least give some entertainment (more than I've seen from the NFL that's for sure): https://steadfastandloyal.com/unreal/tweets-legit-walls-dc-come/ And there you have it. But where did this guy come up with all this? Oh, there's a fair bit of background and side routes to this - the Rabbit hole is pretty deep. If the source(s) are true . . . it's big. Ya'll watching World events lately? Anything interesting going on?
  19. F-uck the steelers

    well what positives are to talk about? Our team sucked really bad last year. And by most metrics, it is sucking even worse this year. We didn't think it was possible to get worse than we were last year.....we actually have regressed. So at some point people just expect it.... we'll get better though. Just regression to the mean. Nobody can be this terrible so consistently over 30+ games....
  20. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    Well you could argue Gipson wanted too much, which is an understandable argument. You could also argue that the Browns suck at resigning players we develop (past this FO and coach). You could also defend Sashi for the fact that we're a perennial loser, and it's hard to attract free agents if we're such a losing team in a cold climate. But, if we don't make any major signings this next offseason (I'm talking studs), and IF we're top 3 in cap leftover next season, It'll definitely raise a red flag to me that Jimmy is being a F#$%ing cheapskate. You can argue, "oh, he helped pay for the stadium", but he knows he'll get that money back, especially if he has $60 million per year in cap left over every single year. Remember back in 2015 when Haslam said we wouldn't target free agents before the Sashi/Depo process and moneyball http://www.espn.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/161357/haslam-says-browns-wont-be-players-in-free-agency Haslam said the reaction to the ticket price increase was as expected. He quipped that nobody calls to say thanks, and said he’s “probably the most sensitive person to raising ticket prices.” yet Jimmy RAISED ticket prices back then. My fight and argument is with Jimmy, because I think he's a shitty owner. I think the way he manages people sucks, and if he went with Hue over Sashi's head to get McCarron, then what does that tell you about him as an owner and a person.
  21. What really matters from this is that Gov Ivey has stated that she believes that the allegations are true, but that she would still rather vote for an alleged child molester than a Democrat. That is a pathological line of thinking.
  22. Wide recievers

    Our wide recievers are garbage. Josh Gordon last played effectively 4 years ago. People forget that even when he was out there on the field some 3 years ago his production(for the number of targets) was very poor. Counting on someone who hasnt played well in 4 years to come out and play well is absurd. Corey Coleman will likely be a serviceable reciever. Yippeee.....glad we have him instead of wentz in that draft class. Lets hope wentz doesnt win two super bowls and corey coleman isn't a trivia answer 30 years from now. Our other wide recievers are garbage of course. Britt has 17 million guaranteed and was a terrible signing of course...another black stain. I'll have to look at his contract to see how much we 'save' by cutting him in the offseason to know if he will be back. Who cares either way. oh and we have a first round tight end who appears to be nothing special.
  23. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    Used to love draftbreakdown. Very sad it went pay
  24. The 'who have you watched lately?' thread.

    Not at all. Different coach, different skill set, different everything (except school). Coming from the guy that "doesn't watch any tape..."
  25. Wide recievers

    Long way to go before we start deciding on our WR's for next year. We've got to see how our 2016'ers finish THIS season. Then there's free agency, the draft, whether or not Gordon falls off the wagon any time between yesterday and next September. Looong way to go.
  26. Tashaun Gipson Hopes to "Hang 40" on Browns

    You’re right. My bad on that one. It was the right move though.
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