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  2. Saquon Barkley Combine Bound

    I can guarantee you one of those at #4. But if you insisted on unequivocal, without a doubt, mathematically unbreakable proof... We could give the Colts #4, the second*(third) rounder from the Eagles and a fourth rounder to move up 1 pick into their slot at #3. If they covet a defensive player they'd be no worse for wear and if they wanted to trade it to someone for one of the other 4 first round QBs, CB/S or DE, they could do that too.
  3. Why no meetings?

    Yea, you might throw threats and profanity on the phone and whine exactly like you do on here. You're a "tough guy". If you were in person with them, you wouldn't say the things TO them you do on here. But hey, at least you are Ghoolie. The guy who says 2 different things, says you only said one, and when called out for it, CRICKETS. Just like you would be CRICKETS in front of Joe Thomas, John Dorsey, Hue Jackson, Corey Coleman, etc
  4. No this doesn't go in the NBA board

    Well having any real history to back yo this claims would be a good start. More so than "Hey, the first black president is racist towards white people.... Wink wink nudge nudge"
  5. Saquon Barkley Combine Bound

    I think you got confused about something dawggy. A) "I" absolutely would take Barkley #1 in the draft. No matter what... and whatever QBs comes to me, I'll choose the best one. If we land a Cousins or McCarron, I we might forego a QB in the first altogether. In that case, Barkley #1 and If my top QB is still there, I'll draft him. If my top QBs are gone I'd probably draft Fitzpatrick #4. *Joe Thomas' decision on whether or not he's going to be able to continue to play will also weigh in on my decision at #4. C) If we get Cousins/McCarron in FA and Joe Thomas retires- I'm taking Barkley #1 and the Best LT #4. D) So therefore, if the Browns panic and draft a QB #1 (not ideal) I would certainly be okay with them drafting Saquon at #4. E) However, I have reason to believe that the Giants and the Colts covet Barkley enough to see to it that we don't have the chance to get him at #4... because they'll draft him before we can. F) If we go QB #1 and Barkley #4 - I would be so happy I'd laugh till the cows came home -because I believe if we don't get him at #1 we're not going to be getting him. G) I don't have the greatest amount of confidence that the Browns are going to end up getting the right QB. So if they take a QB #1 and he turns out to be a bust, and on top of that we miss out on getting Barkley, because someone else scoops him before #4, I'm not going to be happy. Where is the miscommunication? I lettered the different points so it should be easy to pick out.
  6. The Olympics will be over February 25th well before the NCAA tournaments take place. And you're right about the big money teams having an advantage to win the tournament but the trip there like some of the runner-up teams are interesting even some BIG TEN teams. The excitement of the tournament isn't just the last game. YEAR CHAMPION (RECORD) COACH SCORE RUNNER-UP SITE 2017 North Carolina (33-7) Roy Williams 71-65 Gonzaga Phoenix, Ariz. 2016 Villanova (35-5) Jay Wright 77-74 North Carolina Houston, Texas 2015 Duke (35-4) Mike Krzyzewski 68-63 Wisconsin Indianapolis, Ind. 2014 Connecticut (32-8) Kevin Ollie 60-54 Kentucky Arlington, Texas 2013 Louisville (35-5) Rick Pitino 82-76 Michigan Atlanta, Ga. 2012 Kentucky (38-2) John Calipari 67-59 Kansas New Orleans, La. 2011 Connecticut (32-9) Jim Calhoun 53-41 Butler Houston, Texas 2010 Duke (35-5) Mike Krzyzewski 61-59 Butler Indianapolis, Ind. 2009 North Carolina (34-4) Roy Williams 89-72 Michigan State Detroit, Mich. 2008 Kansas (37-3) Bill Self 75-68 (OT) Memphis San Antonio, Texas
  7. The First-pick Draft game thread

