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  2. Survey Wednesday

    He was light-years ahead of the shitstorm Manziel put up when he started his rookie season. His game vs Cincinnati was laughable. It honestly looked like they grabbed a guy from the Muni Lot and told him that he's the starting QB for the Browns that day.
  3. Kizer

    It really is puzzling. Hue decides to start a very young, not terribly experienced rookie at QB but doesn't seem to do much to make it easier for him.
  4. McCain goes full Progressive

    Unfortunate but the little prick has always been a grandstander. And an attention whore. And he won't run again so he doesn't give a fuck. WSS
  5. Josh Gordon

    Kizer sucks.
  6. Josh Gordon

    And yet you can go on and on about what a wonderful talent he is and how he'll do wonderful things if given the chance. Interesting.
  7. Josh Gordon

    His NFL career hasn't even started yet.
  8. McCain goes full Progressive

    And I genuinely feel for this guy. He suffered horribly as a POW. He has a brain tumor. But he is so pissed off that Trump won, and he lost to Obummer that he will NEVER support Trump in anything.
  9. Betting odds on HC Firing

    Because he's a TROLL whose only reason for being on this board is to piss off people to get attention? That being said, if the Browns only win 3 or 4 games this season, there's nothing I've seen from Jimmy Rebates Haslam that tells me Jackson will be back next season.
  10. Josh Gordon

    His NFL career stats has him at 51.4 completion percentage with one touchdown and three interceptions, a 45.1 QB rating. Maybe if he tossed the ball underhanded to his receivers he'd throw an even more CATCHABLE BALL for his WR to make a play on it and get YAC.
  11. The Welfare State's Legacy

    That's got to be one of the quickest subject switches on the board to date. WSS
  12. Josh Gordon

    Dude. What are you watching? You have to be kidding. Hogan doesn't rocket the ball at the turf or at a WR like Kizer does- not because he can't but because he's throwing a CATCHABLE BALL for the WR to make a play on it and get YAC. It's not because he can't.
  13. Josh Gordon

    Kizer has a big arm. Hogan has a long, baseball pitcher-like windup delivery and an average arm at best.
  14. Josh Gordon

    What did or has Kizer done? He's an inch taller than Hogan and can throw hard... Hogan is egregiously underrated as a runner- he's quick, and he can throw on the run very well. So when people seem to think that Kizer is on a different level than Hogan physically... I've gotta chuckle.
  15. Josh Gordon

    Besides that though, he's smart too- much like Carr. Hogan called his protections and gave his lineman the assignments in college. He's called the plays and the audibles in the big games and under pressure. He's put in more time than Kizer has and he's therefor the better QB. He was the starter for 4 years after Andrew Luck went to the NFL. He had big shoes to fill and nobody would have blamed him if he wasn't able to fill them, he not filled those shoes but he left an even bigger footprint when he left.
  16. Will he pay one of the Browns defensive players to injure me if I do?
  17. Josh Gordon

    I don't know where you get off saying that Hogan has physical limitations. He's nearly 6'4" and 225 lbs. He's actually got a very strong arm. They said he had a big arm in college and I don't think it shrinks once you're in the NFL, it's only going to get stronger.
  18. Josh Gordon

    These 2 are vastly underused......and Duke could beshould be) a star if they just used him right....and often....
  19. Josh Gordon

    Yeah, we had the chance. Blew it. I got the same vibes from Hogan as I did from Carr. Start that man. He's gonna be good. We should have just paid Terrell Pryor to stay here too. I would have liked to see Carr(or Hogan) as the QB. WRs- Gordon, Pryor and Coleman in the slot with Higgins/Ricardo bringing up the #4/5 spots It would be nice to get a Blue chip RB, I liked both Fournette and McCafferey. Thought that it would be interesting reuniting McC and Hogan in the NFL, they had some good offense in college. Crow and Duke will work for now.
  20. Next four games

    I expect one win in the next 4......but hope for 2......we REALLY need 2.....if only one, then things are way worse than expected....
  21. Josh Gordon

    1. Definitely agree with Mack. I wasn't real high on Honey Badger for multiple reasons, to be honest. 2. That's probably true. You aren't setting the bar real high. 3. Eh on Haden. Won't shock me to hear he's been very mediocre for the Steelers or that he ends up on IR again. 4. Hogan to me is Kessler Part Deux, a guy who will be prepared and will give you a solid effort every time, but is limited physically and most likely is a fringe starter/solid backup QB for years. Browns QBs don't have a long shelf life regarding their health, so you probably will get your wish for Hogan to start relatively soon. 5. You aren't the only one on here who has this peculiar Stockholm Syndrome thing for Josh Gordon. 6. Calling someone a "beast" who is currently on a practice squad made me chuckle. Thanks for that!
  22. Mostly...perhaps?.......I do think he got some valid reps in preseason, but cant say 100%.....I will say he can catch and that can been seen no matter who's he played against.....(did see one bad drop - looked away too soon)
  23. Kizer

    Trick plays??......I see excessive motion before plays(along with delay of game penalties)......Hues idea of a trick play is to move a bunch of guys, pre snap.....stupid shit that fools no one.....how about some creative "plays" Hue?.....how about some PA?.....how about plays that help your rookie team succeed?.....how about using the best tools you have....like 2 good RB's.....instead of leaning HEAVILY on your rookie QB and pathetic WR corps.....??????????????????????????????????????
  24. Josh Gordon

    Or they could have taken him at #22 (or #26 or wherever they were before they moved to #22).
  25. So they promoted Leslie to the active roster and cut WR Reggie Davis.... 2 thoughts.... 1) Im glad they promoted Leslie and hope they play him. If they do, he will do better than Britt or Coleman have done so far.... 2) And if he does well.....WHYTF are our 2 leading WR's both guys we just cut 2 weeks ago???.....I swear these guys have ZERO clue about how to pick the best players for their roster.....esp WR's.....
  26. Josh Gordon

    Should have drafted Tyrann Mathieu, Karl Joseph and Khalil Mack but what do I know? You're much smarter than I am. Should have kept Haden. We need to start Kevin Hogan. Jimmy Haslam needs to get Goodell on the phone and give him an earful about getting Gordon reinstated. We also need to go pluck Scooby Wright off the Cardinals practice squad. I don't even wanna know what Greg Williams could do with that beast.
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