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  2. I hate to tell ya, but if we haven't jumped yet ... We ain't jumping. Zombo Browns 2018: It's OK to be a fan again.
  3. Unsympathetic

    Update on Shelton

    Shelton is a backup on the Pats and will not start except for injury.. Pats took their own first-round DT in the same draft as Shelton - Malcom Brown - and Brown isn't relinquishing his spot
  4. Unsympathetic

    Browns sign Vet ...waive Rod Johnson

    We already went down the road of signing a previous top10 OL who didn't work with 2 prior teams.. Sure, end-of-the-roster churn is a good thing and all, but Jonathan Cooper wasn't worth even a used jugs machine.
  5. ...but it's not good. People get themselves into this mindset that the team is gonna be really good....and when it doesn't happen then it's a travesty. With all of the new players and new OC the team 'could' be much better.....but let's let that happen by itself if it is to happen. Then we can be happy. But it's not impossible that the team will still struggle. I don't wanna see people jumping off bridges.
  6. Very familiar with every single loss. Yep, Deshone Kize was the QB, Crow was the RB, Corey Coleman and Kenny Britt were the wideouts. Randall Telfer started at TE. Garrett and Ogbah both missed half the season, Jamar taylor and 33 year old Jason McCourty were our shut down corners, and Peppers played 35 yards off the ball. Sashi was in charge, Hugh called the plays and Todd Haley was winning the division in Pittsburgh. Meet Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mayfield, Carlos Hyde, Nick Chubb,Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, starting David Nojoku, Healthy Garrett, Healthy Ogbah, Denzel Ward, EJ Gaines, Travis Carrie, Damarius Randall, Peppers in the box, and Mychal Kendricks. Care to compare? Zombo
  7. PoeticG

    Greg Little

    The Bengals got Little and we got Andrew Hawkins from them. Hawkins was a good little receiver as was our "other little guy" that now plays for the Falcons. - Weeden took Little down with him. A surefire way to kill an inconsistent catcher is an even more inconsistent passer...
  8. PoeticG

    Greg Little

    Little entered the league as a 2011 second-round pick of the Browns and spent three seasons in Cleveland. He caught 155 passes during that time, but drops and other mental miscues helped keep him from meeting the expectations for him.
  9. Dutch Oven

    Greg Little

    Greg Little's "highlight" video has been blocked because it didn't meet the minimum length of time dictated by the NFL.
  10. Dutch Oven

    The Browns Will Be In The Playoffs This Year

    Just let them have their fun, Orion. It's June. 😉
  11. PoeticG

    Greg Little

    Let's GOOO Little!
  12. Browns out here looking like the mothaShmuckin Warriors!!!
  13. PoeticG

    Browns sign Vet ...waive Rod Johnson

    GREG ROBINSON?!! Isn't he the beast OL from a few drafts back? Let's see if he can catch that second wind.
  14. Today
  15. Cowturd made my Fab 5 many moons ago of Browns haters that speak but never watched a Sunday Browns game..Others include Mike Florio,Jason fra' la Canfora,Mel Kiper,Brian Billick..Always keep remote with in arms length..poof! go away!
  16. This is the year. It would have been the year without a doubt if we would have gotten Barkley. Taylor is the QB and he has a plenty of weapons and the defense is looking legit. TWO proven signal callers at both Offense and Defense. Hue can focus on being Head Coach. The BEST WR in the NFL has his head on straight and is full steam ahead for the first time in his career. Even though we don't have Barkley I'm 100 times more excited about our RB room with Hyde/Chubb/Duke than I would have been with another year of Crowfell and Johnson. We landed our QB of the future into the best situation possible. Taylor is in his prime and has the best opportunity a guy looking for a chance could ask for. If Tyrod goes down at some point, it's ready or not time for Baker and I really don't think we miss a beat.
  17. umm...you haven't forgotten that the team has only won one game in the last 2 years, right? ...just checkin'...
  18. Orion

    Browns sign Vet ...waive Rod Johnson

    I agree. I like veterans on the OL.
  19. Yesterday
  20. What a turd ball.. only this idiot could take a common soundbite and distort it... The broad made more sense than him...
  21. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2018/06/19/man-who-tried-to-seduce-teen-boy-with-sprite-and-chicken-alfredo-is-sentenced.html
  22. gumby73

    Browns sign Vet ...waive Rod Johnson

    I'd call it a good trade up from Roderick Johnson. So we bring in a possible upgrade before camp to see if Myles Garrett can ragdoll Greg Robinson too. Rod Johnson was the weakest link at the position. We pay Stephenson nothing till week 3 and we can see if wants to compete in a padded training camp. When in doubt? We call in the Walrus. Goo-Goo g'joob! (from last season b4 camp) Bob Wylie on his 50th year of coaching the OL position. I'd say Walrus Wylie will be a good challenge for Cam Robinson...
  23. Canton Mike

    Browns sign Vet ...waive Rod Johnson

    Greg Robinson had a great Combine in 2014 & all of a sudden, the media draft "know it alls" had him rated better than Jake Matthews. GR was drafted #2 & JM #6 that year. We'll see whether or not he delivers on his Combine hype, but it's worth looking. Mike
  24. The Gipper

    New Stadium in Las Vegs

    Gips protestations there's a lot of standing around is BS. I didn't say they just stood around, they move....but just with very rare attempt to attack the goal. The guys running the Dean Smith 4 corners moved...the would dribble the ball all around and pass it all around....never attempting to score. You know...like in soccer.
  25. mjp28

    Former Brown Winslow arrested for burglary

    The Cowboys started in 1960, knocked the BROWNS out in 1967 and won the first super bowl in 1971 and because America's Team...... (((barf))).
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