    Your score is: 23758 (GRADE: A) Your Picks: Round 1 Pick 4: Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA (A+) Round 1 Pick 10 (OAK): Derwin James, SS/FS, Florida State (A) Round 2 Pick 1: Ronnie Harrison, SS, Alabama (B) Round 2 Pick 3: Sony Michel, RB, Georgia (B) Round 2 Pick 6 (T.B.): Billy Price, C/OG, Ohio State (A-) Round 2 Pick 9 (OAK): Equanimeous St. Brown, WR, Notre Dame (A-) Round 2 Pick 32: Dallas Goedert, TE, South Dakota State (A+) Round 3 Pick 1: Kevin Toliver II, CB, LSU (A-) Round 4 Pick 1: Simmie Cobbs Jr., WR, Indiana (A) Round 4 Pick 23: Jeff Holland, OLB, Auburn (A+) Round 5 Pick 1: Folorunso Fatukasi, DT, Connecticut (A) Round 5 Pick 22: Javon Wims, WR, Georgia (A) Round 6 Pick 1: Azeem Victor, ILB, Washington (A+) Round 7 Pick 1: JK Scott, P, Alabama (A+) Your Future Picks: 2019 Round 1 Pick 2019 Round 1 Pick (T.B.) 2020 Round 1 Pick
  8. Garrett Top Rookie Edge Defender, #12 Overall

    did you ever watch Joey Bosa play?
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  10. Trade Kizer and release Gordon ?

    we usually don't agree on much, but you're dead right.
  11. Saquon Barkley Combine Bound

    I wonder about it, and I thought of some reasons, but I don't know that it is settled, so I was wondering what other people would think as to the explanations. I don't know, I was just wondering. I'm not wondering what I think, I know what I think. I wanted to know what others might thing. So, to learn that, I asked the question. But I don't see anything necessarily, that tells me White is flat out far less talented a prospect than Mayfield. So, I asked the question. I'm still asking. Have a nice day.
  12. Okay kiddies here's your inevitable gun control thread

    Could you explain that to Woody?
  13. Garrett Top Rookie Edge Defender, #12 Overall

    He's one of the eleven guys that tackle people. Very rare that you come across a guy that can control a game on defense. His team went 0-16 for a reason...he personally was not going to win games for us. We needed a game changing player on offense. A competent QB could've won us a few games. We need a game changing player on defense as well. Garrett did not provide that. Hopefully he will.
  14. Garrett Top Rookie Edge Defender, #12 Overall

    Yea....we KNOW....you are the Chairman of the Aggie Faggies for Gayrett team! And sure, keelhauling may indeed be in order for you. And that is one nasty torture. Corporal Mortification would be better.
  15. Garrett Top Rookie Edge Defender, #12 Overall

    Fair statement.
  16. Trade Kizer and release Gordon ?

    Yea, we know all about him....what's your point?
  17. Pryor Wants Back On Browns?

    Are there any FAs WRs out there as capable as Gordon is?....potentially (if he stays clean)? Beyond that, are there any WR FAs out there that are worth the Browns time and money that anyone would like to see brought in here? (beyond Pryor...who is iffy there)
  18. Saquon Barkley Combine Bound

    So....you are saying that you DID find the answer as to why Mayfield IS so much more highly rated than White? Or are you saying that you found an answer as to why White Should be as highly rated as Mayfield? Funny thing is: There was no post by you after I said that you should answer your own question...yet you say you did answer it. Where? Is there an invisible ink thread on here? Maybe you are claiming you related your conclusions somewhere up above. Well....with all the claptrapple and folderal that gets put on here....most of us may have missed its. Ergo....perhaps you can reiterate: A. WHY...in your opinion....is Mayfield a potential Top Ten draft pick.....and why is Mike White NOT a potential first round pick? B. Or, alternatively...if that is not your opinion.....what is: 1. In your opinion is Mayfield a Top Ten prospect? Or not? and If not, why not? 2. In your opinion is White a first round prospect? Or not....and if not why not? 3. Or....is White worth a higher pick? If so, why? 4. Or.... in your opinion should White actually be considered a better prospect than Mayfield? If so, why? You say you have answered...but I think we all missed it. Here is your chance to be explicit and succinct. Note: I am not saying that I expect to agree or disagree with your opinions at all. I expect that you will have some perfectly valid arguments/positions on these. As I have noted before....I have formed little of an opinion on all these QB prospects. (the only thing I have pointed out is that your boy Allen really has come in sucking hind tit when it come to raw statistical comparisons with the other top prospects. But that is just that, raw stats.)
  19. Okay kiddies here's your inevitable gun control thread

    And like anything else whether it's breaking the gun laws drinking and driving possession of illegal drugs etc etc as long as you can get away with it ninety-nine times out of a hundred it will just never stop. WSS
  20. Okay kiddies here's your inevitable gun control thread

