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  2. Another ObaMao DACA kid murders young woman in woods

    But he was under stress because of Trump.........
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  4. Best Game Day Grub

    Don't we all! I miss their specials, root beer floats, greasy chili fries plus you could eat under the awnings rain or shine. Hard to believe that the owner Saxey couldn't find anyone to take it over.....so we now have another auto parts store.
  5. He Said, He Said

    War- don't start painting everyone with the same brush. I not only didn't want Kizer to start- I didn't even want him on the team. And I didn't want Watson either.
  6. 1) A far better team should have been able to at least muster a few points in the first half against the very mediocre Colts, probably even have gotten a win. 2) The impatient # of Browns fans is legion, and growing after each successive loss. So don't single me out. And in case you don't realize it- there's a good number of us on the board- me, Cal, Canton Mike (that I personally have met) are running out of "next years" fast. I really have no choice but to be "patient" But that doesn't mean as a season ticket holder I'm thrilled about the product I'm shelling out money to see play like garbage. And don't tell me to dump them, unless you want to write me a check for $20,000 to buy back in when (in the far distant future) they're actually a playoff team. 3) OK, Jimmy give 'em 5 years- if we still suck, do us all a favor and sell the team.
  7. The Harvard Think Tank

    First of all, a President or vice or whatever of "Football operations" Is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. Didn't we even have Mike Holmgren some "great coach"? What the fuk is that title do? Was there such a thing 20 years ago? Then why is this "President of football operations" NOT DOING ANYTHING? What does the coach do then? who the fuk is this clown? Sounds to me they created a job so they could help finger the blame as to why we suck butt. "Well I am the President of football operations and I will turn this team around" Excuse me while I laugh at you. I am being honest here, What is the President of Football operations job? Seeing how we have won 1 game in 2 seasons sounds like he is not doing it or just sucks at it. Our team in 1999 didn't look as bad as these guys.
  8. yeah. guess who was a dirtbag president in 2013. and say, who was the corrupt nutjob heading up obaMao's DoJ? Lynch - the meeting of clinton on the airport tarmac. Lynch - the demander that comey NOT call it an investigation of higgardly. The obamao regime was the most corrupt and dangerous regime in American history. ******************************************************************************" "But Rannazzisi said the drug industry used money and influence to pressure lawyers at the Department of Justice, which oversees the DEA, to go easy on the companies. The former DEA agent said superiors called him to have him explain his tactics. “And it infuriated me that I was over there, trying to explain what my motives were or why I was going after these corporations?” Rannazzisi said in the interview. Rannazzisi’s efforts were further complicated in 2013, when a new piece of legislation, written by former DEA employee Linden Barber and backed by the drug industry, began making its way through Congress"
  9. The Harvard Think Tank

    Go back and read my post. I talked about the dismal state of the wr crew. I believe most if not everybody knows it isn't just about the qb. When you have a poorly talented team, you need extra picks. period. They went with defense 6 out of their first eight picks in the last draft. and I don't give a freaking diddley nothin about their stupidass power rankings. The Browns are building a team. They drafted a cb that had some serious skills. broke his knee cap. How in the hell is that "over-thinking" ? I loved their last draft - if they had drafted Wentz, we'd have some whiners bitching that he was still losing games, etc etc etc etvc etc. The Browns are on the RIGHT TRACK. More picks was necessary. too bad, so sad, but it was. I think they made some great picks. But the offense needs game breakers at wr, a better back than Crowell, and they need Kizer to start getting it...or not. Too early to judge Kizer. period. Just because they don't have ALL the players they need, doesn't mean that the sky is falling. That defense kicks butt, but the offense is giving them a tough outing every game with punts and turnovers.
  10. Browns Board Survival!

    And undefeated NFL teams through week 6 ZERO, what a year!
  11. Only Team worth rooting for now

    None of the above really, no attachments to any of them.
  12. Ok are we done with hogan now?

    How anyone could watch that game and come to the conclusion hogans arm is nfl is beyond me. He wasnt trying to throw soft balls, he was stepping in and heaving the ball.....putting it way over
  13. Were they silent? Then the Shmuck is the issue here?
  14. I was lead to believe Sashi's role would be a marriage of analytics and football minds. Instead I haven't found that to always be the case and when we seem to give our obligatory "coaches pick" that goes off the rails as well. I.E. Kess and Peppers. Basically if we aren't picking right off of PFF's boards we're going with the "HE'S A FOOTBALL PLAYER RARRARARR" crowd. These are two dogmatic approaches that scare the Sheet out of me. I can't really credit our current draft approach for finding Njoku or Ogunjobi. The former was a well sought after prospect that came to us during a run on his position and the other was dug up after our coaching staff was able to get hands on during the senior bowl. I yield Dayes, Schobert and Kindred. Though the first of those three has yet to see any meaningful NFL action. I agree, we need to give this more time. But I still believe this organization, more than anything, needs a 'no' man. Someone that believes in the idea of what our FO is attempting, but is willing to interject some common sense and genuine football when need be. And vice versa, someone to settle down the "FOOSBALL PLAYAAAAA" bunch. As of right now, that person doesn't exist in this franchise AFAIC.
  15. Best Game Day Grub

