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  2. Camp Mayfield

    The only one I would like to have in my team of those three would be Cam Newton. I don't like his attitude, I'm closer to hating than liking him, but he has a very variable set of skills that can make you win games. Mariota gets injured more often than you would like to, and is not great at all, whereas Winston looks great but when the game is in the line makes huge mistakes, with stupid INTs and fumbles. He makes his team win games, but lose too. Are they better than anything the Browns have had for the last 20 years? Yes. Are they the franchise quaterbacks that you dream of? Not in my case. I have Cousins, Smith, Luck, Carr higher in my list.
  3. Houston - our 2nd first round pick

    FS Derwin James
  4. We wouldn't need to take him at Houston's pick, but he won't get out of the first.
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  6. Camp Mayfield

    That's about the only thing Tebow and Mayfield have in common. Tebow was a linebacker or TE playing QB. Guy was a mechanical mess. Care for me to bring up Heisman winning QBs that were total busts in the NFL? Though post Tebow, the track record has been pretty good. Newton, Mariotta, Winston. Some are comparing Mayfield to Manziel (mostly because of personality). Off field, I haven't seen reports yet that Mayfield is a party animal barfly. Yeah- he had that one incident, and FWIW, Dak Prescott got a DUI in college. Their on field games are way different. Johnny would just chuck the ball up to Evans (plenty of times into triple coverage), or take off running way more than you'd want an NFL prospect doing. Mayfield is much more a pocket passer, spreads the ball around, and usually only runs when he has to.
  7. Patriots/dolphins

    Patriots give up a lot of yards per game. A lot. Fourth worst in NFL. A lot of injuries on defense... I think the Steeler have a very good chance of beating them.
  8. Kiser not the reason folks.

    well, THis^^^ How anybody can look at the things that have transpired on the field this year and not understand that Kizer should have been tied up in the lockeroom all season.....I just don't know. It's absolutely true that this organization was the last one in football that had any business drafting a project like kizer. We have almost no track record of really developing talent. Guys that end up playing well for us usually were already ahead of the pack in college. I have zero doubt at this point tom brady would have been selling insurance or hosting some local access program for years now had the browns drafted him
  9. Drew Brees is an exception to a rule. Russel Wilson is an exception to a rule. Know why? They're are so Shmucking few exceptions. Meanwhile I can go back as far as my memory will take me with football to talking about John Randle saying it was his job to sack Brett Favre, even when he wasn't playing the Pack. There is a LONG history of undersized interior lineman using their quicks, strength and balance to terrorize offensive lineman. Meanwhile there are plenty "great athletes" that don't pan out at a ton of positions. You have next to nothing to back up your argument. Meanwhile I can still toss out names like Atkins, Bosa, Bennett, Williams on a second round of thought just to further prove mine. Next.
  10. Exceptions to the rule. High motor great athletes. Stuff the middle. Go speculate on fringe pro prospects.
  11. The only comment in this thread that makes any sense. To win games in any major sport you have to score points AND keep the other team from scoring points. End of story. If there's people that "don't get it", it's those that keep shouting is that "all you need is a QB and your worries are over"
  12. Well I'm looking more at players that can be interior pass rushers even if it just means subpackages. This defense desperately needs to be able to pressure the QB outside of sending a 5th & 6th man. Danny, Jobi, Coley, Jamie - they're all 1 gap pluggers. And you need those kind of boys, but I'm trying to find somebody like Brantley that might be able to come in and add to our rotation with interior penetration. That bigs with the swim moves. Harrison would be an upgrade over Meder without a question. I don't think he can turn his legs like Jobi or Coley. I've got two videos going for comparison and I keep hearing about this Wilkins kid from Clemson and the 'stud' he is. Auburn appears to be handling him quite well.
  13. Patriots/dolphins