    Or maybe making it illegal to text and drive?...oh wait...it IS illegal!
  21. Okay kiddies here's your inevitable gun control thread

    If no one buys them that's fine too. I'd rather no one bought one than everyone had 10
  22. ...a few things: Injuries stunted his growth in training camp, then preseason, and during the season. (I've got a bad feeling that injuries are going to be a problem with him) He's a rookie. He's one of the eleven guys that tackle people. Very rare that you come across a guy that can control a game on defense. His team went 0-16 for a reason...he personally was not going to win games for us. We needed a game changing player on offense. A competent QB could've won us a few games. hijack to Kizer - I'm blaming Kizer. And we're all blaming Kizer. He gave it to the other team most of the few times that we got in the red zone. But sadly, it's NOT fair to blame poor Kizer. College QB's come into the league now knowing NOTHING of what it's like to run an NFL offense. They've never spit out a play in a huddle all through college. They're never under center, always in a spread. - He was never supposed to play last year. He just got caught up in a situation where the looney toons that were in charge of the QB position let McCown go and went into the season with Kizer and 2 second year guys who'd neither had ever won an NFL game. Kizer almost won the job by default. (the poor kid) - Kizer DID at times look bad though...I mean some really bad (inaccurate) passes...but even THAT could've been from things just moving very fast for him. As has been said before, other great QB's have been quite bad in their rookie seasons. Kizer deserves a roster spot next year and a chance to progress...but we should STILL draft a QB #1 overall and find a veteran to play now. I like Sam Bradford, but he's brittle...but then, tough as nails McCown is always injured too. hijack over - If he doesn't get hurt again, Myles should improve a bit in his second year. If we can get him help on the other side and someone so that Peppers can play where he SHOULD be playing, the D could take some steps up the charts of team defense. I've talked about a couple of things here; Pass and Rush The Passer. That's the nutshell of today's NFL. Last year they drafted the 'Rush The Passer' guy. He couldn't get us a single win. Now, we need the 'Pass' guy.
  23. No this doesn't go in the NBA board

    Because you don't have much sense of forethought or anything else you compare the handful of people on this board to actual politicians and celebrities. But again if a famous white athlete was telling white children in Appalachia that Obama was out to get them and they couldn't succeed because of his racism..... I'm sure you understand but you will still want to bitch. WSS
  24. Okay kiddies here's your inevitable gun control thread

    Well Banning automobiles is a little bit facetious but how about raising the driving age to 21? WSS
  25. Yesterday
  26. Okay kiddies here's your inevitable gun control thread

    If we ban automobiles, we could save 22 teenage lives every day.
  27. Trade Kizer and release Gordon ?

    DeShone Kizer #7 QB Cleveland Browns | Official Team Site Height: 6-4 Weight: 233 Age: 22 Born: 1/3/1996 Toledo , OH College: Notre Dame Experience: 2nd season High School: Central Catholic HS [Toledo, OH] TDS 11 INT 22 YDS 2,894 RTG 60.5 Profile Career Stats Game Logs Game Splits Situational Stats Draft Combine PASSING Year Team G Att Comp Pct Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD TD% Int Int% Lng 20+ 40+ Sck SckY Rate 2017 Cleveland Browns 15 476 255 53.6 31.7 2,894 6.1 192.9 11 2.3 22 4.6 56T 43 3 38 226 60.5 TOTAL 15 476 255 53.6 31.7 2,894 6.1 192.9 11 2.3 22 4.6 56 43 3 38 226 60.5 RUSHING Year Team G Att Att/G Yds Avg Yds/G TD Lng 1st 1st% 20+ 40+ FUM 2017 Cleveland Browns 15 77 5.1 419 5.4 27.9 5 20 28 36.4 2 0 3 TOTAL 15 77 5.1 419 5.4 27.9 5 20 28 36.4 2 0 3 FUMBLES Year Team G FUM Lost FF Rec Rec Yds Yds TD OOB Sfty TB 2017 Cleveland Browns 15 9 6 -- 2 -- 0 -- -- 0 0 0 TOTAL 15 9 6 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
  28. Garrett Top Rookie Edge Defender, #12 Overall

    You forget I was the one who first brought attention to Garrett as a good pick for the Browns. I double downed on that pick to make up for JFF. Keel haul might be the only punishment that fits the crime if he fails me too. Yo ho ho and a bottle of Diplomatica.
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