    Back in the 1960s to 1980s+ it was great when Rich was running it, I went there after EVERY Niles football and basketball game in 1966-67-68 and occasionally in college and after until I moved to Boardman in 1985. Rich's brother was big in Trumbull County politics knew him and his son Michael who ran the Springfield Grill in Boardman for 11 years ate there a lot. Michael now runs Alberini's in Boardman an upscale menu place, not bad.
  16. He Said, He Said

    I still don’t.
  17. Best Game Day Grub

    I miss a&w
  18. He Said, He Said

    I sure didn't expect him to be there at #12. I didn't think mahomes would get picked before watson.
  19. Best Game Day Grub

    Dutch you are thinking about none other than JAY'S HOT DOGS a real old greasy spoon place but good! Used to go there occasionally at lunch, cheapo they actually used to use old bread bags as carryout bags. Oh from my office parking lot on 224 we had taco bell, Friendly's (had breakfast there every morning), A&W, Pizza Hut, plaza donuts,Wendy's all with out getting in a car......for casual dining.
  20. The Harvard Think Tank

    ...and I yours.
  21. The Harvard Think Tank

    Ya know, it DOES make sense. But not when you're sacrificing the QB position. I mean, it's the whole name of the game isn't it? It's far and away the most important position. AFTER you get your QB....then you can phuck around with your analytics calculator. Sure...the Titans were MORE than willing to give Goff to the Rams and take a bunch of picks. They ALREADY HAD their QB. We're doing it bass-ackwards. - Unless that's the plan. Lose every friggin' game for YEARS. Be the laughing stock. Ruin the team's tradition and records. Make the fans feel like $hit while gathering ASSets. Then, after the last season ticket holder burns his ticket, draft a QB high.
  22. ***Official Browns @ Texans Game Day Thread***

    could be a while,check this guys dawg tag if it says Poe G?
  23. Ok are we done with hogan now?

    In a former life, PoG was the Public Relations Man for the H.M.S. Titanic. "If it wasn't for the iceberg, and the fact that over a thousand people perished, and the ship is at the bottom of the Atlantic, THE TITANIC'S MAIDEN VOYAGE WAS A SUCCESS!"
  24. Ok are we done with hogan now?

    If Hogan's arm was a horse, it would have been shot and made into glue by now. Hogan's arm gets laughed at by Colt McCoy.
  25. Ok are we done with hogan now?

    Tom Brady threw for just 168 yards in his first start. That same game Peyton Manning threw three interceptions, two for pick-six touchdowns. I'm not saying that Hogan is Tom Brady or Peyton Manning right now, he's basically a rookie with a year in Hue's broken system. We have never seen Hogan play the way he played last week. That was abnormal. He was 'forcing' and trying to put the team on his back. He probably knew that he would have to blow it out of the water to keep Kizer on the sidelines. Hue has been ADAMANT in his loyalty to Kizer and that won't help you play loose either. It could be the pressure that Hue is applying on these guys about 'NOT' throwing INTS... When you think about NOT throwing INTs that's when it's going to happen. It's just like the dropped balls, whatever this team focuses on starts to magnify itself and manifest itself into games, over and over until something else starts to pop up. Then Hue focuses on that and then that starts to turn into a new monster that haunts us for months... The people that say that Hogan is a bum and all that, after one game, calling for his head... Hue Jackson has lost more games in the usage of his timeouts, mismanagement of the clock, throwing games left and right. Victories in hand just turned into losses right before our eyes... and you guys are condemning Hogan after 1 start. The guy has done EVERYTHING right up to that point and then he struggled against a HOT team. Like most people thought he would with just a three day notice he made some mistakes in his first start. Be patient, support your QB and let's try to get a win at home this weekend. The negativity and the hatred some Browns' fans have shown after this last defeat is more damaging to a QBs confidence than anything that happened on Sunday. They say Cleveland has the best fans... hmmm we'll see. Dbone... Hogan's arm is fine. Please quit saying that. If anything he was trying to throw his passes softly for his receivers. There is a balance to knowing which guys can handle which passes, that takes a little time to iron out. He can throw it faster, I promise you. Some of it was second guessing and thinking to much, needs a bit more decisiveness. That will come with confidence. Hue knows football, he knew he was going to lose that game. He knew Kizer would bomb in that game it would have wrecked him for the year. Hue sacrificed Hogan, maybe even sabotaged him. Who knows? But I do know, as well as you do, albeit somewhere deep inside that Hogan can play better than that. Come on man, you're better than that.
  26. We all sit here on pins and needles, so please All Mighty Glorious One, please enlighten us humble, simple knownuthins with your vast football knowledge as to what "the something else" is...
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