    They are 1 win down, so if the Patriots win next week againts the Steelers, they'll be tied but with Patriots as first seed. This doesn't benefit us at all, because if Patriots won this and the next 2 weeks (13-2), Steelers would be 2 wins down when facing the Browns in any case (12-4, but losing against the Patriots). I just don't see Patriots losing to the Steelers. Now, for us the best case scenario would be a Steelers victory against the Patriots, and a Pittsburgh win in week 16, so they would have the homefield advantage already even if they lose to the Browns.
  14. that phillips kid could be a later round steal. That guy is NFL strong right now.
  15. Well, I've watched Penn State, Florida and as I type vs Sparty. All this season. I see good Sheet here and there, but - I don't think I'm watching the next Aaron Donald either. Right now I'm just jotting down thoughts as I go. I'm sure I'll watch all these twice with the proper pauses and get into more detail then.
  16. I thought I read Hurst is projected mid'ish 1st round....
  17. Not so sure about that right now.
  18. Off the top of my head - Aaron Donald, Campbell, Easley, Mike Daniels, Cox, Grady Garrett and Sheldon Richardson might have a beef with what you just said.
  19. Cut kizer after the game

    1) what? 2) Sigh, the "shovel pass" I am referring to was Weedons from years ago. That throw by Kizer at the end reminded me instantly of that panic move I saw weedon do when he had a defensive player hanging all over him. Kizer reminds me of weedon...clear enough? 3) If my mem serves me correct, njoku had the ball going to the ground and it wobbled lose at the end as he fell on it. Look I'm not happy about that, but that's a boner like what Kizer did. The fact you don't instrinsically understand this shows you know almost nothing about the sport you watch every sunday. Kizer broke a cardinal rule, a rule that gets HS QB's benched if they break it too many times. That sandlot horsesht doesn't work in the NFL. He's been holding the ball forever all season long, how is that not registering with you? Running around behind the LOS holding the ball for 15s and you think teams are falling over themselves to nab him if we were to cut him loose? Dude pls study the game of football some. Please.
  20. Undersized pass rush D-Lineman getting manhandled by average sized O-Lineman allow pocket QB's all day to throw. Make them block monsters up the middle then bring the pain from every angle. D-Line trumps secondary. Can't cover without pressure. Also, this team could have drafted Reuben Foster or Malik Hooker. They clearly had Ray Lewis and Ed Reed potential coming out. Or keep trading down until all the best prospects are off the board.
  21. i'd be happy with both but prob have to spend that 2nd 1st rounder on hurst.
  22. Camp Mayfield

    Well it's funny you ask that, champ. Passing efficiency: Tebow not only set the SEC record for highest career passer rating, he also broke the standing NCAA record. Circa 2010 The NCAA measures passing efficiency through a formula that considers completion percentage, yards per pass, touchdowns per pass and interceptions per pass. In that way, passers aren't judged by how much they throw, but by how well they throw. Tebow's rating of 170.8 surpassed Wuerffel's mark of 163.6 in the SEC record book. It also surpassed the NCAA record of 168.9 set by Boise State's Brian Dinwiddie from 2000 through '03. However, Oklahoma's Sam Bradford, despite (or perhaps because of) missing most of the 2009 season, has a career passer rating of 175.6. Interception ratio: One reason for Tebow's high passer rating is his low interception ratio. In his career, Tebow threw an interception every 62.2 passes. The SEC divides this record into three categories -- for players with 200, 400 and 600 passing attempts -- and Tebow leads all three. For the highest category, second place belongs to former Kentucky QB Andre Woodson with an interception every 51.1 passes. Tebow came close, but didn't break the NCAA career record. The NCAA measures interceptions in terms of percent of passes attempted. For Tebow, 1.6 percent of his throws were picked off. The NCAA record of 1.3 percent was set by Billy Volek at Fresno State from 1997 through '99. Completion percentage: The SEC limits this category to quarterbacks who have completed at least 300 passes, and among that group, Tebow ranked second entering the season and ends his career in the same spot. Tebow completed 213 of his 314 attempts in 2009, a 67.8 percent completion rate. That's the third-best mark in SEC history for QBs who completed at least 200 passes. Baker has the better throwing motion. I'm just playing off a joke from earlier that I made. I appreciate you actually putting some thought into it. Well, the throwing motion part at least.
  23. no more FS under Gregg. He plays them too far back from the LOS and they never even factor into the play. Can you imagine drafting Minkah next year just to see him rot sitting back there with the fans practically.
  24. Patriots/dolphins

    Steelers still need to win. I believe.
  25. He already plays the FS WAY TOO far back from the LOS that he effectively takes them out of the game. I can't wait to see him leave
  26. Camp Mayfield

    Lol, Tebow was one of the most efficient college QBs of all time through the air? Hows his throwing motion compared to Baker? Ha As you were
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